Sunday, November 14, 2010

Caught Red Handed

Saturday evening is usually our weekly shaving and play time (at least whenever we can).  However, last night we had dinner plans with friends, so we decided to postpone those activities until tonight.  While we were getting ready to go out, I had finished in our master bathroom and Barry was taking a shower.  The door to the bedroom was open, as it usually is due to steam buildup.  I realized that I had forgotten to brush my teeth, so I started to walk into the bathroom.  Barry didn't hear or see me, because he was standing in the shower with his back to the door.  Through the glass shower walls, it was easy to see what he was doing.   I decided to just stand in the doorway and watch.  It didn't take him long to finish his task.  As he did so, I announced my presence with "Did you find that enjoyable?"

He turned around with a shocked look on his face and mumbled that it wasn't what I thought.  "I was just washing myself" he said.  "Oh really", I said as I sat on the dressing stool.  "Then come on out and let me give you a quickie to hold you over until tomorrow."  He eventually walked over to me and I began to play with his package, including taking him in my mouth, which I know he loves.  Guess what?  He couldn't become erect.  "Do you still want to stick with the story that you were just washing yourself?", I asked.  Much to my surprise, he did.

"All right, my friend.  You've just earned one heck of a punishment for masturbating AND lying to me!  Put your hands on the counter and take a good look at yourself in the mirror while I get things ready.  Don't you dare dry yourself or move away from the mirror."

I gathered the wooden bathbrush that hangs by the tub and gathered a few more things that I wanted to use and took them into the bedroom, where I also took out a pair of red control panties that I had purchased last week after reading a blog about punishment panties.  I didn't expect to get to use them this soon.

I placed a pillow in the middle of the bed and concealed all but the hairbrush under another pillow I announced, "Alright Barry, get yourself out here."  When he timidly arrived, I directed him to lay over the pillow in the middle of the bed and to spread his legs.  After he did so, I sat on his back with my knees on either side of him.  I then proceed to use the bathbrush in a very rhythmic fashion, spanking all over his bottom at a uniform pace while I lectured and discussed his behavior with him.  This was not a play or fun type spanking.  There was no warm up and I really wasn't interested in hearing Barry's excuses.  I'm not sure how many spanks he got with the hairbrush, but he was bright red and pleading with me to stop long before I stopped.

When I did stop, I stayed seated on his back and reached under the other pillow.  Retrieving a bottle of aftershave lotion I had placed there, I applied it liberally to his red bottom (I should express a special thank you to one of the readers who suggested I do this to Barry).  I told Barry that I want to make sure he thinks about this punishment all evening, so he is going to wear some new special panties I bought for him; and showed him the red control panties which I purposely purchased on the small side of what size he normally wears.  I also added "These should keep the heat in your bottom for quite some time.  (Thank you Spankable Husband for your blog entry about 'Punishment Panties'.  That is wat sparked this idea.)  However, before you put them on, I also want to make sure you remember what got you in troubl tonight."  With that said, I stood up and sat on the edge the bed and directed Barry to get up and stand in front of me.  I then took out the tube of IcyHot Gel I had placed there.  I then rubbed just a very small amount onto the shaft of his penis and his scrotum.  I had never done this before, so I used a very small amount and made sure I kept it away from his glans.  I then had him step into his new punishment panties and sent him back to the bathroom to finish getting ready.  The panties were very snug on him, as I had hoped they would be and I made sure I had them pulled up nice and tight.

When we returned home after dinner, I told Barry that I wanted him to sleep in his panties that night.  He confided in me this morning that they were very effective in reminding him of his sore bottom.  When I asked him about the Icy Hot, he told me that it was a bit stingy for about an hour and it made it difficult for him to not think about his genitals and his spanked bottom.

Overall, I think I got his attention last night.  This evening I will shave him and we will have some fun.  I will definitely expect to be pleased by him.   However, since he had his orgasm last night, I plan to do a lot of teasing for a lengthy time and I have not yet decided how to end it yet.



  1. I hope my wife doesn't see this, I could be in a lot of trouble.
    She already has the punishment panties being used, but the icy hot has not entered the picture yet.

  2. Ms. Susan- Great detective work! Someone really got what he deserved... I hope tonight goes better for him!
    The red control punishment panties (and gel) were very nice ideas... bet he squirmed the evening away.

  3. It was not clear to me from the post: does he have to shave his genitals bald? And does he always have to keep them submissively smooth or only as part of a severe punishment....

  4. Well, well, Barry seems to be a very naughty boy. He richly deserved what he got, no doubt. Sorry pal, there can be no sympathy from a fellow male in this situation.

    I am sure the Icy Hot worked wonders. By the way: Tiger Balm or Tabasco Sauce (the red one, of course!) are also quite effective. Avoid to apply these on the glans, they do their best on the scrotum. Keeping the heat in with the tight panties is a wonderful idea.


  5. I did this in a different variation but got better than expected results after a few times. Keep up the great training of the boy.

  6. Oh Susan,
    You are a wicked (good)lady. I feel a little guilty that my latest post is in part responsible for Barry's dilemma, but I love the idea of the red control panties. Have to try to get some of those.


  7. Susan-
    Your creativity is awesome!
    And your descriptions of the way you assert your authority are, indeed, inspiring.

    It sounds like Barry ended up one well-spanked boy (and deservably so). He is one lucky guy!

  8. Susan,

    Wow, very hot story and much hotter spanking for the naughty boy. Well done.

    Thanks, for the tips as well and for sharing.


  9. I have to agree with George. I have no sympathy for Barry. Love the idea of the gel though - and the panties to help retain the burning heat......but like James said, I don't think I'll be suggesting Mistress reads this post!

  10. Wow Barry is one lucky guy to have you to keep him in line

  11. Sounds divine.
    I dream that my wife would be as proactive as you. Where do you live, I will bring her to meet you.

    When I was on a camp in high school, we used to torture other guys and had this done to me. Use toothpaste on his penis. We used to use Macleans. It was quite bitey in your mouth and excruciating when applied to your penis. We used to hold the guys down take a tube and squeeze it in to the front of their undies and grab and rub in then if they had draw string shorts on do a really tight knot and let me go. It was unbelievably painful as I recall.

    For me control briefs would be a treat though.

  12. Hi Susan:

    Good work spanking your man. I am happy to see another happy, strong, dominant woman on the blogger circuit.

    More power to us!


    ps. I am glad that you like my blog too.