Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A few weeks ago, Barry and I made the decision to remove all bdsm type play equipment from the house and to rely solely on pervertibles (ordinary non-sexual, everyday household objects, that can be used sexually, particularly in bdsm play and spanking).  We didn't have much, but we had ordered a few specialty paddles that were clearly not normal household objects.  Our action was initiated mostly out of the fear of having such items discovered by our children when they come to visit.

So, we are now a pervertible couple :-).  It is pretty easy with respect to spanking toys and even bondage.  I rely on several of Barry's old neckties or some scarves to secure Barry to the bed.  Spanking tools are also readily available, as evidenced by the samples below, most of which were purchased from eBay:

Wonderful wooden hairbrush that is not too heavy.  It can be used for fun or punishment.

Good solid bath brush that I use solely for punishment spankings.  Barry absolutely hates it.

This thin wooden paddle (with the ball removed) provides wonderful sting for fun spankings.

I love this wooden oven paddle.  It is a bit thicker than the paddle above, but still light enough to provide lots of sting.

A wonderful old fashioned ruler that is heavy enough to provide good sting across both cheeks.

Based on the way Barry reacts to this rice paddle, it is the stingiest item we own.  

I like to spank with sting, lots and lots of sting when spanking for fun, but also like to add the heavier brushes for the few times I need to administer a punishment spanking.

I'm continually on the lookout for new 'stingy' pervertibles, so please let me know if you have any ideas.

I also would love to have a spanking bench like the one depicted below.  It is one that Deirdre Spanking my Husband uses.  She has been on hiatus for several months and I really miss her blog.  I love the way her husband is secured to it and how it exposes his package for teasing.  However, I am afraid to have one in the house.  Does anyone have any ideas of some type of pervertible I could use to secure Barry in the same type of position.  It looks like such fun :-).


  1. Susan,

    You write “Our action was initiated mostly out of the fear of having such items discovered by our children when they come to visit.“ You do not say how old they are, but since they come “to visit” I assume they are at least college age or older?

    When my wife started spanking me (at my wish!) some twenty years ago, our two boys were about 9 and 11 then. She started using a carpet beater (still a household item then) and a riding crop which was not suspicious since at a time we had both been horse riding and I still am (maybe you should take up riding?) Very quickly she “graduated” to canes and other more bdsm-type implements. Today we have a collection that would make many a domme proud.

    Of course we did not want to let our boys into our secret, so punishment sessions took only place when they were with their boy scout groups on Saturday afternoons or when they were in a scout’s camp or out of the house for other reasons. We kept our implements collection in a large cloth bag hidden at the bottom of our bedroom cupboard.

    When we moved into a new house 13 years ago, we kept the “bag” in a wall cupboard in our bedroom along with a couple of suitcases. A few years later we added a spanking horse that could be taken apart after use to our collection. Even taken apart its use is obvious to anybody seeing it!

    About five years ago, our elder son (then about 23) did need a suitcase in a hurry and went to collect it from our bedroom when we were not at home. We knew we had blown it and decided on a forward strategy (not much choice, eh?). We talked to both our boys about our “hobby” – only to learn they had found out long before and just kept the secret. They are both (as far as I know) quite vanilla, but they expressed their understanding and the thing was never discussed afterwards but in joking manner. I am quite certain that their partners do not have a clue.

    You might consider this course of action too.

    A possible “pervertible” would be a doubled-up broad thick leather belt.


  2. Susan,
    All we have are "pervertibles" in our collection (and no worries about sudden visits from our family). It started with the wooden paddle (shown with the ball attached) from Cracker Barrel, except it's hardly what I'd call thin and it smarts like the dickens. We have a recently purchased Body Shop bath brush that will at some point soon be in contact with my bottom. My spouse also tried out a thin silicone spatula. It's very flexible and provides a stinging smack. Then there's the bamboo stirrer. That thing is nasty.
    I enjoy reading your blog. Always nice to see things from the woman's perspective.

  3. Susan:
    Understand your fear of the kids finding out about your private lives. Our 4 knew about this from about age 10 onward. We know that 2 of them do play similarly (son & daughter). As for a hoarse, get a long thin table that is wide enough for a television and just use portable cuffs like we do. Kids especially in their teens are more understandable and possibly will even ask about this. All of ours have and the older 2 have played and the younger boy we do not know about. The youngest, she is the BOSS and he follows instructions or else.

  4. Susan,

    Thanks for sharing. I love that hairbrush, wow, it is a wonderful implement and one that harkens back to days of growing up. As does the paddle with the ball, that was an implement that was used many times in my house growing up mostly when we were younger but yes one that is under rated in terms of a stinging spanking!!

    Also, we use an old fashion ping pong paddle which again reminds me of growing up.

    Final comment is using the soveneer paddles you see at many places, they are fun, easy to expalain in a way and actually we have 7 of them now and in our fun sessions, we play guess the paddle!! My bottom pays dearly for wrong guesses but always fun.

    Love that hairbrush.

    Thanks and regards

  5. Susan-
    I loved this post, especially the comments. We are fortunate in that we don't have to worry about family 'finding out' as we have very little family.

    It was Cora's daughter that suggested that I meet Cora while attending a party where spanking was occuring. Thus, Cora's daughter already knew of my interest in spanking, and specifically of me being spanked by women.

    We proudly display our paddles with the intent of initiating discussions. We have had fun with it.

    And by the way, have you considered finding a 'Jokari' paddle. This was part of some kind of game but as a spanking paddle is one of the most serious paddles I have ever experienced. I have one but it lives deeply buried in our 'toy bag' and is not on Cora's Rack. I would advise Barry to check it out at his own risk but you, Susan may find it to be a ver effective way to assert your Authority.


  6. being able to leave disciplinary items lying in plain sigt is certainly part of the fun, adds a real frission. We do the same, wooden sppon, hairbrush, bathbrush....don't forget the belt.....but the best is our collection of hourglass prizes for guessing what they get used to time! Lots of guests ask why we have so many!

  7. Greetings,

    Having just discovered your blog, I thought I might comment on your desire for a spanking bench. My wife wanted a quilt rack to display her collection of hand made quilts. I made one of oak in the mission style of our bedroom set. The rack is exactly the height needed to support my torso with my toes touching the floor. It is solid enough for both of us - she sometimes like to sit on my back while addressing my backside. The rack provides appropriate places to thread oversize leather dress belts around me and through the slats that hold the quilts. It stands innocently in our bedroom - intimidating me whenever I walk by and providing enjoyment for her as she sees her quilts beautifully displayed.


  8. Thank you everyone for all of the thoughtful comments. I really appreciate the sharing of how you have handled this issue and the various ideas offered. Pat, I love the quilt rack as a spanking bench. That is perfect. Now I just need to find a way to design something like that which will fit into our life style. Rachel,the narrow TV table may just work. I'm trying to think about what height, etc. Please keep the ideas re: a spanking bench coming. I love the idea of having Barry secured to something with both his bottom and genitals exposed like Deirdre does. It looks like so much fun :-).


  9. I have done an entire apartment in 'pervertable' dungeon. My favorite was a dining room side board that doubled as a bondage table. There was no hardware, only decorative wood that provided tie places. A three level (knees, torso, elbows) bench / plant stand for a bay window and a coat rack / standing whipping and CBT station for an entry area made all three positions available in light Birch.

    A creative woodworker is a good friend to have. :-)


  10. "Pervetibles" are plenty in any household - hairbrushes, bath brushes, leather belts, wooden spoons and spatulas from the kitchen, rulers, paint stirrers and even carpet beaters are all readily available -and I have used every one of them on my hubby- but I have a particular fondness for maple or hickory switches which can be easily disposed of (and easily renewed if -as in my case- your hubby is tasked with fetching some fresh ones every week). Even items such as rattan cane, a riding crop or a washerwoman's paddle can be explained as "heirlooms" or as travel mementos... The same goes for restraints (for which I have no need)

    And, of course, my hand -or yours- is the weapon of last resort!

    Happy spanking!



  11. Hi,
    At my Gym they have a 'lower back bench' by technogym which looks just like the bench in the picture, including a gap to dangle the naughty bits in.. You'd have to be keen on fitness..