Thursday, May 7, 2015

Surprises for Each of Us

Barry's punishment didn't take place until Tuesday night due to some unanticipated events Sunday night and Monday.  However, when it did occur, we were each in for a bit of a surprise.

After dinner, I directed Barry to shower and dress in the punishment outfit I had placed on our bed for him.  It consisted of a black garter belt and black stockings, his punishment panties (red, sheer nylon that snugly cover his entire bottom), and a black nylon teddy that comes down to mid thigh on him.  I love the way the garter belt and stocking frame his bottom for a spanking.  I also advised him to bring the wooden hairbrush to the living room when he is dressed.

About a half hour later Barry appeared in the living room looking very aroused with his erect penis serving as a tent pole in his panties.  I had placed a straight chair in the center of the room and he quickly found himself draped over my lap.  Before I began, I asked him if he knew why he was being punished.  He did and admitted that he shouldn't stare at and ogle other women's bottoms because he knows how much I dislike him to do so.  

I also commented about how aroused he was, which prompted an answer and comment that would be my surprise:  Barry informed me that he has missed these punishment spankings lately.  As I probed more, he admitted that he had purposely tried to irritate me on the trip so that I would finally give him one again!  I never saw that coming.

I then administered a very hard hair brushing, first over his panties and then on his bare.  It didn't take long for his erection to disappear.  When I finally finished, I placed him in the corner and told him to remain there until I came back.  He made a comment about being surprised that I was done with him so quickly.  He seemed pleased when I advised him that I was no where near being done; and that the hairbrush spanking was just a warm up.

After about 15 minutes, I returned to the living room with a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs, which I placed on Barry's wrists with his hands in front of him.  I then led him into the dining room where I had placed our Liberator ramp on the end of the dining room table.  I had Barry bend over it with his hands out in front of him.  The ramp was a perfect height and angle to present his bottom to be for the implements I had placed on the sideboard (which Barry could not see do to the blindfold).

I then selected my first implement, rubbed in against his panty clad bottom, and asked him to guess what it was.  He was pretty close.  He guessed a ruler, when it was actually our ruler paddle.  I told him he would received ten with it over his panties, followed by twenty on his bare bottom.  He was dancing nicely by the time I was done.  I then selected the second implement and made him guess again.  This time he was completely wrong, thinking it was a hard leather paddle when it was a lexan paddle.  Twenty-five on the bare had him begging me to stop.  The third implement (leather strap) was guessed correctly and I gave him twenty.  

Then came Barry's surprise for the night.  The last implement was a lovely new straight rattan cane from the folks at Cane-iac.  I had ordered it on our trip and it was waiting for me when we arrived home.  When he tried to guess what it was, Barry had no idea until I swished it through the air.  He immediately let out a loud sigh.  Barry has always had a fear of the cane, so I knew this would get his attention.  After giving him a few light test taps with it, I advised him that he was going to receive twelve strokes with it.  I have to proudly admit that I did quite a nice job of placing twelve red stripes across his bottom and sit spot (I had practiced a little with it using a pillow as my target).  I was surprised at how well he took it (I think he was too).   It certainly go his attention.

We then progressed to the bedroom where I applied some aloe cream to his tender cheeks.  I then allowed him to worship my bottom, which of course led to other pleasures.

Given the fact that Barry has missed the harder discipline spankings, I assured him that I would do my best to find some reasons to keep him happier in the future <grin>.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Back at Home ... and some thoughts

Barry and I arrived home after a glorious time in the southwest.  We spent most of our time in New Mexico and Arizona.  The natural scenery and monuments were absolutely beautiful, and we loved the Santa Fe area.  It was wonderful to have time to just relax and explore without being on a time frame or having to be at any one place at a given time.  We loved the flexibility of staying in an area until we were ready to move on.  Traveling during shoulder season while retired is a wonderful gift that we don't take for granted.

An interesting side of the trip was Barry's behavior while we were away, especially in restaurants.  I suspect it was exacerbated by the fact that we ate so many meals out (We did have a few hotels with small kitchenettes, where we could bring food in to heat up in a microwave and we did make some picnic lunches.  However, most meals were in restaurants.)    Barry's desire/need to stare at/ogle women's behinds reappeared ... BIG TIME.  I think he also felt a bit safe in misbehaving, because most of our lodging was inexpensive facilities with limited sound-proofing.  Because of that, there really were not any opportunities to administer a proper punishment spanking while we were away.  I warned him that he would pay a price when we returned home, but I suspect he didn't think I would really do that (he was wrong ... tonight he will learn that I meant what I said).

However, this experience has made me wonder about the male fascination with the female behind.  Is Barry unique in his fascination? (I suspect not); is he typical?; or is there a spectrum among males with this fascination?  What do the male readers of this blog think?  I suspect it is not a scientific sampling, since the readers obviously have an interest in spanking.  However, I'd still like to hear your thoughts and perspectives.

It feels good to be home and to share something on this blog.