Monday, August 5, 2013

Choices and Consequences

Saturday evening turned into a learning experience for Barry.  My plan was provide Barry with a lengthy tease and denial session (which he loves); and to then create a situation in which he would be given two things to choose from.  One choice, the preferred and sensible one, would reward him.  The other choice, a foolish and selfish one, would punish him.  Not surprisingly, Barry made a poor choice.

After dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen together and I suggested that Barry take a shower put on one of his new chemises before joining me in the bedroom.  After joining him for a quick tease in the shower, I proceeded to the bedroom where I put on his favorite lingerie:  black shelf bra with matching lace panties, garter belt, and stockings.  I then turned down the bedspread and laid out some equipment and supplies.  These included four old neckties I use to bind Barry's wrists and ankles to the bed posts, the Hitachi vibrator, Barry's Ride-On penis extension, the Spanking Buddy, my strapon and harness, a roll of one inch wide gauze, a bowl of ice cubes, a wet wash cloth that I had heated up in the microwave, tubes of lubricant, Deep Heat, and lidocaine cream, the new snugger fit condoms, etc.  These were all placed in clear view on my dresser, so Barry could observe the wide collection of toys when he came into the room.

When Barry came into the bedroom and took one look at how I was dressed and the variety of toys on the dresser, he got a big smile on his face.  I smiled back and told him that I had a special evening planned for him.  His eyes were focusing on the ties to bind him to the bed, which didn't surprise me.  I know how much he loves it when I secure him face up and spread-eagled on the bed.  He was already sporting an erection just from looking at me and the toys.  I told him that I hoped he was well-rested and ready for an intense time.

I suggested we start with a playful spanking to get his blood flowing.  After removing his cage, over my lap he went and I used the Spanking Buddy in a firm and playful way to redden his bottom and get him wiggling.  It was then onto the bed where I firmly secured him with the old ties and used the gauze to create a binding around the base of his penis and the top of his scrotum.  I had never done this before, but recently read on a website that binding a male in this way can assure the erection is maintained and can delay the ability to orgasm.  So, I thought I would give it a try.  For the next thirty minutes or so, I used my hands, mouth, and vagina, along with the ice cubes, warm wash cloth, and the Hitachi to tease and torment Barry, repeatedly bringing him to a high state of arousal and then letting him down.  Since he loves to look at my bottom, I made sure that it was frequently inches from his face, where he could see, but not touch.  This is the type of foreplay that Barry loves and it really had him going.  Long before I was ready to stop, he was pleading with me to allow him to orgasm.

He was now ready to have to make a decision.  I explained to him that I really didn't want him to orgasm tonight, but to show some self-control.  To offer some encouragement to do so, I told him that if he waited until the next night, I would repeat the fun we had tonight and then provide him with an orgasm in whatever way he most desired.  I even went so far to state that it could include a visit to my back door, which I know he loves (and I very seldom allow).  As he began to plead for me to allow it tonight, I explained that if he felt he had to have an orgasm tonight, it would have to be solely by masturbating in front of me.  I was disappointed, but not surprised that he chose the second option, claiming that he just couldn't wait.

I told him how disappointed I was with his choice, but I would keep my word and allow him to masturbate after I had a little more fun with his penis.  I then placed a hand towel over his eyes so that he couldn't see what I was doing.  Telling him that since I was sorry this his balls ached so much for an orgasm, I would try to provide him some additional help for that aching.  I then rubbed a little of the Deep Heat onto the surface of his scrotum (which was still bound with the gauze).  It felt cool to him at first and he starting moaning with delight.  However, the moans quickly sounded more distressful as the heat starting to kick in.  I didn't rub much on, but just enough to cause some discomfort that would last for a while after he masturbated.

I then began to rub some lidocaine cream all over the shaft and glans of his penis.  I wasn't sure how much to use, but I wanted to make sure it would have the desired effect of numbing his penis, so I was quite generous.  I explained that I was lubing it up for him.  I then told him I needed to use the bathroom and would be right back.  I took my time and returned in fifteen minutes, since I wanted to provide sufficient time for the lidocaine cream to begin to work.  Upon return, I rubbed on a little more just to be sure and to tease him a bit more.   I then told him I was going to put one of our new condoms on him so that he wouldn't make a mess on our bedding.  The snugger fit style we purchased was significantly slimmer in diameter and provided a very firm fit to his penis.  Removing the towel from his eyes, I asked if he still wanted to masturbate.  The preparation of his penis only served to arouse him more, so I was not surprised when he said yes.  I then shared with him that I would untie his left hand and he must masturbate left handed for me while still being bound to the bed.  He didn't expect that and I could tell that he was not pleased.

However, as soon as I freed his left hand, it was straight to his cock and he started to stroke.  Left-handled was quite awkward for him and it showed.  It was also very amusing to watch the look on his face when he realized that he was not feeling much in his penis.  He began to stroke harder and faster and it quickly became apparent that he was having a hard time reaching an orgasm ... which is exactly what I had hoped would happen.  I wanted there to be a very negative consequence of his choice to masturbate rather than waiting a day for me to make love to him.  I didn't time him, but it must have taken him well over five minutes to achieve an orgasm.  By the time he finally did, he was stroking wildly and was clearly frustrated.  As soon as he started climax, I grabbed his hand and made him stop stimulating.   He immediately protested, but since his other hand was still bound, he couldn't do anything to stop me.  As he lay on the bed, I untied his penis and scrotum and kept him bound to the bed for a few minutes, while I used the wash cloth to clean up his penis a bit before putting his cage back on.  During this process we discussed the consequences he just experienced for exhibiting no self-control and making a very poor decision.  I told him that I hoped he would make a better choice the next time he is unlocked and offered an opportunity for he and I to make love together.

We will continue to grow together,


  1. WOW! What a great evening that turned out to be, though Barry may not have thought so by the end of it. I am sure that when he recovered from the effects he was thankful for your attentions.
    I also enjoy tease and denial and have now gone 5 weeks without orgasm while my wife has brought me to the edge numerous times and has enjoyed many orgasms herself. During our most recent session she said that she intended to bring me to the brink repeatedly and make me beg for orgasm as she made me desperate enough to agree to do anything. She has enjoyed making me fake an orgasm while not coming when I am so eager to do so.
    The left handed masturbation is a great idea too.
    I recently bought some lidocaine and condoms to help keep me from coming while I fuck my wife as long as she wants.
    We also enjoy binding my penis and balls very tightly, it's amazing how hard it gets when tied at the base.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences with us, it is so inspiring.

  2. Fantastic session that you describe. Thank You. i am so impressed with your creativity, desire, care, and tenaciousness. Exquisite.

    i have read a lot of erotic fiction and the websites of couples and partners, but your session perhaps inspires me the most. You think things through and tease and torment. Wonderful.

    Thank You.

  3. You are a sensational mistress!

    Hot reading..