Monday, December 19, 2011

Smooth as Silk

As I have previously shared, last Friday night and the weekend were very special for Barry and me.  It all began on Friday night when we entered into our weekly ritual of making sure Barry was well shaved between waist and min-thigh.  It is always a fun time for me, because it gives me a wonderful opportunity to tease and play with him.

Usually, I expect him to do as much as he can.  I then join him in the shower to complete the task.  However, this week, I joined him immediately.  That caught him off guard, which I loved.  I don't want to go into to too many details.  However, suffice it to say, we had a lot of fun as I immediately began to lather up his upper torso and started shaving!  It provided the opportunity for lots of teasing and sharing. Needless to say, I also made it clear that he had to control himself, which he did.

I also now love the smooth look all over his body.  I had previously loved the lines of demarcation at his waist and mid thigh.  However, this is an entirely new look, which is very sexy to me.  It provides some much needed new excitement to me (and I think for Barry, as well)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend

It has been a very busy weekend and I am quickly running out of energy this evening.  However, given the turmoil that I have shared with everyone in the recent past, I need to at least take the time to share that Barry and I had a very special day and evening on Friday, as well as quality time over the weekend.  The two new toys got put to use.  So for those who have been asking for reviews, I will try to find time to share more details sometime before Christmas.  However, no promises.  There are mixed reviews on each of them.

I would like to wish joyousness to everyone.  Barry and I happen to celebrate Christmas and want to wish the joy of that season to each of you who find meaning in that celebration.  However, we also realize that you may have some other belief, or none at all.  Whatever, the case may be, we want to wish you joy and happiness in your lives. To us, the most important thing is that we find joy and love in working together.  Individual beliefs are only a vehicle in achieving that goal.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moving Forward

Barry and I have been having a very good week.  He is working late this evening, so I thought I would take a few minutes to share an update and some of my thoughts.

Barry seems to be letting go of much of his anger with respect to Joan (for which I am very thankful).  The birthday weekend brought out a number of dynamics between the two of them that he had never shared with me.  However, after a number of long discussions between the two of us, I think he is coming to terms with them.  I must confess that I feel like I had a very boring childhood (for which I am very thankful).  However, even though he is coming to terms with it, I am going to be careful about when when meet again with Joan and what happens at that meeting.

For the immediate future, I'm feeling a need to strengthen what happens between Barry and me.  I want him to feel safe with me (without the presence of Joan), and I also want to make sure I maintain control.  If I could get to that point of a discussion with him, I suspect that he would share those goals, since I have seen that he loves me to maintain control.  However, there I feel that there are still some aspects of his relationship with Joan that he has not shared.  Consequently, I feel like I am still flying blindly to some degree.  I really wish he could verbalize more with me.

I'm planning to make tomorrow night a fun night for the two of us.  But, I also want to make sure I maintain control.  So, I'm thinking about providing a night of teasing and providing him with a very rewarding orgasm, along with expanding my control.  Friday night is our customary night to make sure he maintains shaving from his waist to mid-thigh.  It has become customary for him to shave what he can see and for me to handle more intimate areas.  We both have grown to love the latter.  It has become fun for both of us in our large walk-in shower and it provides me with a great opportunity to provide a tease and denial situation.

Since we are now into colder weather in the Northeast when Barry always wears long-sleeve shirts and long pants, I would love to shave him completely.  That would feel very sexy to me and it would also allow me to maintain and expand control.  Given the weather, it would also assure that no one else would know about what we are doing.

I have to also confess that I am still waiting to use the RealDoe that arrived a week ago.  After last weekend, I want to be careful about how and when I bring that out.  I suspect it may not happen for a while.  I am also aware that after this weekend, our opportunity to "play " will be reduced for a while, since we have two children coming home for the holidays.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Sorting it Out ... and a Punishment Spanking

After the Patriots game yesterday, Joan called.  Barry refused to talk with her, but she and I had a very constructive conversation.  She was very saddened by Barry's reaction and didn't mean to ruin the evening.  I shared with her my frustration that she had basically hijacked the evening from me and took over, and she apologized.  I don't think she really meant to take things over, but her enthusiasm got a bit out of hand.  We each came to the conclusion that Barry must have just found the reality of his fantasy much more humiliating than he ever imagined it could be when he shared it with me.

After I got off the phone, Barry continued to mope around and feel sorry for himself.  He didn't even want to listen to what Joan had said or the fact that she was sorry.  I tried to have a discussion with him during dinner about what happened the night before.  However, he was having no part of listening and didn't want to hear that Joan and I both felt badly, that we didn't mean for it to be so devastating for him, and that we had really only provided what he had described to me as one of his favorite fantasies.  We thought we were doing a good thing for his birthday.

When we got ready for bed he was still whining when I told him it was time to put his device back on (I had allowed him to keep it off again on Sunday, thinking it might help the day go better).  When he lowered his pants to allow me to lock him up again, it was apparent from the precum stains in his panties that he had been aroused quite a bit during the day.  He then had the bad timing of asking me if he could have an orgasm.  That pushed the wrong buttons with me after having listened to him whine all day.  I sort of flipped out and told him   that I was so tired of his whining that he was going to get something to whine about ... a serious punishment spanking.

He knew what that meant and he immediately tried to change his tune.  However, it was too late.  I then marched him into the bathroom where I plugged in my Hitachi and held it against his erect penis that was still within his panties.  I held it in place until he began to climax and immediately shut it off, letting his semen sort of ooze out of his penis.   I then dragged him back to the bedroom where I tied his hands wrists behind his back, laid him over a pillow on the bed, and then I took the bath brush to his bottom.  I administered what was probably one of the hardest paddlings I have ever given him.  I didn't bother to remove his panties, but they certainly didn't offer any protection from the brush.  When I finally let up, there were tears in his eyes as he crawled under the covers and went to sleep.

I felt badly about having lost my temper.  However, I was really fed up with all of the whining all day long.  This morning he seemed quite contrite and apologized to me for being awful all day yesterday.  During dinner he even agreed that he would talk with Joan and try to sort things out with her about Saturday.  He is on the phone with her as I compose this post.  Hopefully, they can resolve things together,because I am tired of the drama from both of them!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Can You Spot People?

Barry is still watching the Patriots, so I am continuing to ponder.

I have an interesting question. I am very active in a number of organizations that provide social services (which is one of the reasons why I have to be careful about how much I reveal about myself).  I have been very aware of a member of a committee which I chair in one of these organizations.  I have noticed that when she comes to meetings, she is dressed in black business suits, which seems a bit out of context in today's northern New England culture, even for work. A week ago her husband joined her at a social function.  I had never met him before.  He seemed a bit 'mousey'.  I suspect you know where I am going with this.  Since I wanted to welcome him, I engaged him in conversation.  He volunteered that he provides his wife with 'breakfast in bed'.  He later made a comment about her being "high maintenance".  I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I suspect that he was a very submissive husband.

I am beginning to wonder if we can begin to recognize individuals who share our type of relationships?

Has anyone else had this type of experience?


A Birthday Spanking Gone Wrong

We arrived home a little after 1 PM today, much earlier than I expected.  Barry is watching the Patriots game. and I have decided to use this time to share the results of last night, which turned out to be a much more intense evening than I had planned.  I'm still trying to digest what happened and trying to figure out how to proceed forward as a family.

I suspect that I should first provide a little more background, and then try to go forward from there.

After our little family secret was revealed to Barry's sister Joan, one of the first thoughts that entered my head was several conversations that Barry and I had when I first learned of his fascination with being spanked.  When we were reviewing his extensive photo collections, I gained huge insights into his various fantasies.  One of his favorites was being spanked by two women and/or being embarrassed by being spanked in front of another woman.  At that time, I never dreamed that we would ever consider experiencing that type of situation.  However, Barry's sister's knowledge of his being spanked and the fact that she spanks her life partner changed all of that.  It brought some interesting ideas to my mind.

During one of our early phone conversations, I gathered the courage to share Barry's fantasies in this area with her and some of my ideas.  We quickly settled on the idea of meeting at their parents' former home this weekend to work on cleaning it out and to celebrate Barry's birthday (which was Saturday).  This would provide an ideal setting to implement our plan, which would include Joan and I jointly administering a birthday spanking/paddling to Barry over his panties in front of Joan's partner, Carol.  We made our arrangements and Barry never suspected that this weekend would be other than  a time to work together on the house and celebrate his birthday.

We all arrived at the house early Saturday morning and worked until about 5 PM going through the family possessions, figuring out what to do with them as the parents enter this new phase of their life.  We had previously agreed that we would all go out to dinner to celebrate Barry's birthday and that we could come back to the house to enjoy a birthday cake baked by Joan.  As we showered and got ready to go to dinner, I released Barry from his device, as a bit of a birthday present to him.  Of course, he seemed quite pleased.  But, I then told him that in return, I wanted him to 'dress up' for me, which meant wearing a new pair of white sheer panties, along with a garter belt and stockings.  He quickly agreed, which told me that he didn't suspect anything.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we found ourselves seated at a rectangular table, two on each side.  I ended up sitting next to Barry, which gave me the opportunity let my hand wander under the table and tease him a bit.  His reaction was priceless, and I'm sure that Joan (and maybe Carol) were somewhat aware of what I was doing.  There were several smiles from Joan that I wasn't sure how to interpret.

We had a delightful dinner and progressed back to the house to share Joan's cake and presents to Barry.  According to our plan, Joan and I each delivered the same gift, a "Spanking Buddy" (see previous post).  However, mine was opened second and included a note to Barry that he would receive a very special birthday spanking from Joan and me, using the two "Spanking Buddies" in front of Carol.

After the cake was cut and enjoyed, Joan carried two dining room chairs into the living room and then invited the rest of us to join her.  As I look back on it, this should have been a clue that Joan planned to hijack my plans for the evening, since we had not talked about doing this.  When we walked in the living room, Joan directed me to the chair I should sit in and she directed Carol to sit on the sofa.    The chairs were very close together facing each other and each containing a Spanking Buddy.  As Joan joined me,she alternated her legs with mine, which provided a very broad lap over which Barry would lie.  Carol seated herself on the sofa, which provided her a direct view of Barry's face after he would be over our laps.  Joan then ordered Barry to come to her left side and to lower his trousers.  At that point, a look came over his face that told me he suddenly remembered that he was wearing a garter belt and stockings.  I had planned that, but I didn't plan for the drama that Joan was providing.

As Barry lowered his trousers, it was quite clear to all of us that he was erect, which Joan quickly pointed out to all of us.  She then pulled him over our laps and told him that he was in for a very special birthday spanking.    She completely took charge at this point and informed him that she and I would each deliver s spank with the Spanking Buddies, and that the two of them would count as one.  She also directed Carol to count after each of the two spanks were delivered.  Joan and I had previously planned that we would each mirror each others spanks in location and intensity.  However, I had planned to take the lead.  Joan didn't allow me that opportunity.  She quickly delivered a firm spank to the cheek closest to her and I mirrored it.  Carol then counted "one".  Joan continued, moving up and down his bottom.  The spanks were all firm, but not as hard as I had planned for Barry.  I now suspect that this was done purposely by Joan.

When we reached Barry's magic number, Barry quickly stood up and started to turn away.  Joan quickly stopped him.  She said something like "Whoa, I'm not done yet.  I think you've been enjoying this too much".  She pulled him back to face me and Carol.  It was apparent that he was fully erect, which Joan quickly pointed out. She then told him to that she planned to give him her own birthday spanking, since she always wanted to pay him back for the aggravation he gave her as the "little brother".  She pulled him back over our laps and proceeded to spank him with an intensity and speed that was amazing.  I was taken completely by surprise and am very sorry to say that I didn't stop it.  However, in my defense, I confess that I was feeling like Joan was providing a very realistic version of Barry's ideal fantasy

When she stopped and told Barry to get up, she pointed out to all of us that his erection was completely gone.  Barry was humiliated, and quickly disappeared to the bedroom and I quickly followed.  This was clearly not what I wanted for the evening.  We had a long discussion about what happened and what it was like growing up with her.

This morning was very tense.  We had a quick breakfast together.  Barry and Joan were each very quiet.  Carol and I tried to make conversation.  Joan seemed to try to apologize, blaming her intensity on too much wine during dinner.  Barry couldn't quite deal with it all.  I suspect that Carol and I were each realizing that a lot of emotion had been released between an older sister and younger brother last night, but couldn't fully understand or deal with it.

I suspect that Joan and I need to have a very long conversation before the two siblings can get together again.

Families are challenging.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two New Toys Arrived

Since learning that Barry's sister and I have a good deal in common with respect to handling our partners, we have had several lengthy telephone conversations that included discussions of a wide variety of topics.  During our first conversation she recommended two new toys that I immediately ordered and they arrived today.  Barry doesn't know that I ordered them, so they will be a complete surprise to him.  I hope to put the first one to use on Saturday night.  Joan, Carol, Barry and I will be spending Saturday night in the family home, which we are now working to clean out and get ready to sell.  Saturday is also Barry's birthday, so Joan and I are planning a special surprise celebration for the birthday boy :-).

The first toy is a leather "Spanking Buddy" from Cane-iac.  Joan loves it and, after feeling it today, I am sure that I will as well.  I'm not sure that Barry will be as thrilled with it :-).  We both love hand spanking, but a little experimentation with it today revealed that it packs a very good impact and Joan raves about how much it saves her hand!  I can't wait to see his reaction to it, especially with what I have planned for Saturday night (more about that later).

Joan's second recommendation came after she learned that Barry and I have experimented with a strap-on.  She immediately told me that I must get a "Real-doe" dildo with a vibrator built in.  I had looked into the "Feel-doe" models before I bought a strap-on.  However, it seemed like it would be very hard and unrealistic.    Joan found the same thing about that original model, but she loves the realistic feel of the "Real-doe" and especially loves the sensations it provides to its wearer.  Since my current strap-on was purchased to be about the same size as Barry's penis, this is going to be a huge change for him.  I can't wait to try it out Sunday night after we return home.  I want to make this a very special occasion for both of us, so a little belated birthday gift seems to be appropriate.

In case you're wondering, Barry will not see this blog entry before this weekend.  He only reads my blog when we can do it together, in order for us to be able to discuss what he sees that I have written.  For obvious reasons, we won't find time to read it before this weekend :-).