Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Wonderful New Spanking Position

Earlier this week one of my favorite blogs ( posted a delightful video of a spanking being administered in this position.  I had never used this position, so I tried it last evening after shaving Barry.  It was absolutely wonderful.  It provided me with a perfect view and access to not only Barry's smooth bottom, but also his genitals, which I could easily tease or squeeze in between spanking rounds and implements.  It wasn't as comfortable for Barry, but he seemed to enjoy the change of pace.

It's always fun to find ways to change things up and be creative.  If you have other ideas for us to try, please share them with us.


PS - Don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight.


  1. It's funny how this position can go from extremely arousing to unbearably humiliating depending on the circumstances of the spanking but either way it is a very convenient position for the spanker and after all, which ever reason she is spanking for, it is all about her enjoyment or satisfaction anyway! :) Loving your blog as well btw ;)

  2. Thank you for the idea I will try it today on aj.

  3. Susan
    I too saw that video on Maam yes Maam. Reminded me how much i enjoy seeing things from that angle. Hank has a sweet round ass and for some reason looks so ready in that position.

  4. Susan,

    I have seen a ffew vids on this position and wow, is all I can say. It is on our list here to try sometime in the near future as my wife when I told her about it, likes the idea of mixing in some play and denial to a spanking.

    Thanks and have fun!


  5. Wdspoone: Barry definitely experienced both aspects of the position, and I enjoyed them as well. I particularly like the way it spreads his cheeks for easy access to everything!

    Rachel and Ron: I look forward to hearing how you like the position.