Saturday, November 6, 2010


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Last evening was shaving time in our household for Barry's genitals and bottom.  I love to keep him as smooth as possible, so it normally means a weekly shaving, which I perform.  We have a large walkin shower in our master bathroom that has a  built-in seat and a shower nozzle on a hose.  I sit on the stool and use shaving gel and Barry's safety razor on him.  The hardest area to see and shave is, of course, his sack.  However, it is always a fun evening that culminates with the application of after shave lotion to create some sting, followed by a good, hard, but playful spanking.

Lately, I've been wondering about the possibility of using some sort of electric razor or groomer on Barry.  I would be less messy, which would allow us to do it in the bedroom.  I also thought the vibrations from an electric unit might make it a bit more arrousing for Barry (although, he is always hard when I'm shaving him.

Does anyone have any experience or recommendations about using something electric for this purpose.  I basically shave Barry from his waist to mid-thighs.



wdspoone said...

Hi Ms Susan - As a "shaven" man, I have had a little experience with other forms of shaving apparatus and it can be a tricky area. Electric trimmers for instance can catch the skin, pinching and cutting it which as you can imagine is a situation you would doth like to avoid and electric foil shavers can also rip at the hairs which would make for a very uncomfortable experience for poor also can leave a rough surface in it's wake which is kind of counter productive to the cause. The best way I have found is a very careful use of the electric trimmers if the hair has grown beyond whisker length followed by a traditional wet shave with razor and gel. The sensation of the shaving gel, which has a slowly building warming effect as the shave progresses tends to excite me as well and it is always much easier if I don't have to do the task myself. As far as shaving in the bedroom goes, we have used a shower curtain on the bed with a large bowl of warm water for rinsing but other than that I am not aware of an easier way?

Anonymous said...

I shave aj and have tried an electric razor. It was bloody and left a stubble and had to be redone within a couple of days. I have also used Nair. Outside of the stench and the dryness it does a good job in some very hard to reach areas: between the nether cheeks. You might try baby oil then shaving gel as I have found this gives a much closer shave. Then the spanking and send Barry to the corner. Afterward I use rubbing alcohol which gives one of the greatest dances aj performs. His boy toys jiggle like no tomorrow and his butt bounces like 2 big half round basket balls. Love your blog.

hanks Sara said...

I merely send hank to the salon to be waxed. Sends him back humiliated and smooth... alwys lovely !

Ron said...


This is one I can't comment on as have not gone there at all.

But hot story!


Susan said...

Thank you everyone for the feedback and suggestions. It is clear that the idea of using an electric razor was not a good one. Looks like I will continue in the shower with gel and safety razor. Barry seems to enjoy it that way and I find ways to make it fun. The handheld shower head can be an interesting toy, especially if the water is just a tad bit on the warm side :-).


Anonymous said...

After shave lotion on Barry's sack! Wow, that must sting some! I have also read somewhere that a paddle or hairbrush applied to a freshly shaved bottom hurts more. Can't tell from own experience though, shaving is not on my wife's list.


Anonymous said...

Susan, following your blog entry I am now shaved, my wife used an electric hair cutter to remove the long hair but resorted to razor and foam for the close shave. She loves the feel of my shaved parts and it has certainly brought about some changes to our activities, she has become more dominant as a result. We think the razor and foam is the best option for the close shave. Love your blog, an inspiration to my wife and I. p.s. she also used your post shaving spanking position, ouch and very embarrassing, it gave her so much access, blush.

Rachel said...

Hi Susan:
Rachel shaves me using baby oil first then shaving soap with a safety razor. She first does my front and then my nether cheeks as my body is hairy and when she really wants to imbareass me in between them. If i have given her a hard time during the week she will then spank me and put me in the corner. A spanking with anything on wet skin hurts doubly that of dry skin and when air dried the area feels irritated. After she comes over and rubs me with alcohol which stings like i sat on a mat of tacks. She has a great laugh as i jump around in pain for a few minutes.
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Anonymous said...

What I have found works great in my marriage is that I want Rick to be shaved but I won't shave down there. To me, this "role reversal" concept ads so much to his humilation. I have hair down there and he doesn't. It always makes me giggle!

Anonymous said...

Electric shavers that can be used in water work great.