Sunday, January 25, 2015

Role Playing Suggestions Requested

Barry has always been fascinated with role playing.  When I first learned of Barry's need to be spanked several years ago, he confessed to me that for a number of years he had visited several dominas, as well as escorts who specialized in kinky sex when he traveled to different cities for work.  For each visit, he would compose a role playing scenario that he wanted to act out with the woman he was seeing.  They always involved Barry being spanked and sometimes pegged.  Sometimes they involved him spanking the escort before she found a way to 'turn the tables' on him.

I recently began to think about the discussions I had with Barry about his love for role playing.  I'm curious about using role play in our relationship at this time.  We've done a little bit with it, but not much.  I'm also intrigued with the idea of me creating the role play and causing Barry to have to respond to and deal with what I do, rather than him being so controlling of it (as he apparently was in his sessions years ago).

So ... here is my idea.  I would like my readers to email me ( your ideas concerning role play scenarios that would be appropriate for Barry and me.  I want them emailed to me so that Barry will not see them.  He will see this post and know that I am getting ideas. When I receive your suggestions, I will share the roles that we each will play with Barry, as well as a general concept of the role play.  But I will not share specifics of what you propose we do.  If we enact your role play, the specifics need to remain a surprise to Barry.

I will only share role play scenarios with which I am comfortable with Barry.  If he likes the general ideas that I share with him, we will enact it.  I will provide a posting of each role play we enact, and credit the contributor.  I will also include the specifics of your suggested role play in my posting if you give me permission to do so.

So ... if you like this idea, please send me your suggestions.  Please be specific about the role each of us should play.  Please also share as many specifics about what we should do as you want.  I will reserve the right to add or subtract from the specifics if we enact your role play.

I think this could be fun for Barry and me.  It will also provide a new source of creativity for me to address Barry's submissive needs, as well as my own.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Barry's Turn on the Barrel (Liberator Ramp)

Last night was Barry's turn to be completely exposed and vulnerable on our Liberator Ramp.  As we finished dinner, I advised Barry that I would take care of the dishes and suggested that he go take a shower and fully prepare himself for a visit to our love nest.  That comment brought a smile to his face, since "fully prepare" is our personal phrase to use a fleet enema and prepare for anal activity.  I also suggested that he wear his nice little teddy with stockings, but no panties, and told him to join me in the bedroom when he is ready.

I was done the dishes well before Barry appeared in the bedroom, which gave me ample to time to prepare a few things.  I positioned our ramp in the middle of our king bed and made sure the under bed restraint system was in place.  I then brought out some of the toys I planned to use and placed them on my dresser.

As Barry entered the room, I greeted him with a kiss and our blindfold, which I quickly placed over his eyes.  However, I'm sure he saw the ramp on the bed and the toys on the dresser.  After placing a clean towel over the high end of the ramp to protect its cover, I led Barry to the bed and helped him drape himself over the high end with his bottom projecting upward.  I then made sure his penis was pulled back between his legs and then utilized the under bed restraints to pull his legs out wide to the side and secure them.  His hands were also secured out in front of him.  He was now in the position he had put me earlier this week with his bottom, penis, balls, and inner thighs fully exposed and vulnerable.

As I secured him, I realized that his bottom was not as clean shaven as normal.  I pointed that out to Barry and told him that we would begin by shaving it smooth.  I also let him know there would be a price to pay for me having to do it.  I took my time preparing him with hot water and shaving cream; and then shaving his bottom, anus, and testicles.  When I was done, I left his bottom wet and began slowly spanking him with my hand.  I fully enjoy spanking his clean shaven bottom, especially since it usually seems more sensitive to him.  Of course, I also took time to tease his penis and testicles to keep him aroused.

After bringing his bottom to a nice pink color, I decided to turn my full attention to teasing his genitals.  Earlier this week I had changed the heads to our Sonicare toothbrush and decided to keep Barry's old head to experiment using the toothbrush on the head of his penis.  He couldn't see what I was doing, so he was quite surprised when he heard the brush and felt the affect on his glans.  It was quite effective.  I also found it had a lovely impact on him when I teased the area between his scrotum and anus with it, as well as his anus.  That really got his attention.  This will definitely be a keeper new toy to use again.

I then turned my attention back to spanking, this time with a variety of OTK tools.  I started out kneeling behind him, so I could spank with one hand and tease with the other.  I eventually also straddled the small of his back.  Either way, I had wonderful access to his entire bottom and inner thighs for spanking and to his genitals for teasing.  The end result, after a prolonged spanking was a uniformly crimson bottom (including his crack) and inner thighs.  The greatest part about it was the fact that I was able to keep him fully aroused the entire time.  Barry loves a firm spanking and he definitely got one last night.  It was clear that he would continue to feel the soreness from this one tomorrow,which I know he enjoys.

Barry's penis was still very aroused and it was clear from his motions that he wanted some relief.  I toyed with him about that for a while.  I eventually told him that I would provide a climax for him, but that there was still the matter of me having to shave him to deal with.  I explained that I planned to use his new spanking strap on his red bottom as payment for doing the shaving.  If he wanted an orgasm it would have to be prior to receiving the strap.  I was a little surprised that Barry quickly agreed to those terms.

Toying with him a bit more, I eventually provided his orgasm by milking him with my hand from behind.  When I was done, I then brought out the spanking strap.  I had to be careful with it, given Barry's exposed position.  I didn't want to hit his genitals.  So, I applied it entirely on the center of his upturned bottom.  Twenty sound strokes clearly made my point.  I then shared with him that I forgot to mention another condition for his orgasm.  I then inserted a butt plug in his bottom and told him that it will remain inserted until morning.

As I released him from the restraints, I suggested that it would be very appropriate for him to find a way to express his appreciation to me for the wonder orgasm he experienced.  He wholeheartedly agreed.  And he actually asked me if I would like to be pleased orally or with our new Ride-On Colossus penis extender.  I chose both.

It was a magical evening for both of us.  I loved having Barry in such an exposed and vulnerable position.  I also loved being able to spank and tease him at the same time, and to actually spank his penis a bit.  As long as I did it within reason, he remained aroused.

This morning, during breakfast, as we talked about last night, it was clear that we each enjoyed the same aspects of his exposure and vulnerability.  So, I gave Barry an assignment:  He is to come up with as many examples as possible of positions that will allow me to spank and tease his genitals at the same time.  I told him that he has free access to the Internet to do that, as long as I am in the house with him and know that he is working on it.  He seemed to like that idea.  We'll see where it leads.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Acquired Tastes: Being Submissive

It seems like ages since our Christmas get-a-way.  The flu was a huge part of that.  We were each sick at the same time and it was not fun.  We finally were able to recover and begin to resume a normal life.  And, last night we resumed "activities".  From what happened, I realize it is now time for me to share another "Acquired Taste".  Based upon our Christmas Eve activities, I knew it was only a matter of time, but I wasn't ready to share based upon one experience.

Last evening, after dinner, I shared with Barry that I was ready to take a hot shower and relax.  He encouraged me to do so and said that he would take care of cleaning up from our dinner.  Shortly after I entered the shower, Barry appeared in the bathroom and asked if he could join me in the shower.  That was exactly what I had hoped for.  But, I never expected the evening to develop as it did.

Barry entered our shower stall with me, with the blindfold I had given him at Christmas.  He quickly put it do use, with no resistance from me. He then whispered into my ear that he hoped I could relax and let things flow.  I have to confess that I felt readiness to do that.

I quickly found myself having my hands secured in the wrist cuffs that are secured to the shower walls with suction cups.  These are toys that I normally use for Barry when I shave him or tease him in the shower.  He had me secured facing the shower wall.  I was a bit nervous, but he quickly shared with me that I can "Say No" at any time and he will honor my request.  He proceeded to use the handheld shower to cleanse and tease me.  By rubbing against me, he also made it obvious that he was extremely aroused.

He eventually left the shower and returned.  At that point, he started to insert a Fleet enema in my bottom.  I started to protest.  He again reminded me to relax and said that I can always "Say No" later.  I did relax. After Christmas eve, I trusted him fully.  We eventually left the shower and he helped me to the toilet.  Enough said.  He then let me to the bedroom, still blindfolded.

In the bedroom, I ended up being positioned over the Liberator ramp which was placed at the bottom of our bed.  My hips were raised and my legs were spread and secured.  My hands were also secured in front of me.  It was only later, as I felt Barry's tongue down below, did I realize how completely vulnerable I was.

During all of this, Barry was so gentle that I never felt concerned.  I never thought of saying "No" or "Stop".   The details are not important at this time.  What is important is that I felt safe and comfortable.  I felt Barry's tongue in places I never expected.  I also felt him spanking me in a kind and gentle way.  It was exquisite.  The spanking was all over my bottom and thighs ... and sometimes on my privates.  But it was always in a way that aroused me.

I eventually felt something being inserted in my bottom.  I started to say "No".  However, it was so gentle that I didn't.  At first I thought it was Barry, but then it began to vibrate.  After that, I'm not sure what happened, but it was clear when Barry entered my vagina with his penis.  He slowly worked himself in and out, clearing hitting my magic spot.  As he proceeded, we each eventually achieved a climax, the order of which, I'm not really sure.  It didn't matter at that point.

Barry has clearly tuned in to my submissive side.  I didn't even know I have this need or desire.  Some may wonder how this fits into our 'Devotional Sex' side.  All I can offer at this time is that I knew I was in control and could say "no" at any time.  I didn't want to do so.

This does not mean I want to give up my dominate side.  I clearly don't want to do so.  And, Barry's submissive nature is still very apparent.  However, it is clear that we will continue to work on meeting each of our needs.  We each seem to enjoy being dominant and submissive.

Who would have thought this possible ...


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Spanking the Flu

Oh, how I wish that could easily be done (Spank the Flu).  Barry and I are each finally recovering from extended bouts with that nasty little devil this month.  And, we each had our flu shots ... early this year!    It is safe to say that nothing of interest has taken place in our lives since my last post.

Hopefully, the rest of you are avoiding this illness.  Keep washing your hands.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Where Do We Go From Here

Barry and I are still glowing in the after thoughts of our special time away.  I think it is fair to say that it was as much and more than each of us had expected.  There many special moments and a number of surprises for each of us.  We've had numerous conversations, starting with during our four hour drive home.  We began with questions like "What was your favorite gift received?" and "What did you like best?" and "What surprised you the most?".  Since then, we have progressed to things like "What do you want to make sure we keep doing?" and "What do you not want to do again?".  We are now at the stage of "Where do we go from here?".

It quickly became clear to each of us that we each pushed the envelope a bit with our gifts to each other, and we each loved what the other did.  There was really nothing done by either of us that was not appreciated by the other.  It also quickly became clear to each of us that we are ready to move forward and create more exciting times with each other. So, we began to attempt to prioritize a bit about where to start.   We don't want to overthink or overplan, but we need someplace to start that is meaningful to each of us.  So, we began to talk about "What the two most meaningful things that happened during our time together?".

Barry's two answers were:

  • Christmas Eve when I became completely submissive to him; and
  • Getting spanked again, especially in a non-disciplinary way (spanking has really fallen by the wayside during the past several months).
My two answers were:

  • Realizing how much I love to play with Barry's penis and testicles; and
  • Realizing that I loved what he did to me when I became submissive (that was a huge surprise to both of us).
So, the first things we're going to work on is bringing back spanking for non-disciplinary manner and finding more time for me to explore my love of his genitals.  We need to talk a little more about my submissiveness and how to incorporate it within our Devotional Sex lifestyle.  That shouldn't be too hard.  I've begun to think in terms of "As the Princess, I make decisions about what will happen next ... and that decision could be to give the reigns to Barry once in a while.".    The more I think about it, the more comfortable I get, especially, since Barry established a huge level of confidence for me that he will do the right thing.

So, spanking and genitals!  Why was I not surprised when Barry asked me to watch this Fm Spanking Video yesterday.  I apologize for it being a bit lengthy.  However, if you watch it, I think it will become clear why Barry recommended it.

To make a long story short, last night I gave Barry a spanking similar to what is depicted in the video and we are now also exploring other positions in which I can spank him that gives me lots of view and access to his genitals.  We each loved what happened.

It is quickly  becoming clear to each of us that we are ready to grow more and that we have many common interests.  A few years ago, I would have never imagined that this is where our journey would lead us.  I'm still a bit shocked in many ways.  "What would my mother say?" :-)


PS - Thanks to Barry's encouragement and his tech ability, I have returned to trying to include photographs (and today, a video) in my posts.  He provided that input early in my blog, but got a bit tired of doing it for me.  He suggested that I go back to including things of interest.  And, this time he is working to teach me how to do.  However, the past few posts were mostly all of his work.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Retreat - Part 3

Finally, the last post in this series.  I must apologize for taking so long to share our Christmas escape weekend.  It took me some time to digest and decide what to share.  And then, our children were coming for a New Year's celebration, since they couldn't be with us for Christmas.  So, I will now pick up where we left off:  at lunchtime on Christmas Day.  There were still some surprises in store for each of us.

During a light lunch we talked about what we would like to do the rest of the day.  I advised Barry, that I would really like to spend some time at the pool, jacuzzi, and sauna with him.  I reminded him that he probably needed some time to relax and recover :-).  He quickly shared that he had forgotten to pack a bathing suit.  He was not pleased when I shared that I had packed the speedo bathing suit that I had recently given him.  I also need to share with our readers that since Barry had lost weight again (he looks amazing), I love his small compact bottom.  And, it looks wonderful in a speedo bathing suit.  However, Barry is very self-conscious in it, since it shows everything in front.  He gets very self-conscious when he experiences 'shrinkage' when swimming.  The look on his face when I told him I had packed it made me very glad that I had purchased his next 'gift'.  I didn't say anything at the time, but waited until we got back to the room to change.

Back at the room, I shared my final gift with Barry: a soft packing dildo that is amazingly realistic.  I hoped that it would make him feel more comfortable wearing the speedo swimsuit.  I also liked the fact that it would make him always look about the size that I think of him.  When he put the speedo swimsuit on with the packer, he looked amazing.  I loved his tight little bum, and he loved the look from the front. We were each very pleased.  So, we went down to the pool and sauna.  We thoroughly enjoyed the time to relax with each other.  I must confess that I couldn't resist patting his sexy tight bum a couple of times.  And, I caught him grasping his crouch as well.  I was also aware of one woman in the pool area that couldn't seem to keep her eyes off of Barry's frontal area.

Needless to say, we each had a wonderful time relaxing together in the pool area, and also enjoying the jacuzzi and sauna.  When we returned to our suite, I had on last surprise for Barry.  When I learned about his submissive fantasies and activities prior to him sharing them with me, I learned about Barry's visits to dominant females who would role play with him.  His favorite roleplay was to have his female boss confront him with knowing he was spending too much time on the computer viewing porn sites.  When we returned to our room, while Barry was showering, I changed into formal office dress and greeted him when he came out of the bathroom.  He was caught completely by surprise and we had a bit of fun before we went to dinner.

When we returned to our suite for dinner, I was ready to be pleased by Barry.  He was also ready to please me. He was very grateful for all I had done.  However, we ran into a problem.  He was spent.

 He began by pleasing me orally.  However, when we proceeded further, there were problems.  He then presented his final gift to me, the Ride-on Colussus".  We have the original ride-on, but this is a tad bid longer and thicker.  Barry shared with me that he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to keep up with my needs, so this was his final gift.  He also tearfully shared his gratefulness for our wonderful time together and that his final gift also included a promise to try to please me in every way he could.

After considerable thought, I have decided to merely share that Barry more than fulfilled his promise.  The rest of our Christmas evening was ... unbelievable.  I'm not ready to share any more details than that.

I feel very blessed with what Barry and I have in our relationship.  I'm sometimes saddened that it took us so long for me to realize what he needed.  However, I'm extremely glad that we eventually came to a point where he could share his desires with me.  I'm also extremely glad that I was open to trying to understand those needs and try to meet them.    We will probably never completely meet each other's needs, but at this moment we are each trying.  What a gift to each other.

Happy New Year to everyone,