Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Defining Moment,Part 3

So, there I was with Barry lying on his back on the bed.  The first thing I did was take a scarf from my dresser drawer and blindfold him.  I decided that I didn't want him to see what I had planned for him until I had everything in place.  I then decided that I wanted to tie him up like the men he had seen in the videos.  Not knowing what else to use, I found four of his older neckties and used them to tie his hands and ankles to the four bed posts.  He was then completely exposed and helpless, which I think is what he wanted, based on the videos he had been watching.  To make sure he understood that, I played a bit with his penis and testicles and told him to make sure he stayed put until I returned.  At that point, he was moaning a bit and had a very stiff erection (which again, amazed me since he had already had an orgasm).

I then gathered and prepared some supplies that I thought would be useful:   a bottle of baby oil, a wet washcloth that I heated up in the microwave, some ice cubes, an emory board type nail file, the electric vibrator we had recently purchased ... anything I could think of to provide different sensations.   Finally, I removed my clothes and put on some lacey lingerie which I knew that Barry loved.

I then sat on the bed beside Barry and removed his blindfold.  While I used my fingers to tease his inner thighs and genitals, we had a little talk.  However, I did almost all of the talking.  I informed Barry things were going to be different now.  I let him know that I had ways to know if he was using the computer without me present and that I could also tell if he had masturbated, since his underwear and genitals have a definite odor until he changes and takes a shower.  I shared with him that it is apparent that he likes handjobs and likes tease and denial activities.  I would now be providing both to him.  However, since I will be in control, if the decision is to "deny", that is what will happen.  I also explained that when he wants to surf the internet porn sites, I will be right at his side making sure he doesn't touch himself and that I will see whatever interests and excites him.  During all of this, I allowed my fingers to lightly roam all over his body.  He was having a very difficult time concentrating.

I then advised Barry that it was time for his first tease and denial session with me and that I had not yet decided if he would be denied or allowed to orgasm again.  For the next half hour or so (Barry later told me it seemed like hours), I used all of my supplies and my hands to keep him permanently excited, but never let him orgasm.  Before I was done, he was begging me to let him cum.  I eventually decided to allow him to do so, but I also decided to employ something I saw in one of the videos.  So, I told him I would use the vibrator on him and he could have an orgasm.  What I didn't tell him was that I didn't plan to turn the vibrator off when he climaxed. 

Once he had climaxed, I looked into his eyes and asked him if he remembered the particular video he had watched where the male continued to be stimulated for ten minutes after climax.  A look of fear came over his face.  I also asked him if he remembered what the woman had said at the point of climax.  I could tell he did as I said it to him ... "And now the real fun begins".

So, you have now heard a detailed version of what happened early in our transition to this new life style and how I took control of Barry.  I must confess that I found it very exciting.  I found that I love to control Barry.  I make sure that he is sexually satisfied, and that I am as well.  It was not easy for me, but it has been extremely rewarding for both of us.  We have continued to move forward in ways that arrouse and excite each of us; and have brought us closer together. 

In future blogs, I will attempt to share more current thoughts and activities. 


  1. Susan:
    What you described is TERRIFIC!! Keep up the good loving as like aj, Barry needs it and desires it.

  2. Susan,
    Thank-you for sharing your journey into a Female-Led-Marriage. Also, have you ever considered using NetNanny to specifically control what your husband is allowed to view on the internet when you are not with him?

  3. Susan,

    Wow, you really have taken control, again he is a very lucky man!

    Have fun.


  4. I want to continue to express my appreciation for all of the comments received. The feedback is very important to me as I continue to learn my new role and it is very encouraging that what I am sharing may be worthwhile to others.

    I was also struck by the suggestion to use NetNanny. It is an interesting approach that I hadn't thought of. However, I'm not sure how I feel about it at the moment. In some ways, I would like Barry to provide his own personal discipline and not have to rely on me providing a means of preventing him from doing the wrong thing.

    What do others do and feel about this?