Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Barry's Physical

Barry's annual physical was today.  And, all went well with respect to his health!!  Hooray!

Everything also went well with respect to the men's silk briefs we purchased for him to wear.  They were very "panty-like", but also clearly had a pouch for his manhood, which made him more comfortable.

Our doctor was also clearly wonderful.  She openly expressed how pleased she was that we came together and we talked about how important that was.  I was thrilled when she went through his lab results.  His total cholesterol is 125!  And the ratios are all good.  His diet and medications are working well after his heart attack.  His blood pressure is also very low.

When it came time for Barry to strip down, she very nicely acknowledged the fact that Barry was shaved.  She asked him if there had been any health issue, such as a rash, that caused him to shave.  I was very impressed that Barry had the comfort level to respond "No, I do it because it pleases my wife".  She quickly came back with "That is wonderful".  That exchange made both of us feel very comfortable and allowed me to open up more during the visit.  I was also not surprised by her sensitivity and caring approach, because I have had two previous visits with her.  I thought Barry would like her very much, and that exchange sealed the deal for him.

When she examined his penis and testicles, she asked him if he periodically examines them for abnormalities that could indicate cancer.  He replied that he doesn't and didn't know that he should.  Feeling comfortable, I piped up with "That's interesting, because I have always been advised to do self breast exams.  To my surprise, Barry chimed in with "Yes, and I've been helping her examine them for forty years".  That caused us all to chuckle and for me to say "Perhaps I can now begin to learn how to help Barry examine his testicles".  She agreed and gave us a very nice lesson with respect to how to roll each testicle between our thumb and forefinger, and what to look for.  The good news was also that everything seemed fine.

She then had Barry bend over the exam table so she could examine his prostate.  His PSA test had come back fine, but she took the time to explain the limitations and concerns about that test to both of us.  She was very gentle with Barry and explained to him that he might feel some discomfort.  I was then amazed at how she dove in with her finger.  I couldn't resist asking her if this was another exam that I should consider doing for Barry.  She very nicely explained that it really isn't necessary to do it that often and it takes more judgement than what lay folks normally can provide, but she also very nicely complemented me about wanting to be proactively involved.  She made us all feel comfortable.  She is a gift.

Barry and I had a nice lunch at a local restaurant after the appointment.  It was a nice opportunity for us to discuss his impressions of his new doctor and how things went.  He really liked her and felt very comfortable talking with her, which made me feel really good.  We were also very pleased with his lab results.  I have to confess that it has been difficult for me to live with the unknown after Barry's heart attack.  It is one of those things that you realize can strike at any time.  It is hard.  But, Barry has been wonderful in his rehab efforts and religiously following the advice of his cardiologist.



  1. I'm happy for you and Barry that all the tests came out well. It appears you both have found a Dr. with a good bedside manor and I'm sure she has seen other men in panties. I'm proud of Barry having the strength to wear panties for the visit I think you should give him a good boy spanking for a reward.

  2. Congratulations on a successful doctors visit Susan. Sounds like it was a pleasant visit.

    I posted in the past about my own physical, for which Mistress K. also attended. My doctor (a new doctor for me) is a young woman, probably in her mid thirties. She has red hair, pale skin and I'm pretty sure she doesn't wear a stitch of makeup. Very, very plain-Jane ... which for me is super hot!

    Before we went, I asked Mistress K. if we should reveal the nature of our relationship to the doctor, and Mistress said no. My physical was thorough but did not include the need for me to disrobe in front of her, and there was no prostate check (*pout). I admitted to Mistress that I went to the physical prepared to disclose my submissive nature in the hopes that it would turn into an amazing, sexual fantasy story. Mistress only chuckled and reminded me that sex wasn't the reason for our visit. I knew that completely but hey, a boy came dream right? I even gave myself a fresh, smooth shave just prior to going. Anyway, this lovely young Doctor was all business and like Barry, I got a clean bill-of-health.

    Thank you for sharing your stories about your life with your husband. I love your blog.

    Best ....


  3. Dear Susan
    I am reading through your wonderful blog and realizing you have dealt successfully with what is a huge problem for me and that is my husbands chronic masturbation habit. We have been in a domestic discipline relationship for almost three years and I regularly spank him for violating rules we have both agreed upon. Masturbation without my permission is a major no no. But spanking has had almost no lasting effect on his masturbation much of what he hides from me. To my point, will you maybe in a single post talk about how you have gotten Barry under control and what advice you would give to wives struggling with the same behavior. I know this is a common problem and maybe there are other wives who would benefit from your thoughts as much as I will

    Thank you

    Mary Ann

  4. Susan --

    I'm glad everything is going right for Barry, regarding his heart condition.

    I'm still too young to worry much about testicle and prostate cancer. My wife, however, has taken the habit of palpating my testicles every so and then. It's "dual use": we find this action very intimate... and if there are lumps or other unusual tissue needing medical review, we'll know. The only issue is that she does not know how to do it except for having read about it online. My last examination of the testicles by a health professionnal was... at the beginning of military service.

    Every now and then also she gives me a prostate exam. She knows where the prostate is but does not have any training in this act so it's more like an excuse to put a finger up my butt (she likes playing with my anus).

    You mention breast exams. When my wife got a leaflet from her GP advising her to self-examine, her GP added "you can also ask your husband". How thoughtful! So I examine her breasts carefully every now and then.

    I sometimes give her a play "pelvic" exam, but I don't know how to do it and we do not have a speculum. In any case, I at least can see if there is something unusual in the external genitalia or feel if some place is painful if I press inside. I really like the looks of her genitals.

    My wife has had candidosis twice and each time she asked I examined her, give her the treatment and watch for progress.

    I do not know how health professionals think of "medical" acts in married couples. Once I let escape, when discussing bowel issues with my GP, that my wife gave me an enema; I should have said "I took an enema". The GP did not bat an eye.

  5. thefolkswholiveonthehill.worpress.comMarch 26, 2015 at 4:30 AM

    Did you have a medical at the same time Susan, and will Barry publish the results?
    Did Barry show any signs of "excitement" during the intimate examination?
    Did you reward Barry when you got home?

  6. Isn't it wonderful how great many women physicians are! They put use men at ease, and t hey really seem to take the time to answer all of our questions.
    Last year I went to a urologists center, and it turned out I had one of the female urologists for my exam. She also asked the same question about my being shaved, and I also responded that my wife likes me that way. Then she asked about frequency of orgasms. I told her right out that my wife was making me wait a whole year (which she dis, all of 2014) without an orgasm. She was concerned, and asked if I have any discomfort, I answered no , just very intense feelings and extreme sensitivity. She did ask if I masturbate alone, and I said no, that I am usually locked in a chastity device. That peeked her interest. She asked quite a bit about it, and I asked her to look up the CB 6000. She wrote it down and I am sure she did.

    She said she thought I was missing out on a lot of affection and being intimate with my wife. I responded by telling her she strokes me every day, taking the sleeve of the cage off. And she edges me, which she knew what that was. I also added that I did give my wife orgasms orally, and that is intimate. She agreed and said long term denial does no harm. My body leaks some of the fluid and the rest is absorbed within the body and expelled. She said if it makes myself and my wife happy, we are doing no harm. She understood about being always arouse, and said if we both enjoy it, then you both are a happy couple.

    I bet later that night her and her husband found the chastity device site, and who knows, he may be wearing one himself now.