Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Joy of the Male Organ

Lady Grey of WOMAN IN CONTROL recently posted Let's Hear it for the Cock) in which she talks about how much she enjoys her husband's penis.  I must confess that I found her perspective very refreshing and clearly in line with how I feel.  I don't want this to sound like a rant about those who want to keep their husbands' genitals locked up and never let them climax, because it is not.  We all have different feelings, needs, and wants.  I enjoy learning about other view points.  However, I also realize that mine happen to be more similar to those of Lady Grey than to some of the other FLR blog authors I have read.

I love Barry's genitals.  I love seeing his penis and scrotal sack cleanly shaved and encased in sheer white panties.  I also love playing with them, feeling his penis twitch and pulse in my hand when he is excited; and watching his reaction as I tease them.  And, I love feeling his penis inside me.  Nothing is more satisfying to me than when I have him bound to the bed and I can sit on and ride him with his penis inside me.  I love to be able to feel it pulse and move as I move my body to stimulate both of us.  I also love the sense of control I have over its depth and the speed/rhythm in which we move together.  By riding him in that fashion, I can control the type of pleasure his penis offers me and for how long.  What used to be short and sweet "Thank you Maam" sessions are now prolonged sessions of intercourse and lovemaking.  I seldom let him climax within me, not because I don't want him to climax, but because I like to watch him climax and to control exactly when and how he gets pleasure.  I don't want to deprive him of that pleasure, I just want to control it.  If you were to talk with him, Barry would tell you that his climaxes are more satisfying to him than when he used to control when they occurred.

Barry previously had a problem with excessive masturbation, so he is now forbidden to do so unless I am with him and direct him.  I don't have a cage for him at this time (although I am thinking about one).  However, if he breaks the masturbation rule, he is severely spanked as a punishment. And, Barry has learned that I can usually tell if he has cheated.  The reason for the rule is not to punish or deprive him sexually.  I want him to enjoy sexual pleasure just as much as I do, but I want him to share that sexual pleasure with me and not just his hand.

I really love to sexually tease Barry for a lengthy period of time while he is bound to the bed.  I can do that while I am riding his penis or by using my hands or toys while I am presenting myself to him for oral pleasure.  I also love to lay beside him on the bed and tease him with hands, toys, and even my lips.  A gentle kiss or lick of his glans can drive him crazy because he would love to receive full oral pleasure from me.  That never occurs, but the teasing does.  I love to watch his face whenever I am teasing or pleasing him.  When I finally bring him to an orgasm, I also love to watch his penis explode and pulse and throb.  It is a beautiful part of his anatomy that is capable of providing great pleasure to both of us.

So, thank you Lady Grey for expressing your viewpoint about the benefits of the male organ so well.  I enjoy your blog and you helped me feel very good about how I treat Barry.  I wholeheartedly agree:  Let's Hear it for the Cock!  :-)


PS - Barry chose the photos to depict some aspects that he enjoys


  1. Thank you Susan and to barry as I do this with aj and quite frankly get enough of his cumming.

  2. I dream of my wife doing that to me.

    I get intense satisfaction when she cums and I know that if left to my own devices, that I will just cum too quickly.

    I would love to have her control when I cum and that way I focus on getting her to cum.

    So long as she asks me about how I am holding up. Lets me know that she knows that I am desparate.

    And being tied to the bed. We have had her tied to the bed years ago so maybe she would be open to tying me to the bed. We shall see.

  3. Could my wife please borrow your mind?

  4. Susan,

    I am breathless reading this blog, and his penis in panties, well just amazing.

    This is an incredible blog and very "hard" to ignore your comments.

    Wow, amazing, thank you for sharing.

    Best regards

  5. Susan-
    We love hearing the female perspective on these kinds of things. Thank You so much for sharing these very intimate parts of your life. I know that I (and probably all the males in the group) have much to learn when a Lady like you opens up her heart as you are doing.

  6. patricia (Hackensack NJ)November 14, 2010 at 7:33 PM

    When I first told my boyfriend that he to shave his organ and surrounding area he pleaded with me, told me of the humiliation it would engender at the gym changing room, or when getting prostate check at the doctor and so forth. But he confessed to me that after a year or so he became comfortable with it and does not even try to cover up when using the showers at gym or work. So men seem to get used to it. I will never again take a man in my mouth unless he is bald-dicked, and I cannot see why any woman should have to tolerate those icky pubic hairs between her teeth.

  7. It is an incredible reinforcement of feminine power and male humiliation to both require him to keep his dick clean shaven and covered in panties! I know, because my wife also requires that of me. I don't have sheer panties but all of my panties are either lacey or flowered and I have to wear them 24/7. To be caught with hair on my dick or without my panties results in a severe spanking.


  9. Loved the photos and the perspective of a woman on the male genitals. My mistress keeps me in panties as well. She never required it of me but was pleased when I shaved as she loves sensation play and I live to please her. Thanks for blog.