Monday, February 13, 2012

Making an Impression

I want to thank everyone again for the thoughtful posts and suggestions about my current situation with Barry.  It is becoming clear to me that I need to make a huge impression on Barry.  I am also beginning to believe that I shouldn't have to rely on a chastity device to make sure that Barry follows my rules about not masturbating without my permission.  He should want to abstain because it is what I desire of him.

I have decided that Barry is in for a very prolonged punishment period that is conducted in the manner that I initiated this weekend.  Specifically, he will masturbate upon my command and I will monitor his capability to respond based upon the last time he masturbated.  I plan to make sure that he has no desire to masturbate in between times and cause masturbation to be humiliating and/or painful for him.  I really loved some of the ideas offered, including the use of hot sauce (although I plan to be careful), making him consume his semen on a regular basis, and making him masturbate in public restrooms (quite some time ago, I made him do that at a restaurant and bring his soiled hankerchief back to the table to prove his success).  I have also thought about rubbing a bit of Deep Heat onto the shaft of his penis (not the glans) before he goes to work in the morning.

Yesterday was a busy day for Barry's hand and my Hitachi.  I used his ability to get an erection as my guide with respect to whether or not to make him masturbate.  I would take him to the computer and display some of his photo collection or videos.  If he showed the slightest bit of arrousal, he was ordered to masturbate.  As the day progressed, his output diminished to a dry humping and the glans of his penis were obviously red and irritated.  The last session before we went to bed required the use of my Hitachi vibrator to achieve a climax, after which I applied 25 hard swats with the lexan paddle to his bottom.  That is also going to be part of his punishment routine for the forseen future.

This morning, he was ordered to masturbate upon waking up and again before he left to work.  He was also sent to work with his pill bottle and directed to make a deposit into it at lunch time.  To make sure he could control his orgasm enough to make that deposit, I had him practice several times yesterday.  He finally realized that the only way he was going to succeed was to stop any stroking as soon as he began to climax and let his semen dribble into the bottle.  Essentially, he had to ruin his own orgasm, which was my desire.

When he arrived home for work tonight, you can be assured that he was commanded to masturbate.  He has done so once since then, and I plan to require two more tonight.  I suspect the last will probably require the Hitachi to achieve.  His penis is getting quite irritated at this point, so I will probably allow the use of soothing cream, if I can find any in our medicine cabinet.  Tomorrow, I will visit the pharmacy and purchase something (not because I am concerned about his feeling discomfort, but because I don't want to damage his dicklet.  After all, I still want to occasionally enjoy it.

Tomorrow, I will begin to work in more consumption opportunities.  I have also made it clear to Barry that this routine is going to continue as long as I feel it is necessary and that it will be instituted whenever I feel necessary to assure that he has NO desire to masturbate without my permission.

Based upon Barry's reaction so far, I think I am making an impression and that merely the threat of this type of punishment in the future will be a huge deterrent.  We shall see.  I will also keep you posted.

Thanks again to everyone who has shared thoughts and ideas.  They are all percolating in my head at the moment.



  1. I'm assuming that domestic discipline, the kink that had Barry masturbating excessively when your odyssey first began, still appeals to him. If that's the case, then you should be looking at something that doesn't involve physical punishment at all. Perhaps a month or two of withdrawing not only your affection, but all attention to him will remind him how your marriage was faring back at the beginning. Knowing that continuing on with his addiction may damage your relationship, should bring him around quickly. This punishes you, too, but feeding his kink with spankings and masturbation may not be the cure you want it to be.

  2. My suggestion is how my wife punishes me when I annoy her or she finds my housework not up to her standards. Lots and lots of extra housework and doing the same job over again maybe 3 times in a day. Then the next day start it again. I did the windows outside 3 times in 1 day, took over 6 hours, the next day she said she found a streak and I had to do them agin 2 times. Plus corner time, an hour a day for 3 or 4 weeks. She likes to take her worn panties, turn the crotch to the outside and place them between my nose and wall. I must hold them there with my hands tied behind my back. If they drop the time starts all over again. Hard to do and a real punishment.