Sunday, March 29, 2015

Barry's Birthday Role Play - Part 1 (Friday night)

When Barry returned from Home Depot late Friday afternoon, Carol and I were sitting in the living room enjoying a cup of tea together.  When he greeted us, I became very formal and directed him to go to our bedroom and get dressed in the 'office' clothes I had placed on the bed for him.  I also informed him that he was then to go to his office and wait for us to arrive.  I told him that we were going to do a role play and that the setting was early evening on Friday.  He is working late because of a major project that has to be completed for Monday.  He thinks he is the only one in the office.  I also shared with him that Carol and I would be playing the roles we assumed for our last role play:  I am his current office assistant and Carol is a former one.  He then quickly departed for our bedroom without saying a word.

When we heard him go to his office, Carol and I then went to the bedroom to change our clothes.  We took our time, because I wanted Barry to have time to ponder what was going to happen and increase his anticipation.  We each changed into our formal and conservative office clothes.

When we walked into his office, Barry immediately assumed the role and setting I described.  He acted surprised that I was still in the office and had no idea why Carol was there.  I got right down to business with him and explained that I am very concerned and disappointed that he has not learned anything that I have been trying to teach him.  I explained that I recently learned that our office intern had unexpectedly resigned, so I contacted her.  I learned that she resigned because he had attempted to spank her for lack of productivity.  I also pointed to the ceiling of his office where I had tapped a small toy video camera.  I asked if he had noticed that being there the past week.  He again played the role and was shocked.  I told him that it showed some very disturbing behavior: including him sitting at his desk staring at his computer and doing something.  I then made him tell Carol and me what he was doing.  It took a while, but he finally admitted that he was masturbating.

Once I had that admission, I took our scenario to another level. I told him that because he was obviously using the computer to aid him, I had taken the opportunity when he was out of the office to spend some time on his computer.  I was able to quickly use Windows Explorer to find a set of folders containing a very interesting collection of porn.  I then let him know that his browser history was extremely revealing.  Bringing it all together, I then showed him a thumb drive.  I explained to him that it contained a copy of all of his porn files and copies of screen prints of his browser history.

I have to confess that I never knew that Barry had acting talents.  But he does!  His face seemed to go pale as he said "Oh, my God!"  He began to beg me to give it to him and was promising anything.

It was then that he began to understand that this was going to be his birthday celebration role play (since his birthday is almost a week away).  I explained to him that Carol and I were going to teach him a lesson that would hopefully help him change his ways.  As I talked, Carol and I went behind his desk to take him under control.  Carol placed a blindfold over his eyes while I put his hands in cuffs in front of him.  I explained to him that he was coming with us to a place for a bit of a "retreat"where he will hopefully learn to understand how it feels to be treated like he is treating his female employees.

He began to protest that he would be missed and this would never work.  I then shared with him that I had talked with his wife and explained that she knows what we are doing (and why) and is in agreement.  She is the only one who will miss him.

We then led him to our garage and placed him in the backseat of Carol's car.  We directed him to lie down and stay there.  We then drove to Carol's home, where we had prepared everything earlier that morning (while Barry thought I was out shopping).

Carol drove very carefully.  We each understood that it would be a disaster to be stopped by our local  police with a man in our back seat who was blindfolded and handcuffed.

When we arrived at Carol's home we drove into her garage, helped him out of her car, and led him into the house. Keeping him blindfolded, we led him into her bedroom.  It was obvious that he was disoriented.... and that is what we had hoped for. We then undressed him,down to his panties.  We had to take off the handcuffs, but we kept him blindfolded.  I made a point of telling Carol to dispose of his clothing, because he would not need them during his stay here with us. The look on his face was priceless.

Still blindfolded, but stripped down to only his panties.  Carol couldn't resist commenting about how cute they were on him and how much she loved the color pink on him.  We led him into Carol's master bathroom.  When she and her husband bought the home they completely remodeled it.  The master bath is amazing.  It is huge and contains a shower area that is completely open to the room, and allows for two people to shower at the same time.  It also includes fixed shower heads and removable heads that can be used wherever desired.

In the middle of this huge shower area, Carol had installed our handcuffs that use suction cups to mount to the walls.  We quickly put Barry into them, facing outward with his hands and arms extending outward to each side.  It was then that we took off his blindfold.  He had a good view of the entire room.  It was fun to watch him take in all of the things that we had arranged in the room.  There was a lot to observe.  However, his eyes went immediately to an enema bag hanging next to the shower.

Based on what I had seen in Barry's collection of photos on his PC, I was well aware of his fascination with enemas.  However, we had not really gone there (other than using Fleet bottles).  He quickly realized that we were going there.

At this point,Carol and I told Barry that we were going to prepare dinner.  We left him, handcuffed to the shower wall, enjoying (I hope) the view of lots of things we had arranged on the counter.  As a side note, he was still in his panties and in his cage. And, it was apparent that he was aroused and straining at the cage.  We left him there for a half hour, while we put a lasagna that Carol had prepared into the office and then changed into more appropriate clothing.

I wanted to dress in a way that would add to Barry's arousal, so I chose the bustier with garters, stockings and panties that I purchased and wore for our Christmas get-a-way.  Carol was more conservative and wore and exercise outfit consisting of tights and bra top.  When we returned, we began our fun with Barry.  Carol again  commented on his pink panties and how cute they were.  She also traced a line around his cage through them ... teasing him about the cage and asking him questions about why he was locked up.  I joined in the fun and showed Barry the key that his wife had given me earlier.  After removing his panties I unlocked him and removed the cage.  Carol and I then both marveled at how clean shaven he was from his waist to his knees.  Using our hands to check the smoothness, it didn't take long for Barry to become aroused again, which of course we teased him about.

We then explained some rules to him.  First, we made it clear that "we owned him" at this time and he is to do whatever we ask.  Second, since he seems to be so obsessed with spanking and sex, we intend to keep his bottom well spanked and his penis hard during this little "retreat".  However, he must not allow himself to climax unless we grant him permission.  Grabbing his scrotum, I informed him that he would be very sorry if he climaxes without permission.  I squeezed just hard enough to get his attention and cause him to wince.

Carol and I then decided that we liked the smooth look, so we would shave his entire torso.  Keeping him in the shower, we first used a small electric trimmer to remove the bulk of the hair, and then followed with shaving cream and a razor.  We didn't really need to shave his midsection, but we did anyway, because it was fun to do so.  I did his genitals, but allowed Carol to shave his bottom.  I especially wanted that shaved to increase its sensitivity to spanking!

When we were done, we rinsed Barry down with the handheld shower and turned him around so that he was facing the wall.  I then applied some after shave lotion to his bottom and we both began spanking his nice smooth bottom.  It didn't take long for our hands to bring some color to it.  We then
led Barry out of the shower and I suggested that Carol sit on the dressing stool and take Barry over her lap and continue to spank him.  While she did that, I began preparing the enema bag, which Barry couldn't help but see me doing.  Carol commented to Barry that she could feel him getting hard against her thigh, so he must be enjoying himself.  I also teased Barry a bit about whether I should use cold or warm water in the bag.  I ended up using luke warm water with a little bit of liquid hand soap.  When it was ready, I rehung the bag on the hook on the wall, which was within reach of Carol.  I then used my finger to put some lube in his anus and suggested that Carol administer the enema.  She did so and allowed the bag to slowly empty and periodically stopping it when Barry exhibited signs of cramps.  When it was finally empty, I handed Carol a large butt plug which I had lubed and suggested that she "put the plug in".  After doing so, we had Barry stand up so we could admire and massage his distended abdomen.  Our teasing brought a little life back to his now flacid penis.  We then put him back in the cuffs in the shower and left him there for a short time.

When we returned, it was clear that Barry was uncomfortable (and no sign of an erection).  We released him from the cuffs in the shower and instructed him to remove the plug over the toilet and expel the enema; and to not leave the bathroom until he was sure it was all out.  We explained that we would be in the kitchen having dinner and that he should reinsert the plug and come find us when he was done.

This post is getting much too long, I also must confess that I am exhausted.  So, this seems like a good place to stop.I will continue to share time and energy permits.



  1. Oh my goodness! Love it. Can't wait for more. Barry is a lucky man!

  2. EXCELLENT!!! It was so good of you and your sister to gift Barry this way!!!

  3. Super exciting! What a great start to this roleplay. I am certainly looking forward to the next installment.
    Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to write this up and share it with your grateful readers.

  4. Bringing your sister into your games is fantastic. It appears Barry is in for a fantastic time. I love it idea of Barry having to reinsert his plug then present himself. You didn't say so I'm assuming his cock will not be locked so when he presents himself if he's like me having the plug in he will be erect. Can't wait for the next part.

  5. My wife also gives me enemas with a bag (no Fleets, these are too irritating) or a bulb. Prior to pegging, she gives me a small enema, repeat if the returns are dirty. She also spanks me a bit before the pegging to get me in the mood.

    Larger enemas, such as the one you describe, are for constipation, tummy ache... or for "nervosity" or as "attitude adjustment". We use lukewarm water + baking soda, no soap, no butt plug. Basically she gives the enema while massaging my tummy, she stops if I cramp, and I can go poop before the end of the two quarts, but if I do that the enema bag is filled again and this repeats until I can take the two quarts without difficulty. If the returns are too dirty, repeat. ;-)

    Barry must have had a hard time waiting with that soapy enema in !