Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Fun Trip to the Mall

This morning was our time to go shopping and purchase new lingerie for Barry.  I had a great time; but Barry, not so much <grin>.  We first visited our local mall which has a JCPenney and a Macy's.  It is nice to be new in a heavily populated area where I don't have to worry about anybody recognizing me.  That allowed me freedom to be daring in public and create more embarrassing situations for Barry.  For some reason, I have come to enjoy doing that.  Consequently, I became very demonstrative as we surveyed the various panty options available.  Although I know Barry's size (he has kept his weight off and can wear the same size I do), I made a point of holding up a couple of different sizes to Barry's cute little bottom to judge how they would fit.  I also openly kept asking him questions about which styles he found more comfortable to wear, based on the last collection we had.  There were enough people in each store on a Saturday to assure that we were observed and overheard.  Besides picking out several different styles and colors at each store, I also found two chemises that he will wear for sleeping.  One even had a matching panty.  In each store, I conveniently handed our selections to Barry as we approached the checkout desk, telling him that I needed to visit the ladies room.  I had done that before and knew how embarrassing that Barry found it.

We had planned to go to Victoria's Secret as well, but I decided to save that outing for another day.  I still want to find a sturdy garter belt for Barry to be able to wear with stockings under his business clothes.  Since we already had two fun store experiences today, I thought it would be fun to save that for later.

On the way hope I told Barry that we also needed to stop at a pharmacy to get some things for a special evening tonight.  He was immediately enthusiastic.  As we entered the store, I shared with him the things I wanted him to purchase:  condoms, personal lubrication, and lidocaine cream.  I knew that he would think the first two items were desired because I would allow him to have access to my back door (that is the only time we use condoms).  We have never purchased lidocaine before, and he didn't ask about it, but I suspect he thought it was to make me more comfortable  Little did he know what I really have planned for tonight.  I again had some fun with him in the store.  When he was picking out the normal brand of condoms we have used in the past, I noticed a brand that offered a  'snugger fit' option.  I couldn't resist telling him that I wanted to purchase that brand, so we wouldn't have our usual problem of the condom slipping off.  There were several people near by and Barry immediately turned beet red.  That gave me the opportunity to open my mouth some more and tell him not to be embarrassed, size doesn't matter.

So, we arrived home and had a late lunch and a quick fashion show.  I then suggested to Barry that he get some rest this afternoon, because I have a special evening planned for him after dinner.  He took my advice and is taking a short nap as I compose this post.

He is in for quite a surprise tonight.



  1. I look forward to hearing how the evening goes.


  2. It is wonderful when you can go shopping together.

  3. so glad you're back writing again. I can hardly wait to hear what surprises you have in store for him.

  4. I love going shopping to buy panties, well done and glad all is well

  5. i spank my husband erotically, not for punishment.. Recently I bought him a short skirt and blouse. Then we went to buy panties together I made sure the sale people knew he'd be wearing them. This brought back spice into the bedroom. He is terrified somebody will learn about his panties which I have him wear all the time. Occasionally I reward him by letting him penetrate me anally this weekend, he doesn't know it, two of my girlfriends will drop in while he in his skirt and panties