Monday, February 27, 2012

Moving Forward and Exploring New Territory

Barry and I spent the last week taking time to savor ways to pleasure each other and share some of innermost feelings and desires.  I think we were both exhausted by the previous punishment week and were each ready to give and receive as much sexual pleasure as possible. That also led to some of the most honest discussions we have had with respect to what we each like.  For example, following are just a few of things that he shared for the first time:

  • He really enjoys it when I tease him for long periods of time, not knowing whether I will ruin his orgasm or take him all the way to completion. I was very surprised to hear him admit than even if I ruin his orgasm, it is worth it to have the long period of teasing.
  • He gets very excited when I publicly embarrass him as long as it is in front of strangers.  He admitted to  loving the way I sometimes embarrass him in front of waitresses when we are dining out.
  • He finds that being made to consume his cum is something that he loves to hate.  He loves having me make him do so, but hates doing it.  (This is something that I definitely plan to pursue)
  • He loves to be pegged by me (that one really surprised me)
  • He really likes fucking me while wearing his Ride-on penis extender.  Even though he doesn't get much pleasure, he shared that he loves being able to give me vaginal orgasms. (This will also be pursued much more often)
  • He didn't really mind being spanked in front of his sister and her partner.  What really upset him was the fact that she took charge of the situation and he felt that neither he nor I had any control. (This revelation completely blew me away.  He had seemed so upset, I didn't realize that it was just limited to my losing control of the situation.  It opens the door to many more possibilities.
I also candidly shared several things with Barry that I had not previously revealed.  They will probably come out in subsequent posts  in subtle ways, but I'm not quite ready to share them at this time.

After the last two weeks, I am finding that Barry has a stronger submissive side that I imagined.  I began to explore them a bit on Saturday when we made a trip to our nearest larger city.  It has a store that I have been wanting to visit for several months now.  It is a private store that carries a lot of Frederick's of Hollywood type lingerie for women, which is what it advertises.  However, I have suspected that it is more than that ... and it is.  I told Barry that we were going into the city Saturday for lunch and a movie.  I really wanted to see "The Artist" before the Academy Awards.  The movie was amazing, and I'm not surprised that it won the awards it did. 

However, our trip also provided time for us to visit the special shop.  It was much more than I expected.  In addition to its "Frederick's" type of products, it also had an area with feminine clothing for men.  It also had a very tasteful display of sexual toys and BDSM products.  To make a long story short, I ended up having Barry try on and purchase a French maid's costume.  I have long been intrigued by Suzanne at All Mine and how she has her husband serve her and her lover.  It was such fun to have Barry try on a maid's outfit and model it for me and the female shop owner.

I also loved being able to explore some the shop's leather paddles.  At one point when the shop was empty, I even gave Barry a couple of playful test swats with one that I liked.  The owner saw me and suggested that I take Barry into the 'back' room where we could experiment with whatever products we liked.  I was quite surprised to find the 'back' room furnished with a straight chair and a spanking bench.  It was quite a bit of fund, and Barry had two sets of red cheeks when we emerged.  (And I bought a wonderful leather paddle that will be a lot of fun for erotic spankings.)  I have to also confess that I loved their spanking bench and I think Barry did, too.

So, it has been a wonderful week, following by a stimulating day on Saturday.  And, we have already begun exploring new activities this week.  Somehow, we have emerged from a week of darkness into a new era.  This past week, it became clear that we were each needing and seeking that.



  1. Thanks for sharing that Susan, your point of view really turns me on! I guess the only thing better than being spanked by a dominant Lady, like you, is her doing in front of her female friend, I love it! Keep up the great blog!

  2. Hi Susan, I have to say you are where my boy (soon to be husband) and I were a couple of years ago, then I went and worked out of the country for a couple of years and we are starting over again. I do so hope we are able to get back to and surpass where you are now. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Susan,
    It sounds like you are on track in more in tune with Barry's sub side. Keep up the good work girl. Public play is one of my favorites.


  4. Barry is a lucky man!!


  5. Thanks for ALL of this interesting insight of your mutually satisfying relationship!!

    Love your blog,


  6. Way to go, Susan. With the "to-do" list that Barry has given you, it appears that the two of you have many tools at your disposal to keep each other well satisfied. I suspect that, if you're able to maintain the activities (and possibly throw in a few new one) that you and he have discussed, he should have no problem keeping his hand off his cock.

  7. I continue to be extremely appreciative of the comments and support everyone provides. When I started this journey, I never dreamed where it would take Barry and me, or the issues we would have to face and deal with along the way. I don't think I could have handled things without being able to share thoughts and hear feedback.

    Thank you everyone.


  8. So glad to hear all is working out. Inspirational.

  9. Susan,
    I sent you an e mail, did you get it? QG