Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chastity Challenge

I must apologize for not posting for so long.  Extended family issues arose that were a bit distracting to Barry and me for part of the time.  And, if I'm honest, I've been procrastinating about whether to actually publish this particular post.  Barry and I each have had mixed feelings about sharing this topic, but we have finally agreed to do so.  Also, at least Barry managed to post in early February, thus avoiding his promised punishment if he does do so each month.

In my last post I shared with you that we had decided to purchase some 'non-pervertible' type toys, which was a huge step for us.  One of the items was a chastity device for Barry.  One of his many kinky fantasies has always been to have me control him.  I have been hesitant to go there, but finally agreed, especially after learning that Barry had been masturbating when away from home.

However, we have run into a challenge and this is the part that has been hard to decide to share.  The first device we bought was a complete failure because we failed to take into consideration some aspects of Barry's penis - It is a shrinker.  When he is arroused, it is a  respectable four inches in length and is capable of providing all the pleasure we each desire.  However, when he is flacid, it almost shrinks inside his body.  It is typically only an inch or two and very soft, and at times it can almost disappear.  I'm sure you can begin to see the problem.  The device easily slips off when he is flacid.

I have been trying to do some research and have now ordered an Exobelt model, which looks like it will be secure.  It is scheduled to arrive by the end of the week, so we hope to put it to the test over the weekend.

However, if it also fails, I'm wondering if any of my readers have any experience or suggestions in this area.  I see that there are also some metal models that provide a complete shield over the genital area, but they look very uncomfortable.  I don't plan to keep Barry in it for long periods of time, but we do want to lock him up for time periods when I can not adequately supervise him.

Any experience or advise would be appreciated.



  1. Though my Wife enjoys having sex with a man with a larger cock than me...mine is a 6-7 incher...but when i'm not appears very small and boyish...this She likes to tease me to no end about...the first chastity device we purchased was the CB-6000...the minute She opened the pkg. we knew it would never appeared that i could almost achieve the better part of an erection inside that She ordered the CB-6000 Short...look it up on the web and see if it is right for you stays secure on me when i'm soft...yet leaves a small amount of room inside so that when Q decides to tease me when i have it on...i can swell just enough to be slightly (understatement) uncomfortable...let us know how it works out for you guys...i can tell will have lots of fun when you find the right one!

  2. Hi, Susan,

    As the previous commenter detailed, the CB6000s is a possible solution to the problem. If that's the one you've tried, then the alternative is to aggressively dictate to Barry that, although he is not in a device, he is nevertheless to remain chaste - in other words - he's on the honour system. You will have to trust him not to masturbate to orgasm when he's out of your sight, and he'll have to be honest with you about his masturbatory habits. He must have a strong desire not to disappoint you.

    By showing him how good chastity can be, by teasing him often and well, by giving him ruined orgasms and the occasional "real" orgasm, he will be able to save himself for you.

    The thing that did it for me was my wife's challenge; Make love to her - full blown PIV sex - and give her spectacular orgasms without coming myself.

    In addition, be sure to give him lots of opportunities to pleasure you to orgasm. His satisfaction will come from doing that for you.


  3. Hi Susan,

    Congratulations on beginning to explore chastity. I suspect you will enjoy it as much as (if not more than) spanking.

    Getting the right size chastity device is a challenge and most men seem to have the best success with a custom made device. Bill at Mature Metal has reasonable prices (for custom made) and good customer service. You can get a device as short as 1 1/4". My husband is in a 1 3/4" Watchful Mistress which is 3/4" of an inch shorter than the CB-6000s (the one that Harry mentioned in his comment). I believe the CB-6000s is the smallest non-custom device on the market and as you can see, it's not that small.

    I have written extensively about our chastity journey, devices, sizing and so on on my blog. Please drop by for a visit...


  4. Hi Susan,
    I have the CB-6000S as described above. I had a few occasions where it slipped off and when I wanted to (which I didn't), I could slip out of it just like a cock ring. I found a tip on a chastity related site that worked for me. If you simply wrap a rubber band (of if you want something more elegant, one of those stretchy cock ring-like things) around the flaccid penis and the middle (locking) pin, you won't be able to pull it out. Really effective. While I am not tempted to pull out, this does help align my urethra better and makes urination easier. Hope this helps!

  5. Hello Susan,

    My beautiful wife and mistress and I have been exploring male chastity for the last 5 years and have journeyed through many devices from the off the shelf CB#### to a full stainless belt. We found all were not suitable for an active lifestyle or just not suited to 24/7 use over long periods.
    I to am a grower which makes the selection of a device a little more complicated.
    We decided that I should get a PA piercing and then tested out the PA5000 with the view to having a Lori's device made if it was successful.
    To cut a long story short the PA keeps the penis at the same length inside the chastity tube solving the growing shrinking issue.
    We settled on the Lori's number 5 which does not have a ball trap ring making the device far more comfortable for long term wear. The issue is that you need to have a large well healed piercing, I have a 0 GA now after stretching from the 10 ga, which was the initial piercing.
    We are both extremely please with the device now and I have not been release for months on end. My mistress has now decided it is not necessary for the device to be removed for 12 monthly periods.
    Mistress teases me daily with very active ball manipulation and light spankings to keep the level of desire right up and regular requests to be serviced, which I am more than happy to oblige.
    About once a month mistress discusses my performance as a lover and husband and this can result in loving spankings which we both enjoy, although sometime if I have not performed to her standard these can be sever particularly when she uses her riding crop.
    We have found chastity and spanking to be an essential part of our relationship and would not change it for anything.

    Kind Regards