Monday, March 12, 2012

Spanking Bench ????

I'm sure that no one will be surprised that Susan has suggested another posting topic for me. Actually, this one also included some work to be done before I could write it.

She has developed a serious interest in purchasing a spanking bench. I have some serious concerns about this. But, it is also exciting in some ways. The concern of being the one who will be over it is obvious. But, knowing how loving and caring Susan is also presents the possibility of other more pleasurable activities. I then factor in the fact that I am also concerned about having a piece of this type of furniture in our house for someone to discover. Susan is as well, but she seems to be willing to overlook that concern at the moment.

It seems that one of her readers sent her an email recommending a portable spanking bench from BDG Sales. Susan is very interested in it, but has a number of questions. So, she decided that I should call BDG Sales and get answers for her, and then post the information on the blog.

I'm usually pretty comfortable making phone calls. But this was different. Susan's main concern is that my genitals be able to hang down and be exposed when I am on the bench. She wants access to them for teasing and milking. So, I called this this evening and fortunately a man answered. My heart skipped a beat or two when he transferred me. But I was relieved when another man answered. He seemed to understand my situation and answered Susan's questions, as well as a couple that I had. He also shared some additional information that neither of us thought to ask. He also had some suggestions about how to use some features of the bench. I don't know if it is good or bad, but all of his answers were positive with respect to what Susan is looking for. I also suspect that I will be pleased with its capabilities for Susan to use it for pleasurable experiences. However, the alternative possibilities if she decides to punish me are very scary.

I have shared what I learned with Susan, including the fact that he is willing to customize the bench to meet our needs with no or little increase in cost. It was also very apparent to me that he has used the bench from multiple perspectives and loved talking about it. That made the conversation much more comfortable for me.

I'm not sure where Susan and I will go with this right now. I'm not even sure I know where I hope it will go.


PS ... The bench that we are considering is a portable spanking bench from BDG Sales (

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A New Experience Last Night

Being off from work yesterday for a routine medical appointment provided me with an unexpected opportunity to spice things up and create a new opportunity for Barry and me.

First, I need to provide a little background that developed two weekends ago when Barry shared with me that he enjoyed being pegged and when we visited the lingerie/adult store in "the city".  While we were there, I purchased a French maid's dress and a lovely, fun paddle.  What I did not purchase (because I didn't want Barry to know I was doing so) was a beautiful, life-like very large strap-on dildo.  It is quite large compared to the two dildos I have used to penetrate him, but not ridiculous.

Last Monday, I called the store and asked if they would ship it to our home.  The were happy to do so ... and it arrived yesterday.  Perfect timing.  I arrived home from my appointment early afternoon and found it.  I immediately texted Barry with "Get ready for some fun tonight".  I continued to periodically text him during the afternoon with things like "I own your butt", "Better not be late", "You're in for a 'huge' surprise", etc.  I wanted to have him crawling with anticipation by the time he got home :-).  As he was driving home I called him and told him that I needed him to stop at the pharmacy on the way to pick up a couple of things.  I let him ask what I needed before I told him to bring home a package of large size condoms and a large tube of lube.  The slight pause and hitch in his voice as he replied "Yes, dear" was very apparent.  I loved it.

When he arrived home, I greeted him at the door dressed in his favorite outfit for me (white blouse and black skirt).  Under the skirt, I was wearing the dildo in my harness and it was quite apparent.  I loved seeing Barry's smile when he saw the outfit I was wearing, and I couldn't miss the look on his face when he noticed the outline of what was below my skirt. It was priceless.  I suggested that he go take a shower and that I would join him in the bathroom.  When he entered our bedroom, the French maid outfit was laid out on our bed.  When he entered the bathroom, he couldn't miss the enema bag hanging on the clothes hook by the shower and the dressing bench in the middle of the room.

I'd prefer to keep some of the details a bit personal, but let me share that I joined him in the bathroom as he finished his shower.  After we removed his cage, he ended up over the bench to receive a slowly administered enema concurrent with lots of genital teasing and erotic paddling with the leather paddle I had purchased at the store during our visit.  I left him alone to have some privacy to expel the quart of warm water before he joined me in the bedroom, where I had fun dressing him as my maid.

He then served us the dinner that I had prepared and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards, knowing what was in store for him beneath my skirt.  When we retired to the bedroom for his introduction to our new toy, I first took him over my knee for a fun spanking with my Spanking Buddy.  When I did so, I trapped his erection between my thighs so I could make sure I kept him aroused and  also made sure he could feel the presence of the new dildo in his abdomen.  Once his bottom was nicely warmed, I had him kneel in front of me and raise my skirt to get acquainted with "Max", my new friend.  After having him experience its size and texture in his mouth, I had him roll the condom on it (the large size fit quite nicely) and then prepare it with as much lube as he desired.  Once I had him bending over the side of the bed I took my time with him.  It took patience and gentleness to get Max started.  But, once it was about two thirds of the way in, Barry began to moan and move his hips towards me to assist in its penetration.  It was then that I realized what a little slut he is with respect to anal play.  He was loving it!  He continued to rock his hips with me as I continued to peg him.  When I withdrew, I flipped him over on his back to confirm that he had a very stiff erection.  I then finished him off, teasing him about what a slut he was, and left him with a ruined orgasm.

I have to confess that I loved the evening.  Since my focus last week was primarily on making sure that Barry's (and my) sexual needs were met, I decided that I needed to make sure I reasserted control in a loving, caring way.  I'm pretty sure that I succeeded.

This is also really the type of spice that I am hoping to make sure that we each continue to add to our relationship.  I also now realize that I need to take advantage of what a little slut he is for pegging.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Good Week

The past week was much more fun for both Barry and me than the previous one.  The new rules we established seem to be working much better.  Barry still wears his chastity device most of the time, even though it is unlocked.  The honor system seems to be working, probably because we have opened up better communications by each pledging to share our sexual needs with the other and to meet each others needs.  That seems to work better for both of us, as opposed to enforced chastity for long periods of time.  We each seemed to need more sexual stimulation last week, perhaps due to the stress of the punishment week.  The Ride-on got put to use most nights, especially while Barry was tied to the bed while lying on his back.  Barry also got to enjoy significant and lengthy teasing in that position.  It seems to be his favorite and I plan to use it frequently, now that I realize how meaningful it is to him (and how much fun it can be with the Ride-on and for forced oral worship (which I also plan to take advantage of on a more regular basis).

Barry also continues to keep his body completely shaved and wear panties instead of men's underwear, which I really enjoy.  I guess that I need to begin giving some thought to what to do in the summer, when he will need to expose his arms and legs.   Also, I think it's time for us to make a trip to Victoria's Secrets again.  It should allow for some public embarrassment and teasing, which should be fun for both of us.

After learning more of Barry's likes and dislikes, I have now implemented an additional rule.  Whenever Barry climaxes, the results of his pleasure will be consumed by him.  It does not necessarily take place at that time, since I was intrigued by comments regarding freezing them for later consumption.  I have started to keep a dedicated ice cube tray in the freezer into which we can transfer and save his juices.  And, we have been exploring some other creative ways to make the consumption a sensual experience, especially if they have spilled on me.

So, last week was good for both of us and it provided opportunities for experimentation, which I think is something that Barry and I have both been craving.

Thanks again to each of you who have shared comments of support and ideas.  I can't begin to express how helpful you are.