Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I would like to publicly apologize to Susan and her readers for my behavior and my deceptive post last weekend. Susan has not required me to post this apology. I am doing this because I want to.

She was very upset with me Sunday night for two reasons. One was that my post was not honest. She is very big on truthfulness, as we all should be. She did not like the fact that I inaccurately conveyed how much time I had spent surfing porn on the internet, especially when it is the first time she has allowed me to do so without her being present. She was even more upset when she saw the sites I had been exploring. They were sites that include activities which are somewhat degrading and she never lets me visit them when we are together. She was very disappointed that I took advantage of the freedom she gave me.

I am very thankful that Susan has accepted and experimented with so many of the activities that I had fantasized about for years. I realize that I am a very lucky man. And I know I let her down by viewing sites that contain activities that she has clearly told me that she will never participate in.

I also realize that I got off with a rather light punishment Sunday evening. I am very appreciative of that. However, I have been warned what will happen if I ever post something that is not truthful again, or if I view the forbidden websites. Susan has made it very clear that I will receive what she likes to call her 'ultimate spanking'. This includes being brought to orgasm with her vibrator prior to being spanked with two of the implements I hate most (the wooden bath brush and the rice paddle). Two things that I have learned about Susan during our wonderful marriage is that she doesn't make idle threats and she doesn't forget. I have also learned that I don't ever want to receive her 'ultimate punishment' again. She has only done that to me two times. I should have learned my lesson after the first time. But, I was stupid enough to make her mad enough to use it a second time. That was several months ago, but the memory is still strong enough for me to make sure there is not a third time.

Thank you Susan for being a wonderful wife and lover. And, thank you for helping me be a better person.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Barry's Deceptive Post

As you know, I kept Barry locked up this past weekend.  In fact, he is still in his device.  When I arrived home last evening, he was quite pleased with himself for having posted to the blog and quickly advised me that it was his third post this month, which qualifies him for a special sexual treat (which was a deal I made with him earlier in the year to encourage him to post).  After reading his post, I also decided to take a look at the temporary internet files and cookies, which revealed that he had spent a consderable amount of time surfing porn sites.  That seemed to be quite different from what he conveyed in his post to all of you, so I was quite upset with his deception.  Consequently, I decided that there would be no special treat for him last night, but instead he would remain locked until at least this evening; and he received a pretty good spanking as punishment.

Since this was the longest he has been kept in the Exobelt, I also decided that I wanted to take a look at it and make sure there were no problems, especially with cleanliness.  I took him into our walkin shower so that I could use the handheld shower head to give him a good cleaning.  It seemed to work quite well, along with some shampoo.  However, it wasn't a pleasant experience for Barry, since he was prevented from becoming erect.  After the shower is when I took him over my lap on the bed for a good dose of our wooden ruler.  Needless to say, I got his attention pretty quickly and held it for quite some time.  It wasn't a severe punishment spanking, but it was the hardest spanking he has received for a couple of months.

Today, I sent him off to work wearing the Exobelt and a pair of panties.  I wanted to make sure he would think about what he did all day long.  I can't wait until he arrives home because I know he will be dying to get free.  I'm also dying to have him, but I think he deserves to be teased a bit more for being so deceptive.  So, I'm still thinking about when and how to release him, and what I want to do with him.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Locked Up for the Weekend

Susan had a busy weekend planned, which would leave me unattended for some lengthy periods of time. That gave her the idea to lock me up again this weekend. But this time it has been different. First, she decided to lock me up Friday morning, so it was the first time I have had to wear the device to work. That created some issues that I never anticipated. I was very self-conscious all day, worrying whether anyone could or would notice it under my clothes. That led me to being very aware of my caged cock all day long, which is not a good thing. I survived the day without anyone overtly noticing anything (at least I hope I did). The next thing that was different was Friday night. Susan was tied up until late, so there was no playing or teasing. In fact there has been none of that all weekend. It's been just me and my restricted genitals experiencing frustration and desire. Susan had given me permission to surf the net, knowing that I was securely prevented from masturbating. I tried to enjoy that freedom, but it only led to more frustration. I am now home alone again this afternoon, anxiously awaiting her return. Hopefully, she will have some energy to play tonight and will release me from my prison. I keep hoping that she will be as horney as I am!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fantasy vs. Reality

Why do I have such a hard time realizing how big the difference is between fantasy and reality? Why didn't I learn my lesson the first time with Susan when I convinced her that I wanted her to give me punishment spankings? Am I just really dumb, or is this something that most people do? These are questions that are going through my head after last weekend.

As you know, our new chastity device arrived last week. Chastity enforced by my wife is something that I have fantasized for a long time. It has taken me years to even discuss it with her, let alone have her agree to try it. So, I was extremely excited about the fact that I would finally begin to experience it this past weekend. I was so arroused on Friday night that she had extreme difficulty putting the device on me. I had to force myself to relax so my erection would subside enough for it to be clamped around my balls.

Once it was there, reality came into play. Susan has become a master at sexually teasing me, which I love. However, ususally, when she teases me, I eventually get to orgasm. Friday night was different. I pleased her, she teased me. Her teasing resulted in extreme discomfort as my cock tried to expand in its new home. That discomfort caused the arrousal to subside. But, then I was teased some more. And, Friday night, the device didn't come off. I had to go to sleep unfulfilled and very uncomfortable. I didn't sleep much or well. This was not the fantasy I envisioned, but it was the reality of what I asked for.

Saturday was also a very hard day. The device is uncomfortable. It is hard to pee. The literature says you can pee standing or sitting. Well, I tried to pee standing two times. Both resulted in a mess. So, I was reduced to sitting to pee. Again, this was not my fantasy.

Saturday arrived and Susan decided to spank me in an erotic way, which always results in a raging hard on for me. However (and I know you can guess what is coming next), I was restricted, so the pleasure of her spanking only created more discomfort and frustration. The good news is that after the spanking (and a bit more teasing), Susan decided to release me from my device. We then made love that resulted in us each acting like a couple of teenagers. It was fantastic to finally be able to experience a full erection again, especially within her. This was part of my fantasy!

In the end, it was an amazing weekend. Given how much Susan enjoyed it, I know I will be locked up much in the future. However, much of the reality was not part of my fantasy.

Would I go down this pathway again, realizing again how different fantasy is from reality? Saturday afternoon, the answer would have been "no". Today my answer is "maybe" (because Saturday night was so wonderful). Tomorrow or next week, I'd be willing to bet that the resounding answer will be "yes", because fantasy always seems to take over.

Have others had the same experience with fantasy vs. reality? If so, do you keep repeating the ability to ignore reality and act solely on fantasy?


Monday, March 14, 2011

Our First Chastity Experience

As you know from Barry's post, the Exobelt arrived in time for last weekend, so Friday night we put it to its first use.  Barry needed a shave, so after dinner I took him into the shower and made sure his package was as smooth as a baby's bottom.  We later learned that he was also a little chafed, which he didn't enjoy while locked up.  Actually putting on the device was a bit more difficult than we expected, especially since it is not easy to do with an arroused penis.  However, once Barry became a little less excited, we were able to get him trapped in it, and he looked like he was wearing a high tech cup of sorts :-).  I thought about making him wear a jock strap over it, but decided instead to use a favorite pair of pink nylon panties.

We then moved into the bedroom where I enjoyed teasing him and making sure he pleasured me.  I secured him on his back to the bed with his wrists and ankles tied to the bedposts, as has become a frequent custom.  I must confess that I enjoyed using my mouth and fingers to tease his inner thighs and all around his device.  It was interesting to hear some new sounds I have never heard before as he would get arroused to a point that the device would allow and then begin to feel discomfort and lose arrousal.  The ups and downs were interesting for both of us.

One thing I don't like about putting him in the device is that I lose access to having him in me.  I missed that.  But, at least it lets Barry know that he probably won't be locked up for very long periods of time.  I kept him in the device all night Friday and all day Saturday.  That evening, we played again, including a fun spanking for him while wearing the device, before I let him out so that I could ride him.  And, he was really ready for it.  That made the wait worthwhile for me too.

So, our first experience was good, and I'm now looking forward to more ways to employ this new toy.  I will also feel more secure that I can stop Barry from masturbating when he is out of my sight for lengthy periods of time.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Special Anniversary

It has now been one year since Barry and I started our journey of incorporating spanking and other fun into our marriage.  It was not a path that I would have chosen, which is evident by the fact that we were married for almost thirty years before I realized how much it meant to Barry and how important it would be to our marriage.  Twelve months ago, I could have never dreamed of what Barry and I are currently doing now, especially what we did last night with respect to exploring chastity (that needs to be a separate post).  In the last year there have been so many new things that I have explored and enjoyed, that I would have previously completely rejected as being wierd or perverted.  Just to name a few:
  • spanking Barry for fun
  • administering a punishment spanking to Barry
  • allowing Barry to give me an erotic spanking ... and enjoying it
  • making and enjoying Barry wear panties
  • shaving Barry's genitals
  • erotically teasing Barry and actually deciding if, when, and how he will climax
  • really enjoying letting Barry orally pleasure me
  • erotically teasing Barry in a public place in a way that no one else knew it was happening
  • asserting myself with respect to sexuality
  • purchasing sexual toys on line
  • experimenting with a male chastity device
In addition to feeling amazed, I am also feeling extensive gratitue as I realize how much these activities have enriched our relationship as we move into a new phase of our life with respect to age and activity.

This has been an amazing gift and I will be forever grateful for its impact on our marriage.


Friday, March 11, 2011

A Possible Chastity Solution

Susan has asked me to share our appreciation for the comments and suggested solutions to our chastity belt challenge. We have tried the CB-6000 short as our first option. Unfortunately, due to my shrinkage capability, I would slide out of it without even trying. When I am not arroused, I shrink significantly and my penis almost disappears. It becomes a small nub, which is very humilitating. Fortunately, it grows significantly when I am arroused, and I am very thankful that Susan has never teased me about its size when shrunken. She actually seems to enjoy making it grow to a useful size, which she also loves having inside her.

Yesterday we received our latest attempt to find something that will be secure. It is the Exobelt V1. I have included two photos below. As you can see, it attempts to provide a covering of the scrotum and penis which is held tightly against the lower abdomen by clamping tightly to the scrotum and testicles. It looks quite uncomfortable to me and I am beginning to wonder why I ever encouraged Susan to pursue this bit of fantasy with me. We played around with it a bit last night to figure out which spacers to use and it is going to be quite snug and confining. It also seems like it may be secure.
Susan has decided that since I am due for a shaving tonight, she will put it in place at that time and my initial lock up period will be at least 24 hours. Since Susan usually likes to tease and play with me after shaving, I am a bit concerned. This thing doesn't look like it has much room for any expansion due to arrousal. I hadn't thought about that aspect of being locked up!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chastity Challenge

I must apologize for not posting for so long.  Extended family issues arose that were a bit distracting to Barry and me for part of the time.  And, if I'm honest, I've been procrastinating about whether to actually publish this particular post.  Barry and I each have had mixed feelings about sharing this topic, but we have finally agreed to do so.  Also, at least Barry managed to post in early February, thus avoiding his promised punishment if he does do so each month.

In my last post I shared with you that we had decided to purchase some 'non-pervertible' type toys, which was a huge step for us.  One of the items was a chastity device for Barry.  One of his many kinky fantasies has always been to have me control him.  I have been hesitant to go there, but finally agreed, especially after learning that Barry had been masturbating when away from home.

However, we have run into a challenge and this is the part that has been hard to decide to share.  The first device we bought was a complete failure because we failed to take into consideration some aspects of Barry's penis - It is a shrinker.  When he is arroused, it is a  respectable four inches in length and is capable of providing all the pleasure we each desire.  However, when he is flacid, it almost shrinks inside his body.  It is typically only an inch or two and very soft, and at times it can almost disappear.  I'm sure you can begin to see the problem.  The device easily slips off when he is flacid.

I have been trying to do some research and have now ordered an Exobelt model, which looks like it will be secure.  It is scheduled to arrive by the end of the week, so we hope to put it to the test over the weekend.

However, if it also fails, I'm wondering if any of my readers have any experience or suggestions in this area.  I see that there are also some metal models that provide a complete shield over the genital area, but they look very uncomfortable.  I don't plan to keep Barry in it for long periods of time, but we do want to lock him up for time periods when I can not adequately supervise him.

Any experience or advise would be appreciated.