Saturday, November 6, 2010

An Interesting Blog

I just discovered what I think is a very interesting blog.  It is  I am a submissive husband.  I just read all of the posts and found them quite enlightening.  I am now trying to process them in hopes of better understanding Barry.  I'm not sure where it will lead, but I plan to continue reading it.



  1. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for finding my site and I hope that me trying to understand myself will be useful to you and I thank you for I guess providing a degree of validation to me existence.

    You blog is fascinating. Barry is one lucky guy

  2. Susan,

    Not trying to be too celebral here but always remember sometimes we can't understand things totally. If I can say this, with total respect, don't try to hard to try and understand, sometimes you need to just go with it and it will figure itself out.

    Agree however, insight is so helpful and your husband is very lucky.