Friday, November 12, 2010

Comments to Pervertibles

It was wonderful to have so many of you share comments about how you have handled the concerns that Barry and I have about being discovered.  I need to confess that most of our concerns about what toys we have in the house come from me.  However, we both are also very much aware that it would be extremely detrimental if anyone in our community learned about it due to the roles we play here.

It was really encouraging to hear how many of you have been open with your children.  I would like to think we could do the same thing under appropriate circumstances.  However,  I'm not sure how our daughters would react to our interests and activities. Conseqeuntley, it is very difficult for me to envision it.  Thank you for the encouragement.

George:  I really liked the way you and your wife decided to handle your discovery.  And it sounds like your children were great! 
Rob:  I had to smile when you mentioned the Cracker Barrel paddle.  Barry tried to find one in our area, but none of the stores seemed to have them, and we were too embarrassed to ask.

Rachel:  It is wonderful that you can be so open with your children.  It is also interesting that some of them have similar interests.  Barry and I have had numerous discussions about how much of this type of thing is genetic.  To our knowledge, neither of our parents had any tendencies about spanking.  However, that generation would have probably not acted on them.  I'm also intrigued about the long thin table idea you mentioned as a spanking bench.  That might work for us.  I'll explore it more fully.

Ron: The hairbrush and bathbrush are the implements that Barry loves to hate.  The rice paddle also falls into that category unless I use it lightly.  I like your "Guess the Paddle" game.  What happens when you guess wrong?

Ken:  You and Cora are amazing, and are an inspiration with respect to your openness and your willingness to share.  Thank you.  I must confess I have a hard time picturing what reaction you might get from first time guests in your home when they see your paddles.  How openly are they displayed?  Do some guests try to ignore them?  Or, does everyone ask?  I had to chuckle about your recommendation for the Jokari paddle.  We have seen that on eBay and other places.  However, Barry's immediate reaction was "No, we are not going to have that in the house!"  :-)  I'm sure you have convinced him that he is correct.  Since, I can very effectively get his attention with other implements, I don't think I'll push it.



  1. Mistress, We also have children at home. I'm not sure they know about our activities but they sure know that mom is the boss.

    One the everyday items my wife uses is a wiffle ball bat. It all started out pretty innocent as she was using it for physical therapy for her shoulder. One day while being punished she decided to use the bat and it is now a staple in her punishment tool cabinet.


  2. Barry is lucky that you werenot able to find a cracker barrel paddle. We have one, and next to our Jakori paddle, that is my second most dreaded paddle. When i see the Cracker Barrel paddle out on the bed, I know I've really have a hard spanking coming.

  3. Susan-
    Thanks for your kind words. Now it is you who will be doing the inspiring. :-)

    Cora's Rack is openly displayed in the kitchen dining area of our house. Its very much one of the 'centers of activity' in our house. We did remove them while we had our roof replaced but otherwise they are proudly displayed (along with Cora's 'Certificate of Authority' which states the she can spank me). And while we don't have too many visitors, some do ignore it, some ask short questions, but when people visit who are also into the scene, usually some of the paddles come down for a 'sample'.
    Ken (and Cora, too)