Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Barry's Time: Explanation/Comments of "The Video"

During breakfast this morning, Susan firmly reminded me that I previously promised to post on her blog on a regular basis and also pointed out that I have not posted since January! Her tone of voice got my attention quite quickly. While she has not threatened me with any repercussions (at least not yet), I took very seriously her suggestion that I post an explanation of the video that I was watching when she caught me masturbating a couple of weeks ago and explain to everyone why it was so enticing to me that I broke our trust. Needless to say, it was on my mind all day and I have composed multiple messages in my mind. This is not something that I really want to talk about, but I can understand why she feels it something that only I can explain. As I mentioned in my last post, it is not easy for me to explain my feelings when I blog, but I'll do my best.

The video was one that I found a long time ago and it is called Phantomette Femdom Handjob. Following is a link, if anyone cares. Susan suggested I include the video itself, but I didn't have any luck uploading it to Blogger, so I am including the link.


In the video, a man is secured facedown on a table with his cock and balls hanging through a hole in the table. I young woman wearing a red mask begins by strapping his ass, but then quickly appears below the table and proceeds to administer a long, teasing handjob. She really messes with his mind during the entire process by continually pointing out that he is all tied up, with his dick in a hole, and has no where to go. Several times she tells him that she wants to make him cry and also asks him if he has ever been in this position before (he says that he hasn't). To make matters scarier, she periodically interupts the pleasure of the handjob to squeeze his balls in a way that appears painful, but not torturous. She eventually drains him but then continues to massage the head of his cock for another three minutes or more. It is clear that it is quite painful for him, but enjoyable to her.

I'm not sure I fully understand or can adequately explain why I am drawn to this video, but I have been since the first time I saw it. I suspect that it is a combination of several things:
  1. Her complete control of the situation in a kind and friendly way: She seems to really love what she is doing and it is clear that she is not going to really hurt him, but he doesn't know that. She really fucks with his mind, which is something that I really enjoy having done to me.
  2. His complete lack of control and his periodic expression of fear: It is clear that he knows he has no control and at times, he is quite fearful.
  3. His enjoyment of the handjob even though it eventually seems like he knows she will continue to stroke him after he cums: I love the way she plays with him (Susan sometimes does the same to me when she ties me to the bed while I am on my back). I guess I am somewhat amazed at how much he can enjoy it, knowing that she has complete control. I'm guessing that, in reality, he has as much confidence and faith in the young lady as I have in Susan.
  4. Her total enjoyment of all phases of the handjob and follow-up stroking ... she is clearly enjoying herself
I really love it when Susan ties me to the bed face up and administers a slow and teasing handjob to me. I have learned that most times she will ruin my orgasm,but sometimes she doesn't. And, the lead up to the actual orgasm is so wonderful. I guess it is because she has control and I don't. However, I will confess that I don't understand what all is going on at times.

Breaking the trust that Susan and I have is not something that I am prepared to fully talk about right now. That is something that she and I have dealt with, and I feel it is a private matter. I will share that I understand that I completely let her down. I also want to share that complete chastity is a wonderful fantasy, and is one that I have enjoyed as a fantasy. However, in reality, it is extremely hard to achieve. I also understand that I am very lucky to have a wonderful wife like Susan who was willing to learn and grow to make our relationship better. She is a wonderful gift to me and I thank God for her every day. I am also doing my best to convey that to her. I think she knows that. I can only hope.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Moving Forward and Exploring New Territory

Barry and I spent the last week taking time to savor ways to pleasure each other and share some of innermost feelings and desires.  I think we were both exhausted by the previous punishment week and were each ready to give and receive as much sexual pleasure as possible. That also led to some of the most honest discussions we have had with respect to what we each like.  For example, following are just a few of things that he shared for the first time:

  • He really enjoys it when I tease him for long periods of time, not knowing whether I will ruin his orgasm or take him all the way to completion. I was very surprised to hear him admit than even if I ruin his orgasm, it is worth it to have the long period of teasing.
  • He gets very excited when I publicly embarrass him as long as it is in front of strangers.  He admitted to  loving the way I sometimes embarrass him in front of waitresses when we are dining out.
  • He finds that being made to consume his cum is something that he loves to hate.  He loves having me make him do so, but hates doing it.  (This is something that I definitely plan to pursue)
  • He loves to be pegged by me (that one really surprised me)
  • He really likes fucking me while wearing his Ride-on penis extender.  Even though he doesn't get much pleasure, he shared that he loves being able to give me vaginal orgasms. (This will also be pursued much more often)
  • He didn't really mind being spanked in front of his sister and her partner.  What really upset him was the fact that she took charge of the situation and he felt that neither he nor I had any control. (This revelation completely blew me away.  He had seemed so upset, I didn't realize that it was just limited to my losing control of the situation.  It opens the door to many more possibilities.
I also candidly shared several things with Barry that I had not previously revealed.  They will probably come out in subsequent posts  in subtle ways, but I'm not quite ready to share them at this time.

After the last two weeks, I am finding that Barry has a stronger submissive side that I imagined.  I began to explore them a bit on Saturday when we made a trip to our nearest larger city.  It has a store that I have been wanting to visit for several months now.  It is a private store that carries a lot of Frederick's of Hollywood type lingerie for women, which is what it advertises.  However, I have suspected that it is more than that ... and it is.  I told Barry that we were going into the city Saturday for lunch and a movie.  I really wanted to see "The Artist" before the Academy Awards.  The movie was amazing, and I'm not surprised that it won the awards it did. 

However, our trip also provided time for us to visit the special shop.  It was much more than I expected.  In addition to its "Frederick's" type of products, it also had an area with feminine clothing for men.  It also had a very tasteful display of sexual toys and BDSM products.  To make a long story short, I ended up having Barry try on and purchase a French maid's costume.  I have long been intrigued by Suzanne at All Mine and how she has her husband serve her and her lover.  It was such fun to have Barry try on a maid's outfit and model it for me and the female shop owner.

I also loved being able to explore some the shop's leather paddles.  At one point when the shop was empty, I even gave Barry a couple of playful test swats with one that I liked.  The owner saw me and suggested that I take Barry into the 'back' room where we could experiment with whatever products we liked.  I was quite surprised to find the 'back' room furnished with a straight chair and a spanking bench.  It was quite a bit of fund, and Barry had two sets of red cheeks when we emerged.  (And I bought a wonderful leather paddle that will be a lot of fun for erotic spankings.)  I have to also confess that I loved their spanking bench and I think Barry did, too.

So, it has been a wonderful week, following by a stimulating day on Saturday.  And, we have already begun exploring new activities this week.  Somehow, we have emerged from a week of darkness into a new era.  This past week, it became clear that we were each needing and seeking that.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

That Was The Week That Was

No, I'm not referring to David Frost's satirical news program of the early 60s.  The phrase just felt like an appropriate way express a bit of how I feel about the past week with Barry.  I'm glad it is over and I am trying what I hope will be a better way to move forward.  Throughout the week, I gave a lot of thought to the various comments that so many of you kindly shared, trying to figure out how best for Barry and I to move forward.  He and I had a long talk on Saturday and I feel good about how what we are trying.

The Week That Was
I continued with my plan to make Barry masturbate in front of me multiple times each day throughout last week.  He masturbated or I used my Hitachi on him at least five times each day.  I basically made him periodically masturbate each day until he couldn't get erect or when his climax resulted in no fluid being produced.  When the former occurred, I to used our Hitachi on him.  By Friday night he had a very red and sore penis.  Throughout the week, I required him to masturbate as quickly as he could with no visual stimulation available and with no added lubrication other than his saliva if he chose to use it.  Most of his orgasms were ruined by my grabbing his hand as soon as he started to climax.  His first session each day was normally upon waking up, and I required him to masturbate in a small bottle around lunch time at work and to bring his production home to me to prove that he had complied.  The remaining sessions took place during the evening, beginning immediately when he arrived home.  Being required to masturbate so frequently and in this manner was definitely not fun for Barry.  It was also not a fun week for me, because I also didn't expect or allow him to pleasure me in any way.

By Saturday, I had developed a plan to move forward.  He was surprised when I didn't make him masturbate during the morning.  I told him that we would "talk" after lunch.  As we finished eating we did the dishes together and I asked him to join me in the family room for a talk.  We talked a long time about a lot of things, including why he enjoys masturbating to porn so much and how it makes me feel when he "cheats" on me that way.  I told him that I don't necessarily object to his gaining sexual pleasure by masturbating, but I do object to him doing it without me present or knowing about it.  We even sat together at the computer and watched the video he was watching when he masturbated that day, so he could explain why it excited him so much.  (It was quite unusual, and probably needs to be the subject of a future post.) We talked about things we could do to help him not masturbate behind my back, and he agreed to a set of rules that I proposed.  When we finished, I told him that I planned to punish him again for what happened the previous weekend and that we would then move forward with the new set of rules and guidelines.

New Rules
Following are the rules to which we agreed:
1. Barry will wear a chastity device when I request it, but it will remain unlocked.  It will be an honor system on his part to comply with it.  I feel like he needs to take more responsibility for compliance and not rely on being locked up.  However, I also think the act of physically wearing it demonstrates his submissiveness and it will serve as a reminder to him of his vow to remain chaste for me.
2. Barry will request permission from me prior to removing his chastity device at any time when I have required him to wear it, and I will grant him permission when he asks unless there is a valid reason to not allow it.
3. Barry will tell me whenever he feels a compelling need to view porn and/or masturbate.  We will work together to find a way to meet his sexual needs, as long as they are within reason.
4. Barry will not view porn or masturbate without permission from me and without me being present with him.
5. Barry will also comply with any request or directive I make for him to fulfill my sexual needs.
5. If I suspect that Barry has broken the rule to not masturbate without my approval and presence, I will require him to masturbate in front of me, so that I can assess his ability to perform.  If the amount of fluid produced or the length of time it takes him to climax indicate that  he has recently masturbated without permission (after last week, I have a pretty good sense of the impact of previous masturbation on both of those issues), he will be severely punished.

Saturday's Final Punishment
When we were done talking, I directed Barry to go to the bedroom and remove all of his clothing except his panties and to stand with his nose in the corner.  After he had done so, I came into the room and placed our laptop computer on the pillows of the bed and found the video that Barry had watched.  I set his chastity device and the lexan paddle next to it.  I then bound Barry's hands together in front of him, removed his panties, and made him kneel on the bed and lean forward on his forearms facing the computer and device.  I wanted him to have to focus on what got him in trouble while I punished him.  When he saw the lexan, I could see the look of fear in his eyes.

I was very calm and deliberate as I punished him this time, unlike the previous weekend when I discovered him masturbating.  Before I started with the paddle, I started the video and made him watch it while I used the Hitachi to quickly make him climax.  I didn't want him to have any enjoyment from the spanking, even in the beginning.  When I began to paddle, I didn't provide him with any warm-up.  I wasn't cruel, but I took my time and let the impact of each firm stroke burn in before delivering the next one.  With the lexan, it doesn't take much effort.  I also lectured him about why I was doing this and went over the rules with him, making him restate them to me and agree to follow them.

I also let him know that punishment for any future masturbation violation will be administered with the lexan paddle.  If there is a subsequent (second) violation, there will be two sessions with the paddle on consecutive nights.  For each subsequent violation, another session with the paddle on a subsequent night will be added.  For example if there is a third violation, Barry will be paddled three nights in a row.  Knowing how much Barry hates the lexan paddle, I firmly believe that this progressive type of punishment should provide him with more than enough incentive to not break the rules.

When I finished, Barry was openly sobbing and promising to not disappoint me again.  I untied his hands and we hugged and kissed.  I let him know that he was now forgiven for last weekend.  However, I also reminded him of the punishment he would receive for any future violation.  That night when we got into bed, I told Barry that I needed some sexual stimulation and guided his head downward.  He provided the most loving and caring oral worship that I have ever received from him.

Somehow, I feel that we are back on the right track.  I know it will take time to tell, but things feel better right now.  Thanks again to each of you who commented with suggestions or support.  I can't tell you how much I appreciated your words.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fantasy vs Reality

Harry Haversackers provided a very interesting comment to my last posting.  Ir really caused me to stop and ponder a lot of things today.  He insightfully pointed out that Barry's kink that causes him to masturbate is domestic discipline.  That raises the question of whether physical punishment can be effective with respect to making him stop masturbating.  Comments from others  had also pointed in that same direction, but didn't quite grab me.  But, today that question caused me to spend a lot of time in thought.  It compelled me to go back and really think about what excites Barry, and whether I am currently causing him to feel punishment.

As a result of my pondering today, here are my current thoughts.  It is clear that Barry fantasizes about spanking, both being spanked and spanking beautiful young ladies.  It is also clear that he loves to fantasize about a wide variety of kinky sexual activity.  I suspect that some of you might be amazed at the variety of his photo and video collection he amassed on our PC.  I was, and it took me months to come to grips with the fact that my husband had these interests that he never shared with me.

Through this blog and the exposure and feedback it provided, I slowly came to grips with Barry's interests.  I began to explore them.  The good news is that I found that I really enjoyed some of them, which led me to become much more dominant in our marriage.  Three years ago, I could have never imagined doing many of the sexual things that Barry and I now do, or inflicting the pain of a punishment spanking on anyone, especially Barry.  I now love the sexual variety that some of Barry's kinks provide.

I still don't enjoy inflicting punishment, but I have slowly learned that it is one way of controlling Barry.  I say that because I have come to realize that Barry likes to fantasize.  However, I quickly found that when he experienced some of his fantasies, the reality of them was not very pleasurable for him.  For example, Barry has a huge collection of photos and videos of men being spanked very hard.  They really excite him.  But, I quickly learned that when I spank hard, his erection disappears and he begs for mercy.  Fantasy and reality are two very different things.

So, what I have seemed to learn is that Barry has lots of fantasies that really excite him ... and cause him to want to masturbate about them (rather than make love to me). That was a hard pill to swallow.  However, I have swallowed it.  And, I have found that I love being able to control Barry.  That excites me and gives me the ability to make him do things that sexually fulfill me. And, three years ago I could have never forced him to do those things.

I have also learned that Barry's fantasies are not nearly as exciting to him in real life.  Fantasizing about receiving a hard spanking is exciting to him.  Actually receiving one is a completely different matter.  Fantasizing about chastity is exciting.  Being locked in a device is not.  Fantasizing about a controlling wife or partner is exciting.  Having a wife who actually takes charge is not.  And, masturbating is exciting and fun when he can do it when he pleases.  However, being forced to jerk off in front of me, especially when he has no desire to do so, is not fun.

I have also come to realize that Barry does not like to be embarrassed or lose control of a situation.  I think that this issue was a key factor in the situation that developed when his sister spanked him and took control away from both Barry and me.  There was a huge loss of control and huge embarrassment.

So,where does all of this lead me?  I find that delivering a prolonged, painful spanking to Barry is definitely punishment.  I still find it hard to do so, but I know it changes his behavior.  I also find that causing him to lose control by creating embarrassing situations for him is also effective.  From my experience in making him masturbate in a restaurant bathroom, I am inclined to pursue some of the suggestions that others have made.

I have also found during the past couple of days that making Barry masturbate many times each day, and using my Hitachi on him when he can't even seem to achieve an erection are extremely punishing for him.  For example, by the time we went to bed last night, I couldn't even get Barry hard by using the Hitachi.  When I tried to do so, it was obvious to me that it was painful and humiliating.  That reality was far different from what he would have probably fantasized about.

So, at this point, I think I have found a way to punish Barry ... and your support has convinced me that I am correct in pursuing punishment.  It is going to be a long time before Barry receives any stimulation other than from his hand or my Hitachi.  And, any bad attitude will result in a punishment spanking that will not meet his fantasies.

In closing, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the feedback and support I receive from this blog.  I never asked to be put in this position.  However, it has caused me to grow and this community has been a huge part of helping me to do that.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Making an Impression

I want to thank everyone again for the thoughtful posts and suggestions about my current situation with Barry.  It is becoming clear to me that I need to make a huge impression on Barry.  I am also beginning to believe that I shouldn't have to rely on a chastity device to make sure that Barry follows my rules about not masturbating without my permission.  He should want to abstain because it is what I desire of him.

I have decided that Barry is in for a very prolonged punishment period that is conducted in the manner that I initiated this weekend.  Specifically, he will masturbate upon my command and I will monitor his capability to respond based upon the last time he masturbated.  I plan to make sure that he has no desire to masturbate in between times and cause masturbation to be humiliating and/or painful for him.  I really loved some of the ideas offered, including the use of hot sauce (although I plan to be careful), making him consume his semen on a regular basis, and making him masturbate in public restrooms (quite some time ago, I made him do that at a restaurant and bring his soiled hankerchief back to the table to prove his success).  I have also thought about rubbing a bit of Deep Heat onto the shaft of his penis (not the glans) before he goes to work in the morning.

Yesterday was a busy day for Barry's hand and my Hitachi.  I used his ability to get an erection as my guide with respect to whether or not to make him masturbate.  I would take him to the computer and display some of his photo collection or videos.  If he showed the slightest bit of arrousal, he was ordered to masturbate.  As the day progressed, his output diminished to a dry humping and the glans of his penis were obviously red and irritated.  The last session before we went to bed required the use of my Hitachi vibrator to achieve a climax, after which I applied 25 hard swats with the lexan paddle to his bottom.  That is also going to be part of his punishment routine for the forseen future.

This morning, he was ordered to masturbate upon waking up and again before he left to work.  He was also sent to work with his pill bottle and directed to make a deposit into it at lunch time.  To make sure he could control his orgasm enough to make that deposit, I had him practice several times yesterday.  He finally realized that the only way he was going to succeed was to stop any stroking as soon as he began to climax and let his semen dribble into the bottle.  Essentially, he had to ruin his own orgasm, which was my desire.

When he arrived home for work tonight, you can be assured that he was commanded to masturbate.  He has done so once since then, and I plan to require two more tonight.  I suspect the last will probably require the Hitachi to achieve.  His penis is getting quite irritated at this point, so I will probably allow the use of soothing cream, if I can find any in our medicine cabinet.  Tomorrow, I will visit the pharmacy and purchase something (not because I am concerned about his feeling discomfort, but because I don't want to damage his dicklet.  After all, I still want to occasionally enjoy it.

Tomorrow, I will begin to work in more consumption opportunities.  I have also made it clear to Barry that this routine is going to continue as long as I feel it is necessary and that it will be instituted whenever I feel necessary to assure that he has NO desire to masturbate without my permission.

Based upon Barry's reaction so far, I think I am making an impression and that merely the threat of this type of punishment in the future will be a huge deterrent.  We shall see.  I will also keep you posted.

Thanks again to everyone who has shared thoughts and ideas.  They are all percolating in my head at the moment.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Caught in the Act continued

First, I want to thank you for the helpful comments/suggestions and confirmation that I was justified in being very upset.  I really appreciate them.  After I finished the first post, I sent Barry to the grocery store in order to give myself some time to think through the situation.  While Barry was gone, I did some exploring on our computer and discovered that it appears that Barry may have been doing this for quite some time on Saturday mornings when I go grocery shopping.  He has a habit of resaving the files he looks at, which puts a new date on the file.  Interestingly many files have dates that are all Saturdays over the past couple of months.  That discovery did not make me happy.

When Barry returned, I left him alone to unload the car and take care of the groceries.  We then sat down for a long talk.  Our discussion was all over the place, starting with Barry professing that he has a masturbation addiction and can't help himself.  However, he decided to not pursue that line of thinking after I told him that I will come to his annual physical with him next week and we can talk to his doctor about the addiction and seek ways to treat it!  He also finally confessed that he has been able to remove the 6000s for quite some time, which also did not make me happy.

After much discussion, I told Barry that the bad news for him is that he is going to be punished for the next week for his transgressions.  The good news for him is that he will not be required to wear his chastity device and he will get to masturbate quite frequently for the next week.  I explained that he will be expected to masturbate upon command for me.  He will be expected to masturbate quickly and according to my directions and that he must not masturbate at any other time.  I further explained that should he not be able to bring himself to climax quickly and with an appropriate amount of semen released, I will consider it to indicate that he has masturbated in between and he will be punished with the lexan paddle.  He will also be expected to masturbate into a pill bottle each day at work during lunch and bring the bottle of semen home to me as evidence of his success.  I decided that it will be difficult for him to get the semen into the small bottle, so he will basically have to ruin his own orgasm in order to accomplish that fete.  What I didn't tell him was that I will make sure his orgasms obtained when masturbating in my presence at home will also be ruined and that I will make him masturbate very frequently.  Since he likes to masturbate, he is going to get to do it more than he ever imagined.

I started his punishment before dinner last night, making him drop his trousers and panties and masturbate as quickly as he could .... and then grabbing his hand as soon as he started to climax.  That routine was repeated shortly after dinner; and I used my Hitachi Magic Wand on him when we went to bed.  At that point, he wasn't able to produce any semen.  This morning, I made him masturbate in the shower before we went to church and again after lunch.  He's not finding it very pleasurable, which is my goal.

I plan to continue this routine, along with some spankings for the entire week.  In the meantime, I plan to explore other chastity options for him.  One option is to go back to his old device, which I don't believe he can get out of.

I'm also deciding what topic to require him to blog about during coming week.  Perhaps our readers have some suggestions for him to address.

Thanks again,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Caught in the Act

I am sitting here deciding whether or not to post.  I am so upset that I am beside myself. So, I am starting to write as a means of calming down.  At this point I don't even know if I will post this, but I need to do something.    It all started earlier this morning.  Barry was supposed to post an account of last Sunday today.  Actually, he was supposed to do it early in the week, but he never did.  So, when I left the house this morning, I gave him explicit instructions to get it done, or else!  I guess I left the house in a frustrated mood.

I left at 10:30 to get my hair done and then to go grocery shopping for a dinner party we are hosting tomorrow night. After my hair appointment, I realized that I forgot my detailed list, so I returned home to get it.  When I walked into the house (obviously earlier than expected), I discovered Barry sitting at the computer with his panties at his ankles, his 6000s sitting on the desk (with the lock still attached), and his cock in his hand.  My reaction was probably priceless.  I'm not sure what I said, but it was probably something like "What the f - - k are you doing?"  I couldn't believe it, and I still can't.  I suspect that some will think I over-reacted, and perhaps I did.  However, I was really upset.  I still can't believe what I was seeing.  Especially after I gave him what I thought was a very special treat last Sunday night after the Patriots lost.

So, I guess I went nuts.  When I asked my question about what he was doing, we stood there looking at each other.  There was no response other than stopping.  So ... I told him to keep wanking.  I guess that I wanted to watch him jerk off to the computer.  I had to repeat it several times, but Barry finally went back to jerking off to a video of a guy strapped to a table with his penis protruding through a hole, while a woman in a red mask was jerking him off.   I stood there watching as he jerked off onto the floor and then looked at me as if to say "What do I do now?".  Without even thinking, I reacted and told him to get down on his knees and clean it up.  When he went to the bathroom and started to get toilet paper, I knew he had done this before.  I went nuts again and told him to forget the toilet paper and come back and use his mouth.  I don't know if I was surprised that he complied or not.  At that point, I'm was so upset that I'm not sure how I was reacting.  I'm still trying to process it all.

I watched him lick up some of his cum and I told him to go to the bedroom and get our bag of implements.
When he did so, I told him to get on the bed with his bottom up.  I then gave him what was probably a very a tough spanking with lots of implements.  I don't even remember what all I used at this point, but I vaguely remember starting with the ruler paddle and working up and down his bottom and thighs. I also remember using the bathbrush and the lexzn paddle.  And, I remember removing panties from his mouth when I stopped, but I don't remember how they go there.  I guess I was pretty mad.

Barry is now lying on the bed with a very red butt and I'm trying to figure out where to go from here.  As I begin to calm down by writing this, I think I'm going to send him to the grocery store with my list while I figure out what to do when he returns.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Adding some more spice

As you know from my recent posts, I’ve felt like things have been a bit dull the past month, so I am trying to find ways to add some new excitement to our lives.  Last week a new strap-on that I ordered finally arrived.  I had not told Barry about it, so I decided to surprise him Friday night.  It is very similar to my original small strap-on, in that it is very realistic looking and feeling.  However, it is larger than what Barry has experienced to date, without being unrealistic.

I decided to create some anticipation for Barry, so I started by sending him a text Friday afternoon when I arrived home from work.  I let him know that I had a special surprise for him that evening, but didn’t give him any details.  When he arrived home, he started asking about the surprise, but I just told him that he would find out soon enough.  As a couple of hints, I left a Fleet enema bottle on the bathroom counter and a tube of lube on his dresser.  However, I’m not sure if he saw either of them before dinner.  Just before we sat down to eat, I put the strap-on in my harness and put it on under my skirt, which was loose enough to mostly conceal it.  However, if he looked closely he would have seen something was there.

When we got up from dinner, I gave him a big hug, making sure I pressed myself against him.  The look on his face assured me that he felt its presence and I suggested that he go prepare himself for some fun and to make sure he dressed special for me.  That is always our key phrase for him to know I want him to wear more lingerie than just his normal panties.  While he was getting a shower and, I assume, using the Fleet, I changed into a tight skirt which clearly showed the girth and length of my new toy and I placed two pillows at the edge of the bed.  When Barry entered the room, I stood in the middle of the room and motioned for him to drop to his knees in front of me, and suggested that he might like to get acquainted with his new friend.  I then raised my skirt to reveal the new strap-on.  Even though I know Barry enjoys being gently pegged, I could see his immediate apprehension.  With a little encouragement, it didn’t take long for him to be taking it in his mouth and following my directions of worshipping it.  During this time I shared with him that I thought it was time for him to experience a realistically sized cock, instead of the little one we had been using.  I eventually had him stand and I took off his cage, so I could better assess his level of excitement.  His wee pecker was standing at attention so I knew he was ready.  I then took my time with him bending over the bed, making sure that I used plenty of lube and letting him adapt to its girth and length as I eventually let him experience its entirety.  I could tell that he was enjoying it by the way he worked his hips in time with my gyrations.  I didn’t let him use his hands on himself, but when I finished and he stood up, it was clear that there was a significant amount of pre-cum on the pillows he was bent over.  I could also tell that he wanted more stimulation, but I decided that I needed to be satisfied.  I then got on the bed and drew his head to meet my needs and he lovingly took care of them.  I then told him that it was lock-up time, but not to worry, it would be a long and fun weekend …which it was.

On Saturday, I kept Barry in a gartered teddy, matching panties, and stockings all afternoon and evening.  I let him out of his cage most of the time, but kept him busy with household chores which he performed under my close supervision.  I made sure that he didn’t have any free time to get himself into trouble.  I also had a lot of fun periodically teasing him.  I must confess that I truly love keeping him erect and frustrated.  By the time we went to bed, I had locked him up again and I could tell that he was really frustrated.  But, I again reminded him that the weekend was not over yet and there would be more fun on Sunday.

More about last night later,