Friday, December 19, 2014

Acquired Tastes: Felatio and Handwork

Barry would probably like me to have called this "Acquired Tastes:  Blow Jobs and Hand Jobs".  However, I must confess that I absolutely hate those two terms.  They sound vulgar and crude to me.  And, they don't begin to convey my feelings when I use my mouth or my hands to provide Barry with pleasure.  Enough said about these two male terms!

My reason for choosing this topic is that this is another area where I have experienced a complete reversal with respect to how I feel about sexual activity. Prior to three years ago, I had used my mouth once on Barry's penis and it was an awful experience.  I also avoided even touching his penis when we made love.  I hated its wet sticky feeling when he oozed fluid while excited.  Needless to say, I also hated (and still don't really enjoy) the mess he makes when he climaxes.

OK, I got those feelings out of the way.  What I really want to share is the transformation I have experienced and how much I enjoy finding ways to please Barry sexually, especially since he has made such an effort to learn to please me.  I now fully enjoy using my mouth (in a limited way) and my hands to tease and excite him.  This change has come about due to a several things, which I will try to explain in this post.

One of the things that helped the most for me to make this transition was our decision for Barry to shave his private area.  With the hair gone, I found Barry's penis and testicles quite interesting.  It made me want to learn more about them.  When I think about it, it probably also had a lot to do with the fact that I couldn't deal with getting all the hair in my mouth if I tried to pleasure him that way.

The second thing that continues to assist me in this area is a woman known as Klixen.  When I first discovered Barry's collection of photos and video links, she was a prominent figure in his section concerning "blowjobs and handjobs" (Barry's name of his folder containing them).  Below are two links than help demonstrate why I consider her a mentor in this area:  -- This video shows how Klixen expertly and lovingly is able to slowly bring her partner to an orgasm.  I was amazed at how calmly and lovingly she achieves her goal and how calm her partner is as he climaxes.  I loved the way she stays focused on him and how peaceful the entire process is.  I've not been able to achieve what she does, but I continue to try to emulate her. -- This video is a compilation from numerous others.  However, I love the way it demonstrates both her oral and hand techniques, as well as her loving focus on her goal.  I confess that I can't deal with semen on my face the way she does.  However, Barry and I have an understanding about that.

Klixen's videos were able to show me that oral and manual stimulation doesn't have to be crude.  They each can be loving acts.

So, I have now been able to incorporate felatio and handwork into my repertoire of activities that please Barry.  I couldn't have imagined being able to do so three years ago.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Preparing for our Christmas Retreat

Barry and I each continue to be very excited about our special Christmas this year.  I've decided to maximize his anticipation as we make our final preparations, since our special time is now only a week away.  Last night during dinner I announced to Barry that he is not to orgasm until our retreat, and that to assure that happens I will lock him in his chastity device.  After some light amorous teasing and cuddling when we got into bed, I did just that.  He will remain in the device until we arrive at the resort, except when I remove it for some light sexual activity (no intercourse or orgasm).  This way he will be fully charged and ready for pleasure when we arrive.

This morning, I decided to increase the anticipation some more for him.  He was planning to go into town this morning to do our grocery shopping.  During breakfast we put together a list for him and I added some things that raised his eyebrows.  These included:

  • 6 Fleet enemas
  • KY Jelly (large tube)
  • Lidocaine cream
  • Condoms (snug fit)
This list definitely piqued his curiosity and raised his excitement level. I'm sure that he suspects that there will be anal activity.  However, he doesn't have any way of knowing whose anus will be involved.  And, I don't plan to tell him.  It could be his, mine, or both.

Now I just need to keep my creative juices flowing and find ways to increase the anticipation each day until next Wednesday.

This is so much fun!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Acquired Tastes: Anal and Doggy Style

Last night Barry and I had a discussion about my blog and the types of things I should post about.  He suggested that I do a series of posts about how things have changed in our sex life since we began this journey.  He also expressed is love and gratitude for how much I have changed and how open I am now to trying new things and finding ways to please him.

I liked his idea, because it makes a lot of sense.  However, I also shared with him that I have some hesitancy to write about these types of details with respect to myself.  It is much easier to write about Barry then to be so open and candid about my thoughts and actions in the bedroom.  However, I've decided to give it a try.  This is my first attempt to share more details about how I've changed in our relationship and sexual activities.

Until Barry and I began our sexual journey several years ago, I was very prudish about sex and not very open to experimentation or anything other than the basic missionary position.  I abhorred the doggy style position primarily because of the name.  It seemed to reduce sex to an animalistic act.  I allowed Barry to try anal with me on one occasion, but also deplored it, so he never pushed it again.

I still can't say that I would put either of those options high on my list of preferences.  However, I now am able to enjoy them enough to not consider them taboo and I am willing to indulge in them to please Barry.  Anal (whether it is Barry penetrating me or me pegging Barry) was the toughest for me to deal with.  However, by following several procedures I have been able to eliminate most of the negativism that kept me from being able to do it.  Following are the procedures we follow:

Prior Preparation:  Before we engage in any anal activity, the receiver always thoroughly cleans their rectal area and lower colon.  We use either a Fleet enema or a large enema bulb that we purchased at our pharmacy.  That reduces most of the mess that can come with anal intercourse and also eliminates the possibility of have stools become impacted from the penetration.

Lubrication:  The receiver is always thoroughly lubricated prior to penetration.  If it is Barry, he takes care of doing that for me.  If it is me on the receiving end, he also gently takes care of it.  We use either KY Jelly for Barry or a desensitizing product such as Anal Eeze for me.  These types of products contain some lidocaine which helps make the penetration more comfortable.

Condoms:  We always use a condom, either on Barry's penis, my strapon, or any anal toys.  This makes clean-up much easier and less messy.  It also helps make sure that there is no cross contamination if we move from anal to vaginal sex.

Partner Awareness:  We are each extremely careful to be fully aware of how the receiving partner is feeling during the penetration.  If there is any pain, we immediately adjust appropriately.

A few years ago, I would have never imagined that I would allow Barry to penetrate me in this way or that I would use a strap-on on him.  It is still not something that I would choose, but it has also become an important part of our lovemaking.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Planning our Christmas Together

Barry and I are both anxiously anticipating our special time together over Christmas this year.  I would like to begin this post by thanking those of you who submitted your wonderful suggestions for my special gifts to each Barry.  I have decided upon some (and ordered them), and am still making some decisions about a few things.  I plan to order everything by tomorrow.  I must confess that I'm having difficulty picking between a few things.  There are so many fun items that I'd like to get for him.

One reader shared with me that when he and his wife go away for a weekend, he composes a story sharing how his imagination thinks the weekend should go.  He suggested that it might work for Barry and me.  I like the idea and have discussed it with Barry.  We are currently discussing whether we should each write such a story, or at least find some way to share our fantasies with each other.

We have made a couple of decisions.  We decided to set a maximum amount that we will each spend for our special gifts to each other.  We have also decided that we will spread out how we open them over the time we are at the resort.  We're currently thinking that some will be opened Christmas eve, some Christmas morning, and the remainder Christmas night.  As we discuss our plans, it has become very clear to me that Barry and I are each focused on finding new and fun ways to please the other and that will be the focus for each of us.  I suspect that our positive experience with Devotional Sex has helped bring each of us to this perspective.

We are each feeling like little kids ... and can't wait for Christmas to come.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Lesson Learned the Hard Way - PLEASE Don't Text and Drive

Yesterday I learned a very hard lesson that I hope none of you have to learn. Please don't text and drive.

I was on our local interstate highway traveling in the middle lane.  I apparently drifted into the right lane.  Before I knew what had happened, my car and another one were careening off the road.  I have no idea what I hit, but my airbags deployed.  The other car also ended up off the road,  I thank God that I and the people in the other car were not injured. The other car contained a mother and her two young daughters.  It was an awful experience.

My car could not be driven since the airbag had deployed.  Fortunately, Barry was reachable by cellphone and he came to the scene and could take be home.  Once he realized I was OK, it was a very quiet ride home.  As we pulled into our garage he finally spoke:  "Were you texting?".  I had to admit that I was.  There was again silence as we walked into the house.  I couldn't take it and finally asked Barry to talk to me.  He was obviously very upset and was having trouble being able to express himself.  He finally managed to say something like "I don't know what to say.  I have asked and asked you not to text while you drive.  I almost feel like turning you over my knee and giving you a spanking that you will remember for the rest of you life. "  For some reason, I responded that maybe he should because I deserved to be punished.

Barry immediately took me by the arm and led me to our bedroom.  He led me to face the mirror on my dresser and told me to stand there and look myself in the eye and to think about what I had done.  He bluntly informed me that I could have killed myself as well as a mother and her two young daughters.  He then left the room.

When he returned he placed a dining room chair at the foot of our bed.  He then took me by the arm and led me to his side as he sat on the chair.  Before I knew it I was lying over his lap and my skirt was pulled up above my waist.  The first spank landed immediately and it was a hard one.  This was going to be very different from the erotic spankings that Barry occasionally gives me.  He proceeded to continuously spank me hard.  I just laid there and absorbed it.  After a while he told me to stand.  When I did so, he lowered my pantyhose and panties to my knees and began to lecture me as he took me back over his lap.  The lecturing continued as the spanking resumed, even harder than before.  Somewhere in the process he switched from using his hand to my wooden hairbrush that I keep on my dresser.  I hadn't even realized that he had picked it up before he took me over his lap.   I finally burst into tears and just sobbed as the spanking continued.  The sobbing was not from the pain (although it hurt like the devil).  It was purely emotional as it sunk into me how close I had come to ruining a number of peoples' lives.  I was like a wet dishrag when he finally stopped and helped me to my feet.  I collapsed and sat on his lap as he hugged and kissed me.

Afterwards we decided to go out to a local cafe for dinner.  Neither one of us had the energy to cook at home.  I sat very gingerly and I am still sore this morning.  When I got ready for bed I inspected my bottom.  It was still quite red, but not bruised.

One thing is certain, I will never text while I'm driving again.  The potential consequences are just too great.  I am thankful that yesterday's situation did not result in a disaster.  I'm not sure how I feel about the spanking I received.  Barry spanked in a loving and caring way, but it was definitely a discipline spanking.  I know I deserved it, and in some ways I'm glad that Barry gave it to me.  However, I guess I'm just not sure how I feel about him spanking me like that even though I realize that I gave my consent.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

More Thoughts on Devotional Sex

In a comment to Barry's recent post about Devotional Sex, Dave said "I don't understand why both your needs can't be met, why is it that she says its time to stop? Seems selfish to me, like she's trying to get revenge for when her needs weren't met....".  I was initially a little offended by Dave's implication that I am trying to gain revenge with Barry for when my needs weren't met.  As I've had time to think about the comment more, I realize that perhaps I haven't adequately explained how and why DS works for Barry and me.

With DS, Barry and I each now approach sex from a perspective of desiring to please our partner.  I actually now do many things for Barry's pleasure that I couldn't imagine doing two or three years ago.   Barry also provides pleasure to me in many new ways from several years ago.  However, Barry and I have also come to understand that pleasure doesn't always have to include an orgasm.  I don't experience one every time we make love, but that doesn't mean I haven't been pleasured and feel wonderful.  Barry feels the same way.  There are times when cuddling is all I want.  There are also times when Barry finds it very pleasurable to be teased and denied.  Barry and I have also found that his not always achieving an orgasm keeps him more aroused and attentive.  We each like that.  Several male readers also commented about their experience with respect to that outcome of DS.

I also realize that DS is not for everyone.  Our version of it works very nicely for Barry and me, which is the important thing to us.  I hope our sharing helps others find whatever way works best for them in their sexual relationship, whether or not it involves DS.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Different Christmas and a Request of my Readers

For the first time since we were married, Barry and I will be alone this Christmas.  When we first realized this would be the case, I was extremely disappointed and worried about what we would do.  Well, about a week ago Barry surprised me.  He told me that he had made reservations for a suite at a luxury resort hotel that I have been eyeing for several years.  He made reservations for Christmas eve and Christmas night, so we will have two nights and one full day at this special place.  He also suggested that we do something different with respect to gifts for each other this year.  He proposed that we offer gifts to each other of items that would provide sexual pleasure, e.g. sex toys!  At first I hesitated, but I quickly realized that it was a wonderful idea.  We would be alone in a special place and would have time and privacy to enjoy each other and our gifts.  So ... that is what we are going to do.

All of this leads me to my reason for sharing this with my readers.  I would like your suggestions for gifts I should consider for Barry.  To keep things a surprise, please don't make suggestions in comments to this post.  Instead, email them to me at

I promise to share with you what we each give each other, and provide an appropriate summary of our Christmas get away.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

BARRY'S TURN: Views on Devotional Sex

It has taken me a while, but I'm now ready to weigh in with my perspective about Devotional Sex.  Susan has been asking me to do this for a long time ... to provide the male perspective.  However, it is not easy for me to share these types of thoughts.  But, for what it is worth, here they are ...

I initially found the Devotional Sex website and shared it with Susan.  I thought it was interesting and I was fascinated with the idea of Susan controlling my sexual urges and needs.  Much to my surprise, she expressed interest in the concept, so we began to play with her being in charge.  I have to admit that it is very different than I imagined.  It gave her an opportunity to make sure I knew what she liked and didn't like about our sex life.  It also provided her with the boldness to make sure I knew what she enjoyed; and didn't enjoy.  It became a real learning experience for me.  I quickly learned that I had not come close to meeting her sexual needs because I had been so focused on meeting my own.

So, that is where we started.  I decided to embrace the concept and I worked very hard to understand her needs; and to try to meet them.  That was probably the best decision I have every made.  My sense is that because I worked hard to sexually please her, she has worked equally hard to please me.  The outcome is that we now each are working hard to please each other, instead of just looking to be pleased.

However, let's also think about some of the practical aspects from my perspective.  There are times when Susan leaves me 'high and dry'.  I am completely frustrated.  I am completely horny, and she says "It's time to stop".  That was initially not fun at all!  However, I slowly came to the realization that my needs would eventually be met at a level much higher than I ever imagined during our previous years of marriage.  That has been a true gift to me from my wonderful wife.  And, I have learned to please her, which I know has been something she never dreamed I would be able to do.

So, here we are ... just having retired.  We have the most free time we have ever had.  And, we have learned to please each other.  Life couldn't be better.  Of course, I still get frustrated when Susan say "It's time to stop".  However, I have also learned that by focusing on her, she now also focuses on me.  And when she does, it is wonderful.  

Bottom Line:  Devotional Sex has taught us how to please each other and we both benefit.  I wouldn't change it for the world.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Curiosities of the Male Genitalia

During an early blog posting (quite some time ago), I mentioned that Barry is a "grow"er and not a "show"er.  At the time, I received an email from a follower asking for more information because she didn't understand what I meant.  My response to her included the basic difference between the terms, which I will include below.  For some reason, those terms and that question recently popped into my mind and I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the curious aspects of the male genital organ.  I've recently become a bit intrigued by them, but I don't fully understand them.  So, perhaps some of my readers can shed some light.

Growers vs. Showers
I read these terms some place and realized that Barry is clearly a "grow"er.  His penis is quite small when flacid.  However, it increases significantly in size when he becomes aroused.  Other men apparently are quite large all the time (hence a "show"er).  It seems that when they become aroused, their penis becomes hard but does not increase a lot in size.

I don't understand why there is this difference.  I do know that it used to cause Barry some embarrassment about the size of his penis.  When we were first married, he didn't like me to see him when it was flacid.  Since penis size was never a big deal for me, it didn't bother me at all.  Barry was always able to please me sexually, which is what mattered.

Are my readers aware of this difference?  Do the men fall into one category or the other?  Are there any concerns about size by the "grow"ers?

Testicle Size and Scrotum Characteristics
This is another area that I have notices can vary at different times with respect to Barry.   When he comes out of a hot shower, his testicles seem much larger than normal and hang very low in his scrotum.  At other times, his testicles seem significantly smaller and are higher.  And, still at other times they seem to almost disappear.  Does anyone else notice these differences?

I will always remember the "shrinkage" episode of Seinfeld in which a friend of George's girlfriend walks into the bedroom where he is changing from his swimsuit.  George is very concerned that she saw a very small penis (due to "shrinkage" while swimming) and will tell his girlfriend.  Barry also experiences this.  Sometimes, his penis can be extremely small when flacid.  However, it always grows to his normal size when he is aroused.  

Is shrinkage a concern for my male readers?  How do your partner's feel?

Shooting distance and Volume of Fluid expelled
Does anyone else notice a difference in these two aspects of the male climax?  I have noticed that as Barry gets older, these two characteristics have decreased.  When we were younger, if I gave him a handjob, he would shoot at least six feet and it seemed like he always had a huge volume of seminal fluid.  These days, the distance is a matter of inches and the volume is much less.  I'm assuming this a a factor of age.

Do I dare mention the "unmentionable"?    After Barry's heart attack, ED became very apparent ... and we understand from the cardiology literature that it is quite typical.  His issues have greatly improved, which is not always the case.  I have tried to deal with it by creating different ways to get him excited, and it seems to work.  Do any of my readers have experience in this area?  If so, what have you done.

Needless to say, the male genitalia are a curious thing.  I'm glad that I have come to fully love and enjoy Barry's.


Monday, November 24, 2014

What is Devotional Sex - to Susan and Barry

In a recent comment, "lovetosubmit"asked the following question:

  • I've seen the devotional sex blog a bit. But could you go into a little more detail as to what your take on it is? Is it basically sex is for the wife's pleasure? Is it femdom? Seems like a bit of a mix.
I thought this might be a good topic for this post.

For Barry and me, Devotional Sex has been a new way of looking at sex and making love.  Before I learned of Barry's strong desires to be spanked and his submissive nature, we were stuck in a very old fashioned way of expressing our love for each other in a sexual way.  I felt compelled to allow Barry to have sex with me even if it didn't give me much pleasure.  And, Barry looked at sex with one goal.  He wanted to have an orgasm.  If he provided me with the ability to orgasm, that was a side benefit.   It was awful, especially for me.

Once I learned of what I initially thought were Barry's unusual kinky needs, and realized that I needed to embrace them, a new world opened up to us.  We began to communicate and be honest with each other about how we felt about sex.  When we discovered and talked about "Devotional Sex" it opened more new doors.  We realized that the goal should be to focus on pleasing each other.  To us, that was the "devotional" part.  

My sense is that the Devotional Sex concept of putting the female in charge of sex is a way of overcoming that old-fashioned perspective of sex is primarily for the male.  For Barry, it was a no-brainer because he loves to be submissive.  It was initially difficult for me to make the transition and take charge.  However, I have done so.  I now love being in charge and Barry loves me assuming that role.  I have also come to realize that keeping Barry very horny is a good thing.  We have also each learned that by desiring to please each other we each reap great benefits.

So, to try to find a way to sum things up, Devotional Sex for us is a tool that allowed us to realize the important thing is for us to focus on pleasing each other.  We are continually finding out how best to do that, which I will try to share in this blog.  For us, it is not femdom.  But I also have to admit that I am difinitely dominant, which is what Barry wants.  The reason I say it is not femdom is because I interpret that word to mean a 'bitchy, mean woman'.  That is not me.  But, I have learned to be in charge in a loving and caring way, because that is what Barry needs and wants.

I hope all of this makes sense to those who read it.  This is not an easy subject to explain.  I'll keep trying.


PS ... Thank you  "lovetosubmit" for your question.  I hope I have begun to answer it.

Friday, November 21, 2014

House Rules

During my sabbatical from blogging I received several emails from readers with questions about the rules that I require Barry to follow.  I apologize for not being responsive to those questions during that time and I thought I would try to address them in this post.

Barry and I have each agreed to a number of house rules that we feel make our relationship stronger and more enriching.  These include:
  • Devotional Sex is our primary guide for sex and making love.  Barry will be my Knight and I will be his Princess.
  • Whenever we disagree about something (which is OK), we each must be respectful of each other and their opinion.
  • No whining about anything.
  • Barry must keep his private area and bottom clean shaven at all times.  He is primarily responsible for shaving as needed.  However, I will frequently assist him.  (I love using shaving cream and a razor down there and enjoying the baby smooth results, especially when it comes to spanking a just shaven bottom.)
  • Barry where's women's panties at all times for underwear (given his pantie fetish, he actually enjoys this most of the time).
  • I will allow Barry to shave and groom my pubic hair as long as he leaves a normal looking triangle.
  • Barry is not allowed to masturbate without my specific permission and usually my presence.  This is one of the hardest rules for Barry to follow, so he frequently voluntarily wears a chastity device.  I do not require that, but he finds it helpful in achieving compliance.
  • Barry must limit his internet activity to only websites which I have approved unless I am present with him.  This is another tool to help him achieve compliance with the "no masturbation" rule.
  • In order to facilitate monitoring Barry's internet activity, he is not allowed to delete any browsing history from our computer.  If I find that the history has been altered, it is considered prima facie evidence that he violated the previous rule.
  • Since his serious medical condition occured, I attend all medical appointments with Barry.  I will write more specific information about this rule in a later posting.
  • Since we both retired, we have divided the housekeeping duties.  Barry's responsibilities include:  weekly vacuuming, weekly cleaning of the kitchen, daily breakfast dishes,  daily helping with dinner dishes, daily help with dinner preparations.
  • Violation of any of the rules by Barry is a spankable offense, the time and severity of the spanking to be determined by me.  Barry also agrees to accept a punishment spanking from me at at time for any other behavioral issue for which I feel he deserves to be spanked.
  • Violation of the 2nd and 3rd rules (respect and whining) by me are spankable offenses, the time and severity of the spanking to be determined by Barry (I have not yet violated these rules).
We will continue to fine tune these rules.  Spanking has always proven to be a very effective punishment for Barry, once I committed myself to administering a true punishment spanking when appropriate.  These type of punishment spankings aren't required nearly as often any more.  However, they occasionally become necessary.  Most of the spankings that Barry now receives are of the fun variety, which we each enjoy.

Best wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving and travel safely if you are on the road.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Making Devotional Sex Our Own

During my sabbatical from blogging as we each recovered and learned from our health situations, Barry and I had time to more fully explore Devotional Sex and found that we could make it our own.  I think it was good that I was not blogging, because I spent no time trying to write about it or wondering what others would think about what we were doing.  Instead, Barry and I just talked about what we were doing and how we felt about it.  We learned what was important to each of us and where the boundaries were.  It was wonderful.

The concept of Devotional Sex made a lot of sense to each of us because it led to a lot more sex.  Barry initially had some difficulty adapting to the fact that it meant less penetration and fewer orgasms.  However, he eventually realized that more sex was better, even if it was in different ways.  He has a very strong submissive nature, so the aspect of me controlling when and how we had sex was ok for him.  He also quickly realized that I was working hard to make sure I did things to please him.  That made him want to focus on ways to please me.  We could then just build from there.  I must admit that I had to learn to become comfortable with playing a more dominant role in controlling everything, but as I gained comfort, I found that I loved that role.

I think it also helped that we had moved from a very small New England community where we each had very public occupations and were constantly aware of what anyone learned about us.  We lived in a fishbowl and it was scary at times.  Since moving to a much larger urban area in the midwest and have also retired, we can now be much more anonymous.  It is now more comfortable and safe to do what feels right for us and not have to worry about what others might find out about us.

We have now developed a system of Devotional Sex that works very well for us.  It is not the pure form of DS that is shared in the website.  However, it is what works for us.  We utilize a bit more FLR than what DS would admit must occur.  Barry is probably also more submissive than what is portrayed.  And, we incorporate more kinky and fun sexual activity.  That is how I keep Barry on edge, frequently aroused, and focused on pleasing me.  And, I have grown to love that kinky edge to things.  Again, getting away from our fish bowl jobs and living situation in New England has freed me to be myself.

The best thing about Devotional Sex is that it allows us to be much more open and willing to focus on pleasing each other.  We are no longer looking for only our own pleasure.  Instead, we realize that by each trying to please each other, we will each be rewarded and pleased ... which makes us want sex much more frequently and it is more intense.

I apologize if I have rambled too much in this post.  It is hard to explain what we do and why we do it.  Hopefully as Barry and I try to share more specifics of what we do, things we become more clear.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Where Have You Been Susan?

Whenever I reconnect with a life-long friend after a lengthy absence, she always greets me with "Where have you been Susan?".   And her question always carries a tone that is implicitly also asking me to provide an accounting of my life during the absence.  That is not always an easy thing to do.  However, since I've made the decision to return to blogging, I realize that perhaps my initial posts should at least attempt to address that question.

I also feel a need to apologize to my readers (if there are any of you left) for disappearing for so long without any explanation.  I did not intend for that to happen.  However, shortly after my last post, Barry developed a major health situation which was scary and life threatening.  He is fine now, but it was scary for a while.  Within three months of his situation, I also developed a major health issue.  I, too, am also fine now.  However, those two incidents were life changing for both of us.  It brought our mortality to the forefront and caused each of us to re-evaluate how we look at life and what is important to us.  We both realized how important life is to each of us; and how important we are to each other.  We have made a number of decisions to allow us to attempt to not only live longer, but to enjoy life and each other to its fullest.

One of the first decisions we made was for each of us to fully retire (at an earlier age than we ever anticipated).  We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have that as an option.  We also made the decision to make every possible effort to fully enjoy each other and the life we have together.

One of the first changes we made was to more fully embrace the basic concepts of "Devotional Sex" (See  We had experimented with some of its concepts before.  However, we had not fully embraced it.  While we have made some modifications to what the author of the above website specifies, we love the basic concept and it has brought our sexual intimacy to a new level.

Another decision I recently made was to return to blogging to share our ongoing experiences and journey.  I have come to the conclusion that it is important for me to do that.  Barry has also indicated that he will attempt to share more openly with his own posts, so it will become a joint effort by the two of us.  Our sexual journey has been an interesting one and life's recent events made us realize how lucky we are to be on that journey.

My/our first few blog entries will attempt to explain some of our activities and feelings regarding devotional sex.  We'll then see where the blog leads us as we move forward.

Its good to be back.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting My Attention

During my last post I alluded to Barry reverting to some previously dealt with unacceptable behavior in order to get my attention.  This behavior occurred last Friday night when we went out to dinner at a restaurant we hadn't tried since we moved to the mid-West.  Early in our spanking journey Barry had the habit of overtly staring at the breasts or (especially) bottoms of attractive waitresses.  A few very severe spankings seemed to correct his desire to do this.  Also, since we began practicing Devotional Sex, my sexual teasing of him before we go out and usually not wearing panties on these occasions kept his attention focused on me.

Consequently, since he was quite horny for me when we left for dinner that night, I was very surprised to see his focus of attention be directed so intensely on the bottom of the hostess in the restaurant.  When we were seated, he took the seat with the best view of the restaurant (he normally offers it to me).  He then proceeded to ogle the young woman every time she walked through the restaurant to seat parties.

I light heartedly reminded him with an expression I had previously used .... "If your eyes stray, your bottom will pay".  That didn't seem to phase him.  So, on the way out of the restaurant, as we walked by the hostess station, I commented to Barry in a voice loud enough for her to hear "Since you couldn't keep your eyes off the hostess' bottom tonight, when we get home your's is going to be spanked so hard that you won't enjoy sitting down tomorrow.

During the drive home we had a lengthy discussion about Barry's behavior and how surprised I was by it.  I slowly learned from him that he was just trying to get my attention and give me a reason to give him a good spanking.  He expressed his periodic need for a good sound spanking, but did admit that he preferred it not to be as hard as some of the worst ones I have previously given him.

Well, when we arrived home, I don't think I failed to disappoint him.  I spanked him not for staring at the hostess' bottom, but for not openly sharing his sexual needs with me.  The end result was a very red and sore bottom.  However, since it was administered relatively slowly, it did not result in tears or significant bruising.  And, afterwards, our devotional time was intense and resulted in Barry being allowed to climax.

In the future, I hope that neither one of us as to resort to such extreme measures to get the other's attention about our sexual needs.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Allowing our Relationship Grow

It has been almost a month since I last posted, which has been intentional on my part.  After my last post I came to the realization that I was spending too much time thinking about and trying to move our relationship closer to a pure Devotional Sex lifestyle.  All of a sudden it dawned on me that it would be more beneficial to just allow our relationship to grow in whatever way made the most sense to both Barry and me.  It is not that DS wasn't working.  It was.  However, other aspects of our relationship (spanking, Barry's submissive needs, and exploring mutually agreed upon kink) also are a big part of who we have become as a couple.  I found myself trying to minimize the latter in pursuit of DS.  It all came together when Barry started reverting to some previously corrected bad behavior (overtly ogling other women in my presence).  When I realized that he was doing it solely to get me to spank him because he needs that in our relationship I woke up.

So, I decided to back off being so analytical and posting so much .... and just let our relationship take a natural course for a few weeks.  That has proven to be a good decision because it has allowed me to be more in tune with Barry's wishes and needs, as well as more effective in sharing mine with him.

After almost a month, I am finding us moving into a blended concept of DS with our other needs and desires.  I guess if you label a full fledged female dominant relationship as Fm (capital F to represent the fully dominant woman and lower case m to indicate the fully submissive male), and you label a DS relationship as fm (italicized f for the Princess who is special, but not dominant and lower case m for the equal, but devoted male), then I would label our relationship as fm (bold and italicized f for the special but somewhat dominant female and lower case m for the submissive male).  That is where Barry and I seem to be at this time.  We practice many aspects of Devotional Sex.  However, I also recognize and fulfill Barry's submissive nature by being appropriately dominant and/or controlling.  And, we each recognize our desires to explore and enjoy kinky activities that are mutually agreeable.

So, I anticipate that we will continue move forward in that regard.  I also plan to stop analyzing everything we do and to stop trying to label our relationship.  It is more important for us to just find what mutually works for each of us.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Changes in the Bedroom

In a comment he posted to my last post Michael from Devotional Sex asked:  What I would be interested to find out more about, if Susan is willing to share, is how Devotional Sex has changed the activities and feel of what happens when you are together. What new things are starting to become your new normal? etc

I think the biggest change in our bedroom is the fact that sexual activities are now about both of us and not just Barry.  Prior to our discovering the Devotional Sex concept, he was more dominant with respect to how we approached sex than I was.  It was almost always intercourse and he always experienced an orgasm, while I seldom did.  Now that I set the activity, tempo, and end result, our activities are much more varied and definitely more satisfying to me.  It has taken Barry some time to adapt, but I feel like he is now also enjoying it even when he doesn't have an orgasm.  Since Barry has quite a submissive side to his personality, he actually likes me being more in control.  Interestingly, we have added a greater variety of kink to our activities than we enjoyed before.  Previously, Barry directed the type of kink we tried.  Now, I play a role in it as well.  During the past two years I have discovered that I enjoy some aspects of kinky activity as much or more than Barry.

I continue to realize that we are not really experiencing the full DS concept.  However, I feel like we are taking the best of all worlds.  Given Barry's submissiveness, being my Knight and serving his Princess is a natural fit for him.  He now takes great pride AND pleasure in making sure I am sexually satisfied.  I also take pride and pleasure in being able to mix things up with him and have us each perform in a way that is very comfortable and satisfying to me.

With respect to the kink aspects of our play, I have come to heavily utilize the "Suggest" and "Choose" commands.  "Suggest" allows Barry to have some input, but not control; and it allows me to learn what really excites him.  That way, if I choose to do so, I can provide him with very meaningful pleasure.  "Choose" also allows me to create some excitement when I wish to do so.  For example, I know that there are a couple of things that Barry 'loves to hate':  i.e. post orgasm stimulation and consuming his own cum.  The thoughts of each arouse him.  However, once he has climaxed he hates them both.  So, if Barry suggests something that I know he loves, such as a receiving oral sex or taking me doggy style, I might then tell him that I agree to do it, but that he must choose between the post orgasm stimulation or cum consumption when we finish; or he can choose for us to not do what he suggested.

Another change is the role that spanking plays in our life.  It was originally primarily used as punishment for Barry, especially with respect to masturbation and disrespecting me.  At Michael's suggestion, I have used rewards as an effective way to deal with the masturbation addiction; and the disrespectful behavior has all but disappeared as Barry has assumed the role of my Knight.  Now, spanking is used as an erotic tool.  We spank each other in a way that keeps us aroused and stimulated and we each really enjoy being on the receiving or giving end.  Only occasionally has spanking been used as discipline in the past two months.  Since it was such an integral part of our sexual journey for the past two years I will attempt to share more about spanking in a separate post.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mixing Chastity Control and Devotional Sex

It's been an interesting two weeks since I last posted and a lot has happened with respect to how Barry and I work together with respect to Devotional Sex (DS). It is a concept that we each embrace and find to be helpful in our relationship.

My main efforts during the first of the past two weeks were to continue trying to find a way to remove the need for Barry to wear his chastity device.  I had already implemented the first step, which was to not have Barry wear his device when we were together and that worked well.  The next step was for Barry to gain confidence and to me gain trust in his not needing the device when he went to work or when I was not around at home. I approached that challenge using suggestions from Michael at I provided lots of incentive to Barry to be able to want to give up the device in order to continue enjoying things he loves.

We were making progress and Barry went to work several days without his device.  I was also absent while Barry was home alone a week ago without his device.  That was not a good experience for him.  He couldn't deal with it.  He even called my on my cell phone at one point while he was masturbating.

When I arrived home, we had a long conversation.  What really hit home to me was when he asked me "Why do you feel I shouldn't have my device to help me?"  That made me realize that I was trying to achieve what I think of  as "pure" DS ... which means no chastity device.  It hit home even more when Barry told me that he likes to wear his device.  He explained that, to him, it is a symbol of his devotion to me.  It is a 'mark' that he wears to remind him of his devotion to me ... and it helps him maintain that devotion.  He also admitted that he needs the device to maintain that devotion, especially when he is 'home alone'.

So, what we came up with is a very modified version of DS and how we treat the use of the chastity device.  The use of the chastity device is Barry's responsibility.  I don't keep the key.  He does.  He puts the device on when he feels he needs it or wants it.  If he does so when he goes to work, he leaves the key on his dresser.  However, at my request, when he wears the device while at home when I am away, he leaves the key in my lingerie drawer.  That way, if he considers removing it, he has to think of me even more as he retrieves the key.  He really liked that idea.

At this point it seems to be working.

We continue to grow together, as we listen to each other.  Since we are not 'spring chickens', this seems very important to me.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Update on Chastity Device and Devotional Sex

This has been a good week and I feel like Barry and I are making progress.  When I implemented the reduced use of the chastity device Barry seemed relieved that he didn't have to wear it 24/7.  However, he also acknowledged to me that he didn't trust himself to behave without it when I am not around.  He validated my concern that, due to him having a private office at work, it would be too easy for him to spend time on the internet.

We quickly settled into a routine.  As soon as Barry finished his morning shower, he was locked up to go to work.  However, when he arrived home, I was waiting for him dressed in a sensual way and removed it immediately after he entered the house.  That was always followed by a brief Pleasure Kiss.  I also made sure I purposely aroused him several times during the evening and that we had a period of time together at the end of the evening, even if it was only for cuddling.  After reading Michael's comment to my last post concerning, I also began providing Barry with a brief taste of oral sex as I locked him up in the morning and assured him that there would be more to come when he arrived home.

I also used the "Suggest" command several times this week.  I did not always grant his suggestions, but I am very aware of what his favorite activities at this time are, so I can use them as rewards in the manner Michael suggested.  I did grant one of his suggestions last evening, which was one that surprised me.  Barry wanted to receive what we call a "Good Boy Spanking".  It is one that is administered in a loving, caring way and is significant enough to leave him with a nicely sore bottom.  However, it is one which is not so severe as to cause him to lose his erection.  Hence, he stays aroused during it.  The arousal is assisted by interludes of my fondling his scrotum and teasing his bud during the course of the spanking.  Since he has not been spanked for discipline very frequently, Barry was missing time over my lap and feeling a warm bottom.  It appears that this will be a way to give Barry his "spanking fix" without it involving punishment (accept when his behavior in other areas warrants it).

This felt like a good week and that we made progress.  However, I am not ready to send Barry to work (or anywhere without me) without his device yet.  I think he and I will both know when that is appropriate.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rethinking How to Use the Chastity Device

During our recent hiatus of being able to live together (when I had moved to care for a parent and Barry was alone), Barry reverted to his addiction to internet porn and masturbation.  My immediate reaction was to lock him up in his chastity device.  It was/is a very effective to stop the immediate problem.  However, as I have learned more about Devotional Sex, it feels like a better long term solution:  to cause Barry to desire sex/love with me (as opposed to the computer and his hand).  Since I have begun incorporating Devotional Sex in our life, I have seen changes in Barry.

So, yesterday, after reading comments on my blog and on the forum, I made a decision.  After we had cleaned up from dinner Barry and I sat down to talk in our family room.  I then told him to "Reveal", which meant he should remove all of his clothing.  That was very unusual for me to do when we were not in the bedroom.  He retired to the bedroom and returned without clothing.  I could tell that he was perplexed.

I then displayed the key to his chastity cage and told him that I planned to remove it, under the following conditions:

  • He would be out of chastity whenever we are physically together
  • He would still wear it when he went to work or any other time when I couldn't be with him
  • I explained to him that I still didn't trust him when we weren't together, but that I wanted him to experience an erection whenever I aroused him when we are together, I will frequently try to make that happen
The bottom line is that I want Barry to get aroused whenever I am with him.  I have come to realize that the chastity device prevents that.  So, it will be removed when I can trust him.  However, since I still don't trust him, it will be there when I'm not present.

This seems like a first step in moving towards more of a Devotional Sex environment.

Since my goal is to make him want to make love to me and not his computer/hand, I am already beginning of more ways to make him think of me whenever I can.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Few Thoughts About Devotional Sex

Just a few thoughts about Devotional Sex and why I think it is so beneficial...

I really like the way it causes the male to focus on pleasing his partner in a very mindful way.  It creates an atmosphere where he gets pleasure from pleasing her.  In addition, by allowing her to determine what happens, e.g. how she wants to be pleasured and how and to what degree she will pleasure the male, it helps the male learn that his orgasm is not the primary focus of intimate time.  It also seems like by not allowing the male to orgasm every time, it will help him understand this more fully and appreciate it even more.

I also love the language used in DS.  In addition to "Knight" and "Princess", Devotional Sex has many terms in its own language which I feel create a romantic atmosphere of  devotional love as opposed to sex.  It takes away much of the sometimes crude or even vulgar language which exists in today's society and also puts the focus more on mindful pleasuring of your partner as the goal, as opposed to achieving an orgasm.

Following are a few examples that DS recommends and that Barry and I are becoming very comfortable with:

Pleasure - my vagina
Desire - Barry's penis
Adore - Barry lies with his head between my legs so that he is looking at my Pleasure from very close.
Pleasure Kiss - oral sex on my Pleasure
Desire Kiss - oral sex on Barry's Desire
Joy - intercourse
Joy Ride - Joy in the Cowgirl position (Barry lying on his back and me sitting on top of him)
Joy Deep - Joy in the Doggy position (me on my hands and knees and Barry penetrating my Pleasure from behind)

DS also has its own language for commands or directions that are used during love making.

Barry and I are continuing to experiment and it seems to be working.  We are spending time on the DS website ( most evenings, and then trying out some of the new things we read about.  He was quite skeptical when we began this new endeavor, but I get a sense that it is feeling better for him as we go along.  I like it very much!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Devotional Sex

Last week was an interesting week in our home.  It began last Sunday with me feeling quite badly about how I had handled the situation with Barry the previous evening.  I knew he deserved to be dealt with, but I was upset with myself for handling the situation out of anger of the moment, as opposed to waiting and handling it in a calm and objective manner.  However, I quickly got over that as I realized that Barry was more upset with himself than he was with me for doing what I did.  It was apparent that he felt very badly and was ready for us to make some changes.

A couple of months ago we began talking about implementing "Devotional Sex" in our lifestyle, but never really got past the talking stage.  I brought it up again this week and we each agreed to try it out.  For those readers not familiar with "Devotional Sex" (DS), there are two websites that serve as excellent resources:

  • - which provides excellent explanations and guidelines
  • - a photo blog, which may appear to be pornographic, but offers excellent examples of the mindset that DS can create between partners.
The basic concepts that we are starting to implement include:
  • I am Barry's Princess and he is my Knight.  As his Princess I solely make the decisions about all aspects of our sexual activities.  I like this concept much better than "I have the Pussy, so I Make the Rules" model, which makes the female sound like a spoiled brat and the male feel like a submissive wimp.  In the Princess/Knight model, the Knight adores and worships the Princess and wants to pleasure her and the Princess views him as her Knight in shining armor.
  • The Knight agrees to obey the wishes and commands of the Princess (as long as they are within his limits - DS is fully consensual).
  • The Princess can command the Knight to pleasure her at any time and he agrees to do so for as long as she desires.
  • The Princess also decides how and when to pleasure her Knight, although she is open to requests or suggestions from him.  She also decides if/when the Knight will be allowed to orgasm.
There are many more aspects to DS, however these are the initial few basics that Barry and I are beginning to explore.

While, my sense is that a true and full DS relationship would not require a chastity device, Barry and I have agreed that he will remain in his device at all times, except when I decide it can be removed (such as for sexual activities, time when we are together and he is under my personal supervision, or a time of special reward to my Knight).

We are obviously just getting started on this new journey, but last week went well.  We talked a good bit last night and we each agreed that it feels right and we plan to continue.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Assessing this Transition Time

It has become clear to me that Barry and I are in a transition time.  We took over a year out from our personal relationship to care for my mother.  I can not begin to express how important it was for me to do that; and how thankful I am for Barry's support.  However, since I am not currently employed, I have had time to reflect upon what we went through and where we are now.

Part of that reflection has made me understand the difficulty we are each having in getting back into the FLR that we had just started to enjoy.  But, we are moving in the right direction.  Sometimes it is difficult for me to be the dominant partner.  However, other times it feels very comfortable.  I had gotten to a very comfortable level before my Mother became so ill.  I am just now getting back to that comfort level and realizing how much Barry needs me to be dominant in our relationship.

It was hard for me to do what I did Saturday night with Barry.  However, it had a very positive impact upon how he treats me.  I will try to share more about that in a later post.  What I need to share at this moment is that I am seeing a huge change in him this week.  It is clear that Saturday made a huge impression on him.  We are moving in the correct direction.

This transition is difficult for each of us.  Barry is giving up control and it seems like that it is beneficial to him.  I'm learning how to be dominant again and am finding that I enjoy it again.  Being dominant is something that is very different that how I ever imagined myself ... so I have had to learn to accept that it is a good thing for Barry and me.

I hope to build on what I learned from this past weekend.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Catching Up on Comments

I am feeling a need to respond to the wonderful, supporting comments that so many of you have offered.  They have been a very special gift to me as I return to blogging.  Thank you!

The most important thing I want to do is share my appreciation to all of the expressions of understanding of what I went through regarding the end of life of my mother.  It was really difficult, and I am really glad that I did what I did.  A friend once told me that she only has one mother.  That struck me, and influenced how I wanted to respond to my mother's end of life needs. So, I need to say "thank you" for all of your expressions of understanding.

As a side note, I also want to respond to a comment that asked a question about whether we had purchased the spanking bench that I talked about.  That was a tough question for me, because I really wanted to purchase it.  In fact, I actually directed Barry to order it.  However, I had serious second thoughts.  I just couldn't deal with it being in our home and having the unknown possibilities of family not understanding it if they discovered it after our demise.

So, even though I originally wanted to purchase it, we did not.  I would still like to do so.  But, I just can't do so at this time.  I am looking for other options to accomplish the same goals <grin>.


Choices and Consequences

Saturday evening turned into a learning experience for Barry.  My plan was provide Barry with a lengthy tease and denial session (which he loves); and to then create a situation in which he would be given two things to choose from.  One choice, the preferred and sensible one, would reward him.  The other choice, a foolish and selfish one, would punish him.  Not surprisingly, Barry made a poor choice.

After dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen together and I suggested that Barry take a shower put on one of his new chemises before joining me in the bedroom.  After joining him for a quick tease in the shower, I proceeded to the bedroom where I put on his favorite lingerie:  black shelf bra with matching lace panties, garter belt, and stockings.  I then turned down the bedspread and laid out some equipment and supplies.  These included four old neckties I use to bind Barry's wrists and ankles to the bed posts, the Hitachi vibrator, Barry's Ride-On penis extension, the Spanking Buddy, my strapon and harness, a roll of one inch wide gauze, a bowl of ice cubes, a wet wash cloth that I had heated up in the microwave, tubes of lubricant, Deep Heat, and lidocaine cream, the new snugger fit condoms, etc.  These were all placed in clear view on my dresser, so Barry could observe the wide collection of toys when he came into the room.

When Barry came into the bedroom and took one look at how I was dressed and the variety of toys on the dresser, he got a big smile on his face.  I smiled back and told him that I had a special evening planned for him.  His eyes were focusing on the ties to bind him to the bed, which didn't surprise me.  I know how much he loves it when I secure him face up and spread-eagled on the bed.  He was already sporting an erection just from looking at me and the toys.  I told him that I hoped he was well-rested and ready for an intense time.

I suggested we start with a playful spanking to get his blood flowing.  After removing his cage, over my lap he went and I used the Spanking Buddy in a firm and playful way to redden his bottom and get him wiggling.  It was then onto the bed where I firmly secured him with the old ties and used the gauze to create a binding around the base of his penis and the top of his scrotum.  I had never done this before, but recently read on a website that binding a male in this way can assure the erection is maintained and can delay the ability to orgasm.  So, I thought I would give it a try.  For the next thirty minutes or so, I used my hands, mouth, and vagina, along with the ice cubes, warm wash cloth, and the Hitachi to tease and torment Barry, repeatedly bringing him to a high state of arousal and then letting him down.  Since he loves to look at my bottom, I made sure that it was frequently inches from his face, where he could see, but not touch.  This is the type of foreplay that Barry loves and it really had him going.  Long before I was ready to stop, he was pleading with me to allow him to orgasm.

He was now ready to have to make a decision.  I explained to him that I really didn't want him to orgasm tonight, but to show some self-control.  To offer some encouragement to do so, I told him that if he waited until the next night, I would repeat the fun we had tonight and then provide him with an orgasm in whatever way he most desired.  I even went so far to state that it could include a visit to my back door, which I know he loves (and I very seldom allow).  As he began to plead for me to allow it tonight, I explained that if he felt he had to have an orgasm tonight, it would have to be solely by masturbating in front of me.  I was disappointed, but not surprised that he chose the second option, claiming that he just couldn't wait.

I told him how disappointed I was with his choice, but I would keep my word and allow him to masturbate after I had a little more fun with his penis.  I then placed a hand towel over his eyes so that he couldn't see what I was doing.  Telling him that since I was sorry this his balls ached so much for an orgasm, I would try to provide him some additional help for that aching.  I then rubbed a little of the Deep Heat onto the surface of his scrotum (which was still bound with the gauze).  It felt cool to him at first and he starting moaning with delight.  However, the moans quickly sounded more distressful as the heat starting to kick in.  I didn't rub much on, but just enough to cause some discomfort that would last for a while after he masturbated.

I then began to rub some lidocaine cream all over the shaft and glans of his penis.  I wasn't sure how much to use, but I wanted to make sure it would have the desired effect of numbing his penis, so I was quite generous.  I explained that I was lubing it up for him.  I then told him I needed to use the bathroom and would be right back.  I took my time and returned in fifteen minutes, since I wanted to provide sufficient time for the lidocaine cream to begin to work.  Upon return, I rubbed on a little more just to be sure and to tease him a bit more.   I then told him I was going to put one of our new condoms on him so that he wouldn't make a mess on our bedding.  The snugger fit style we purchased was significantly slimmer in diameter and provided a very firm fit to his penis.  Removing the towel from his eyes, I asked if he still wanted to masturbate.  The preparation of his penis only served to arouse him more, so I was not surprised when he said yes.  I then shared with him that I would untie his left hand and he must masturbate left handed for me while still being bound to the bed.  He didn't expect that and I could tell that he was not pleased.

However, as soon as I freed his left hand, it was straight to his cock and he started to stroke.  Left-handled was quite awkward for him and it showed.  It was also very amusing to watch the look on his face when he realized that he was not feeling much in his penis.  He began to stroke harder and faster and it quickly became apparent that he was having a hard time reaching an orgasm ... which is exactly what I had hoped would happen.  I wanted there to be a very negative consequence of his choice to masturbate rather than waiting a day for me to make love to him.  I didn't time him, but it must have taken him well over five minutes to achieve an orgasm.  By the time he finally did, he was stroking wildly and was clearly frustrated.  As soon as he started climax, I grabbed his hand and made him stop stimulating.   He immediately protested, but since his other hand was still bound, he couldn't do anything to stop me.  As he lay on the bed, I untied his penis and scrotum and kept him bound to the bed for a few minutes, while I used the wash cloth to clean up his penis a bit before putting his cage back on.  During this process we discussed the consequences he just experienced for exhibiting no self-control and making a very poor decision.  I told him that I hoped he would make a better choice the next time he is unlocked and offered an opportunity for he and I to make love together.

We will continue to grow together,

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Fun Trip to the Mall

This morning was our time to go shopping and purchase new lingerie for Barry.  I had a great time; but Barry, not so much <grin>.  We first visited our local mall which has a JCPenney and a Macy's.  It is nice to be new in a heavily populated area where I don't have to worry about anybody recognizing me.  That allowed me freedom to be daring in public and create more embarrassing situations for Barry.  For some reason, I have come to enjoy doing that.  Consequently, I became very demonstrative as we surveyed the various panty options available.  Although I know Barry's size (he has kept his weight off and can wear the same size I do), I made a point of holding up a couple of different sizes to Barry's cute little bottom to judge how they would fit.  I also openly kept asking him questions about which styles he found more comfortable to wear, based on the last collection we had.  There were enough people in each store on a Saturday to assure that we were observed and overheard.  Besides picking out several different styles and colors at each store, I also found two chemises that he will wear for sleeping.  One even had a matching panty.  In each store, I conveniently handed our selections to Barry as we approached the checkout desk, telling him that I needed to visit the ladies room.  I had done that before and knew how embarrassing that Barry found it.

We had planned to go to Victoria's Secret as well, but I decided to save that outing for another day.  I still want to find a sturdy garter belt for Barry to be able to wear with stockings under his business clothes.  Since we already had two fun store experiences today, I thought it would be fun to save that for later.

On the way hope I told Barry that we also needed to stop at a pharmacy to get some things for a special evening tonight.  He was immediately enthusiastic.  As we entered the store, I shared with him the things I wanted him to purchase:  condoms, personal lubrication, and lidocaine cream.  I knew that he would think the first two items were desired because I would allow him to have access to my back door (that is the only time we use condoms).  We have never purchased lidocaine before, and he didn't ask about it, but I suspect he thought it was to make me more comfortable  Little did he know what I really have planned for tonight.  I again had some fun with him in the store.  When he was picking out the normal brand of condoms we have used in the past, I noticed a brand that offered a  'snugger fit' option.  I couldn't resist telling him that I wanted to purchase that brand, so we wouldn't have our usual problem of the condom slipping off.  There were several people near by and Barry immediately turned beet red.  That gave me the opportunity to open my mouth some more and tell him not to be embarrassed, size doesn't matter.

So, we arrived home and had a late lunch and a quick fashion show.  I then suggested to Barry that he get some rest this afternoon, because I have a special evening planned for him after dinner.  He took my advice and is taking a short nap as I compose this post.

He is in for quite a surprise tonight.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Taking Charge Again

This has been a tough week.  Since setting new ground rules Tuesday night about if and when he will receive sexual pleasure from me, Barry has been very grumpy.  Wednesday night he acted like a spoiled child who didn't get his way.  I tried ignoring him, hoping that his attitude would improve as he got used to being in chastity again.  However, last night was even worse, even though I allowed him to have some time on the computer (with his chastity device in place, of course).  That only made matters worse.  He complained how uncomfortable it was for him to become aroused while wearing the device (Gee, whose fault was it that he was aroused?).  Consequently, I decided it was time to more fully take charge.

Taking him by the ear, I led him into our bedroom and told him that I was fed up with his childish, boorish behavior and that he had earned a punishment spanking.  I directed him to bring me the lexan paddle while I went to his dresser to get his red punishment panties to wear.  Surprisingly, I couldn't find any panties in his underwear drawer.  The only undershorts present were the new briefs he had purchased while I was away taking care of my mother early in the process.  When he returned with the lexan paddle, I asked him about his panties, he again claimed that he didn't find them when he unpacked all of his clothes.  However, later, during his spanking, he admitted that he had thrown them out prior to the move.

After making him strip and put on a pair of panties, I sat on the bench at the foot of our bed and took him over my lap.  I took my own sweet time getting him into position and asking him if he was comfortable.  I told him that I want to make sure he was, because he was going to be there for a long time while we have a serious discussion about his attitude and some new rules.  Using the lexan paddle firmly and methodically, it didn't take long for me to have his undivided attention.  One nice thing about the lexan is that it doesn't take much effort to have an impact.  It does all the work!

By the time we were done, which must have been a half hour later, Barry was begging and pleading for me to stop and promising me anything that he thought would help.  We came to an understanding about who was in charge of his sexual pleasure, the fact that his internet surfing time would not be severely limited to now more than a 1/2 hour at a time and no more than 2 total hours a week, and that he was going to return to wearing panties all of the time.  When I finally let him up, the first thing he had to do was throw out all of his briefs that he had bought while I was away during the past year.

This morning when Barry returned from taking his morning shower, I had laid out a pair of my sexiest panties and a pair of thigh high black stockings for him to wear to work.  I explained that the stockings were going to be an extra reminder to him all day long of who was now in charge in our household.

It was not easy for me to assert my dominance so strongly, but I had finally come to the realization that I needed to do it and assume complete control to help him make the transition more easily.  We'll see if it has a positive impact on his behavior when he returns from work today.  I plan to let him know tomorrow night that we will take a shopping trip on Saturday to replace the panties that he had disposed of.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Understanding Barry's Submissiveness

After last weekend, Barry and I have had several long discussions.  I pushed to have them because Barry doesn't talk much unless I force the issue.  So, I pushed, he talked, I listened, and I shared.  I have also given a lot of thought to what I heard.  It has become clear (again) to me that Barry has a very submissive and kinky nature and craves for me to be dominant in our sexual relationship.  I had learned that before, but lost it during the past year when my focus was on caring for my mother.  It has become even more clear in the past few days.  Since I became dominant with him in the past, he has now been more willing to share his true feelings and needs.  We talked a lot about his sexual interests and what, he feels, are his needs.  I have shared with him that I'm not sure I can be as dominant or as kinky as he would like.  However, I love this man ... and am going to try.  We also talked about some of my needs and desires; and he is willing to try to meet them. Given his desires, if I am dominant, I can assure that he will meet my needs.  I have slowly learned the power that I possess as a female in this relationship.  It is not my nature to use that type of power, but that is clearly what Barry wants me to do.

So, we are continuing to move forward again.  I feel good about it, but also question whether I can ever meet his needs to be dominated.  One thing is very clear to me at the moment, which is that it was a good decision to lock him up in chastity, but a bad decision to tell him that I wanted to meet all of his desires for orgasm.  So, things have changed.  He is locked up, but I will control if, when, and how he experiences an orgasm.  He clearly expressed that he wants and needs me to take that control.  So ... here we go!  From what I have read, it seems like it is beneficial to limit when and how he orgasms.

During the past year when we were separated a lot, he had complete freedom with the internet and he downloaded a lot of photos and videos.  That has now changed!  However, I have also decided that I need to spend some time reviewing what he downloaded and attempt to understand his interests.  I'm not sure where that will lead, but we are where we are.  We begin a another journey together.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

First Spanking in Over a Year

It was hard for me to believe that it had been over a year since I last spanked Barry.  However, it had been until yesterday afernoon.  I hadn't realized it and I didn't plan on spanking him yesterday.  However, he forced my hand ... probably on purpose.  We had been working in the yard earlier in the day doing some heavy duty gardening.  Barry had agreed to move several shrubs for me, so I allowed him to be out of his chastity device.  When he finished the project I still had several things to do outside.  He showed me what he had accomplished and asked if there was anything else I'd like him to do before he took a shower.  I said "no" without giving it a second thought.  That was a mistake, because when I finished up and came into the house I found Larry in his home office at the computer with his dick in his hand.  When I looked at the PC, I realized that he had just started watching a rather lengthy video (thirty some minutes).  I immediately paused it and told him not to move.  I departed to get something to bind his hands behind his back, which I did when I returned.  I then restarted the video and left him to watch it with his hands tied behind the back of the chair while I went and took my shower.

I returned before the video was over and Barry was still watching with a rock hard erection about which he could do nothing.  After the video finished, I decided to give him a bit of relief (a very little bit).  I spent the next 10 minutes or so teasing him with my hands and mouth before finally allowing him to climax.  However, as soon as I knew he was starting to shoot, I stopped the stimulation.  That was part of the video he was watching when I returned from my shower ... so I thought it would be an appropriate way to end.

I then took Barry to our bedroom where I told him he was going to be punished for violating our agreement to not have sexual activity without me being part of it.  I gave him a prolonged hard spanking with our ruler paddle and hairbrush.  It wasn't overly severe, since I could tell that his bottom was tender and I knew how much he hates to be spanked after having a climax.  However, I was deliberate and slow paced as I administered a very sound spanking all over his bottom.  It was very uniformly red all over when I was done and he was begging me to stop.  When I finally finished with a flurry of 20 or so hard swats of the hairbrush at the very base of his bottom, I took him in my arms.  At that time I was surprised to hear him say "Thank you, I've missed that for such a long time".  That is when I realized that it had been over a year since I had last spanked him, and realized that his little session with the computer was probably done on purpose to get me to spank him.

We spent a long time talking last night and this morning.  We're still sorting things out, but talking is good.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reclaiming an Erotic Life

As I mentioned in my last post, the past fifteen months took a significant toll on Barry's and my relationship.  Even when we were together, I was too physically and emotionally exhausted to put any significant effort into our sexual activities.  This was especially hard on Barry, but he was very understanding and patient with me.  For obvious reasons, his chastity device was not kept in use.  To my dismay, it became apparent to me that Barry became addicted once again to pornography on the web and masturbation.  However, I really couldn't object, since I was not providing him with any other alternative; and at least he turned to the computer and his hand instead of a relationship with another woman.

However, we are now moving forward.  Several weeks ago we had a long talk about how to rejuvenate our sex life and have begun taking positive steps.  Barry is back in his device full time.  However, its purpose is not to deprive him of sex, but to make sure his sexual activities always include me.  He is also again completely shaved from his waist to his upper thighs; and, at his request, I am also keeping myself neatly trimmed down below.  I am again becoming comfortable taking a dominant role and we are beginning to explore the concept of 'devotional sex', which allows each of us to focus completely on providing the other with pleasure.  I will try to share more about that later as we move forward.

Thanks to those who have commented and offered kind words of support to my last post.  It is good to be back.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting Our World Back Together

The past fifteen months have been an extreme challenge and caused me to disappear from this blog.  I should have shared why I disappeared at that time, but my physical and emotional energy didn't allow me to do so.  I don't want to go into too many details, but the challenge was finding a way to care for my mother.  We had previously successfully helped Barry's parents move into an assisted living complex; and they are doing well.  However, shortly after their move, my mother's health deteriorated rapidly and there was not an easy solution.  Luckily, I was able to take a leave of absence from my work to go and care for her.  That was the good news.  The bad news was that we had a long road in front of us.  She was going to require long term 24 hour help, which she and our family could not afford.  So, my sister (who lives near her) and I decided that we could find a way to do it.  That decision turned out to be a wonderful gift to all of us, but also a physically and emotionally draining time for my sister and me.

To make a long story short, with Barry's support I ended up traveling halfway across the country to be with my mother.  And, Barry somehow eventually found a way to obtain a new position in that area.  So, last December we moved! (leaving our beloved New England).  What we expected to be a very long haul time-wise became much shorter when my mother suffered a fatal stroke this spring.  It was a blessing to her, but I am still grieving.  I am just now becoming able to begin to return to somewhat normal living.

This entire situation was something I would have never asked for in my life.  However, in the grand scheme of life it has been a wonderful experience.  It was amazing to have to care for my mother in ways that she cared for me as an infant.  However, it also had a huge impact on Barry's and my relationship; but we have survived it and are coming out of it.  For fifteen months, my focus was my mother.  That changed all we had been doing prior to her downfall.  But, we are now getting back to being able to focus on each other ... which is another gift.

I am going to try to get back into blogging, since I think it will be helpful for me.


Monday, April 9, 2012

We're Still Here

I suspect that many of you may have think that Barry and I have disappeared off the face of the earth.  Alas, that is not true.

However, we are again dealing with esculating challenges of aging parents who don't live close to us, but have significant care needs.  We thought we had found a good solution a while ago.  It worked for a while.  However, things have esculated again.  Appropriately, our time and energy is currently going to them.  And it will continue to do so for a while.  These are not easy times for us.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Spanking Bench ????

I'm sure that no one will be surprised that Susan has suggested another posting topic for me. Actually, this one also included some work to be done before I could write it.

She has developed a serious interest in purchasing a spanking bench. I have some serious concerns about this. But, it is also exciting in some ways. The concern of being the one who will be over it is obvious. But, knowing how loving and caring Susan is also presents the possibility of other more pleasurable activities. I then factor in the fact that I am also concerned about having a piece of this type of furniture in our house for someone to discover. Susan is as well, but she seems to be willing to overlook that concern at the moment.

It seems that one of her readers sent her an email recommending a portable spanking bench from BDG Sales. Susan is very interested in it, but has a number of questions. So, she decided that I should call BDG Sales and get answers for her, and then post the information on the blog.

I'm usually pretty comfortable making phone calls. But this was different. Susan's main concern is that my genitals be able to hang down and be exposed when I am on the bench. She wants access to them for teasing and milking. So, I called this this evening and fortunately a man answered. My heart skipped a beat or two when he transferred me. But I was relieved when another man answered. He seemed to understand my situation and answered Susan's questions, as well as a couple that I had. He also shared some additional information that neither of us thought to ask. He also had some suggestions about how to use some features of the bench. I don't know if it is good or bad, but all of his answers were positive with respect to what Susan is looking for. I also suspect that I will be pleased with its capabilities for Susan to use it for pleasurable experiences. However, the alternative possibilities if she decides to punish me are very scary.

I have shared what I learned with Susan, including the fact that he is willing to customize the bench to meet our needs with no or little increase in cost. It was also very apparent to me that he has used the bench from multiple perspectives and loved talking about it. That made the conversation much more comfortable for me.

I'm not sure where Susan and I will go with this right now. I'm not even sure I know where I hope it will go.


PS ... The bench that we are considering is a portable spanking bench from BDG Sales (

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A New Experience Last Night

Being off from work yesterday for a routine medical appointment provided me with an unexpected opportunity to spice things up and create a new opportunity for Barry and me.

First, I need to provide a little background that developed two weekends ago when Barry shared with me that he enjoyed being pegged and when we visited the lingerie/adult store in "the city".  While we were there, I purchased a French maid's dress and a lovely, fun paddle.  What I did not purchase (because I didn't want Barry to know I was doing so) was a beautiful, life-like very large strap-on dildo.  It is quite large compared to the two dildos I have used to penetrate him, but not ridiculous.

Last Monday, I called the store and asked if they would ship it to our home.  The were happy to do so ... and it arrived yesterday.  Perfect timing.  I arrived home from my appointment early afternoon and found it.  I immediately texted Barry with "Get ready for some fun tonight".  I continued to periodically text him during the afternoon with things like "I own your butt", "Better not be late", "You're in for a 'huge' surprise", etc.  I wanted to have him crawling with anticipation by the time he got home :-).  As he was driving home I called him and told him that I needed him to stop at the pharmacy on the way to pick up a couple of things.  I let him ask what I needed before I told him to bring home a package of large size condoms and a large tube of lube.  The slight pause and hitch in his voice as he replied "Yes, dear" was very apparent.  I loved it.

When he arrived home, I greeted him at the door dressed in his favorite outfit for me (white blouse and black skirt).  Under the skirt, I was wearing the dildo in my harness and it was quite apparent.  I loved seeing Barry's smile when he saw the outfit I was wearing, and I couldn't miss the look on his face when he noticed the outline of what was below my skirt. It was priceless.  I suggested that he go take a shower and that I would join him in the bathroom.  When he entered our bedroom, the French maid outfit was laid out on our bed.  When he entered the bathroom, he couldn't miss the enema bag hanging on the clothes hook by the shower and the dressing bench in the middle of the room.

I'd prefer to keep some of the details a bit personal, but let me share that I joined him in the bathroom as he finished his shower.  After we removed his cage, he ended up over the bench to receive a slowly administered enema concurrent with lots of genital teasing and erotic paddling with the leather paddle I had purchased at the store during our visit.  I left him alone to have some privacy to expel the quart of warm water before he joined me in the bedroom, where I had fun dressing him as my maid.

He then served us the dinner that I had prepared and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards, knowing what was in store for him beneath my skirt.  When we retired to the bedroom for his introduction to our new toy, I first took him over my knee for a fun spanking with my Spanking Buddy.  When I did so, I trapped his erection between my thighs so I could make sure I kept him aroused and  also made sure he could feel the presence of the new dildo in his abdomen.  Once his bottom was nicely warmed, I had him kneel in front of me and raise my skirt to get acquainted with "Max", my new friend.  After having him experience its size and texture in his mouth, I had him roll the condom on it (the large size fit quite nicely) and then prepare it with as much lube as he desired.  Once I had him bending over the side of the bed I took my time with him.  It took patience and gentleness to get Max started.  But, once it was about two thirds of the way in, Barry began to moan and move his hips towards me to assist in its penetration.  It was then that I realized what a little slut he is with respect to anal play.  He was loving it!  He continued to rock his hips with me as I continued to peg him.  When I withdrew, I flipped him over on his back to confirm that he had a very stiff erection.  I then finished him off, teasing him about what a slut he was, and left him with a ruined orgasm.

I have to confess that I loved the evening.  Since my focus last week was primarily on making sure that Barry's (and my) sexual needs were met, I decided that I needed to make sure I reasserted control in a loving, caring way.  I'm pretty sure that I succeeded.

This is also really the type of spice that I am hoping to make sure that we each continue to add to our relationship.  I also now realize that I need to take advantage of what a little slut he is for pegging.