Thursday, November 18, 2010

What is it about this Panty and Girdle Thing?

Panties certainly seem to be the hot topic this week, so I can't resist sharing our thoughts.  They are always a hot topic for Barry; and to a lesser extent, for me.  When I discovered Barry's fetish interests and his extensive collection of photographs, the number of photos of that focused on panties, stockings, and/or girdles was second only to spanking.  The photos of women in panties didn't surprise me, because Barry has always tried to find ways to get me to wear sexy lingerie both in and out of the house.  However, the number of photos he had of men wearing panties was a huge surprise.  When we talked about his interest in panties, he couldn't explain it any better than what I am reading in the blogs this week.  He shared some of the same stories I have read this week about the Sears catalog, sneaking into panty drawers (including mine), etc.  He can't explain it.  He just finds women's panties and stockings exciting.

From the beginning of our marriage, it was clear that he wanted me to wear sexy panties with a garter belt and stockings.  That was completely foreign to me.  However, I tried to be accomodating.  I was not comfortable at that time wearing them out of the house, but I would dress like that in the bedroom for him.  It was very apparent that it had a very positive effect on him.  Before I discovered his photo collection, I used to think it was just a 'visual' thing, since I understand that men need much more visual stimulation than women.  However, now I have come to believe it is much more.  However, I don't know what it is.  The suggestions this week about closeness to the female sex organ and the 'scent' of a woman all may play a role in it.  Wouldn't it be interesting if we could do a study and figure out just what it is.

Let me now throw another question out there.  When I saw Barry's collection of photos of men wearing panties, I found myself being arroused.  I had never thought about such things, but there I was feeling sexually stimulated.  I was especially intrigued by men who were clean shaven in that area wearing sheer or lace panties.  I loved seeing the way the panties clung to and hugged the shape of the male genitals.  I have done some exploring of the internet, I don't think I'm the only woman who reacts this way.  So, what is it that causes this type of reaction?

I was also very struck by the photo that John Throckmortin posted in his "Punishment Panties" post in Spankable Husband.  That was the impetus for me purchasing "punishment panties" for Barry.  What triggered that in me?  I confess that I can't explain it, but I was enthralled by the thought that I could incorporate something that was very exciting to Barry as part of his punishment.  Hence, I decided to find a way to use panties to remind Barry that he had been punished.

Oh ... our minds work in so many strange ways that we can't explain.  I feel like I have provided more questions than answers.  However, I couldn't resist joining this wonderful conversation about panties.

Ken at Spanked by my Lady has also address panty aspect, but has also included the fascination and power of girdles.  This is something that intrigues me.  I also plan to explore it with Barry from several aspects.  I want to see what his reaction will be to me wearing a panty girdle (I find it a bit exciting); and I also am toying with the idea of making him wear one.  I must confess that I am wondering what it would look like if I cut a small hole in the appropriate place of a panty girdle that would allow his genitals to be exposed while he wears the girdle.  I think that could be a lot of fun :-).



  1. You got no idea what the sheer ecstasy is for a man who loves to wear a pair of panties .For me it's the softness of the panty material touching my skin.Then it's interrupted by my wife sliding them barely past my buttocks in anticipation for my bedtime spanking.when she's done and I tell her our secret word ; she takes a small butt plug and puts it ever so slow into me and continues spanking me until i am relieved.She put my panties back on and kisses me good night.Ain't that wonderful? Love your blog keep up the great posts;they are very interesting

  2. This is an excellent posting. The first time I saw aj in a pair of my panties was exciting. This happened at a house of dominance: where my mind was exploded with ideas and knowledge. I had such thoughts but to actually go and participate was mind blowing, I was so hot that when we got back to the house we had a wild love making time that lasted from 8 in the evening until dawn the next day. Later when we married I disposed of all his underpants and now he only wears panties, sometimes a garter belt and stockings or a panty girdle. Men when shaved look so cute in female underwear.

  3. I'd recommend undies designed to expose the crotch rather than a do it yourself approach. You should also consider snap crotch undies so you can control when he is or isn't exposed. Indeed, obeying your commands to expose or cover up will be good training.

  4. With me, it's the silky feel of the nylon against my skin. My wife felt like you did at first. Now she loves running her hand along my pantied bottom before the spanking begins. She too likes lowering them to my knees. The feel of being over her knee when she wears stockings and me in my panties is exhilarating.
    Good Post on the woman's perspective.

  5. Great topic! Wearing panties has been on my hot list for a long time. Bacall and I often wear matching panties for our joint play sessions.

    Here are some post on the subject from 2008 and 2009.

  6. Great post Susan. I especially like to here what women think about the punishment panties concept. I hope this topic keeps propagating through the blogs.


  7. Susan-
    Its been great to see all the discussion about the men's fascination with women's panties. We certainly appreciate your input.

    I shared your post and comments with Cora. She is beginning to have much less apprehension in putting me in her panties. We are planning to go 'out and about' today and I think I will be wearing her panties.

    And then there are panty girdles. Anyone who has browsed our blog has seen many pictures of Cora wearing her panty girdles. She has a closet full of them and loves the power rush she gets when she wears them (along with her high heel pumps and 'real' stockings). I once dated a lady (before Cora) who I also turned on to wearing girdles. She found that she loved to be paddled while wearing one. Once, Cora had me wear one while she paddled me, too. I think you will find that Barry feels an erotic sensation should you put him in one and paddle him.

    Ken and Cora

  8. Oh la la
    A topic close to my heart but one that I have had to sacrifice.
    I used to make my wife wear short skirts and control briefs and we would go shopping for them together. I loved feeling the tightness of the control briefs. I loved the occasional flash of shiny material under a short skirt. I loved thinking she was restricted both by the tightness of the material and the shortness of the skirt.
    With my new found submission to her, I think it may be a while if ever before I get to enjoy such an experience again.

  9. I would suggest that a Female Led Relationship or FemDomme Marriage without special "punishment panties" is a rarity! Beyond the visual stimulus they might provide, their psychological effect on the sub male is significant and lasting.

  10. I think a shaper (girdle) like this would be ideal for Barry. Open on the bottom, nice and tight. Funny, the model almost looks like a man. :-)


  11. It is clear that I need to explore the use of a girdle with Barry. I really would like to find or create something that would complete encase him, but leave his package as the only thing exposed. There is something about that image that I find very erotic. I'm also very curious as to how it will be to spank him while wearing something that seems like it would offer him a good bit of protection. I suspect it may be a lot of fun for play/fun spankings, since it will allow me to spank harder. However, I don't think I'd like it for punishment spankings :-).

    Thanks everyone for all of the comments and suggestions. I will try to respond in more detail later. We have some special plans for this evening, so I am a bit pressed for time today.


  12. Susan,

    Sorry have not been on much lately but totally hot post. I know we shared some thoughts but for me panties are just the best. Whether it is my theory of a ladies most intimate garment and the last stop before heaven for us or just that growing up they were "unmentionables" I just can't explain. I did always growing up take any shot at a panty drawer, wow. Never got caught which may also lead to this fascination.

    Ken and Cora's idea of a play day has allowed me to ask my wife to catch me in her panty drawer, we will see. Also I have for 30 years, always purchased panties for my wife, just love to but them.

    As for a girdle, well that is hot as hell. I was once spanked in panties and panty hose, and let me tell you, the hose holds in the heat!! I would assume the girdle will do the same.

    Thanks, oh, punishment panties is a great idea but I like it just to be panties.

    Thanks for sharing and be well


  13. Don't cut a hole in a panty girdle but select one with a split gusset for both you and him. This way you both can enjoy the pleasures of intimacy while also feeling the pleasures of snug fitting girdles.