Saturday, February 11, 2012

Caught in the Act

I am sitting here deciding whether or not to post.  I am so upset that I am beside myself. So, I am starting to write as a means of calming down.  At this point I don't even know if I will post this, but I need to do something.    It all started earlier this morning.  Barry was supposed to post an account of last Sunday today.  Actually, he was supposed to do it early in the week, but he never did.  So, when I left the house this morning, I gave him explicit instructions to get it done, or else!  I guess I left the house in a frustrated mood.

I left at 10:30 to get my hair done and then to go grocery shopping for a dinner party we are hosting tomorrow night. After my hair appointment, I realized that I forgot my detailed list, so I returned home to get it.  When I walked into the house (obviously earlier than expected), I discovered Barry sitting at the computer with his panties at his ankles, his 6000s sitting on the desk (with the lock still attached), and his cock in his hand.  My reaction was probably priceless.  I'm not sure what I said, but it was probably something like "What the f - - k are you doing?"  I couldn't believe it, and I still can't.  I suspect that some will think I over-reacted, and perhaps I did.  However, I was really upset.  I still can't believe what I was seeing.  Especially after I gave him what I thought was a very special treat last Sunday night after the Patriots lost.

So, I guess I went nuts.  When I asked my question about what he was doing, we stood there looking at each other.  There was no response other than stopping.  So ... I told him to keep wanking.  I guess that I wanted to watch him jerk off to the computer.  I had to repeat it several times, but Barry finally went back to jerking off to a video of a guy strapped to a table with his penis protruding through a hole, while a woman in a red mask was jerking him off.   I stood there watching as he jerked off onto the floor and then looked at me as if to say "What do I do now?".  Without even thinking, I reacted and told him to get down on his knees and clean it up.  When he went to the bathroom and started to get toilet paper, I knew he had done this before.  I went nuts again and told him to forget the toilet paper and come back and use his mouth.  I don't know if I was surprised that he complied or not.  At that point, I'm was so upset that I'm not sure how I was reacting.  I'm still trying to process it all.

I watched him lick up some of his cum and I told him to go to the bedroom and get our bag of implements.
When he did so, I told him to get on the bed with his bottom up.  I then gave him what was probably a very a tough spanking with lots of implements.  I don't even remember what all I used at this point, but I vaguely remember starting with the ruler paddle and working up and down his bottom and thighs. I also remember using the bathbrush and the lexzn paddle.  And, I remember removing panties from his mouth when I stopped, but I don't remember how they go there.  I guess I was pretty mad.

Barry is now lying on the bed with a very red butt and I'm trying to figure out where to go from here.  As I begin to calm down by writing this, I think I'm going to send him to the grocery store with my list while I figure out what to do when he returns.


  1. If this is totally unacceptable, and it sounds like it is, your best option is probably to have him pierced (Prince Albert), so that escape from the device is almost impossible. They make little fixings that can be run from the piercing to the lock making it impossible to pull out.

  2. Wow, I am glad I am not Barry. My wife would be pretty upset. I would probably get the silent treatment for a long time and I would be constantly reminded of the fact that I disappointed her. That in itself is a pretty harsh punishment.

    I got a tip from a male chastity forum that is a little less severe than a piercing. Basically, wrap an elastic band around the shaft of the penis and then wrap it around the middle (locking) pin on the CB-6000s. I was unable to "escape" although I did have some problems with bruising on my penis - my wife wasn't happy about that. I guess you could say that I never quite perfected this technique, but it's worth a try. I ignored the pain I was getting, which was my mistake.

    Hope you can work this out.

  3. I would think he already knows how disappointed you are with his actions. And I'm also sure you surprised the hell out of him when you walked in and caught him.

    Sometimes the need to masturbate is so intense that it's hard not to want to do it.

    I think you both need to sit down, or in Barry's case stand and have a long talk about what happened, calmly and rationally.

    Then decide where to go from now on, and how to handle this problem. There must be a way to fix this so he can't escape his CB6000 again, besides piercing, don't you think.


  4. First of all, no, you did not overreact. Compared to what I would have done to him, you were Mother Theresa. His action was wrong on so many levels that it's hard to know where to start.

    First and foremost, he has broken your trust. His compromising position leaves you with no other option than to completely distrust his desire to be the submissive he claims to want to be. He disobeyed your instructions to write about the other night, and compounded the felony by proving himself a sneak. He waited for you to leave, removed himself from his chastity and masturbated to a video that he had probably checked out before.

    I can well see why this has devastated you. You must make him aware that he has put the entire D/s dynamic in danger. It is now his job to prove to you that he can be trusted in the future. Just how he's going to do that is something you both must decide, but I would put the onus on him to come up with a way or ways to earn your trust once again. It's up to him to come up with the "ideas" and up to you to be the judge and jury on these ideas.

    I suggest you brook no foolishness on his part. What he's done is very, very damaging. Make him understand that there will be a physical price to pay as well, and don't hesitate to use whatever means you feel are necessary to make this point.

    He has a lot of work to do now, but he's put himself into this position. I wish you the best of luck.

  5. Disclaimer. We are not in an FLR. Our dynamic is quite different and somewhat unusual. Currently we are playing a long term game with chastity a part of it. Prior to starting we drafted an agreement which covered this possibility. Had I done such what would have happened is :-

    "Deliberate masturbation to orgasm whilst locked or doing so when unlocked without express permission. will incur a consequence of the locked having their wrists cuffed behind their back and the keyholder spraying a heavy coat of deep freeze spray over their cock and balls including with the foreskin retracted. Additionally the game will be paused for a period deemed appropriate by the keyholder or restarted from the beginning."

    You didn't ask for suggestions but since others have I'll join in.

    For what it is worth, I think, you need to decide whether this can be dealt with within the framework of your D/s relationship or whether you need to step back from that to discuss not just what he did but the entire dynamic. I'd suspect and hope the former. Assuming the former then what you did at the time was entirely appropriate and I'd suggest you follow it up with making sure he knows how disappointed and angry he has made you along with withdrawing all the fun and erotic play parts of your D/s for a period.

    In your position I'd also ask him to suggest what would be appropriate punishment and consequences.

    No chastity device is perfect. They are merely an aid to help keep honest men honest. The best one can hope for is something that is tamper evident and such that finding a way to orgasm in the device results in a disappointing experience. Still you might want to consider something more secure for the future. I'd think along the lines of at least adding a PA piercing (lockable).

    Making the punishment fir the crime is always fun. Confiscate the device. Daily, or more frequent masturbation in a way that is unsatisfying, e.g. sent to the bathroom, away from your presence, no porn and required to be as quick as possible, into a small glass, return and drink it without swallowing until given permission after several minutes. After a week or so I'd allow him to start begging for chastity and only when he is convincing and contrite enough would I lock him up again.


  6. Ms Susan, could you explain how this is possible: "..his 6000s sitting on the desk (with the lock still attached)". Pulling the penis out of the tube, yes, that may be possible. But removing the device while the tube is stilled locked onto the ring that goes behind the scrotum?

  7. Anonymous raised the same question I first had about how Barry was able to remove the entire device. I'm not sure that I fully understand how he has escaped, and to be honest, I have not tried to explore it in detail. The fact that he can escape is the problem, as opposed to "how". However, I suspect that it is due to the fact that his testicles are normally very high and it is difficult to properly install the 6000s, because it is often hard to have both of his testicles hanging low enough to capture them. When we first married, he shared with me that when he was young, his testicles didn't descend normally and he had a long series of hormone injections to help that process. Over the years, I have noticed that they frequently are withdrawn. So, I'm guessing that when we install the device he doesn't always capture both testicles below the ring.


  8. Hi Suzan,

    I'm very sorry for you about all of that. I did some bad thinks too and I felt really gilty and still... I don't know why we are challenging so much our relationship with our wives for one jerkoff. well, Sure I know but take in case that porn is, in my case at least, like heavy drugs. Once you start (like me when i was 12) You can't stop it. Well, worse, we find secret tricks like being able to take off the cage to do what we do...With my wife, One of my big concert was to stop masturbate from porn to keep myself aroused when she's ready. That's the start of why now i were a cage. But like your husband, i'm still able to take my member off the cage. So, let's find a solution and i'm sure he want too. But you have both need to talk and recenter the main idea of your play as other said.

    One important thing often miss understood about a device is that the ring size is not the main parameter to stop the cage getting off the scrotum. All is in the "gap". Did you check if the gap is too large ? Even if the scrotum is tight (like mine, i got exactely the same problem as a kid getting the balls down)the skin can stretch after some exercices. Making able to closer the gap. At least, the penis will still being able to get out by the realy back of the cage but the scrotum will be trap bethween the ring and the cage. So the cage will always stay there.

    That's a start. The other option is to buy the KSD-G3 option. It will be realy more difficult to take is penis off the cage. But, if he is realy determinated, he will be able. the other fact is more interesting about he will not be able to get is member back in as some bloggers seem to say. So, Knowing that he won't be able to get back in is certainly a helper to take it more seriously.

    The prince albert is the ultimate option and more arousal maybe ? Well, more hardcore...

    sorry for my english, not my firt langage.

    good luck !


  9. Uhm...masturbation is quite normal and natural.

    He didn't do anything wrong.

  10. I have about a 5" penis and average balls. I've used the cd6000s as well. Once one of my balls pulled pulled put at the gym. It is possible, bit I can't imagine how he figured he would get it back on!

    Regardless, he hugely violated your trust. And after all your work!!

    I'm sorry. He deserves all you give him and more!!!

    Thanks for all of your wonderful post :)