Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Follow Up to Saturday Night

Last night Barry and I sat down at the computer to explore some things together (all exploration of porn sites by Barry is done with me at his side).  Our current routine is for him to be naked, except for a pair of panties that I choose for him to wear.  We sit side by side on two chairs and I control the mouse and keyboard.  I like being able to watch his level of arrousal for each site we visit.  I also like to be able to touch and tease him whenever I want :-).  It is usually a fun time, because I find myself feeding off his interests and explore things I would have never dreamed about.

As we explored various sites last night, it gave me a chance to talk with Barry in more detail about what happened Saturday night.  I learned that he was humiliated about having to go to the men's room and masturbate, but that he did it because he hates receiving a punishment spanking immediately after having an orgasm.  The men's room was very busy and, even though he was in a stall, he felt like other men probably heard sounds of what he was doing because I had told him he needed to do it quickly.  He also later realized that his pants and panties were around his ankles, so they could have been seen below the stall walls.

We also talked about what happened after we got home.  It was a love/hate relationship for him.  He loved being sexually teased, but he hated being continually denied for so long.  He also loved having me ride him, but the slowness of how I did it was completely frustrating to him.  I shared with him how much I loved riding his cock in a way that was very stimulating and satisfying to me and that I planned to do much more of that in the future.  I really found that to be extremely satisfying.  We also talked about my forcing myself on him orally.  It turns out that we each loved it. (Oral stimulation has previously been something that has been uncomfortable to each of us in some ways. Consequently, it should probably be the subject of a separate posting.)

Our internet explorations also led to viewing some interesting products that I may have an interest in purchasing for Barry.  One was a Venus 2000 unit that would manually stimulate Barry at whatever rate/pace I choose.  From what I read, I could hook him up to it and slowly stimulate/tease him for hours without having him climax.  Based on what he said about Saturday night,perhaps that could be a real punishment.  Saturday night also caused me to think about how I might find a way to remotely stimulate Barry whenever I wanted.  We found a remotely controlled vibrating ring that offers some interesting possibilities.  I need to do some more research.  I also find it very interesting that Barry seems interested in these types of devices that will probably cause him much frustration.

Needless to say, our journey is continuing.


PS - I hope everyone has voted today, no matter how you voted.  It is a wonderful freedom that we all enjoy and I don't take it for granted.

PPS - Barry and I will be away for the rest of the week.  He has a short business trip and I am going to travel with him.


  1. Like that you two are sharing his most deepest desires.He both wants and at the same time hates his chastity.

    Like very much your right to play with him at will and to impose your pussy on him for oral attention when ever you desire.

  2. We enjoy what you are doing as I do the same to aj. Also while away don't forget to discipline barry either in your room or off to the side of the road. I have done this to aj and it is quite stimulating to both of us. I use an RC butt plug on aj and it does wonders on a trip.
    Enjoy yourself and the trip.

  3. Have a great trip Susan and thanks again, you sharing is so wonderful.



  4. Susan-
    This is just an incredible story. You have indicated that you haven't been doing the FLR thing very long but your actions at the restaurant certainly demonstrate who has the power in your relationship. And that you know how to use. Its a win-win for both of you.

  5. The idea of you sitting by hubby as you two surf the web is incredibly exciting! :) I'd be tenting my panties in no time -- I can just imagine what it's like there!

    Thanks so much for Your posts!