Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Week's Results

Sunday was the first "weigh in" day for Barry.  The official event occurred shortly after we awoke.  Much to his pleasure, he lost 3.2 lbs!  Needless to say he was thrilled and I was very proud of him.  So, he is enjoying sexual pleasure every night this week and will receive a special treat one night.  The actual night and details are still to be determined.  He is also now out of his Exobelt for the week, but is still wearing his red control panties every day as a constant reminder of his goal.  He readily admits that they help him stay on the diet during the day at work.

He and I both know that the first week is usually the week of greatest weight loss, but I am very impressed with his focus at this time.  I wish I had his discipline when I need to diet :-)


Monday, April 18, 2011

Modification to Barry's Diet Plan

Last night as Barry and I were making love, it dawned on me that sex would be a very powerful motivational tool.  Interestingly, this morning when I checked this blog, I saw a comment from Harry to last night's post in which he suggests sex as a more positive reinforcement tool.  Consequently, I decided to add the following rules to Barry's Diet Plan.  They include both positive and negative aspects.

At each weekly weigh in,
  • if Barry has met his goal of losing three pounds for the week, I will then provide him with sexual gratification every night during the coming week;
  • if Barry exceeds his goal, I will also give him some form of special sexual treat one time during the coming week;
  • if Barry fails to meet his goal, he will be celibate for the week, which will include being locked in his Exobelt whenever he is not with me (which will mean wearing it to work each day, which he hates). 
I'm hoping he at least meets his goal every week :-).

Thank you Harry for the feedback.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Barry's Diet

Barry had his annual physical last week and his doctor had a discussion with him about his weight.  He is not significantly overweight, but over the past few years, he has gained 3 to 7 pounds per year (with the last two years being 6 and 7.  His doctor is not concerned about his current weight, but he did share his concern that if the trend continues, ten years from now Barry will be almost 100 pounds overweight.  That got Barry's (and my) attention!

Being a loving wife who cares about my husband's health, I decided to help Barry lose the 15-20 pounds of extra weight and establish a healthier eating routine for the long term.  Last night he agreed to the following motivational plan.

Goal:  Lose 20 pounds at a rate of 3 pounds per week

This morning was Barry's first official weigh in.  I will now weigh him every seventh day.  If he loses 3 pounds from the previous weigh in, there is no penalty.  However, if he has not lost 3 pounds, he will be spanked every night until the next weekly weigh in.  The spankings will consist of 2 hard strokes with our heavy wooden bath brush (which Barry hates) for every pound he still has to lose. 

To insure that he understands the significance of losing 3 pounds per week and to give him significant motivation as he begins this program, he will be spanked each night during this first week.  I suspect that 40 with the bath brush will motivate him to watch his intake tomorrow.

For added motivation and to make sure he is constantly aware of his need to lose weight, he will also wear his red control punishment panties every day until he achieves his goal (I will go buy him two new pair tomorrow, so that we don't have to wash them every night).

I will also help him with what we have at home for breakfast and dinner and have healthy options from which he can take his lunch to work, instead of eating out each day (which has become his habit the past few years).

Of course, we will keep you posted as to how he is doing :-).


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Losing my Cherry, So to Speak

Susan has been encouraging me (well, actually pushing me) to share my thoughts about our entry into the world of strap-on play. I resisted at first, but am now willing to share some more details, as well as my reaction to it.
For quite some time I have been very intrigued and arroused by photos of women wearing a strap-on, especially those in which the woman appears curious, kind, and funloving about it. I am not drawn to those that are more harsh, domineering, or cruel. So, I was quite excited when Susan told me about her plans for my special treat. I can't say I liked the idea of being in my cage and wearing lingerie all day at work. I am still afraid of someone discovering that little secret in the office. But, I obviously complied with her directions and they had the effect she desired on me - keeping my attention focused on what would happen that evening. I am constantly aware of my cage when I am in it. I am also constantly aware of the different feel of my trousers when they are worn over panties and stockings. They slide over my legs and my legs feel much more confined. So, I was constantly reminded all day of what would happen that night.
On the way home from work, I stopped at a Rite Aid to pick up a few things. At the risk of earning a spanking, I will share that Susan doesn't usually think of all the details for some of her little plans. I wanted to make sure that the details were provided for, so I purchased a Fleet enema, some condoms, and a large tube of KY jelly. I was sure that making sure my lower part was fully evacuated and the use of a condom would make things much more pleasant and easier to clean up for both of us. I also wanted to be sure she had plenty of lube!
When I arrived home, she saw the bag and asked what I had bought. She was a little upset with me for not relying on her. She acknowledged that she hadn't thought about the enema or the condoms. But she also told me that I had earned a spanking for my actions. It was not a punishment level spanking, but it was also not quite the erotic spanking she alluded to in her post.
After using the Fleet and showering, I arrived in the bedroom and dressed the was she directed. I was then required to lay over a pillow on the bed, so she could sit on the small of my back and spank me in a manner you see in this photo. I love to be spanked like that (except when it is true punishment). She worked all areas of my bottom quite well and I knew I had been spanked when she was done. But, I was also pretty erect throughout the whole process. When she was done she made me kneel in front of her and use my mouth on the strap-on. I resisted at first. But, when I realized I could hold her beautiful bottom in my hands while doing so, it became a very erotic experience for me.
She then decided it was time to take my cherry, so to speak. She was kind and asked how I wanted it. I asked her to take me from behind. But, I found I didn't like that very much. I didn't like not being able to see her. She then had me lie on my back at the edge of the bed and raise my legs. She stood and was at a perfect level. I confess that I loved it! I could watch her and she could watch me. She also had easy access to stimulate and tease me. Of course I loved that.
The entire experience is puzzling to me. It was different than I expected. But, very pleasant and erotic. Susan asked me if I have any "bi" thoughts, and I don't. If I was asked to do those things with a man, I would be completely repulsed. But, watching Susan's face and smile as she lubed up and gently pentetrated me was very erotic. I know I'm not doing a very good job of explaining. But, it is the best I can offer at this time.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Barry's Treat for Posting

This post is one that I had to put aside after composing it to see if I was really brave enough to share the details of Friday, April 1 with everyone.  I have decided that I will do so, but with some hesitation due to it involving a completely new activity for Barry and me.  And, "no", it was not an April Fools joke for either of us.

Back in January, I offered Barry an incentive to actively participate in this blog with me.  If he didn't post at least one time in a month, he would be punished.  However, if he posted three or more times in a month, he would receive a special sexual treat as a reward.  Realizing that Barry might achieve three posts in a month, I began thinking about what types of treats I would offer him.  I decided that it should be something very special to him, in order to provide continued incentive.  I also decided that it would be good for the first one to involve something completely new for us.

Barry has always had strap-on play as a high priority.  However, it has not been high on my list.  I guess I haven't been able to fully understand why it interests him., especially since he has no gay interests or tendencies whatsoever.  So, I decided to research it, which I did.  It seems like many men enjoy it, so I decided to take on the challenge.  I also researched strap-on tools and purchased a quality harness and realistic looking dildo of a modest size (Doc Johnson Vac-u-Lock).

That all happened in February, unbeknownst to Barry.  I decided to keep it a secret.  He didn't post three times in February, so they stayed hidden in my dresser.  However, in March, Barry posted four times.  Post number three was not a good one, so I told Barry that it didn't count.  However, he redeemed himself with the fourth post of the month.  Hence, Friday, April 1 seemed like a good time to give Barry his reward.

When we went to bed on March 31, I told Barry that I wanted some time with him in the morning, so suggested we set our alarm a half hour earlier than usual.  When we awoke, I told him I would meet him in the shower.  When I joined him there, I let him know that I was going to make sure his genitals and bottom were very clean shaven and smooth  for a special treat he would receive that night in honor of his four posts in March.  I also told him that he would be sent to work with his Ecobelt locked in place and wearing panties, to help him fully anticipate what a special night it would be.  He began to protest, telling me that he couldn't deal with wearing the chastity device and panties because he had two high level meetings that day.  That just increased my resolve to have him go to work that way because I new he would be self-conscious of  himself even more.  So, I told him that since he would be in formal meetings, we would be more formal with his lingerie.  When we finished in the shower, I put out a pair of burgundy full cover satin panties along with a black garter belt and gun metal grey stockings.  Needless to say, he was not happy, but I thought he looked wonderful in them :-).

While I shaved him in the shower, I paid extra attention to shaving his bottom, especially in his bottom cleavage and all around his anus.  He noticed that extra attention and when we finished, he looked at me expectantly and asked "Are you planning to peg me tonight?"  I don't know what prompted be to respond as I did, because I never talk like this to Barry, even in the bedroom.  However, I looked him straight in the eyes and said essentially, "Oh no darling.  I thing 'peg' is a very cold and mechanical term.  Tonight I plan to fuck you."

The look on his face was priceless.  I'm not sure whether my language shocked him, or the reality of what I told him I planned to do.  But his expression and his guttural/primal groan both expressed a combination of desire and fear.  I must confess that I loved the reaction, and I knew we would have fun that evening.

When Barry arrived home Friday evening, I was dressed in a manner which he finds very arousing:  shelf bra under a white fitted blouse, garter belt, stockings, panties under a black skirt.  I usually wear a very tight fitting skirt, but this night I chose one with a bit more room, because I was also wearing my strap-on.  The skirt was not lose enough to conceal the strap-on, but at least it minimized its presence.  Barry noticed it the moment he walked in the door, and again emitted the same low guttural groan.  Of course, I drew the evening out:  making sure we took time to enjoy a glass of wine before dinner, followed by leisurely dining.  He was begging me to remove his Ecobelt from the time he got home, but I decided it would be better to keep him under lock and key a bit longer.

After dinner, I sent Barry to take a shower while I cleaned up the table and kitchen.  I told him that I would meet him in the bedroom and I expected to see him dressed again in the garter belt, stockings, and panties.  About a half hour later I entered the bedroom and found him dressed as I asked and, of course, still locked in chastity.  I eventually removed the device, but not before teasing him a bit as I removed my skirt and blouse and applied our vibrator to the outside of his device.  I then unlocked him, and from the looks of the inside of the device and his genitals, it was pretty obvious that he had been aroused much of the day.  I couldn't help but smile.

I'm not really willing to go into the details of what we did the rest of the evening.  That gets a bit too personal with respect to what I am willing to share.  However, I will share that it was a wonderful new experience for both of us.  I will also say that it involved some wonderful erotic spanking of Barry, along with introducing him to experiencing my strap-on in multiple ways and positions.  He thoroughly enjoyed it, which also made it a very sensual experience for me.

We continue to grow.