Saturday, October 2, 2010

Short Hiatus

Barry and I are leaving tomorrow for a week's vacation, and will return on Columbus Day.  I suspect I won't take time to post during this time, even though we are taking a laptop PC with us.  This should be interesting, because Barry will likely be subjected to many young, sexy bottoms that will tempt his desire to stare.  He understands that the rules continue in effect.  He also knows that I am packing his punishment panties, vibrator, and an 18" ruler and a wooden hairbrush.  Fortunately, we are driving, so this will not present any embarrasing situations for me with TSA.  However, it also raises the question of how I can "quietly" spank him in a hotel.  We have tried several things in the past that we have read about online, but we have not yet found a good answer.  Most suggestions have still been louder than we would have hoped.  Does anyone have suggestions that are very quiet with respect to the implement?  Barry can also be very loud.  However, I have suggested that his punishment panties wll make a good gag if he is not quiet.


  1. My wife and I are just starting out but we vacationed twice, once at the NJ shore and once south, both hotels. We simply turned the tv up and well did not think about it, the spankings I got took over. But we did find sports turned up loud usually help the noise factor.

    Just spank away, have fun and let if go.

    Great relationship, congrats.


  2. I usually do the same as Ron and also will have my husband pull off the road or we will hike to an out of the way place where he will receive his spanking. We are in the same situation.

  3. Susan: you may have already started, as I am reading from the beginning to the present, but a cane works wonders. The words silent but deadly come to mind. It would be Barry who would have to be quiet, or simply a small gag with the tv turned up, and no one would know what is happening in your room.

  4. A good ole' fashion switch hardly makes a noise at all