Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Friendly Competition - continued

I would like to first thank everyone for their wonderful comments and suggestions to my last post.  The four of us got together this past weekend for some fun and we talked about your ideas.  We decided to hold the contest next weekend and to use Trivial Pursuit as our game.  After much discussion, we decided that the teams will be men vs women.  Couple vs couple presented some interesting possibilities, but Carol and I really want it to be a battle of the sexes.  We also feel that we can win :-).  The next decision concerned what edition of Trivial Pursuit to use.  Between the three households, we have a number of sets of cards, including:  Sports, Baby Boomer, Silver Screen, TV, Juniors, and Family editions.  The men, of course, wanted Sports.  Carol and I wanted Silver Screen.  Neither one of those seemed fair.  Again, after discussion, we settled on either the Baby Boomer or TV edition.  We voted and it ended up a tie.  A coin toss made Baby Boomer the winner.   Carol and I are very comfortable with that, as are Barry and Henry.

We then discussed what we will play for.  That created a very interesting discussion because we had to weigh the reality that either team could win lose.  What we might want as winners could feel very different as losers!  We finally settled on the following parameters, as of now:

  • The game will take place at Henry's home were we have the benefit of his playroom and extensive amount of equipment.
  • Carol, Barry, and I can also bring any toys or equipment that we wish to supplement what is there.
  • The losing team must submit during a two hour period to anything desired by members of the winning team.
  • Each member of the losing team must submit to anything requested by either member of the winning team.  However, each member of the winning team has veto power over anything that s/he feels is inappropriate.  For example, if the women win and Carol requests something of Barry that I am uncomfortable with, I can veto it.
  • We also established some hard limits.  This list may also expand before next Saturday.  At this time the hard limits are:
    • no vaginal sex unless it is between Barry and me or Henry and Susan
    • no oral sex between non-mates unless the giving party consents and it is OK with his/her mate
    • no anal sex with a woman unless it is with the winner's mate (we did not limit pegging of the men)
    • if any sexual contact is involved between non-mates, all four of us must be in the room when it takes place 
    • any spanking of a woman must be with just the hand or the use of a previously agreed upon "light" implement (we will designate them before the contest begins)
I'm sure that we will have additions to the rules before we begin on Saturday, but I think we have a basic agreement in place.  I also think that each side will have a very competitive desire to win!

I'll let you know what happens.  We all think it will be fun.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How about Some Friendly Competition -- FEEDBACK Requested

Carol and Henry, as well as Barry and I, have been enjoying a comfortable winter.  Barry's maintenance spankings have continued, keeping him well mannered and behaved.  He really seems to thrive on and love being spanked, especially if it is not a full blown punishments spanking (which he has seemed to learn how to avoid).  The four of us have also been enjoying some fun role play situations together and are looking for new ideas to keep things spicy.

Barry recently suggested that we consider some type of friendly competition.  He also suggested that a Trivia Pursuit game might be a good source of competition.  We have all played that game years ago, but not recently.  Also, none of us claim to be very good at it, so it seems like it would offer a reasonably level playing field.  We all seem to be agreement on that, so now we are considering the make-up of the teams (such as couple vs couple or men vs. women) and what the prize should be.

Under serious consideration are:

  • Men vs Women, with the losers having to completely submit to whatever the winners desire that evening.  There would be no restrictions on what the winners could require or do, unless the spouse of a loser felt uncomfortable with something that was being required of his/her mate.  For example, if the women are victorious, I could object to and block something that Carol wanted to do to Barry.  If Barry objected to something, he could not say 'no' unless I felt it was inappropriate.
  • Couple vs Couple, with the losing couple being required to completely submit to the winning couple.  Again, there would be no restrictions unless a member of the winning couple felt uncomfortable with something his/her spouse was requiring of a member of the losing couple.  For example, if Barry and I are victorious, Barry could object to something that I wanted to do to Henry or Carol.  If they objected to something that I wanted to do, they could not say 'no' unless Barry felt it was inappropriate.
We have had several discussion about which competition would be the most fun, as well as about whether there should be any hard limitations about what the winners can require, especially with respect to sexual activities.  At the moment, Carol and I would like some hard limits specified.  However, Barry and Henry are comfortable with relying on the ability of their spouse's objections to keep things under control.

This has been an interesting exercise in finding a new way of raising the bar.  Consequently, we have decided to share our thoughts and request feedback from our readers.  We are not asking for a vote, but for thoughtful input that we want to consider before making our final decision.

We look forward to hearing from you,


Sunday, February 5, 2017

An Interesting Night

Carol and Henry were going to be away this past weekend.  So we had to skip our regular Saturday night play date.  However, as usual, Henry told us that we could use his playroom while they were gone.  I didn't give it much thought, but Barry did.  Last Thursday he shared with me that it has been a long time since I have had reason to "take him to task" for bad behavior, and that he has missed that.  He then proposed that we have a role play concerning his inappropriate conduct.  He suggested the following scenario:
  • We play ourselves as a married couple in our current time frame
  • I have recently learned that he has recently seen a dominatrix/disciplinarian to fulfill his need for domestic discipline and some of his kinky sexual desires, even though I have been attempting to meet those needs
  • I have contacted that disciplinarian and talked with her about what she has done with Barry
  • Our scenario begins with Barry and I going to Henry's home to enjoy a playful evening in his playroom
  • Once we are there, I confront Barry with my knowledge about him seeing the dom/disciplinarian
It was clear to me that Barry knew that this scenario would push a lot of my buttons about him turning to someone else for his sexual needs.  

After giving it considerable thought, I realized Barry really wanted an intense play time in Henry's playroom and I decided to make it happen.  Without sharing any specific details about what would happen, I told Barry that I thought this was a wonderful scenario for us to enact.  I suggested that we would go to Henry's playroom on Saturday night expecting a fun play time.  However, I let him know that once we arrived, I would enact his scenario ... and warned him that he would be in for a long night.  He quickly agreed.

When we arrived in Henry's downstairs play area I quickly became very serious with Barry and confronted him about seeing a dominatrix/disciplinarian.  He tried to deny it, but he had no answer when I asked him to explain the recent large ATM cash withdrawal from our checking account.  He eventually fessed up to what he'd done.  I then let him know that I had talked with the woman and learned of the things he had asked her to do.  I also let him know that I planned to punish him severely and then explore his wishes to see if he really liked them if performed for real by his wife.  At this point I didn't let him know what I had learned from my conversation.  I planned to incorporate a lot of things that I know fascinate Barry, some of which he has never experienced.

I began by ordering Barry to strip and join me in the bathroom.  He arrived while I was preparing a two quart enema to administer.  When I was ready, I sat on a wicker stool and took Barry over my lap, spanking him with my hand as I administered the full volume of the enema.  When I was done, his bottom was starting to nicely redden and I inserted a butt plug into his anus so that he would have to retain the water for the next part of his punishment.  I felt that he was nicely 'warmed up' for the punishment that was to come.

I then took him into the room with the spanking bench and secured him to it, making sure his legs were spread and his genitals fully exposed.  After teasing his ball sack a little bit and telling him how much I was going to enjoy administering a punishment spanking, I selected Henry's "licking stick" from his collection and showed it to Barry.  I told him that this would be the first implement I would use to punish him for going behind my back to see a professional disciplinarian.   I suspect that he was beginning to wonder what he had gotten himself into.  I then began applying the wooden stick to his bottom in a methodical way, starting at the top of his buttocks and slowly working my way down to his upper thighs.  Once I got to mid thigh, I began to slowly work my way back up, allowing each firm stroke to cover both sides of his bottom.  I repeated this three times.

By this time, Barry was pleading with me to stop and to allow him to expel the enema.  I agreed that this would be a good time to take a little break from his punishment and I would allow him to expel.  As I released him from the bench, he immediately ran to the bathroom, where he remained for at least 15 minutes.  When he returned, I ordered him back to the bench, where I secured him again, making sure he was again fully exposed.  I then began to spank the head of his penis before selecting a riding crop to use to spank the inner area of his butt crack and his inner thighs, both of which were untouched by the licking stick.  I did this for at least 15 minutes, before allowing Barry another short break, this time still secured to the bench.

I then located a butt plug designed to be connected to one of Henry's TENS (electrostimulation) units.  After putting it in place and adjusting the stimulation level to something that was on the verge of Barry's comfort level, I selected my next punishment implement:  this time a 2 inch wide leather strap.  Again, I used it methodically, working up and down Barry's bottom, first from the left side and then from the right side.  Barry was again pleading for me to stop.  I gave him another break, on the bench, and then told him that he had one more implement to endure before I would consider him to be appropriately punished.

The last implement was a lexan paddle, which I know Barry hates.  When I finished using it, we had a very good discussion about what Barry should do if he feels a need have more intense or different punishments or sexual activities.  Barry agreed that the answer is not to seek it elsewhere, but to come to me.

I then told Barry that I was going to provide him with the sexual stimulation and teasing things that he asked the professional to provide.  However, I added that I would not do these things for just a few minutes.  "You're in for a long night", I explained.  I then secured Barry to the gynecological exam chair/table.  His arms and legs were secured and his genitals and anus were completely exposed to my whims.  By the time he was secured, he was fully erect and obviously very excited.  I then asked him to remind me about the things he asked the dominatrix to do to him.  He had a hard time telling me his fantasies, but with the threat of the riding crop being used on his genitals, he managed to share lots of fantasies with me.  Then the fun began.

During the next two hours, Barry experienced tease and denial in many ways, including nipple clamps, electrostimulation of his penis, the Venus 2000 penis pump (at a low level for an extended period of time), being pegged as our eyes locked on each other (but during which he was unable to touch his penis and I purposely didn't).  When I finally allowed him to climax, he exploded in a way that I had never witnessed before.  His entire body then immediately went limp.

We took a little time to talk about what had happened as we cleaned up the playroom and equipment.  The ride home was mostly silent, which allowed Barry some time to recover.  The wonderful part of it was that when we arrived home, he was ready to appropriately express his gratitude for what he considered to be a wonderful evening.  As we got into bed, he immediately got into position to orally worship me and slowly did so in a beautiful way that allowed me to reach a wonderful climax.

Who say sex can't get better as we age?  It just takes each party to be willing to grow and give.