Monday, August 5, 2013

Catching Up on Comments

I am feeling a need to respond to the wonderful, supporting comments that so many of you have offered.  They have been a very special gift to me as I return to blogging.  Thank you!

The most important thing I want to do is share my appreciation to all of the expressions of understanding of what I went through regarding the end of life of my mother.  It was really difficult, and I am really glad that I did what I did.  A friend once told me that she only has one mother.  That struck me, and influenced how I wanted to respond to my mother's end of life needs. So, I need to say "thank you" for all of your expressions of understanding.

As a side note, I also want to respond to a comment that asked a question about whether we had purchased the spanking bench that I talked about.  That was a tough question for me, because I really wanted to purchase it.  In fact, I actually directed Barry to order it.  However, I had serious second thoughts.  I just couldn't deal with it being in our home and having the unknown possibilities of family not understanding it if they discovered it after our demise.

So, even though I originally wanted to purchase it, we did not.  I would still like to do so.  But, I just can't do so at this time.  I am looking for other options to accomplish the same goals <grin>.


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  1. There must be a way around this!

    First, I notice that it folds away. Could you have a "toy chest" with a combination lock and a small label; "In the event of our demise, please dispose of this chest unopened. (It contains embarrassing personal items.) Or "Property of [trustworthy friend]"

    Second, of somebody didn't know what it was, they might take it for an exercise machine. Perhaps getting a small plaque engraved would help misdirect them: "KEGAL MASTER 2000 Consult your doctor before starting exercise."

    Third, somebody who was vaguely kink aware might assume it was bondage gear and that you liked to be tied up for sex. Or they might assume one of you enjoyed a spanking. They would be very unlikely to skip to there and assume FLR.

    Finally, in the event of you both dying at the same time... well, anybody who cares about you will be too busy grieving to care about some evidence of minor kink.