Monday, March 30, 2015

Barry's Birthday Role Play - Part 2 (Friday night/Saturday morning)

When Barry came into the kitchen, it was obvious that he hadn't enjoyed the enema experience.  He was quite grumpy and had no signs of an erection.  We had him sit on a hard stool at the counter and asked if he would like some lasagna.  He took it, but barely touched it as we continued to make it clear that we were in charge and that he would be soundly spanked as soon as he finished.

We finally gave him five minutes to finish his plate, at which time we would remove it from him.  When the time was up, we led him into Carol's family room/entertainment center.

In that room, we had set up several areas of activity.  The first one that Barry noticed was two straight-backed chairs facing each other.  He knew from experience what that meant, and it was evident that it excited him.

He next noticed the two theater chairs similar those pictured here, which had a pair of wrist cuffs attached to each arm.  The two ottomans were placed to each side of one of the chairs and each had a length of thick nylon rope attached to its base.  It didn't take Barry long to realize he would be well secured with his legs spread.

He then looked at the huge flat-screen TV which the chairs faced.  On the piece of furniture below the TV was Carol's laptop, connected to the TV system with the flash drive containing all of Barry's porn files.  Near the chairs was a table containing an array of toys that I had provided, including:  Barry's penis pump, an electric toothbrush, a Wartenberg wheel, small pieces of sandpaper, our Hitachi vibrator, a Fleshlight (newly purchased), several tubes of various creams, and a dozen spring-loaded clothes pins,

Finally on the other side of the room was a "pervertable" spanking
bench that Carol had created using a large upholstered ottoman (2' x 3') to which Carol had tied length of nylon rope to each foot.  There was also a table nearby that contained a wide variety of spanking tools, including thin wooden paddles of various sizes (some of which were new purchases), leather paddles, a wooden ruler, a leather strap, and a cane (new purchase).

I then explained to Barry that during his stay at the "Retreat" house, he was going to be kept constantly aroused and be frequently spanked.  His response was a hardening erection.

Carol and I started on the evening activities by taking him over our laps as we sat in the chairs facing each other.  We must have spanked him for at least 30 minutes, making sure we kept him aroused, but also making sure we were continually increasing the redness of his bottom and thighs.  We then secured him to his theater chair in a completely exposed position.  After starting a video from his porn collection, we used the various toys available to tease him.  After teasing him with the Wartenberg wheel, Carol installed the penis pump and pumped all the air out of it.  After leaving him like that for over a half hour as we watched videos, we took it off and moved him to the ottoman spanking bench, which we made him straddle with his legs and lie on it face down before we secured his hands and ankles to the four legs.  That position left him completely exposed to us.  One of us then straddled his back as we both paddled him (again, keeping him aroused, as well as well spanked).

By about 11 PM, as we placed him in the theater chair for the third time and after Barry had experienced all of the toys there (including clothespins on his nipples and scrotum), Barry began to beg us to let him cum.  Being compassionate, I told Barry that if he wanted to cum, we would give him 60 seconds to masturbate in front of us, like he did in what the hidden camera recorded in his office.  He quickly agreed; and then learned that it wouldn't be that easy.  Before allowing him to start, I rubbed lidocaine cream on the head and shaft of his penis and then covered him with two condoms.  We then delayed him from masturbating for over twenty minutes, providing time for the lidocaine to work.

When the timer went off indicating the end of his 60 seconds, we announced that it was time for another spanking and then to go to bed ... but perhaps we'd give another chance to masturbate in teh morning.  After taking him across both our laps again for a lengthy spanking with our hands and several thin paddles, and we led him into one of Carol's guest rooms.  There he saw a full size bed with no top sheet or blankets, but with the bed restraint system that we had used for our Christmas get-a-way.  After rubbing a little "Icey-Hot" onto his bottom and then securing him to the bed on his back in a spread-eagle position, I rubbed a second little dab of "Icey-Hot" onto his scrotum.  Neither were enough to cause any real pain, but enough to let him think of Carol and me as he tried to sleep.

During the night, Carol and I took turns visiting Barry to either spank or sexually arouse him every hour and a half.  Since I was sleeping in a guest room next to Barry's room, I couldn't help but hear Carol when she arrived for the first session.  It was apparent that she was teasing him with the Hitachi vibrator before giving him a lengthy spanking.  When my turn came an hour and a half later, I teased him to an erection and brought him to the edge before turning him over for a dose of our new bamboo paddle, which packs a very nice sting.  I must have slept through Carol's second visit.  At 9 in the morning, when we decided to get him up, it was clear that he hadn't had much sleep.  However, it was also clear that he was easily aroused.

After providing Barry with some breakfast we all returned to the family room, where we resumed the rotation of events we started the previous night, rotating between the two spanking stations and the theater chair where we showed him his favorite videos and photos while we physically and verbally teased him.  Of course, the toys were put to use as well.

Especially when we had him secured to the theater chair and watching videos or photos, Barry continued to beg for some sexual relief.  Around 1 PM, we had him watching a video he had saved called something like "Phantomette Handjob Torture".  A man is strapped to what looks like a kitchen table and is being strapped by a young women.  She eventually appears below the table, where his penis and scrotum are hanging through a hole in the table.  She proceeds to stroke him and tease him for a long period of time before she allows him to climax.  After she does, she then continues to stroke him, causing him great discomfort.  Barry was obviously very excited while watching it, when suddenly Carol jumped up and said "Hey, I have an idea". She then disappeared from the room.  When she returned, she asked me to come look at what she had arranged.  When I did so, I loved what I saw.

It was clear that she had found an unexpected way for us to move to the next stage of this role-play.  However, I should probably save that for the final installment.


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  1. Was Barry plugged this whole time?