Friday, March 27, 2015

Barry's Birthday Role Play Takes Place Today

Barry doesn't know it yet, but in a little over an hour, he is going to get his birthday wish.  His birthday is next week, but this weekend provides a good time for Carol and me to enact his requested role play.  Carol has today and the weekend off from work.  She and I have been planning for almost three weeks now.  I decided to take Barry at his word that he wanted this to be a very realistic role play and not just a little fantasy.  At this point in our journey, I know I can trust his judgement.  I'm still not going to turn this into a major punishment session.  That is not what he requested.  But, he asked for realism, which is what Carol and I have planned.  He will be well spanked, but not to the degree that I consider punishment.  I want him to remain aroused, but still end up with a very sore and red bottom that he will remember for several days.  So, the spankings will not be harsh, but they will be frequent and  prolonged with lots and lots of sting!  I've purchased a couple of new paddles that are known for their sting.

Barry is at Home Depot right now, purchasing supplies for a major project he plans to start tomorrow.  However, when he comes home, he will see Carol's car in the garage in place of mine.  That should make him wonder.  It will eventually all make sense to him.

I drove my car to Carol's home shortly after Barry left for Home Depot and we returned in her car.  That has given us time to discuss our final plans.  Here is a summary of the role play we will enact to implement his request for a "9 to 5" type of scenario in which he is imprisoned and controlled by multiple women from his work.  We ended up deciding to make it a continuation of the "Corporate" Discipline role play we recently enacted.  It provides roles that we are each comfortable with, which we felt would be important.  She and I have had a lot of fun planning this together.  We also think we have come up with a very special birthday present for Barry.  It will be VERY realistic.  It will challenge him in some ways.  But, most importantly, we think he will really enjoy it.  That is our goal.  And, for those of you who keep recommending it, I have loosened up a bit about my control of Carol.  Her actions during the last scenario with Barry helped a lot to give me confidence to relax them.

So ... here is the Scenario:
Barry is a management employee and he has historically used his authority and power to force his female employees to submit to spanking and sex in order to keep their jobs.  I am his current assistant who turned the tables on him when he tried to spank me.  I gained control over him.  Carol is his former assistant who resigned rather than deal with his inappropriate behavior and management technique.  I brought her back into the picture in our last role play to help me deal with Barry's behavior.  I have also met Barry's wife and she knows what is going on.  She keeps him in a chastity device, but has given me an extra key to it.

As this role play begins, it is late Friday afternoon.  Carol and I will confront Barry in his office with our recently learned knowledge that since our last correctional meeting, he has attempted to force a female intern to submit to spanking and sex, which caused her to leave.  I will also share with him that I planted a video camera in his office, so I have videos of what he has done when he is alone there.  Finally, I will share with him that I had the opportunity to view his PC when he left the office unexpectedly one day last week.  What I found was shocking to me.  His collection of spanking and female submission porn was extensive.  I will let him know that I copied his porn files to a flash drive which I am very willing to share with upper management.  (Carol and I also plan to use these files during the role play)

So, when Barry arrives about a half hour from now, he will find Carol and I relaxing over a cup of tea.  I will greet him with "Happy Birthday" and suggest that he retire to the bedroom, put on appropriate office clothing, and go to his home office.  I will explain that it is late Friday afternoon and that Carol and I will join him in his office when we are ready to begin.  I will confirm with him that he wants this to be a realistic role play and not just a little fantasy fun.  The last thing I will share with him is that the scenario we are using is a continuation of our last role play.  That is all Barry will know about what will happen shortly

I think we will all enjoy what transpires, hopefully especially Barry.  I have slowly come to realize and understand how deep a submissive streak he has within him.



  1. Oh boy, sounds like so much fun. Can't wait for the "here's what happened" post. Have a blast Susan!

  2. Susan you are so good to Barry and allowing him to have his fantasy's. I'm also glad you are going to allow Carol more freedom that comes with trust. I've followed you before and like sub hub look forward to what happens. I hope you and Carol enjoy yourselves.