Sunday, February 12, 2012

Caught in the Act continued

First, I want to thank you for the helpful comments/suggestions and confirmation that I was justified in being very upset.  I really appreciate them.  After I finished the first post, I sent Barry to the grocery store in order to give myself some time to think through the situation.  While Barry was gone, I did some exploring on our computer and discovered that it appears that Barry may have been doing this for quite some time on Saturday mornings when I go grocery shopping.  He has a habit of resaving the files he looks at, which puts a new date on the file.  Interestingly many files have dates that are all Saturdays over the past couple of months.  That discovery did not make me happy.

When Barry returned, I left him alone to unload the car and take care of the groceries.  We then sat down for a long talk.  Our discussion was all over the place, starting with Barry professing that he has a masturbation addiction and can't help himself.  However, he decided to not pursue that line of thinking after I told him that I will come to his annual physical with him next week and we can talk to his doctor about the addiction and seek ways to treat it!  He also finally confessed that he has been able to remove the 6000s for quite some time, which also did not make me happy.

After much discussion, I told Barry that the bad news for him is that he is going to be punished for the next week for his transgressions.  The good news for him is that he will not be required to wear his chastity device and he will get to masturbate quite frequently for the next week.  I explained that he will be expected to masturbate upon command for me.  He will be expected to masturbate quickly and according to my directions and that he must not masturbate at any other time.  I further explained that should he not be able to bring himself to climax quickly and with an appropriate amount of semen released, I will consider it to indicate that he has masturbated in between and he will be punished with the lexan paddle.  He will also be expected to masturbate into a pill bottle each day at work during lunch and bring the bottle of semen home to me as evidence of his success.  I decided that it will be difficult for him to get the semen into the small bottle, so he will basically have to ruin his own orgasm in order to accomplish that fete.  What I didn't tell him was that I will make sure his orgasms obtained when masturbating in my presence at home will also be ruined and that I will make him masturbate very frequently.  Since he likes to masturbate, he is going to get to do it more than he ever imagined.

I started his punishment before dinner last night, making him drop his trousers and panties and masturbate as quickly as he could .... and then grabbing his hand as soon as he started to climax.  That routine was repeated shortly after dinner; and I used my Hitachi Magic Wand on him when we went to bed.  At that point, he wasn't able to produce any semen.  This morning, I made him masturbate in the shower before we went to church and again after lunch.  He's not finding it very pleasurable, which is my goal.

I plan to continue this routine, along with some spankings for the entire week.  In the meantime, I plan to explore other chastity options for him.  One option is to go back to his old device, which I don't believe he can get out of.

I'm also deciding what topic to require him to blog about during coming week.  Perhaps our readers have some suggestions for him to address.

Thanks again,


  1. Barry, I think you are in trouble man, Ouch, Sorry Miss Susan. My heart goes out to you but I am glad my mama does not keep me on such a tight leash.
    I do think that "You do the crime you got to do the time" very glad it is not my bottom on the block so to speak

  2. My wife punished me in a similar manner for a similar offense a couple of years ago, including an ice-cube tray into which I was expected to expel my semen. Those ice cubes were reserved for my own drinks. She, too, required me to masturbate into a prescription bottle, but, try as I might, too much missed. She ended up buying a small spice bottle, with a wider opening, which I was to use daily. It worked better...just a thought. I, too, was required to masturbate on command, including providing my own salad dressing and, once, having to masturbate into my panties in the men's room while at dinner with another couple. Sitting there were wet panties was uncomfortable and when we got home, I was spanked with those panties over my face. I am VERY careful,now, to get permission to jerk off!

  3. Hi Susan: I often read your blog, and yet I haven't commented. Not sure why??? I will make sure to get better at that and thought now would be a good time to begin. I was going to suggest something similar to what "Anonymous" mentioned. QG has made her hubby jerk off in a restroom while out to eat and use it as his salad dressing. I know she enjoyed watching him come back to the table with his little container. Since Barry has this so called "addiction", then he should have no problem jerking off as you have commanded. Why not give him a certain amount to fill by the end of a day? If he doesn't reach that line/measurement, then some beatings will occur (beatings, nipple torture, CBT...) If you do not trust Barry enough to be sure that what he brings home in his little container is actually all cum, then make him jerk off at home. Again, he has to fill his cup to a certain mark. Use this as dressing, cream in his coffee, milk in his cereal (etc). When you really want to make sure he doesn't reach this "line", perhaps put a ball parachute on him with some weights and see how he can make himself cum? Or you could make this a little game for him. Kind of like darts. Tie his balls to a door knob and make him lean forward. Have some sort of "starting line" he has to stand on. Obviously, this should be a line that is far enough to pull on his balls and cause him quite a bit of pain. In front of him, have a few circles with numbers on them. If he can even cum, tell him he has to cum on the "board". Whatever number he "lands" on, is the number of whacks he will get (whether it's his ass or cock or whatever...) If he can't cum...well you get to pick the number.

    You could also collect him cum and use it throughout the week as whatever you want. He won't know what has his cum on it and what doesn't. Is there any in his dinner? coffee? soda? (etc) Even if you never actually put it in any of his things, he won't know for sure, and sometimes, that's a perfect mind fuck.

    Good luck!!


  4. Susan, I read boths your posting and I'm apalled at his behavior. I'll agree with LG here that your husband is lucky I'm not his domme. Talking would not be on the agenda.

    I don't know if you have specific rules for him but if you don't I would highly suggest drawling some up. I also feel a week of punishment is far to lenient for such a serious infraction. I remember Mistress over on Foreverhers2010 using hot sauce on her hubby at one time. Perhaps since your sub likes to masturbate so much you can put a little hot sauce in his palm next time.

    I don't agree with your idea of allowing him to masturbate as I feel this plays into his hand ( no pun intended)but if this is the route you choose then he would be yanking that thing until it's raw.

    I would suspend his computer use entirely as well. This is a serious breach of trust and I would make sure whatever the punishment is that it is severe enough insure that he never dare break the rules again. That is if you decide to continue this FLR after this issue. It's appears that your husband does not take this seriously and feel's he can be submissive when it suits him.

    I will probably write more on this as I'm pissed off just reading it.

  5. Okay..just a couple more thoughts...As QG mentioned, using tobasco sauce is a good idea. I used too much last time, but honestly, I wouldn't feel too badly if you used too much! Try some ginger root up his ass as he tries to jerk off too. Or blindfold him, tell him to jerk off, and as he get close, shove his cock in some ice. Whatever painful things you can use to make jerking off miserable will be great.


  6. How about him telling us how it feels to be spanked in panties!


  7. It sounds to me like Barry needs a cb with very sharp spikes, until he proves he can be trusted

  8. Might I suggest you follow up this torment with the following: Rather than let him orgasm, have him masturbate in your presence to the edge and have him stop. Repeat this scenario several times a day. Keep this routine going for as long as you wish. As a submissive male, I believe this would drive me in to deeper submission to my wife.

    I absolutely love your blog.

  9. Three years later, I know, since it's apropos -- maybe try figging? (Insertion of a suitably carved ginger finger into his little hole?) I hear it's quite amusing, especially when combined with a spanking.