Monday, March 9, 2015

An Evening with Carol

We invited Carol to join us for a soup, salad, and bread supper last night.  I thought it would be a good time to share Barry's idea for his birthday role play with her.  It turned out to be a much more interesting evening than I would have every imagined.

I opened the conversation by sharing that Barry has requested a new role play as a special treat for his upcoming birthday.  Carol perked up and said "That sounds like fun.  What is the role play?".  I suggested that Barry should explain it.  He immediately began to blush a bit, but jumped right in and began explaining his idea of enacting a variation of "Nine to Five" where the two of us would imprison him for a lengthy period of time, during which we would sexually tease and punish him for his behavior with women in the office.  She immediately loved the idea and shared that she had lots of creative ideas for things we could do.  She then turned to Barry and said "May I ask you a very serious and important question?".   Barry responded that of course she could.  She then asked, "Is this something that you envision purely as a nice little fantasy, or do you envision the role play to contain some significant reality to it?"  Barry immediately responded that he wants it to contain significant reality.  He explained that this has been one of his favorite fantasies for a long time and that he would like to really be subjected to the control of two women and held accountable.  I couldn't help but blurt out "Be careful what you ask for!".

Further conversation revealed that Barry was very serious with his reply, so Carol and I said that we would take him at his word and begin preparing a special time for the three of us to properly carry out his fantasy. I then told Barry that I wanted him to begin preparing for the role play immediately by being locked up until the event.  I asked him to get his chastity device and bring it to me.  When he returned to the living room, I installed and locked it while Carol looked on with amusement.  I explained to Barry and Carol that I wanted him to be extremely horny by the time we do the role play and that keeping him under lock and key would assure that to be the case.  Barry suddenly realized that his birthday is still several weeks away and began to protest.  I simply reminded him that I had warned him to be careful what he asked for.

Carol then turned the thrust of the conversation to asking  us a lot of questions about Barry and I spanking each other, especially with respect to discipline or punishment.  It was clear that she was going somewhere with this line of questioning, but I didn't know where.  I finally asked her why she was so interested in how we spanked on those occasions and how we felt about being spanked as a punishment, etc.  She finally got to the point and shared that she is very intrigued about punishment spankings and would like to experience what one feels like.  She even went so far as to say that ever since she helped me spank Barry the other evening, she feels like she needs to know what a spanking feels like in order to understand how to spank him.  She then asked if I would give her a very sound spanking.  After a little further discussion, I agreed.  I asked Barry to fetch my hairbrush while I brought a dining room chair into the living room.  When Barry returned with the brush, I suggested that he excuse himself.  But Carol immediately said that wouldn't be necessary, as long as she was allowed to keep her panties on.  She added that since she has been part of Barry's spankings, it is only fair that he get to watch her receive one.   I looked at Carol and then at Barry, and decided to agree.

Barry took a seat on the sofa facing the dining room chair I had placed in the middle of the room.  After asking Carol if she really wanted to do this, I sat down and took her over my lap.  She was wearing a pair of tailored slacks.  I first began to spank her with my hand to provide a good warmup before getting more serious.  After about ten minutes she began to squirm a little, but it was clear that I needed to take things up a notch.  I asked her to stand and lower her slacks, which revealed pantyhose over her panties.  I then continued with the handspanking and eventually started using the brush.  I didn't use it hard at that time, but let the weight of the brush do the work.  It was clear that I was now getting her attention and she was starting react.  At this point I stopped and told her that the next level would be more serious and would reach what could be considered to be punishment.  I asked if she wanted to continue.  "OK", I said.  "This next phase will not be enjoyable for you, but I'll do it because you asked."  I then had her lower her pantyhose, but left her panties in place.  Once back over my knee I used the hairbrush with more vigor.  It didn't take long for her to really begin to react.  One hand came back, so I held it in place.  As she tried to wriggle off my lap, I used a leg to clamp her in place. When I was done, she was quietly sobbing as she lay limp across my lap.

After she stood up and pulled up her pantyhose and slacks, she also regained her composure.  We then sat down to talk about what had happened.  The experience was much more intense then she expected, but she was glad she had endured it.  At this point she also confessed that she has had fantasies about being spanked, which was part of why she asked for one.  She also admitted that reality was very different than fantasy.  She kept repeating, "Oh my God, I never realized how much it can hurt."

After a glass of wine, Carol thanked me again and we agreed that we needed to get together to plan Barry's next role play.  She again reminded me that she has some creative ideas that she would like me to consider.

Barry was very quiet during Carol's spanking and during the discussion.  When we got ready for bed, it was quite evident that watching the spanking had been arousing to him, even while being locked in his device.  The wide-spread wet spot on the front of his panties allowed no hiding the fact that a significant amount of precum had been generated.  When I commented about it, his only comment was "How could I not have been excited by it.  Your sister is quite amazing."  I had to agree, but didn't openly say so to Barry.

The next few weeks will be interesting with Barry locked up in preparation for his role play.  I plan to keep him well teased during this time.  His special birthday gift will be special because he will have kept me well pleased and be extremely ready to receive pleasure ... under my terms.  That sounds harsher than I mean it to sound.  I think it will make the role play even more special to him.



  1. Poor Barry locked for 7 weeks. 7 weeks to wonder what you and Carol will come up with. I admire Carol for requesting you spank her so she has an idea what Barry feels but also think Carol might have a spanking kink. Will you again restrain Carol in what she can do or give her more freedom? I'm sure it will be a great birthday for Barry.

  2. This is rapidly becoming my favorite recurring story. My God this is just so hot. Susan, I must say that you are an incredible wife to your loving husband Barry for even considering such a thing, let alone going through the trouble of preparing for it and executing it.

    Congratulations! Can't wait for more!

  3. Wow! Did this really happen, or it another one of your fantastic fantasies? What a turn-on, spanking your own sister, with Barry watching. I don't know how Barry kept it together; I'm not sure I could have. :-)