Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Barry's Birthday Role Play - Part 3 (Saturday afternoon and evening)

Carol led me to the dining room, where I found a bare dining room table with no chairs around it.  The table is one that can allow extension pieces to be put into it to make it larger.  Carol had opened the table about 4 inches, so there was a small gap in the middle. She had also brought the bondage system from Barry's bed and installed it under the table, so that there were bondage points extending from each of the tables four legs.

As I looked on in amazement, Carol began to explain her thought process.  Barry would lie face down on the table and be bound spread-eagled to the four legs.  She would stay outside the table or on top of it, straddling Barry ... where she could spank him.  I would be below, where I could do whatever I wanted to do with respect to his penis and testicles which would be hanging down.  It would allow us to create the scenario in the video he loves ... with two, not one, individuals involved.  It would also allow us to spank and tease Barry at the same time.  And, it would allow me to do whatever I wanted to do to Barry without Carol knowing what I was doing.   I couldn't believe what she had created.  I quickly said, "Let's do it".

We decided to blindfold Barry before bringing him into the dining room.  We led him there and then helped him climb on the table, where we made sure his manhood protruded into the slot available and then bound his ankles and wrists to the four corners.  I quietly went below, while Carol began to lightly spank him.  When I first touched his penis, I could tell he was surprised (and pleased).

Carol then continued to spank him as I continued to sexually tease him.  We didn't verbally communicate, but I was able to keep him aroused as she intensified the spanking.  We kept him on edge for what must have been at least a half hour.  There came a point when she slowed down the spanking.  That gave me an opportunity to ask Barry if he wanted to climax.  Of course he did.  When he said "yes", I informed him that there would be a price to pay.  By this point, he was just needing to climax, and was ready to agree to anything.  We had kept him sexually aroused (off and on) for almost 18 hours.

I could tell that Carol was continuing to back off on the spanking, so I increased the manual stimulation.  But, I also made sure I kept him under control.  I also reminded Barry that he needed to have our permission to climax. He was finally again begging for permission for a release.  When I finally gave it to him, he climaxed in a matter of 10 or 15 seconds.  And his seminal fluid went everywhere!

And then I reminded Barry that there was a price to pay.  And, I kept stroking and teasing his penis.  Thankfully, Carol was still sitting on his back and she realized what was going on.  She stayed there as I kept stroking and teasing.  She also resumed a light spanking.

It was clear that Barry was in distress, but I also sensed that he was loving it in a way.  I continued for for what must have been several minutes before I stopped.  When I did, it was clear that it was a relief.

We eventually released him from the table and Carol led him back to the family room, where she bound him to the theater chair while I took a shower.  I had his cum all over me, including in my hair.  We let him rest in the chair for over an hour. We then started showing him photos from the flash drive.  Much to my surprise his penis came back to life.

So, using the Hitachi, I made him climax again.

After another hour, we repeated this process.  Again, I was surprised at his response.  After another hour, when I tried again, he achieved an erection, but even the Hitachi could not induce a climax.  We had worn him out.

At this point Carol and I looked at each other and shared the joy of achieving all of our goals.  Barry had wanted some realism.  And, Carol and I had set a goal of giving Barry lots of pleasure, as well as frustration, and meeting his desire for experiencing some reality.  That final goal of his was achieved by hopefully making him understand that fantasy is very different than reality.  We provided a lot of fantasy, but in the end, we provided some harsh reality.

It was after 6 PM by this time, so we heated up the lasagna and enjoyed a relaxing dinner together, with some wine, and used that opportunity to debrief.

Barry was the first to share and his initial comment was "I don't ever want to receive a two quart enema again."  I couldn't help myself and I giggled a little bit when I asked him "But, since you have a number of enema bag photos, I thought that was something that intrigued you."  He admitted that it was, but that he learned the hard way that it is better left as a fantasy.  He did say that he enjoyed lying over Carol's lap as it went in, that the pleasure ended there.  Standing in the shower and holding it was awful and it seemed like it would never all get out of him.  Barry seemed to like everything else.  He specifically commented positively about the prolonged spankings and how sore his bottom now is, even though the spankings were not hard to endure at the time.  He also commented about how being edged for so long was difficult, but rewarding at the same time.   He had similar feelings about his time on the milking table in the dining room.  He loved it, even though the continued stroking after his orgasm was hard to endure.  He especially liked the realism that Carol and I brought to the role play and the way we played our roles.  He also commented about being blindfolded at different times and how that made things feel more intense.  It was clear that he was pleased and that the enema was the only negative part of the role play for him.

Carol and I were equally positive.  I was very happy with how she handled her additional freedom to participate more.  She and I are quite comfortable working together.  The only negative for me was that I was somewhat inhibited by Carol's presence sometimes.  There were sexual things that I would have liked to do if Barry and I were alone, but I was not comfortable doing them in front of Carol.  I really appreciated the fact that when she created the milking table in the dining room, she stayed on top of the table and left be below with Barry's dangling penis and testicles.  However, knowing she could hear what I was doing and the fact that I didn't know what Barry would say at any time, I  was still somewhat inhibited.  However, that is minor.  The important thing is that Barry and I each have a high level of trust in her, so we are OK letting her enter this realm of our life.

As a final note, I was amazed at Carol's creativity in helping me create this role play, especially with respect to utilizing furniture in her house.  The theater chair, ottoman, and dining room table provided amazing "pervertible" furniture to create an atmosphere for Barry.

By 9 PM, it was time for Barry and me to head home.  My car was in her driveway, since I had driven there on Friday afternoon and rode back to our home in her car in preparation for us using it to kidnap Barry.  I think we were all exhausted, but I also had some other needs that needed to be met before we were done.  Barry wasn't the only one who was kept on edge for a little over 24 hours!



  1. Wow! When I see the love you have for your husband, and consider the journey you have made to understand and nurturee him......Wow! Thanks for allowing us this glimpse. Mike

  2. Wow indeed! What a wonderful scene you and Carol provided for Barry. Certainly a dream come true for many men to be tormented so delightfully for hours on end. Yes, Barry is very fortunate that you love him so much and are willing to enjoyably provide such a great time for him.
    Once again, thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share this incredibly hot scene with your readers.

  3. I'm glad it went so well, and a little envious of your situation having a mutually trusted third person available. If for any reason the topic should return (I have sometimes had an initial negative reaction change after sitting with the experience for a while), Barry should know that enemas become easier to take with repetition.

  4. I'll continue with the sentiment of the others ... Wow, just Wow! You are rapidly becoming my second favorite Mistress Wife!

    Thank you for you wonderful stories about your life.

  5. Regarding Barry's bad experience with the 2qt enema:

    My wife and I have given enemas to each other over the time and we have learned how to make it a rather pleasant event.

    Here is how we do it:
    - The patient should try to go potty before the enema.
    - Use water at body temperature or a bit below.
    - Do not use soap.
    - Patient should lay in a comfortable position, on the left side.
    - Use lubricant on the enema nozzle. Do not use the "douche" nozzle, it is designed for a vagina and its shape is very unpleasant in an anus.
    - Go slowly.
    - Massage the tummy.
    - Pause if there are cramps, and massage the tummy.
    - If cramps do not stop quickly with the pause, the patient should go expel the enema. Restart from scratch after that.
    - Do not make the patient stay with the enema "plugged" inside.

    In that way, it is possible to take the two quarts and then feel rather empty and light-headed afterwards.

  6. So to summarize: my theory is that a 2-qt enema results in painful cramps if it encounters obstructing fecal matter and gas (probably more the gas), and thus one should not try to force the way when strong cramps occur. If instead one releases the enema when there are difficulties, the next enema can go deeper without pain.

  7. I agree with the others WOW. I followed the whole series you and Carol did a wonderful job if giving Barry his fantasy. I loved the way she used the table. Being teased after a climax is wonderful. I hope in time you can relax even more with Carol. She is your sister and has shown she enjoys Barry being submissive. I also understand your feelings about some things you don't want to do in front of her. To that I say why not do you feel it's some thing she does not know about? She just seen you with his climax all over you and knows what you were doing. You did bring up a point I wondered about. You said when you got home you had needs to be taken care of. Have you wondered how the encounter went with Carol? Do you think she was not wet and turned on. I think she was.

  8. Very hot and loving ! Thank you Susan! I hope you spent twice as much time mounted on Barry's face and cock as you did teasing him!

  9. (# 1 of 2)

    I agree with Pecan nutjob that you & Barry may have given up a bit too quickly on larger enemas.

    Enemas, like buggery, fellatio, and spanking, seem to me a bit of an acquired taste. And, like a spanking, a large enema can be anything from very nice to extraordinarily uncomfortable depending on how it's done -- but since you're administering it, you have the power to control where it falls on that spectrum.

    If you want to continue using enemas for anything more than a quick rinse, you may need to help Barry acquire the taste.

    A person's first 2 quart enema ever, taken without prior preparation, can be very uncomfortable -- and retaining it for any length of time can be incredibly so. Frankly, I'm amazed that Barry managed to do so for more than a couple minutes, even with the assistance of a plug. With a bit of preparation, though, they can be quite tolerable -- even enjoyable.

    Even a small increase or decrease in volume will make a big difference in both comfort and retainability. And when you're taking an enema, everything in your colon counts toward the volume you're retaining. So if you're full of shit to start with, a 2 quart enema will be really large by the time it's all in. And unless your entire colon't been rinsed out, it will be at least partially full of shit.

    The next time you want to give Barry a largish enema, I'd suggest doing it in two stages. Give him 2 1/2 to 3 pints to start with, warm, and have him hold it. Massage his abdomen (or have him massage it) from his bladder, up his left side, across, and down his right side to work the solution all the way to the far end of his colon. After 5 to 10 minutes, give him 10 or 20 minutes on the toilet to dump really thoroughly -- this time massaging his abdomen in the opposite direction to completely empty his colon. You want his colon completely emptied. If he doesn't feel thoroughly emptied at this point, repeat until he does.

    Once he's thoroughly emptied, he'll be far better able to take (and retain, at least for a little while) the full 2 quarts without complaints. With a few pleasant experiences given his prior interest, he's likely to find he actually likes them. And even if he doesn't, YOU might -- and maybe that's what really counts anyway.

    Be sure to give him one of your maxi-pads afterwards and ensure he both thanks you for it and wears it (if he's not naked) for at least a couple hours. That way what he thinks is going to be a little fart an hour later won't turn into something far more messy than he expected. Always Overnights, turned around backwards, provide a lot of coverage so are a good choice for this.

  10. (#2 of 2)

    But even if you don't want him comfortable, up to and including use of enemas for punishment, the prep up front is still helpful. Without it, you have no idea how much he's really holding when you give him 2 quarts. With it, so long as he's emptied thoroughly after the prep, you know exactly how much he's holding -- so can adjust the volume as needed to have the impact you want, safely, and can repeat it with the same impact tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. If he could take (and retain) 2 quarts with no preparation, he very likely can take 2 1/2 quarts (or more) with it.

    Temperature makes a big difference too. Body temperature or just a little cooler is generally the most comfortable. Hotter, up to maybe 106 degrees F, is OK most of the time, and can be really nice when you're chilled, but can be a bit uncomfortable if you've been working outside on a hot day and are already overheated. Conversely somewhere around 60-70 F is OK most of the time, and can be really nice if it's not overly large and you've been working outside on a hot day. But it can be pretty uncomfortable if you're chilled beforehand and left naked.

    And if you want to use enemas for punishment, when he deserves a particularly severe one even a quart of icewater straight from the fridge (especially if you add ice to chill almost to freezing) can be incredibly uncomfortable -- and having him retain it during the spanking to follow would make it even more so. But even for this you still want him prepared beforehand, so you can reliably control its severity. You should absolutely NOT use anything other than pure water if you're adding ice, since salt or most any other additive will permit ice to chill the solution below the freezing point of water, potentially causing injury. And I'd not even consider this if he was at all chilled before.

    But I disagree with Pecan nutjob about the douche nozzle. I dislike the small enema nozzle, and have heard too-frequent reports of elders in nursing homes having punctured rectums from slightly careless use of it. The larger (and nicely rounded) douche nozzle just seems safer to me, though it needs adequate lubrication.

    I also wouldn't use soap, unless you're going to rinse him out with plain water afterwards. It can be pretty irritating.

    BTW, typical disposable enemas are nasty things. They are irritating to the colon and anus, downright painful (in a bad sort of way) to some people, and rapidly suck water out of the bloodstream potentially leading to dehydration. And an accidentally punctured rectum combined with the high salt content of these enemas can lead to severe necrosis of rectum and surrounding tissues. I wouldn't use them without extreme care, or allow anyone else to use one on me under any circumstances.

    For small enemas, I'd suggest using a good douche bulb with its fat vaginal nozzle, filling it as needed with plain water or mild saline (~1 tsp salt/quart). They're not very expensive, though you may need to order online as they're no longer generally available in every corner drug store as they used to be.