Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fun/Play Spankings

I like to differentiate between what I call 'fun' or 'play' spankings from a 'punishment' spanking.  Most of our activities fall into the 'fun' or 'play' category, although that doesn't mean that they don't include a lot of sting and a sore bottom.  Barry is very arroused by being spanked and he has quite a high pain tolerance.  That created a challenge for me when I wanted to punish him for something.  My normal spankings weren't very much of a punishment.  I have previously discussed how I administer a Punishment spanking in the Fun vs Punishment Spankings post.

Fun or Play spankings are much more fun for both of us and we tend to use spanking as a form of foreplay once or twice a week on average.  I like to start the anticipation for our spanking fun as early as I can in the day. 

Sometimes when he is getting dressed for work, I will pull out a pair of sexy panties and tell him that I would really like for him to wear them that day.  He knows that is a signal from me that I plan to spank him that evening.  He immediately gets stiff and he tells me that he anticipates our "spanking date" all day long.  Other times, I will just grab his bottom during the afternoon on a weekend and say something like "Somebody has been a bit naughty today and needs to have his bottom warmed".  Or, I leave a pair of panties and a light paddle on the bed for him to see when he arrives home from work.  It is always fun to see his excited reaction to these little things.  It also keeps me at a high anticipation level, because I love to paddle his cute bottom.

Fun or Play spankings have a very different feel to both of us than Punishment spankings.  Barry prefers implements that are stingy and light.  Thus, I love to use lighter wood or leather paddles for our fun times.  The heavy, thuddy hairbrush is reserved for punishment.  Fun/Play spankings are usually administered in the bedroom, but sometimes in our family room.  They also are ususally quite lengthy.  I love him over my lap, but I also enjoy sitting on his back, facing his bottom.  I also love to spank using different techniques, such as covering the full width of his bottom or one cheek at a time; spanking methodically or randomly.  I will talk more about techniques in a later post.
Most importantly, we both like it when I spank in a way that provides sting .... lots and lots of sting.  I love to watch his bottom turn red and I almost feel like an artist working with a blank canvas when I start.  "What type of picture shall I paint tonight?" :-)  Shall I make one cheek red to start?  Or, shall I start at top and work down?  Or, just gradually bring his entire bottom to a brilliant shade of red.  Barry's bottom colors up nicely, but doesn't bruise, so he provides a wonderful surface to work on.  When I am done spanking, then more fun begins.  He is almost always still fully erect and ready for action.  However, we also vary what we do after the spanking foreplay, but that is also another separate topic that I need to fully address.

As you can see, spanking really provides the core to the rejuenation of our marriage.


  1. Mistress, I found the over the knee spanking quite humiliating for many reasons. My wife was sitting on a high bar stool so when I laid across her lap I was quite helpless. Not that I would move anyways.

    My wife has many ways of punishmenting me when I don't behave or have upset her. Sometimes I am blind folded so when she spanks me I can't see it coming which is quite a mind fuck. Other times she stands me in from of our patio doors and I can see her in the reflection. I honestly don't know which one is worse.

    If I get to loud I am stripped on my panties and they are stuffed in my mouth.

    My cock, or should I say hers is the best barometer to what is good and bad punishment. She loves when her punishments make me go soft as she knows they are now effective.

    She has used many other forms of punishments such as having me kneel in kitty litter and I will tell you that minutes feels like hours.

    She ahs also had me crawling blindfolded throughout the house as she used her crop on my ass. The mixture between the crawling with no site and the sting of the crop is not a punishment that I enjoy as all. All I can do is hear her laughing as I bump at every whack and bump into everything in site.

    Unlike your hubby, spanking is mostly used for punishment although lately I do think she simply enjoying it.

    I'm glad you liked our blog. Our stories seem to have some familarity to them. Please feel free to leave my wife a comment on any one of our posts as she checkss them regularly.


  2. Susan,

    Again whst a wonderful post, thank you for shring your thougths,and sorry if this is rude, but hot as hell making him wear panties to work all day, I would die

    And yes as I said earlier, spanking has totally changed our lives for the better, we even handle vanilla issues better.

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. Fun spankings are great! It is such a different kind of fun, that is hard to find someone that will have the same joy in. It's wonderful to be able to fully let go, allowing someone else to give you a good stinging bottom to shake around lol. I love having a lap to be draped over, and a pair of heels to hold onto for support. I wouldn't give that up for anything! :)

  4. Fun or discipline spankings are so cleansing, the best,


  5. My husband introduced me to spanking and flr differently than barry did you. It blew my mind. Having a lot of body hair, since he is a baldy on top; I enjoy shaving his butt while over my knee then spanking and afterward putting him in the corner. Later I will rub alcohol on his bottom and enjoy watching him dance and his "boy toys" jump and wiggle. The loving afterwards puts me into outer space. I spank for fun, correction, and to relieve stress of everyday life. Enjoy this immensely.

  6. Rachel, it sounds like we have very much in common :-). I also enjoy shaving Barry and I love the feel of his smooth bottom and package afterwards!

  7. Sweet, wonderful, informative site. So delighted that you have created a blog to share your experience and encourage many of the rest of us in this way of life.

    Thank you, thank, thank you.


  8. I am so glad you take pleasure in this. My wife does it for me but I am never sure if she is really enjoying it. We don't do punishment as that might change our relationship.

  9. Recently I have started spanking my husband. He's too tall for my lap so I bend him across a table or chair with his panties on. Although he doesn't know it, I have allowed my sister to watch
    My question is should I make him keep himself hairless ? The idea excites me