Friday, March 27, 2015

Barry's Birthday Role Play Takes Place Today

Barry doesn't know it yet, but in a little over an hour, he is going to get his birthday wish.  His birthday is next week, but this weekend provides a good time for Carol and me to enact his requested role play.  Carol has today and the weekend off from work.  She and I have been planning for almost three weeks now.  I decided to take Barry at his word that he wanted this to be a very realistic role play and not just a little fantasy.  At this point in our journey, I know I can trust his judgement.  I'm still not going to turn this into a major punishment session.  That is not what he requested.  But, he asked for realism, which is what Carol and I have planned.  He will be well spanked, but not to the degree that I consider punishment.  I want him to remain aroused, but still end up with a very sore and red bottom that he will remember for several days.  So, the spankings will not be harsh, but they will be frequent and  prolonged with lots and lots of sting!  I've purchased a couple of new paddles that are known for their sting.

Barry is at Home Depot right now, purchasing supplies for a major project he plans to start tomorrow.  However, when he comes home, he will see Carol's car in the garage in place of mine.  That should make him wonder.  It will eventually all make sense to him.

I drove my car to Carol's home shortly after Barry left for Home Depot and we returned in her car.  That has given us time to discuss our final plans.  Here is a summary of the role play we will enact to implement his request for a "9 to 5" type of scenario in which he is imprisoned and controlled by multiple women from his work.  We ended up deciding to make it a continuation of the "Corporate" Discipline role play we recently enacted.  It provides roles that we are each comfortable with, which we felt would be important.  She and I have had a lot of fun planning this together.  We also think we have come up with a very special birthday present for Barry.  It will be VERY realistic.  It will challenge him in some ways.  But, most importantly, we think he will really enjoy it.  That is our goal.  And, for those of you who keep recommending it, I have loosened up a bit about my control of Carol.  Her actions during the last scenario with Barry helped a lot to give me confidence to relax them.

So ... here is the Scenario:
Barry is a management employee and he has historically used his authority and power to force his female employees to submit to spanking and sex in order to keep their jobs.  I am his current assistant who turned the tables on him when he tried to spank me.  I gained control over him.  Carol is his former assistant who resigned rather than deal with his inappropriate behavior and management technique.  I brought her back into the picture in our last role play to help me deal with Barry's behavior.  I have also met Barry's wife and she knows what is going on.  She keeps him in a chastity device, but has given me an extra key to it.

As this role play begins, it is late Friday afternoon.  Carol and I will confront Barry in his office with our recently learned knowledge that since our last correctional meeting, he has attempted to force a female intern to submit to spanking and sex, which caused her to leave.  I will also share with him that I planted a video camera in his office, so I have videos of what he has done when he is alone there.  Finally, I will share with him that I had the opportunity to view his PC when he left the office unexpectedly one day last week.  What I found was shocking to me.  His collection of spanking and female submission porn was extensive.  I will let him know that I copied his porn files to a flash drive which I am very willing to share with upper management.  (Carol and I also plan to use these files during the role play)

So, when Barry arrives about a half hour from now, he will find Carol and I relaxing over a cup of tea.  I will greet him with "Happy Birthday" and suggest that he retire to the bedroom, put on appropriate office clothing, and go to his home office.  I will explain that it is late Friday afternoon and that Carol and I will join him in his office when we are ready to begin.  I will confirm with him that he wants this to be a realistic role play and not just a little fantasy fun.  The last thing I will share with him is that the scenario we are using is a continuation of our last role play.  That is all Barry will know about what will happen shortly

I think we will all enjoy what transpires, hopefully especially Barry.  I have slowly come to realize and understand how deep a submissive streak he has within him.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Barry's Physical

Barry's annual physical was today.  And, all went well with respect to his health!!  Hooray!

Everything also went well with respect to the men's silk briefs we purchased for him to wear.  They were very "panty-like", but also clearly had a pouch for his manhood, which made him more comfortable.

Our doctor was also clearly wonderful.  She openly expressed how pleased she was that we came together and we talked about how important that was.  I was thrilled when she went through his lab results.  His total cholesterol is 125!  And the ratios are all good.  His diet and medications are working well after his heart attack.  His blood pressure is also very low.

When it came time for Barry to strip down, she very nicely acknowledged the fact that Barry was shaved.  She asked him if there had been any health issue, such as a rash, that caused him to shave.  I was very impressed that Barry had the comfort level to respond "No, I do it because it pleases my wife".  She quickly came back with "That is wonderful".  That exchange made both of us feel very comfortable and allowed me to open up more during the visit.  I was also not surprised by her sensitivity and caring approach, because I have had two previous visits with her.  I thought Barry would like her very much, and that exchange sealed the deal for him.

When she examined his penis and testicles, she asked him if he periodically examines them for abnormalities that could indicate cancer.  He replied that he doesn't and didn't know that he should.  Feeling comfortable, I piped up with "That's interesting, because I have always been advised to do self breast exams.  To my surprise, Barry chimed in with "Yes, and I've been helping her examine them for forty years".  That caused us all to chuckle and for me to say "Perhaps I can now begin to learn how to help Barry examine his testicles".  She agreed and gave us a very nice lesson with respect to how to roll each testicle between our thumb and forefinger, and what to look for.  The good news was also that everything seemed fine.

She then had Barry bend over the exam table so she could examine his prostate.  His PSA test had come back fine, but she took the time to explain the limitations and concerns about that test to both of us.  She was very gentle with Barry and explained to him that he might feel some discomfort.  I was then amazed at how she dove in with her finger.  I couldn't resist asking her if this was another exam that I should consider doing for Barry.  She very nicely explained that it really isn't necessary to do it that often and it takes more judgement than what lay folks normally can provide, but she also very nicely complemented me about wanting to be proactively involved.  She made us all feel comfortable.  She is a gift.

Barry and I had a nice lunch at a local restaurant after the appointment.  It was a nice opportunity for us to discuss his impressions of his new doctor and how things went.  He really liked her and felt very comfortable talking with her, which made me feel really good.  We were also very pleased with his lab results.  I have to confess that it has been difficult for me to live with the unknown after Barry's heart attack.  It is one of those things that you realize can strike at any time.  It is hard.  But, Barry has been wonderful in his rehab efforts and religiously following the advice of his cardiologist.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thank You Everyone

I want to express my sincere appreciation to all of my readers who shared their thoughts and advice with respect to Barry's upcoming physical (which is next week).  When I composed that post, I never dreamed that it would generate such an outpouring of heartfelt comments from your experiences in life.  It made me realize that there is a reason why I blog.  Thank you each and everyone.

I was also struck by the fact that so many of you offered your comments from your own perspective (which is where it has to come from), but also acknowledged in one way or another that Barry and I have to do what makes sense for us.

Although I shared a thank you in the comments of that post, I also wanted to compose this individual posting so that I could help make sure that each of you see it.  I also wanted to share with you Barry's and my decision, since your comments helped reach it.

First, regarding whether I accompany Barry to the doctor.  That wasn't really a big issue.  Barry and I have talked about it a lot in the past, especially during and since each of our major health issues last year.  We each want to be present with the other for all of the positive reasons offered.  The reason I mentioned it was because Barry was grumbling a bit about it at the time.  Looking back on it, I think that grumbling was caused by his concern about wearing panties. It was just another layer he could add to his complaint. When we finally sat down on Sunday night to really talk about both issues, he was very clear that we should both be there.

Wearing panties to his physical was definitely more of a concern to him.  I have come to understand and appreciate that.  Some of your comments raised the issue that if Barry is not comfortable in front of his doctor, he might not share things that are going on.  There is also the issue that this is the first time Barry will be seeing a female doctor, which adds another level.  So, when it came time to talk about this, I had a very different outlook.  I want Barry to get the best medical care he can, so I want him to feel comfortable with his physician.  That means no panties.  This process has also helped me understand that when I made the rule about only wearing panties, Barry and I were in a different place than we are now.  I was still dealing with his masturbation issues and was trying to gain control of some things.  We are well past that now.  The use of panties and Barry's chastity device have become symbols of his devotion (and submission, in some ways).  However, they are not critical in our relationship.  That made it easy for me to understand that I needed to relax the rule.

Barry actually likes wearing panties.  So, when we sat down to talk about what to do, he actually liked my idea of wearing men's silk or satin briefs that look and feel much like panties, but are a bit more "manly".  He would feel very comfortable wearing them, because they are designed for men, but also offer some of the things he likes about panties.

So, in the end, our decision was easy.

Thank you all, once again.  You are wonderful.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Annual Physicals

Barry has an annual physical scheduled before the end of the month.  He and I are currently discussing two issues with respect to that.  The first, and most significant, concerns whether or not I should go with him.  The second concerns panties.

Let's talk about the most significant first.  Given our age (low 60's), I feel it is important that we both go to each other's medical appointments.  I feel there is a need to have two sets of ears at these events.  Barry feels differently.  We have each had a major medical event in the last year and a half, which has made me more aware of this need.  During my situation, I was very glad to have Barry fully involved and helping me make decisions.  During Barry's event, which was much more acute, I had to be involved in making the decision of what to do because I have his medical power of attorney and he was incapacitated.  Both of these situations makes me more aware of the need to both be fully involved.  Due to the retirement of Barry's Primary Care Physician, he has now switched to my doctor, which to me, makes it even more logical that we both attend each other's doctor's appointments.

The second issue is really quite minor compared to the first.  Barry has been wearing only panties for two years now.  When he made the switch, we both agreed that he would discard all of his manly underwear (white briefs).  Last year was our first conflict about whether he should purchase some briefs.  Given my experience with my doctor, I didn't think it was issue.  She has me privately change into a dressing gown before she examines me, so she has no clue of my underwear.  Barry's doctor at that time operated differently.  He would have Barry strip to his underwear and then lower them for a more personal examination.  I eventually learned that Barry purchased men's underwear to wear to that exam.  They have since been discarded.  Since Barry will now see my physician, I don't see it as an issue.  However, he does.  I think a good compromise is for Barry to wear a pair of men's silk or satin briefs.  I have even ordered a pair of men's silk undereweaer on line for him.  But he is still concerned.  He's not convinced that she will treat him the same way as she does me.  I think he is also have some apprehension about seeing a female doctor (this is a first for him).

As a compromise, Barry has agreed to abide by the thoughts of my blog readers.  He has also read this message and feels that I have accurately portrayed the situation.

Please share your thoughts about both issues:

  • should I attend Barry's physical?
  • should Barry wear men's silk underwear that I purchased or traditional men's white briefs to the physical?


Monday, March 9, 2015

An Evening with Carol

We invited Carol to join us for a soup, salad, and bread supper last night.  I thought it would be a good time to share Barry's idea for his birthday role play with her.  It turned out to be a much more interesting evening than I would have every imagined.

I opened the conversation by sharing that Barry has requested a new role play as a special treat for his upcoming birthday.  Carol perked up and said "That sounds like fun.  What is the role play?".  I suggested that Barry should explain it.  He immediately began to blush a bit, but jumped right in and began explaining his idea of enacting a variation of "Nine to Five" where the two of us would imprison him for a lengthy period of time, during which we would sexually tease and punish him for his behavior with women in the office.  She immediately loved the idea and shared that she had lots of creative ideas for things we could do.  She then turned to Barry and said "May I ask you a very serious and important question?".   Barry responded that of course she could.  She then asked, "Is this something that you envision purely as a nice little fantasy, or do you envision the role play to contain some significant reality to it?"  Barry immediately responded that he wants it to contain significant reality.  He explained that this has been one of his favorite fantasies for a long time and that he would like to really be subjected to the control of two women and held accountable.  I couldn't help but blurt out "Be careful what you ask for!".

Further conversation revealed that Barry was very serious with his reply, so Carol and I said that we would take him at his word and begin preparing a special time for the three of us to properly carry out his fantasy. I then told Barry that I wanted him to begin preparing for the role play immediately by being locked up until the event.  I asked him to get his chastity device and bring it to me.  When he returned to the living room, I installed and locked it while Carol looked on with amusement.  I explained to Barry and Carol that I wanted him to be extremely horny by the time we do the role play and that keeping him under lock and key would assure that to be the case.  Barry suddenly realized that his birthday is still several weeks away and began to protest.  I simply reminded him that I had warned him to be careful what he asked for.

Carol then turned the thrust of the conversation to asking  us a lot of questions about Barry and I spanking each other, especially with respect to discipline or punishment.  It was clear that she was going somewhere with this line of questioning, but I didn't know where.  I finally asked her why she was so interested in how we spanked on those occasions and how we felt about being spanked as a punishment, etc.  She finally got to the point and shared that she is very intrigued about punishment spankings and would like to experience what one feels like.  She even went so far as to say that ever since she helped me spank Barry the other evening, she feels like she needs to know what a spanking feels like in order to understand how to spank him.  She then asked if I would give her a very sound spanking.  After a little further discussion, I agreed.  I asked Barry to fetch my hairbrush while I brought a dining room chair into the living room.  When Barry returned with the brush, I suggested that he excuse himself.  But Carol immediately said that wouldn't be necessary, as long as she was allowed to keep her panties on.  She added that since she has been part of Barry's spankings, it is only fair that he get to watch her receive one.   I looked at Carol and then at Barry, and decided to agree.

Barry took a seat on the sofa facing the dining room chair I had placed in the middle of the room.  After asking Carol if she really wanted to do this, I sat down and took her over my lap.  She was wearing a pair of tailored slacks.  I first began to spank her with my hand to provide a good warmup before getting more serious.  After about ten minutes she began to squirm a little, but it was clear that I needed to take things up a notch.  I asked her to stand and lower her slacks, which revealed pantyhose over her panties.  I then continued with the handspanking and eventually started using the brush.  I didn't use it hard at that time, but let the weight of the brush do the work.  It was clear that I was now getting her attention and she was starting react.  At this point I stopped and told her that the next level would be more serious and would reach what could be considered to be punishment.  I asked if she wanted to continue.  "OK", I said.  "This next phase will not be enjoyable for you, but I'll do it because you asked."  I then had her lower her pantyhose, but left her panties in place.  Once back over my knee I used the hairbrush with more vigor.  It didn't take long for her to really begin to react.  One hand came back, so I held it in place.  As she tried to wriggle off my lap, I used a leg to clamp her in place. When I was done, she was quietly sobbing as she lay limp across my lap.

After she stood up and pulled up her pantyhose and slacks, she also regained her composure.  We then sat down to talk about what had happened.  The experience was much more intense then she expected, but she was glad she had endured it.  At this point she also confessed that she has had fantasies about being spanked, which was part of why she asked for one.  She also admitted that reality was very different than fantasy.  She kept repeating, "Oh my God, I never realized how much it can hurt."

After a glass of wine, Carol thanked me again and we agreed that we needed to get together to plan Barry's next role play.  She again reminded me that she has some creative ideas that she would like me to consider.

Barry was very quiet during Carol's spanking and during the discussion.  When we got ready for bed, it was quite evident that watching the spanking had been arousing to him, even while being locked in his device.  The wide-spread wet spot on the front of his panties allowed no hiding the fact that a significant amount of precum had been generated.  When I commented about it, his only comment was "How could I not have been excited by it.  Your sister is quite amazing."  I had to agree, but didn't openly say so to Barry.

The next few weeks will be interesting with Barry locked up in preparation for his role play.  I plan to keep him well teased during this time.  His special birthday gift will be special because he will have kept me well pleased and be extremely ready to receive pleasure ... under my terms.  That sounds harsher than I mean it to sound.  I think it will make the role play even more special to him.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Benefits of Devotional Sex Revisited

I have recently been having an email dialogue with a woman who lives just outside New York City.  Her husband and Barry have some common interests: spanking and masturbation.  Consequently, we have been sharing a good bit about them, as well as how we deal with them  As part of the discussion, I have raised a little bit about the impact of Devotional Sex on Barry's and my marriage.  I've realized that I probably need to tell her more, so I've decided to share my thoughts about the benefits of Devotional Sex a bit more publicly through this blog.

Devotional Sex, has had a huge impact upon our life.  Before we discovered it, Barry was addicted to masturbation to a point that he couldn't 'perform' in a normal sex situation with me.  That is when I learned to administer disciplinary spankings, because I was so frustrated with him.  That discipline had some impact on him, but I believe that Devotional Sex had more.  We still do a lot of spanking, because we each have learned to love giving and receiving erotic/fun spankings.  However, the need for purely disciplinary spanking of Barry is almost nonexistent at this time. When the need for disciplinary spanking occurs (and we each occasionally need it) it is for a good reason.  And when we each do it, it works.

As we explored and learned to practice aspects of Devotional Sex (DS), we learned how important it is to please each other.  As an example, prior to practicing DS, I was resentful of Barry's kinky needs and I had a very hard time wanting to fulfill them.  When we had intercourse, he goal was to climax.  He had little concern for whether or not my needs were fulfilled.  It is completely different now.  We have each learned to focus on pleasing the other.  I believe that the reason we learned that is because we each found that pleasing our partner made our partner want to please us.  That is a wonderful, positive cycle.  I also learned that by controlling Barry's orgasms, I ended up being even more desirable to him.  I still don't completely understand why that is.  But, I know that it works.  Perhaps it is because Barry loves 'tease and denial'.  I don't know.  But, I do know that Barry now wants to please me because he has learned that by doing so, I want to please him.  And, because I want to do that, he understands when I say "No, not tonight", it is OK.  It may happen the next night.  He knows it will happen at an appropriate time because I want to please him.

Another good example of the power of DS concerns how Barry has learned to manage his addiction to masturbation.  When we started, he couldn't control the urge, even with the threat of disciplinary spanking.  Because of that, he asked me to lock him in a chastity device when we were going to be separated.  Now, he seldom asks me to lock him up.  However, he frequently wears the device without a lock.  From what he has shared with me, I have come to the conclusion that he does so because wearing the cage creates an awareness to him that he wants to wait for when we can make love together.  That makes me love to see him wearing the cage.  There are also times when I like to lock him up as a tease.  He knows he will eventually get what he wants, but he doesn't know when.  We each seem to benefit from my having that control ... and I can't completely explain it.  I've given up trying.

I realize that I've rambled a bit, and I apologize.  However, I hope that my ramblings have communicated how beneficial DS has been in our lives.  I'm sure it's not for everyone, but it has been a blessing to us.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Barry's Birthday Request

Barry has a major birthday coming up.  In preparation for how to celebrate it, I asked him how he would like to celebrate it.  I was thinking in terms of celebrating with friends and family.  Barry and I are both not big party people, but I wanted to make sure he didn't want me to throw a party.  Much to my surprise, Barry answered from a very different perspective.  He was thinking of sex!  He immediately shared that he would love to have another role play with me and Carol.    I quickly shifted my thought process and asked him if he had something in mind (knowing that he must).  Our discussion led to him sharing another of his long term fantasies.  He shared that he has always fantasized about a scenario which originated from the "Nine to Five" movie in which female employees imprison their boss.  He has obviously been thinking about this more ever since we started our recent series of role plays.  He shared that he would love to experience a lengthy role play scenario in which Carol and I imprison him and sexually  tease him, as well as punish him.

After I got over the surprise of his proposal, I have started to pursue his suggestion with Carol.  I'm not sure where this will lead,


Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Several readers have asked questions about Carol in their comments or emails sent to me.  Carol is my youngest sister and is in her early fifties.  She is eight years younger than me and was always very much a free spirit.  As the youngest of five children, she also received the least amount of parental supervision of any of us and had the least expectations put on her.  Due to our age difference, we were not very close growing up.  After all, I was off to the university before Carol was in Junior High School.  However, after Barry and I moved back to the midwest a bit ago, she and I have become very close.  She is the only family member I have in this area at this time and she went through a major tragedy in her life shortly before we moved here.  Her husband of almost twenty five years tragically died of cancer.  It has been very good to be living so close to her at this time and very special that we have become so close at this stage of our lives.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Debriefing with Carol and Barry

After our last role playing session, Carol, Barry, and I returned to the living room, lit a fire in the fire place and had a glass of wine while we took time to discuss our time together in Barry's office.  I knew by the broad smile on Barry's face that he had thoroughly enjoyed the entire scene.  He spoke first and shared that he loved the way Carol and I worked together and that his fantasy was wonderfully fulfilled.  When I probed him about whether he experienced embarrassment or humiliation, he shared that he was definitely embarrassed much of the time.  However, he never felt humiliated or degraded in any way.

Carol also acknowledged that she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  She was amazed at the relationship that Barry and I have with respect to experimenting with our kinky fantasies and she was impressed with how at ease Barry was with her present.  She also shared that she would be very interested in learning more about our activities if and when we feel comfortable sharing more.  She explained that she had always wished that she and her husband could have experienced a relationship like this.

Carol also commented that she was quite amazed at the fact that Barry maintained an erection throughout most of the spanking he received prior to having an orgasm.  She also was amazed that Barry still seemed to somewhat enjoy the spanking even after his orgasm.

From my perspective, I shared that I didn't think the evening could have gone any better.  I loved working with Carol and I shared my appreciation with her for following my ground rules and not over stepping any boundaries.  I also felt she picked up the fine nuances of spanking at an appropriate level of severity very quickly (and Barry agreed).

In the end, we were all in agreement that it was a fun role play and that we would all be comfortable doing something similar again in the future.

After Carol left, Barry and I retired to the bedroom where he very quickly demonstrated his devotion and appreciation to me for the entire evening.  I have never seen him quite so anxious to get his head between my legs and such enthusiasm for pleasing me.  It was a good night for both of us :-).


Friday, February 20, 2015

Extension of First Role Play - "Corporate" Discipline

Our extended role play using our "Corporate" Discipline scenario took place Tuesday night.  I apologize for taking so long to create a post describing what happened.  Part of the delay was due to the fact that I decided that Barry needed to become more involved in this blog.  When I asked how he thought he would like to be involved, he suggested that he could add photos to my posts, and he has done so with this one.  I actually think that he quite enjoyed doing this.

I didn't tell Barry when it was going to happen until we sat down for lunch that day.  I wanted the timing to be somewhat of a surprise.  I announced to him that Carol was coming over for dinner.  He immediately perked up and said, "And ...?"  I then shared with him that after dinner we would continue our role play, with Carol playing the role of his previous secretary.  It quickly became obvious that he was pleased and very excited.

During the afternoon I laid out his best suit again and suggested that he should wear it.  I knew he would.  I also told him that he could choose what he would like to wear under it.  Knowing that he no longer owns any male underwear, I knew it would be panties, but I wanted him to have the freedom to decide how far to go (or not go) with respect to what type and whether or not to wear anything else.

Carol arrived around 5 PM and we enjoyed a light dinner together.  We were each dressed for the role play and it was clear that Barry and Carol were both anticipating what was to come.  I knew that Barry couldn't wait and that Carol would have loved to start asking him questions.  However, they each restrained themselves.  The level of anticipation was high, which was what I had hoped for.

When the kitchen was almost cleaned up, I suggested to Barry that he move into his office and prepare to be leaving for home at the end of the work day.  A short time later, I walked into his office and announced to him that I hoped he didn't mind staying a bit late tonight so that we could continue his discipline.  He acted appropriately unhappy and tried to weasel out of staying late, claiming that he and his wife had plans for the evening.  I immediately called him up short on that, explaining that his wife had joined me for lunch the previous day and that she knew about my plans for tonight.  I also shared with him that she and I had enjoyed each other very much, and that she now knew all about what he had been doing at work and supported how I was handling things.  I then asked him to look in the left hand pocket of his suit coat and give me whatever he found in it.  He reached in and pulled out a small white envelope, which he handed to me.  "Lovely", I said.  "She promised to send me this little gift when we talked yesterday".  I then opened the envelope and showed him its contents.  It was the spare key to the lock on his chastity device! "She and decided that we should each hold a key to your cage", I declared.  "Isn't that convenient for our meeting tonight? "

I could tell that this caught Barry by surprise.  And, I knew he would also be surprised by  what Carol and I had planned for him.  About that time there was a knock on the office door.  I suggested to Barry that he should see who is there.  When he opened the door, he acted appropriately surprised to see Carol.  He started to tell her she is no longer welcome in the building since she resigned.  However, I intervened and explained to Barry that I had invited Carol to join us for his disciplinary session tonight.  "After all", I said, "I think she has earned the right to be part of your discipline and it is appropriate that she achieve a little revenge for what you put her through."  Carol quickly agreed and walked into the office with an air of authority.

Carol and I each sat in a chair at a table in Barry's office and I directed
Barry to come stand in front of us.  I then ordered him to remove his coat, tie, shirt, and trousers.  After some feeble attempts to protest, he began to slowly comply.  I eventually became impatient with his progress and decided to add to his embarrassment by removing his pants for him.  Out of the corner of my eye,  I could see Carol's amusement at what was happening.  She was taking it all in.  When I dropped his trousers, Carol was surprised to see him dressed in garter belt, stockings, and panties; and even more surprised when she realized to see the outline of the chastity cage through his panties.  I had not shared that detail about our relationship with her.

"Doesn't he look darling in his female underthings?", I asked her.  "And, don't you just love the fact that he is locked up?", I added as I stood up and grabbed his crotch.  "Why don't you tell Carol and me why your wife has you locked up Barry?".  Barry began to stammer a bit and finally said something about her liking to control his orgasms.  At that point I chimed in and said "Don't you mean that she wants to control your addiction to masturbation?".  I then explained to Barry and Carol that I had lunch with his wife the previous, during which she shared with me how much Barry likes to masturbate and to wear feminine undergarments.  Barry immediately became embarrassed and began to blush.  "She has also provided me with the key to Barry's device", I added.  "Come over to me Barry and let's make sure this key works.  I then unlocked his device and slowly removed it.  As I did so, Barry immediately began to get hard as I handled his genitals.  "Why don't you go over and show Carol how nicely shaved you are Barry".   Sheepishly, he did so and Carol admired how clean and smooth he looked as she rubbed his bottom.  I was glad to see that she remembered the rule that she is not to touch his genitals.

In response, I commented "I learned quite a lot from Barry's wife yesterday."  I then explained to Carol that Barry's wife requires him to keep himself shaved from waist to upper thighs and that he does not own any traditional men's underwear.  All he owns are panties.  I also explained that Barry has a serious panty and spanking fetish.  He not only loves to administer spankings to women (as Carol and I already knew), but his wife shared with me that Barry loves to be spanked! .

I then decided to put my plans for this session into action.  I began by makingBarry stand in front of us.  I then began to lightly tease his penis.  He was so excited that it didn't take much to have him squirming in front of us. Carol was quite intrigued by what I did and added verbal comments to tease Barry as well.  It would have been easy to bring Barry to an orgasm, but that was clearly not going to happen.  Instead, I brought him to the edge of a climax several times and then left him hanging.

What happened next was a fulfillment of Barry's long desired fantasy ... being spanked over the laps of two women at the same time.  This would be the first of two sessions over both of our laps.  I am right handed and Carol is left.  So, we positioned ourselves in two chairs facing each other so that we could turn Barry over our laps and each spank with our dominant hands.  For this initial spanking, we each used our bare hands over his bare bottom.  We also took time to gently massage his cheeks as we warmed them up.  I also made sure that I took the opportunity to tease his testicles from time to time.  Since his penis was lying on my right thigh, I could easily tell that he was extremely aroused.  When we let him stand up, I couldn't resist teasing him about his erection and scolding him for allowing it to make a mess on my skirt from his precum.

We then took our time in making Barry assume different positions bending over the desk or kneeling on it as we spanked him with different implements.  It became a bit of a training session for me to help Carol learn how to spank at different levels of intensity that would keep him aroused, but keep adding redness to his cheeks.  Carol was also quite intrigued by how hard Barry stayed during most of the spankings.  At one point she called him a little spanking slut.  While Barry was kneeling on the desk for one of his spankings, I also brought out his collection of toys and panties from his desk drawer and showed them to Carol.  We made Barry explain why he the Hitachi vibrator and penis shaped butt plug in the drawer.

We then moved to the final stages of my plans.  I  informed Barry that since he loves to masturbate, he would now do so in front of Carol and me.  I also added that since he loves panties so much, he would do so using his panties. I then pulled out my smart phone and advised him that I was going to time him.  I explained that if he reached an orgasm within three minutes, his disciplinary session would be over.  I then added that if he was not successful I would use his Hitachi vibrator to finish the job for him and that he would then go back over Carol's and my laps together and we would take hairbrushes to him.

This took Barry quite by surprise.  He didn't come close to orgasm in three minutes, which didn't surprise me.  I knew he wouldn't be able to resist having me use the Hitachi on him or going back over our laps (even though it would be after an orgasm).  When the timer rang on my phone, I picked up the vibrator and plugged it in.  I made Barry continue to use the panties on this erection, but I added the vibrator.  In a matter of less than a minute he started to climax, at which time I immediately shut off the vibrator.  The look of surprise and disappointment on his face was priceless.  "You didn't think I was going provide you an enjoyable orgasm, did you?" I commented.  I could tell that Carol was also surprised by what I did.  I later learned that she was not familiar with the concept of a ruined orgasm.

After Barry cleaned himself up with the panties, Carol and I each took a hairbrush in hand, sat down facing each other, and turned Barry over our laps again.  We then administered a much harder spanking.   Sometimes Carol and I alternated spanks.  Sometimes we spanked both cheeks simultaneously.  And, for a short time I used my brush on Barry's upper thighs, while Carol worked on his cheeks.  When we finally stopped, I could tell that Barry was relieved to have it over.  This time there had been no erection pressing into my thigh.

The three of us then returned to the living room where we lit a fire in the fireplace and took some time to debrief with each other about what had happened.  Since this post is already quite lengthy, I'll save that information for my next post.  However, the bottom line was that all three of us enjoyed the evening.


PS  I would like to express my appreciation to all who offered comments and advice at the end of my last post.  Your caring and thoughts about making sure we would be OK with adding Carol to the role play was very kind and helpful.

PPS I think Barry did a wonderful job with the photos he inserted.  I hope you agree.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Planning for the Next Installment of "Corporate" Discipline

After Barry shared his decision to go forward with incorporating my sister, Carol, into our "Corporate" Discipline roleplay, we spent some more time talking about his desire for this type of fantasy, and discussing his definitions of embarrassment versus humiliation.  Embarrassment is a significant part of his fantasy, but humiliation is definitely not part of what either of us are comfortable with.  In trying to understand his definitions, I finally ended up listing a number of activities and asking Barry whether he would consider them embarrassing or humiliating.   The types of things on the list included:

  • being spanked in front of Carol over his panties or on the bare
  • being spanked by Carol over his panties or on the bare
  • having his genitals exposed to Carol
  • being sexually teased and denied in front of Carol
  • being brought to orgasm with a vibrator in front of Carol
  • experiencing a ruined orgasm in front of Carol
  • being required to masturbate in front of Carol
  • being fed his own cum in front of Carol
  • having a butt plug inserted in front of Carol
  • being pegged in front of Carol
I'm not comfortable with some of these items, but I was trying to provide Barry with a broad spectrum to help me better understand his limits.  When we were done talking, I felt quite comfortable that I know what he would consider to be humiliating, so I can be sure to not go there.

Yesterday I had Carol over to the house for lunch and we had chance to have a lengthy discussion about her potential participation in our little role play scene.  She was not surprised by the topic and was actually quite intrigued by it.  I think I may have mentioned before that Carol is quite a few years younger than me and has always been less sexually inhibited than I used to be.  The more we talked about the "Corporate" Discipline scenario, the more interested she became.  She was also very interested in learning Barry's feelings about her being involved.  And, she completely understood and agreed with the ground rules that I presented, which included:
  • Carol will follow my lead direction at all times
  • Carol will not directly initiate any activity (she can propose something to me during the role play, but must not initiate it unless I concur)
  • Carol will serve as a witness and will actively participate only when directed to do so
  • Carol will not touch Barry's genital area at any time
  • Carol will participate in spanking and paddling Barry, but will follow my lead and direction with respect to severity
I also shared with Carol some of my current thoughts concerning where I will take this segment of the roleplay and she seemed to like my ideas.  She also shared a couple of her ideas, which I am seriously considering.  In the end, we both felt quite comfortable with the entire idea and came up with a possible evening this week when we can make it happen.  

It is clear that Carol will be a very different participant than was Barry's sister a couple of years ago.  It is also clear that Barry will be in for one or two surprises.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Barry's Decision

It didn't take Barry long to make his decision, which didn't surprise me.  Nor did his decision.  Tonight over dinner, Barry raised the matter of involving Carol in our role play.  He told me that he has been thinking about it a lot the past two days and he would like to try it.  Of course, that prompted a lengthy discussion, which included some ground rules about Carol's involvement.  I also probed Barry quite strongly about why this is so important to him and what fascinates him so much about having two women involved in the role play.  I basically learned that he has fantasized for many years about being spanked by two women who are sitting in chairs facing each other, with him over both of their laps.  He also focused on the arousal factor for him if he is put in an embarrassing situation with another woman present.  That led to a significant discussion about embarrassment versus humiliation.  Neither one of us want to go to the latter.  Consequently, Barry and I will continue to discuss more details of what he considers to be embarrassing and what he considers to be humiliating.

I also want to express my appreciation for the comments I have received to my last post, especially the caution about involving a family member in our role play.  After the situation with Barry's sister, I am very cautious.  However, I also have a much better knowledge of my sister.  If we proceed, Carol and I will have a very clear understanding of her role in this.  Carol is also a very different type of person than Barry's sister.  She has no ax to grind with Barry.  She also has always been much more open to things than I ever was.  But, the bottom line is that she and I will have some very specific ground rules.

So ... after our discussion tonight, Barry and I agreed that I will talk with Carol and see where things lead. Based upon her interest in my activities with Barry and what I know about her relationship with her ex-husband, I think I know what her reaction will be.  She is fascinated with Barry's and my relationship and would have liked to have had a more creative sex life with her ex.

I will keep you posted.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Where to Go Next with Role Playing

Over the weekend, Barry and I had a lengthy discussion concerning what to do next with respect to role playing.  The conversation began when I asked him if he'd like to continue developing the "Corporate" Punishment scene was have been working with, or whether he wanted to move on to something new.  As we worked through it, we decided that the current scenario has more potential that can be explored, so we decided to continue with it for a bit.  Last night, Barry brought up the subject and told me that he has been thinking about where we could go with the scenario.  He then completely surprised me when he said he would like to see us involve the first secretary (the one who had warned my new secretary) and or involve his wife along with his current secretary.  After recovering from the surprise, I asked him how he planned to involve two women in the same scene.  Of course, he had thought this through.  He suggested that we take an overnight trip to Chicago, where we could enlist the aid of a professional disciplinarian or fetish escort, similar to what he did years ago.  He was quite disappointed that I immediately said "No, we are not going to pay someone to do this sort of thing with us!"

This afternoon, I proposed a different solution to Barry.  I asked him what he thought about my sister, Carol, playing the role of a second woman.  Barry immediately protested that Carol doesn't even know that Susan spanks me.  I then had to confess that Carol does know about Barry getting spanked.  I explained that a month or so ago I had asked Carol to retrieve something from or bedroom for me and didn't realize that we had carelessly left several of our spanking implements on the dresser.  Carol didn't miss seeing them and she began asking lots of questions when she returned from the bedroom.  So, Carol knows!

Barry wasn't exactly thrilled about that development.  However, he also didn't immediately rule out Carol as our assistant.  That led to a discussion of how Barry would feel having Carol see him naked and spanking him.  He wasn't sure, but he decided he would think about it.  So, that's where it is at the moment.  I suspect we will talk more later tonight or tomorrow.

I am also very aware that we had a disasterous situation a couple of years ago when Barry's sister was involved with his birthday spanking.  She took over and gave Barry much more than he bargained for.  However, that relationship is very different from that of my sister and Barry.  I think it could work.  My sister is certainly open minded and curious enough to probably want to do it.  But, the final call needs to be Barry's.  I suspect it may depend upon how badly he wants to be spanked by two women at the same time.  That seems to be a major unfulfilled fantasy of his.

I will keep you posted ...


Monday, February 9, 2015

First Role Play - "Corporate" Discipline - Part 3

What I whispered into Barry's ear was not something I planned.  It was also not part of the role play suggested to us.  It was just spontaneous.

When I left our home office, I immediately went to our bedroom and changed into Barry's favorite negligee.  Since I had time, I also went and poured two glasses of wine which I took to our bedroom.  When he finally came upstairs, I was a wife who had been waiting patiently for her husband to arrive home from work ... and was very aroused (which I definitely was).

When Barry arrived, I played the role:  an aroused wife who didn't understand why he was late.  He didn't have any good answers, which didn't make me happy at all.  I let my sexual desire take over and tried to seduce him (I really needed to have my needs fulfilled at this time).  While questioning him about where he has been, I also began to remove his trousers.  He resisted, but I persisted.  As his trousers came down, I grasped his crotch and felt the mess in his panties.  My acting roll took over and I went ballistic with him.  He was clearly not expecting this and didn't know how to react.

After some tense conversation, I sent him to the bathroom to clean himself up.  While he was gone, I brought out the Libertor ramp and placed it on the bed.  I also brought out our newly acquired leather spanking strap.  When he reappeared, I ordered him over the ramp and began to use the strap on him while I interrogated him.  I didn't use it hard, since I didn't want this to be punishment at this time.  I eventually got him to confess to what had occurred in his office.  That resulted in me continuing to strap him as punishment (but it really wasn't).

When I was ready to conclude the "punishment",  I reminded him how I had waited patiently for him to return home and that I needed to have my "needs" fulfilled.  He got the message and immediately gently placed me on the bed and put his head between my legs.  After about ten minutes, I let him know that I needed more than that at this time.  I directed him to get our Ride-On Colussus, which he did.  After installing it over his limp penis, I put him on his back and climbed on to ride him Cow-girl fashion.  That way, I could control things, which I did.  It was wonderful

When I finished and removed the Ride-on, I was surprised to find him erect.  After a short time of teasing, we settled into a wonderful period of cuddling.  We ended up falling asleep in each other's arms.

So, thus ends our first role-play.  It was much more than either of us imagined it could be.  We each became more involved than we expected.  The next morning we spent time over breakfast debriefing about it ... and we were each amazed at how creative we each had become.

We seem to have found another new outlet for our passion.  This is something I never expected as we enter a new phase of our lives.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

First Role Play - "Corporate" Discipline - Part 2

When Barry lowered his trousers, I was definitely surprised.  I knew he would be wearing panties (since that is all he owns) and the fact he added a garter belt and stockings didn't surprise me.  I was very prepared to incorporate his feminine underwear into the scenario.  However, I never expected to see him wearing his chastity device locked in place!  His goal was to create something unexpected and unusal for the scenario we were acting out.  And, he succeeded.

Of course, I immediately reacted to how sweet he looked in his lingerie and pretended to not notice the outline of the cage inside his panties.  As I grabbed his crotch and started to tell him that I own him now, I reacted to feeling the cage and said "Oh ... it looks like someone else owns you as well!  Does your wife hold the key to this lovely little device?"  He eventually admitted that she does and that she has kept him locked most of the time for several months now.  I replied that I would like to meet this lovely women  I also mused that I wondered what her reaction would be if I cut the lock off and replaced it with my own. Barry immediately began stammering that I can't do that, to which I replied that I certainly can ... and just might the next time we get together this way.

I then decided to begin with the spanking portion of my plans.  I told Barry that his former secretary had shared with me that he has a special desk drawer where he keeps a variety of spanking implements and sexual toys, as well as his collection of panties that he has kept from the women he has spanked.  To make this part of the role play, I had previously prepared one of his desk drawers with a variety of things.  "Let's see what kind of toys you keep in your special drawer", I said as I opened it.  I proceed to remove each item as ask Barry about them one by one.  We found a nice variety of spanking implements, including a leather paddle, a wooden hairbrush, and a wooden ruler paddle,   In addition to three pair of women's panties, I produced a Hitachi vibrator, a set of nipple clamps, a penis shaped butt plug, a rather larger dildo, a tube of lubricant, a blindfold, and a pair of padded wrist cuffs..  Barry acted quite humiliated during this entire process and I enjoyed asking him lots of probing questions about what he does with them.  When he wasn't forthcoming, I would remind him that his last secretary and filled me in on lots of details.

We then moved into the first spanking phase of Barry's predicament.  Taking him over my lap, I proceeded to give him a good warm up spanking with my hand and the leather paddle.  It was apparent that he was enjoying it.  When I let him stand up, it was also apparent that he was straining within the chastity cage and it didn't look like it was very comfortable.  Of course I teased him about that.

I then directed Barry to remove his shirt and tie, leaving him in just his panties and stockings.  I cleared the top of his desk while he was doing so.  I then placed the blindfold and wrist cuffs on him and made him lie on his back on top of the desk.  Reminding him that I had learned from his last secretary how he had sexually teased her, I told him that I thought it would only be fair for him to get a dose of his own medicine.  I proceeded to use my finger tips to arouse him.  I eventually installed the nipple clamps and then put the Hitachi to work on his cage.  His reaction was priceless.  After some uncomfortable moments and relentless use of the vibrator, I enjoyed watching him climax while still restricted in by the cage, making a sticky mess of his nylon panties.

It was then time for some more spanking.  After having him turn over and lie on his stomach on his desk, I put the hairbrush and ruler paddle to good use.  Knowing how hard it is to receive a spanking after an orgasm, I went somewhat easy.   I reddened his bottom quite nicely, but I still wanted the role play to be fun and not punishment.  When I was done, I let him up and removed the blindfold and wrist cuffs.  His panties were now a complete mess from having climaxed in them earlier.  I then directed him to get dressed.

While he did so, I told him that I would plan to see him again next Wednesday night at the end of the workday for our next little mentoring session.  Once he was dressed and before I walked out the office, I went to him and whispered in his ear "This role play is not yet done.  I suggest you clean up your office and then come upstairs.  When you arrive in our bedroom, I will be playing the role of your wife."  This was a surprise that Barry clearly didn't expect.  His reaction was priceless.

To be continued in my next posting ....


Saturday, February 7, 2015

First Role Play - "Corporate" Discipline - Part 1

Barry and I had a lot of fun with our first role play, which took place Wednesday night.  Monday night Barry and I sat down over a class of wine and talked about the three suggested role play scenarios that were proposed to us.  We each liked all three.  After much discussion, we decided to try the "Corporate" Discipline suggestion first.  This type of scenario has been a favorite fantasy of Barry's for many years, so I was not surprised that he wanted to do it first.  I was intrigued by the unknown involved in it for Barry.  I didn't share any information about what might happen to him when the tables get turned.  That aspect made it very special to me.  With the decision made, we agreed that Wednesday night would be a good time to act it out.

Wednesday, as the day progressed, we bantered back and forth several times about the role play.  Barry, of course, had lots of suggestions.  I listened to them, but made no comments in return.  I thought it would be fun if we were both dressed and ready for our acting debut before sitting down with a glass of wine before dinner.  So, mid afternoon, I laid out the clothes that I thought we each should wear on our bed.  For Barry, I chose his best suit and most business-like tie with a white shirt.  For myself, I chose similar business-like attire:  a black, straight-line skirt with matching jacket and a light blue silk blouse.

When we were dressed and ready for a glass of wine and dinner, it was very apparent that Barry was quite excited about this endeavor.  Most of our conversation was about the role play.

After dinner, we prepared to start our role play.  Since Barry worked from home during much of his career he had accumulated furniture that furnishes our current home office quite nicely and it looks like a working office.  We agreed that the role play would begin with Barry in the office at the end of the work day.  I would come to see him at an agreed upon time to discuss my performance as his newly hired secretary.

I arrived promptly at the agreed upon time and made sure I appeared quite nervous about this type of meeting at the end of the work day.  Barry appropriately was very gracious about my agreeing to meet with him and quickly let me know how important it was for us to meet and discuss my performance.

He very professionally outlined my numerous deficiencies:  arriving late in the morning, excessive breaks, poor quality of work products submitted, complaints of lack of support to members of our team, etc.  He was very thorough.  When he came to the conclusion that he felt he needed to "let me go" during my probation period as a new hire, I had my chance to act appropriately for our scenario.  I became very emotional and begged him to give me another chance.  I told him how much I needed this job as a single parent to support my two children.

The outcome was what you would expect.  I agreed to be mentored and punished by Barry in order to keep my job.  He even had a written contract prepared, which I signed.  Once the formalities were taken care of, I quickly found myself lying over Barry's lap.  The position only enhanced the tightness of my skirt across my bottom and Barry began to slowly and firmly spank me.  It was clear that he wanted to get me excited, and he did.

After a lengthy period of this foreplay, he had me stand and raise my skirt.  I, of course, objected but eventually complied.  Back over his lap he spanked me over by panties with a similar level of intensity.  It was very erotic.  When he started to talk about lowering my panties and placed his hand between my legs to begin trying to stimulate me, I decided it was time to take control.

When Barry started to lower my panties, I abruptly stood up and told him that this was not going to happen.  I pointed to my purse that was sitting on his desk and pointed out my smart phone sitting on top of the purse.  As I grabbed it, I explained that it had recorded the audio of our entire meeting so far.  I also explained to him that his last secretary had contacted me and warned me about what would happen if I took this job.  I told him that I was skeptical, but I had decided to take necessary precautions.  Consequently, I was prepared when he asked me to his office at the end of the day.  It was exactly as she had predicted.

To make a long story short, Barry and I had a lengthy impromptu dialogue during which I took charge of him.  It became clear to him that I had sufficient evidence to end his career and he finally agreed to submit to me.  I had a basic document document prepared in which Barry confessed how he planned to gain control of me and sexually abuse me.  Based on our dialogue, I made a few modifications to it using Barry's PC.  I printed it and he signed it.  It really began to feel quite real.

I then ordered Barry to remove his trousers.  The look on his face was priceless.  He didn't want to do so.  I knew he was acting, but it took me by surprise.  I suspected that I may need to expect a surprise, which I did.

Since this post is getting quite long, I think I will save the rest of our role play for my next post.  It took a twist that I didn't expect and we both had fun playing things out.


PS ... I want to thank SSH for suggesting this wonderful role play.  As he will realize, we took some liberties with the proposal.  We needed to be able to add our own ideas as we acted out the role play.  You probably won't be surprised to see that we also continued to do so as it progressed.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thank You for Role Play Suggestions

I would like to thank Pecan Nutjob, TL, and SSH for submitting three wonderful role play ideas for Barry and me to try.  They were each unique and offered scenarios to which I can relate.  They each also offer some interesting twists or actitivities that will be fun for me to surprise Barry with.

Following are introductions and brief summaries my interpretation of the three role play suggestions.  I have purposely not included many of the details of what was suggested, because I want to be able to surprise Barry.

Thespian Discipline - basis of which submitted by TL

Susan is a prominent professor of theater in a major university.  Several years ago she had a very shy student (Barry), who she discovered to be equally talented at playing male and female roles.  By casting him in female roles, Susan brought out his feminine side and Barry found that he loved the clothes, especially full stockings, garter belt, and silk panty undergarments that he now could wear under his costume, free of guilt. 

Three years have passed and Susan recently ran into Barry, who was a junior PR person staffing the registration desk of a charity event Susan was attending at a local hotel.  Susan and Barry agree to meet at the hotel bar at the end of the day to catch up.  Susan was also attracted to Barry and that feeling reappears when they meet.  Since she is now not emcumbered by professor/student ethics restrictions, she decides to get a room at the hotel so that the two of them can completely relax together.

Once in the privacy of the hotel room, the passion grows for each of them.  Susan reaches to undo Barry's belt, but he stops her, which confuses her.  She suddenly realizes he concern, but proceeds anyway.  As she gently lowers his trousers, she confirms the reason for his hesitation.  He is wearing a garter belt, stockings, and white lace panties.  It is also obvious that he is completely shaved.  Susan compliments him on how lovely and sexy he looks.

Then, with both stripped down to their underwear, Barry grabs Susan's hands. He looks her in the eye and asks if she rememberes his final exam. Susan reminisces about how proud she ws that he 'aced' the final written exam. Barry's face turns momentarily dark and he casts his eyes downward. There's a moment of silence. Finally, Susan quietly ask Barry if he has something to tell her. In a stammering voice, he admits he cheated on that final. 

Sternly, Susan indicates the possible ramifications of this admission, including revocation of his university degree. He admits his understanding and asks if you has ever punished one of her students.  Susan suddenly realizes that she has just learned about another special aspect of Barry's character and needs.  It excites her.

The scenario continues from here ....

"Corporate" Discipline in the Office - basis of which submitted by SSH

Barry is a mid-level manager in a large corporation.  He is also has very strong and uncontrollable fetishes with respect to women's panties and spanking.  He recently hired Susan as his secretary and it is her second day on the job.

Susan's work performance on during the first week is dismal.  She arrived late every day, took excessively long lunches, and her work products contained many errors.

The role play begins with Barry calling Susan into his office at the end of the week.  He objectively shares with her his dissatisfaction with her work ethic and ability.  He also shares with her that he has decided to terminate her.  Susan breaks into tears and shares with Barry that she is a single mother and really needs this job.  She pleads with him to give her another chance.

Barry decides to offer her an option to keep her job:  she must be willing to submit to what he refers to as "Corporate" discipline from him to help her change her work ethic and quality.  He explains that this discipline will include mentoring by him and receiving spankings if her behavior does immediately improve.  She quickly agrees and Barry provides her with a written contract for her to sign, agreeing to this arrangement.  Once the agreement is signed, Barry informs her that she will receive a spanking that day to provide her with an immediate incentive to improve.  At this point Barry had no idea what what Susan had planned for him.

The scenario continues ...

Barry gets a Governess - basis of which submitted by Pecan nutjob

Barry is just entering puberty and his mother doesn't know how to guide him through this extremely important development stage of his life.  She decides to hire a governess to look after him and help him.  Susan has been selected for the job.  She is definitely not the typical "cane-wielding governess" that one might expect.  She is caring, sensitive, and very understanding of the needs of teenage boys.  After all, she ended up raising her brother who was ten years her junior after her mother had died suddenly of cancer.  However, as caring and sensitive as Susan is, she fully understands the need for accountability and discipline.

Barry and his governess develop a very close relationship.  The scenario begins as Barry is thirteen and his hormones are raging.

All three of these role play scenarios are very intriguing to me and to Barry.  I have shared this level of detail with him, but nothing more, since I want there to be surprises.  I am also very excited that each of these suggestion offer much flexibility and room for them to continue as an ongoing basis.  None of them will be "one and done" type role plays.  Again, thank you very much to Pecan Nutjob, TL, and SSH for submitting them.  I really appreciate the time and effort you put forth.

Within the next couple of days, Barry and I will decide which one to try first.  Barry and I will then find a way to share what we consider to be appropriate with you.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Role Playing Suggestions Requested

Barry has always been fascinated with role playing.  When I first learned of Barry's need to be spanked several years ago, he confessed to me that for a number of years he had visited several dominas, as well as escorts who specialized in kinky sex when he traveled to different cities for work.  For each visit, he would compose a role playing scenario that he wanted to act out with the woman he was seeing.  They always involved Barry being spanked and sometimes pegged.  Sometimes they involved him spanking the escort before she found a way to 'turn the tables' on him.

I recently began to think about the discussions I had with Barry about his love for role playing.  I'm curious about using role play in our relationship at this time.  We've done a little bit with it, but not much.  I'm also intrigued with the idea of me creating the role play and causing Barry to have to respond to and deal with what I do, rather than him being so controlling of it (as he apparently was in his sessions years ago).

So ... here is my idea.  I would like my readers to email me ( your ideas concerning role play scenarios that would be appropriate for Barry and me.  I want them emailed to me so that Barry will not see them.  He will see this post and know that I am getting ideas. When I receive your suggestions, I will share the roles that we each will play with Barry, as well as a general concept of the role play.  But I will not share specifics of what you propose we do.  If we enact your role play, the specifics need to remain a surprise to Barry.

I will only share role play scenarios with which I am comfortable with Barry.  If he likes the general ideas that I share with him, we will enact it.  I will provide a posting of each role play we enact, and credit the contributor.  I will also include the specifics of your suggested role play in my posting if you give me permission to do so.

So ... if you like this idea, please send me your suggestions.  Please be specific about the role each of us should play.  Please also share as many specifics about what we should do as you want.  I will reserve the right to add or subtract from the specifics if we enact your role play.

I think this could be fun for Barry and me.  It will also provide a new source of creativity for me to address Barry's submissive needs, as well as my own.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Barry's Turn on the Barrel (Liberator Ramp)

Last night was Barry's turn to be completely exposed and vulnerable on our Liberator Ramp.  As we finished dinner, I advised Barry that I would take care of the dishes and suggested that he go take a shower and fully prepare himself for a visit to our love nest.  That comment brought a smile to his face, since "fully prepare" is our personal phrase to use a fleet enema and prepare for anal activity.  I also suggested that he wear his nice little teddy with stockings, but no panties, and told him to join me in the bedroom when he is ready.

I was done the dishes well before Barry appeared in the bedroom, which gave me ample to time to prepare a few things.  I positioned our ramp in the middle of our king bed and made sure the under bed restraint system was in place.  I then brought out some of the toys I planned to use and placed them on my dresser.

As Barry entered the room, I greeted him with a kiss and our blindfold, which I quickly placed over his eyes.  However, I'm sure he saw the ramp on the bed and the toys on the dresser.  After placing a clean towel over the high end of the ramp to protect its cover, I led Barry to the bed and helped him drape himself over the high end with his bottom projecting upward.  I then made sure his penis was pulled back between his legs and then utilized the under bed restraints to pull his legs out wide to the side and secure them.  His hands were also secured out in front of him.  He was now in the position he had put me earlier this week with his bottom, penis, balls, and inner thighs fully exposed and vulnerable.

As I secured him, I realized that his bottom was not as clean shaven as normal.  I pointed that out to Barry and told him that we would begin by shaving it smooth.  I also let him know there would be a price to pay for me having to do it.  I took my time preparing him with hot water and shaving cream; and then shaving his bottom, anus, and testicles.  When I was done, I left his bottom wet and began slowly spanking him with my hand.  I fully enjoy spanking his clean shaven bottom, especially since it usually seems more sensitive to him.  Of course, I also took time to tease his penis and testicles to keep him aroused.

After bringing his bottom to a nice pink color, I decided to turn my full attention to teasing his genitals.  Earlier this week I had changed the heads to our Sonicare toothbrush and decided to keep Barry's old head to experiment using the toothbrush on the head of his penis.  He couldn't see what I was doing, so he was quite surprised when he heard the brush and felt the affect on his glans.  It was quite effective.  I also found it had a lovely impact on him when I teased the area between his scrotum and anus with it, as well as his anus.  That really got his attention.  This will definitely be a keeper new toy to use again.

I then turned my attention back to spanking, this time with a variety of OTK tools.  I started out kneeling behind him, so I could spank with one hand and tease with the other.  I eventually also straddled the small of his back.  Either way, I had wonderful access to his entire bottom and inner thighs for spanking and to his genitals for teasing.  The end result, after a prolonged spanking was a uniformly crimson bottom (including his crack) and inner thighs.  The greatest part about it was the fact that I was able to keep him fully aroused the entire time.  Barry loves a firm spanking and he definitely got one last night.  It was clear that he would continue to feel the soreness from this one tomorrow,which I know he enjoys.

Barry's penis was still very aroused and it was clear from his motions that he wanted some relief.  I toyed with him about that for a while.  I eventually told him that I would provide a climax for him, but that there was still the matter of me having to shave him to deal with.  I explained that I planned to use his new spanking strap on his red bottom as payment for doing the shaving.  If he wanted an orgasm it would have to be prior to receiving the strap.  I was a little surprised that Barry quickly agreed to those terms.

Toying with him a bit more, I eventually provided his orgasm by milking him with my hand from behind.  When I was done, I then brought out the spanking strap.  I had to be careful with it, given Barry's exposed position.  I didn't want to hit his genitals.  So, I applied it entirely on the center of his upturned bottom.  Twenty sound strokes clearly made my point.  I then shared with him that I forgot to mention another condition for his orgasm.  I then inserted a butt plug in his bottom and told him that it will remain inserted until morning.

As I released him from the restraints, I suggested that it would be very appropriate for him to find a way to express his appreciation to me for the wonder orgasm he experienced.  He wholeheartedly agreed.  And he actually asked me if I would like to be pleased orally or with our new Ride-On Colossus penis extender.  I chose both.

It was a magical evening for both of us.  I loved having Barry in such an exposed and vulnerable position.  I also loved being able to spank and tease him at the same time, and to actually spank his penis a bit.  As long as I did it within reason, he remained aroused.

This morning, during breakfast, as we talked about last night, it was clear that we each enjoyed the same aspects of his exposure and vulnerability.  So, I gave Barry an assignment:  He is to come up with as many examples as possible of positions that will allow me to spank and tease his genitals at the same time.  I told him that he has free access to the Internet to do that, as long as I am in the house with him and know that he is working on it.  He seemed to like that idea.  We'll see where it leads.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Acquired Tastes: Being Submissive

It seems like ages since our Christmas get-a-way.  The flu was a huge part of that.  We were each sick at the same time and it was not fun.  We finally were able to recover and begin to resume a normal life.  And, last night we resumed "activities".  From what happened, I realize it is now time for me to share another "Acquired Taste".  Based upon our Christmas Eve activities, I knew it was only a matter of time, but I wasn't ready to share based upon one experience.

Last evening, after dinner, I shared with Barry that I was ready to take a hot shower and relax.  He encouraged me to do so and said that he would take care of cleaning up from our dinner.  Shortly after I entered the shower, Barry appeared in the bathroom and asked if he could join me in the shower.  That was exactly what I had hoped for.  But, I never expected the evening to develop as it did.

Barry entered our shower stall with me, with the blindfold I had given him at Christmas.  He quickly put it do use, with no resistance from me. He then whispered into my ear that he hoped I could relax and let things flow.  I have to confess that I felt readiness to do that.

I quickly found myself having my hands secured in the wrist cuffs that are secured to the shower walls with suction cups.  These are toys that I normally use for Barry when I shave him or tease him in the shower.  He had me secured facing the shower wall.  I was a bit nervous, but he quickly shared with me that I can "Say No" at any time and he will honor my request.  He proceeded to use the handheld shower to cleanse and tease me.  By rubbing against me, he also made it obvious that he was extremely aroused.

He eventually left the shower and returned.  At that point, he started to insert a Fleet enema in my bottom.  I started to protest.  He again reminded me to relax and said that I can always "Say No" later.  I did relax. After Christmas eve, I trusted him fully.  We eventually left the shower and he helped me to the toilet.  Enough said.  He then let me to the bedroom, still blindfolded.

In the bedroom, I ended up being positioned over the Liberator ramp which was placed at the bottom of our bed.  My hips were raised and my legs were spread and secured.  My hands were also secured in front of me.  It was only later, as I felt Barry's tongue down below, did I realize how completely vulnerable I was.

During all of this, Barry was so gentle that I never felt concerned.  I never thought of saying "No" or "Stop".   The details are not important at this time.  What is important is that I felt safe and comfortable.  I felt Barry's tongue in places I never expected.  I also felt him spanking me in a kind and gentle way.  It was exquisite.  The spanking was all over my bottom and thighs ... and sometimes on my privates.  But it was always in a way that aroused me.

I eventually felt something being inserted in my bottom.  I started to say "No".  However, it was so gentle that I didn't.  At first I thought it was Barry, but then it began to vibrate.  After that, I'm not sure what happened, but it was clear when Barry entered my vagina with his penis.  He slowly worked himself in and out, clearing hitting my magic spot.  As he proceeded, we each eventually achieved a climax, the order of which, I'm not really sure.  It didn't matter at that point.

Barry has clearly tuned in to my submissive side.  I didn't even know I have this need or desire.  Some may wonder how this fits into our 'Devotional Sex' side.  All I can offer at this time is that I knew I was in control and could say "no" at any time.  I didn't want to do so.

This does not mean I want to give up my dominate side.  I clearly don't want to do so.  And, Barry's submissive nature is still very apparent.  However, it is clear that we will continue to work on meeting each of our needs.  We each seem to enjoy being dominant and submissive.

Who would have thought this possible ...


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Spanking the Flu

Oh, how I wish that could easily be done (Spank the Flu).  Barry and I are each finally recovering from extended bouts with that nasty little devil this month.  And, we each had our flu shots ... early this year!    It is safe to say that nothing of interest has taken place in our lives since my last post.

Hopefully, the rest of you are avoiding this illness.  Keep washing your hands.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Where Do We Go From Here

Barry and I are still glowing in the after thoughts of our special time away.  I think it is fair to say that it was as much and more than each of us had expected.  There many special moments and a number of surprises for each of us.  We've had numerous conversations, starting with during our four hour drive home.  We began with questions like "What was your favorite gift received?" and "What did you like best?" and "What surprised you the most?".  Since then, we have progressed to things like "What do you want to make sure we keep doing?" and "What do you not want to do again?".  We are now at the stage of "Where do we go from here?".

It quickly became clear to each of us that we each pushed the envelope a bit with our gifts to each other, and we each loved what the other did.  There was really nothing done by either of us that was not appreciated by the other.  It also quickly became clear to each of us that we are ready to move forward and create more exciting times with each other. So, we began to attempt to prioritize a bit about where to start.   We don't want to overthink or overplan, but we need someplace to start that is meaningful to each of us.  So, we began to talk about "What the two most meaningful things that happened during our time together?".

Barry's two answers were:

  • Christmas Eve when I became completely submissive to him; and
  • Getting spanked again, especially in a non-disciplinary way (spanking has really fallen by the wayside during the past several months).
My two answers were:

  • Realizing how much I love to play with Barry's penis and testicles; and
  • Realizing that I loved what he did to me when I became submissive (that was a huge surprise to both of us).
So, the first things we're going to work on is bringing back spanking for non-disciplinary manner and finding more time for me to explore my love of his genitals.  We need to talk a little more about my submissiveness and how to incorporate it within our Devotional Sex lifestyle.  That shouldn't be too hard.  I've begun to think in terms of "As the Princess, I make decisions about what will happen next ... and that decision could be to give the reigns to Barry once in a while.".    The more I think about it, the more comfortable I get, especially, since Barry established a huge level of confidence for me that he will do the right thing.

So, spanking and genitals!  Why was I not surprised when Barry asked me to watch this Fm Spanking Video yesterday.  I apologize for it being a bit lengthy.  However, if you watch it, I think it will become clear why Barry recommended it.

To make a long story short, last night I gave Barry a spanking similar to what is depicted in the video and we are now also exploring other positions in which I can spank him that gives me lots of view and access to his genitals.  We each loved what happened.

It is quickly  becoming clear to each of us that we are ready to grow more and that we have many common interests.  A few years ago, I would have never imagined that this is where our journey would lead us.  I'm still a bit shocked in many ways.  "What would my mother say?" :-)


PS - Thanks to Barry's encouragement and his tech ability, I have returned to trying to include photographs (and today, a video) in my posts.  He provided that input early in my blog, but got a bit tired of doing it for me.  He suggested that I go back to including things of interest.  And, this time he is working to teach me how to do.  However, the past few posts were mostly all of his work.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Retreat - Part 3

Finally, the last post in this series.  I must apologize for taking so long to share our Christmas escape weekend.  It took me some time to digest and decide what to share.  And then, our children were coming for a New Year's celebration, since they couldn't be with us for Christmas.  So, I will now pick up where we left off:  at lunchtime on Christmas Day.  There were still some surprises in store for each of us.

During a light lunch we talked about what we would like to do the rest of the day.  I advised Barry, that I would really like to spend some time at the pool, jacuzzi, and sauna with him.  I reminded him that he probably needed some time to relax and recover :-).  He quickly shared that he had forgotten to pack a bathing suit.  He was not pleased when I shared that I had packed the speedo bathing suit that I had recently given him.  I also need to share with our readers that since Barry had lost weight again (he looks amazing), I love his small compact bottom.  And, it looks wonderful in a speedo bathing suit.  However, Barry is very self-conscious in it, since it shows everything in front.  He gets very self-conscious when he experiences 'shrinkage' when swimming.  The look on his face when I told him I had packed it made me very glad that I had purchased his next 'gift'.  I didn't say anything at the time, but waited until we got back to the room to change.

Back at the room, I shared my final gift with Barry: a soft packing dildo that is amazingly realistic.  I hoped that it would make him feel more comfortable wearing the speedo swimsuit.  I also liked the fact that it would make him always look about the size that I think of him.  When he put the speedo swimsuit on with the packer, he looked amazing.  I loved his tight little bum, and he loved the look from the front. We were each very pleased.  So, we went down to the pool and sauna.  We thoroughly enjoyed the time to relax with each other.  I must confess that I couldn't resist patting his sexy tight bum a couple of times.  And, I caught him grasping his crouch as well.  I was also aware of one woman in the pool area that couldn't seem to keep her eyes off of Barry's frontal area.

Needless to say, we each had a wonderful time relaxing together in the pool area, and also enjoying the jacuzzi and sauna.  When we returned to our suite, I had on last surprise for Barry.  When I learned about his submissive fantasies and activities prior to him sharing them with me, I learned about Barry's visits to dominant females who would role play with him.  His favorite roleplay was to have his female boss confront him with knowing he was spending too much time on the computer viewing porn sites.  When we returned to our room, while Barry was showering, I changed into formal office dress and greeted him when he came out of the bathroom.  He was caught completely by surprise and we had a bit of fun before we went to dinner.

When we returned to our suite for dinner, I was ready to be pleased by Barry.  He was also ready to please me. He was very grateful for all I had done.  However, we ran into a problem.  He was spent.

 He began by pleasing me orally.  However, when we proceeded further, there were problems.  He then presented his final gift to me, the Ride-on Colussus".  We have the original ride-on, but this is a tad bid longer and thicker.  Barry shared with me that he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to keep up with my needs, so this was his final gift.  He also tearfully shared his gratefulness for our wonderful time together and that his final gift also included a promise to try to please me in every way he could.

After considerable thought, I have decided to merely share that Barry more than fulfilled his promise.  The rest of our Christmas evening was ... unbelievable.  I'm not ready to share any more details than that.

I feel very blessed with what Barry and I have in our relationship.  I'm sometimes saddened that it took us so long for me to realize what he needed.  However, I'm extremely glad that we eventually came to a point where he could share his desires with me.  I'm also extremely glad that I was open to trying to understand those needs and try to meet them.    We will probably never completely meet each other's needs, but at this moment we are each trying.  What a gift to each other.

Happy New Year to everyone,


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Retreat - Part 2

When we awoke Christmas morning we decided to order breakfast to be brought to the room.  That decision was prompted by my desire start our playtime sooner, rather than later.  As soon as Barry called in our order, I reminded him that he belonged to me that day and that his first order of business was to take a shower and properly prepare himself for any activity I may desire (which he knew meant to properly prepare for anal).

While Barry was in the bathroom, I prepared my first gift of the day for Barry ... an under the bed restraint system.  We had been using some of Barry's old neckties at home, but I didn't know if our bed at the hotel would have a headboard and a footboard that we could tie them to. By the time he appeared, I had removed all of the bedding except for the bottom sheet and succussfully installed the system on our king bed.  I then tied a red bow to one of the cuffs with a note telling Barry that this is where he will spend the next several hours.  I also laid out a number of toys on the dresser in the bedroom, including the blindfold that I had given Barry to use on me, our Whartenburg wheel, a feather, my strap-on, and Barry's next two presents that were still wrapped.  When Barry came into the bedroom, I could see him taking it all in and his excitement was apparent.

About that time, our breakfast arrived, so I asked Barry to take care of receiving it while I got dressed.  I put on this little outfit which I had purchased especially for this event.  I knew that Barry would love it and that I would feel quite dominant in it.  Before appearing in the living room of our suite, I put the hotel bath robe on, so that I could surprise Barry with it after we ate breakfast.

I knew that Barry was excited, so I purposely made sure we took our time over breakfast.  It was a delicious meal and I wanted to make sure we savored it.  I also wanted to increase Barry's anticipation of what was to come.  That was easy to do.  Of course, I also let my bath robe partially reveal the outfit a couple of times, which only added to his anticipation.

Once breakfast was done, I took Barry's robe off of him and he was ready for action.  After leading him into the bedroom, I secured him to the bed, spread-eagled with the Liberator wedge under his bottom to slightly elevate it and provide easy access to his bottom.  Once he was secure, I removed my bath robe and started the fun.  After letting him enjoy the view, I straddled his head and directed him to make sure I was excited as he was.  It didn't take him long to achieve that goal.  I then let him know that he was in for a long session of teasing.  After blindfolding and toying with him for a half hour I asked him if he would like me to unwrap his next gift.

After removing the blindfold I opened a package containing a penis pump.  The gleam in his eyes was amazing.  I then took my time opening the package and reading the instructions to make sure I knew how to use it.  When I finally put it over his penis and began drawing out the air, he was as excited as I have ever seen him.  I could tell that he loved watching his penis expand to fill the cylinder.  However, I don't think he expected what I did next.  I installed the nipple suction devices that he had given me on his nipples and then told him I was going to go have a cup of coffee in the living room.  I left him as he was for about thirty minutes.  When I returned and began removing the nipple devices and the penis pump, his reaction was extremely enjoyable to watch.

I then decided to get on top of him cow-girl style and further torment him.  I should probably also share that at the beginning of our little session that day, I instructed Barry that he was not allowed to climax without my permission and that if he did, he would not like the consequences.  I proceeded to tease and deny Barry for the next two hours, using a variety of our toys.  I sometimes blindfolded him and sometimes let him see me and what I was doing.

I eventually asked him if he would like me to unwrap his next gift.  Of course he said yes.  And I opened a box containing the spanking strop shown here.  Barry has recently had a fascination with the idea of being strapped.  All of our spanking toys so far have been paddles, hairbrushes, rulers, etc ... all hard.  He has never experienced the strap.  On Christmas he did.  I removed his wrist and ankle bindings and put the Liberator ramp in the center of the bed.  I then resecured Barry with the bindings while he was bent over the ramp.  It put his bottom in a perfect position for strapping.  While I didn't administer a punishment type of spanking, I definitely let Barry know what this strap could do.  I took my time as I learned how to use it.  I quickly realized that I need to avoid any wrapping of the strap around his hips. It also didn't take long to learn that if applied to the backs of his thighs, it was deadly.  It is going to be a very flexible toy:  one that I can use for fun or one that can provide real discipline.

By this time, I wanted to give Barry a very nice reward ... an orgasm.  Again, removing his restraints, I positioned him on his back on the Liberator with his hips and bottom presented upwards and accessible.  I then resecured him.  He was now in a wonderful position for taking my strap-on and I would also have ready access to his penis.  I don't think I want to share any more details at this point, other than we both enjoyed ourselves.

By this time it was a little after noon-time.  It was time for lunch and a break.  And, the day was still young.