Friday, October 15, 2010

Wonderful Vacation

Barry and I had a wonderful vacation and are still trying to settle back into the flow of everday real life since returning home last Monday.  It was good to get away and have some time to relax with each other.  And, Barry was very well behaved. Even though there was lots of eye candy available, he was very good about not staring.  That doesn't mean he didn't enjoy many glimpses of shapely bottoms (which is what truly excites him).  I don't mind that.  However, I draw the line at turning his head and staring; and he knows it.  That doesn't mean we didn't enjoy some fun spankings and that his bottom wasn't warmed a good bit while we were away.  However, they were all fun spankings.  Before we left, I did some more searching of the internet for quiet spanking implements.  I found a new idea that had escaped my attention before.  One of the blogs I found mentioned the plastic rod that is used to open and close miniblinds.  Well, we just happened to have an old set in our basement which we removed during a recent remodling project.  So, guess what I packed in my suitcase?  The two foot acrylic rod was a wonderful new toy.  It is very quiet and was easy to use with Barry over my lap.  Used lightly, it provides good sting and penetration (according to Barry) and he seemed to enjoy the effect of rapid light taps all over his bottom and upper thighs.  I did also test it to see how it would work as a punishment implement when traveling.  With harder strokes, it is still quiet, but very effective.  Barry is the one who was not quiet when I gave him several test disciplinary strokes.  It definitely got his attention and he will probably need to be gagged or given a pillow to bite on if I use it for discipline in a hotel. 

Barry and I also had some good discussions about this blog while we were gone.  I would really like him to participate and share his thoughts and ideas along with me.  However, he has not been enthusiastic about me creating it.  He is worried that we could easily be 'outed' in our community if someone reads it and recognizes anything about us.  I have tried to assure him that we will not include anything that could identify us.  I am hopeful that he will eventually make some contributions.

Have other bloggers had any problems with being outed due to details that are included in your blogs? 



  1. Susan,

    Just be careful. Common sense should apply. If there is anything you have doubts about, don't include it in your blog.

  2. Thank you Suzanne. As you can tell, I am trying to be very careful. I also like your suggestion about when in doubt, leave it out.


  3. Susan

    I only came across your very intersting blog today and have not had a chance to read through all of it yet. I willtherefore add some more comments in the copming days and also tell a bit myself.

    Regarding quiet implements: although we have not tried it ourselves,I believe a "Loopy Johnny" is very quiet but effective. See:


  4. Hello George, and welcome. Thank you for the recommendation for the Loopy Johnny. Wow, it looks pretty severe. It also makes sense the it would be quiety (but I suspect Barry would not be).

    I look forward to hearing more from you .


  5. Susan: IT is not a problem of people finding out who you are, as long as you are careful. Do not include photos of yourself, or of your house, or where you visit. If you have any doubts about something, don't post it.
    Keep this spanking email totally separate from all other email accounts. Do NOT ever save it on the computer. Do NOT connect with other bloggers giving real information about yourself. After a couple of years, you can then relax according to whatever ideas you choose.