Monday, March 14, 2011

Our First Chastity Experience

As you know from Barry's post, the Exobelt arrived in time for last weekend, so Friday night we put it to its first use.  Barry needed a shave, so after dinner I took him into the shower and made sure his package was as smooth as a baby's bottom.  We later learned that he was also a little chafed, which he didn't enjoy while locked up.  Actually putting on the device was a bit more difficult than we expected, especially since it is not easy to do with an arroused penis.  However, once Barry became a little less excited, we were able to get him trapped in it, and he looked like he was wearing a high tech cup of sorts :-).  I thought about making him wear a jock strap over it, but decided instead to use a favorite pair of pink nylon panties.

We then moved into the bedroom where I enjoyed teasing him and making sure he pleasured me.  I secured him on his back to the bed with his wrists and ankles tied to the bedposts, as has become a frequent custom.  I must confess that I enjoyed using my mouth and fingers to tease his inner thighs and all around his device.  It was interesting to hear some new sounds I have never heard before as he would get arroused to a point that the device would allow and then begin to feel discomfort and lose arrousal.  The ups and downs were interesting for both of us.

One thing I don't like about putting him in the device is that I lose access to having him in me.  I missed that.  But, at least it lets Barry know that he probably won't be locked up for very long periods of time.  I kept him in the device all night Friday and all day Saturday.  That evening, we played again, including a fun spanking for him while wearing the device, before I let him out so that I could ride him.  And, he was really ready for it.  That made the wait worthwhile for me too.

So, our first experience was good, and I'm now looking forward to more ways to employ this new toy.  I will also feel more secure that I can stop Barry from masturbating when he is out of my sight for lengthy periods of time.



  1. Sorry to be rude, but that was an incdredibly hot story, wow, spanking and then letting him loose, wow.



  2. Was Barry allowed to orgasm during your Saturday night lovemaking session?