Thursday, August 1, 2013

Taking Charge Again

This has been a tough week.  Since setting new ground rules Tuesday night about if and when he will receive sexual pleasure from me, Barry has been very grumpy.  Wednesday night he acted like a spoiled child who didn't get his way.  I tried ignoring him, hoping that his attitude would improve as he got used to being in chastity again.  However, last night was even worse, even though I allowed him to have some time on the computer (with his chastity device in place, of course).  That only made matters worse.  He complained how uncomfortable it was for him to become aroused while wearing the device (Gee, whose fault was it that he was aroused?).  Consequently, I decided it was time to more fully take charge.

Taking him by the ear, I led him into our bedroom and told him that I was fed up with his childish, boorish behavior and that he had earned a punishment spanking.  I directed him to bring me the lexan paddle while I went to his dresser to get his red punishment panties to wear.  Surprisingly, I couldn't find any panties in his underwear drawer.  The only undershorts present were the new briefs he had purchased while I was away taking care of my mother early in the process.  When he returned with the lexan paddle, I asked him about his panties, he again claimed that he didn't find them when he unpacked all of his clothes.  However, later, during his spanking, he admitted that he had thrown them out prior to the move.

After making him strip and put on a pair of panties, I sat on the bench at the foot of our bed and took him over my lap.  I took my own sweet time getting him into position and asking him if he was comfortable.  I told him that I want to make sure he was, because he was going to be there for a long time while we have a serious discussion about his attitude and some new rules.  Using the lexan paddle firmly and methodically, it didn't take long for me to have his undivided attention.  One nice thing about the lexan is that it doesn't take much effort to have an impact.  It does all the work!

By the time we were done, which must have been a half hour later, Barry was begging and pleading for me to stop and promising me anything that he thought would help.  We came to an understanding about who was in charge of his sexual pleasure, the fact that his internet surfing time would not be severely limited to now more than a 1/2 hour at a time and no more than 2 total hours a week, and that he was going to return to wearing panties all of the time.  When I finally let him up, the first thing he had to do was throw out all of his briefs that he had bought while I was away during the past year.

This morning when Barry returned from taking his morning shower, I had laid out a pair of my sexiest panties and a pair of thigh high black stockings for him to wear to work.  I explained that the stockings were going to be an extra reminder to him all day long of who was now in charge in our household.

It was not easy for me to assert my dominance so strongly, but I had finally come to the realization that I needed to do it and assume complete control to help him make the transition more easily.  We'll see if it has a positive impact on his behavior when he returns from work today.  I plan to let him know tomorrow night that we will take a shopping trip on Saturday to replace the panties that he had disposed of.



  1. Susan, you're right to throw out all of his male undies. I only have one pair left and, frankly, haven't worn those for awhile. When I go to the doctor, I'm required to still wear panties, but not ones that are too terribly girlie. It's still embarrassing, but it's the rule. I'm glad you're taking charge, tho I always suspect it's difficult. We men need people like you...thanks

  2. It sounds like you're starting to fall back into your desired roles, which is great. Did you ever decide whether to purchase the spanking bench you were considering last March? For extended spankings like the one you describe, it seems like that would be useful.


  3. Susan, First let me say how sorry I am about the situation you went thru. Dealing with elderly parents is always difficult and heartbreaking. I'm also sorry you had to leave New England. There doesn't seem to be too many of us left blogging from this area.

    Hubbette wears panties daily and during the winter months I also throw in a cami every now and then. Taking control is the key and you seem to have things well in hand. Let nothing slide and make him realize that every infraction will have a consequence and things will move along perfectly.