Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fun Night Tonight

Barry and I have plans to go out to dinner again tonight ... to the restaurant we visited several weeks ago when he got into trouble.  I've decided that it is time to test his behavior.  I will shave him before we go and Barry doesn't know it yet, but we will both be dressed in our finest lingerie again:  garter belts, stockings, and panties.  I love it when we go out and I know he is dressed that way under his suit.  I also have some special plans for him during dinner and afterwards.
I am truly hoping that Barry behaves himself tonight, because I really want us to have some special play time when we return home.  I know that I need it, and I am sure that he does too.

Hopefully he learned his lesson the last time.



  1. Barry is a lucky guy!! Enjoy your dinner.

  2. Have a great evening and afterward a warm wonderful time to yourselves. You earned it and deserve it. A word of advice: if that obnoxious waitress is assigned to serving you, Susan be as demanding as possible having her run her butt off and then leave as little as possible as a tip. I had one who tried this on aj last week and when she came with the bill to him he stated that "I am the one in charge of the household and will be the one paying the bill." She got for all her efforts a one cent tip.

  3. Unfortunately, I'm not sure men ever learn their lesson when it comes to looking and being excited by women. We are wired that way. However, don't worry, it presents wonderful opportunities for spanking, and you can still play afterward. Enjoy your dinner.


  4. Susan.

    That is totally hot, wow. Can't wait to hear what he did. I hope he can not resist looking at the waitress you spoke of last time and her nice panty lines.

    Great start to an evening.


    Be well


  5. Hello, I've only just come across your blog - via spankedbymywife - and after seeking out the blog re the last staurday night now have a quandry to decide. I know my Cathy would find it very erotic to read of that night's fun, but I'm scared it may influence her to mimick - a scary thought! ;)

    Have a good trip!