Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Barry's Time: Explanation/Comments of "The Video"

During breakfast this morning, Susan firmly reminded me that I previously promised to post on her blog on a regular basis and also pointed out that I have not posted since January! Her tone of voice got my attention quite quickly. While she has not threatened me with any repercussions (at least not yet), I took very seriously her suggestion that I post an explanation of the video that I was watching when she caught me masturbating a couple of weeks ago and explain to everyone why it was so enticing to me that I broke our trust. Needless to say, it was on my mind all day and I have composed multiple messages in my mind. This is not something that I really want to talk about, but I can understand why she feels it something that only I can explain. As I mentioned in my last post, it is not easy for me to explain my feelings when I blog, but I'll do my best.

The video was one that I found a long time ago and it is called Phantomette Femdom Handjob. Following is a link, if anyone cares. Susan suggested I include the video itself, but I didn't have any luck uploading it to Blogger, so I am including the link.


In the video, a man is secured facedown on a table with his cock and balls hanging through a hole in the table. I young woman wearing a red mask begins by strapping his ass, but then quickly appears below the table and proceeds to administer a long, teasing handjob. She really messes with his mind during the entire process by continually pointing out that he is all tied up, with his dick in a hole, and has no where to go. Several times she tells him that she wants to make him cry and also asks him if he has ever been in this position before (he says that he hasn't). To make matters scarier, she periodically interupts the pleasure of the handjob to squeeze his balls in a way that appears painful, but not torturous. She eventually drains him but then continues to massage the head of his cock for another three minutes or more. It is clear that it is quite painful for him, but enjoyable to her.

I'm not sure I fully understand or can adequately explain why I am drawn to this video, but I have been since the first time I saw it. I suspect that it is a combination of several things:
  1. Her complete control of the situation in a kind and friendly way: She seems to really love what she is doing and it is clear that she is not going to really hurt him, but he doesn't know that. She really fucks with his mind, which is something that I really enjoy having done to me.
  2. His complete lack of control and his periodic expression of fear: It is clear that he knows he has no control and at times, he is quite fearful.
  3. His enjoyment of the handjob even though it eventually seems like he knows she will continue to stroke him after he cums: I love the way she plays with him (Susan sometimes does the same to me when she ties me to the bed while I am on my back). I guess I am somewhat amazed at how much he can enjoy it, knowing that she has complete control. I'm guessing that, in reality, he has as much confidence and faith in the young lady as I have in Susan.
  4. Her total enjoyment of all phases of the handjob and follow-up stroking ... she is clearly enjoying herself
I really love it when Susan ties me to the bed face up and administers a slow and teasing handjob to me. I have learned that most times she will ruin my orgasm,but sometimes she doesn't. And, the lead up to the actual orgasm is so wonderful. I guess it is because she has control and I don't. However, I will confess that I don't understand what all is going on at times.

Breaking the trust that Susan and I have is not something that I am prepared to fully talk about right now. That is something that she and I have dealt with, and I feel it is a private matter. I will share that I understand that I completely let her down. I also want to share that complete chastity is a wonderful fantasy, and is one that I have enjoyed as a fantasy. However, in reality, it is extremely hard to achieve. I also understand that I am very lucky to have a wonderful wife like Susan who was willing to learn and grow to make our relationship better. She is a wonderful gift to me and I thank God for her every day. I am also doing my best to convey that to her. I think she knows that. I can only hope.



  1. Thanks for the explanation. You MUST cherish the mutually satisfying relationship that you have with your wife. You are INDEED fortunate to have such an UNDERSTANDING wife!!


  2. Wonderful sir, enjoy your lady she is one of a kind.


  3. Barry (and Ms. Susan, too)-
    One of the things that I (we) love about blogging is the communication it provides between me and my Lady (Cora). Many posts have been made directed at her although sharing it with the Universe makes it even more special. I think your post may accomplish much the same thing. I guess only Ms. Susan will know the answer to that.

    BTW, if you want to contact me direct, I can share how you can add videos to your blog.

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