Monday, March 21, 2011

Barry's Deceptive Post

As you know, I kept Barry locked up this past weekend.  In fact, he is still in his device.  When I arrived home last evening, he was quite pleased with himself for having posted to the blog and quickly advised me that it was his third post this month, which qualifies him for a special sexual treat (which was a deal I made with him earlier in the year to encourage him to post).  After reading his post, I also decided to take a look at the temporary internet files and cookies, which revealed that he had spent a consderable amount of time surfing porn sites.  That seemed to be quite different from what he conveyed in his post to all of you, so I was quite upset with his deception.  Consequently, I decided that there would be no special treat for him last night, but instead he would remain locked until at least this evening; and he received a pretty good spanking as punishment.

Since this was the longest he has been kept in the Exobelt, I also decided that I wanted to take a look at it and make sure there were no problems, especially with cleanliness.  I took him into our walkin shower so that I could use the handheld shower head to give him a good cleaning.  It seemed to work quite well, along with some shampoo.  However, it wasn't a pleasant experience for Barry, since he was prevented from becoming erect.  After the shower is when I took him over my lap on the bed for a good dose of our wooden ruler.  Needless to say, I got his attention pretty quickly and held it for quite some time.  It wasn't a severe punishment spanking, but it was the hardest spanking he has received for a couple of months.

Today, I sent him off to work wearing the Exobelt and a pair of panties.  I wanted to make sure he would think about what he did all day long.  I can't wait until he arrives home because I know he will be dying to get free.  I'm also dying to have him, but I think he deserves to be teased a bit more for being so deceptive.  So, I'm still thinking about when and how to release him, and what I want to do with him.



  1. Evil, evil, evil, I love it!!!


  2. Hello James. I must confess that I am having a hard time understanding your comment about evil. Barry was not being evil. He just made a mistake, like we all do at times.


  3. I think it's a good idea that women who wish to check in on their sub partners have access to their browsing history. I think subs should walk the talk and that it's a good thing that you checked in on him and dealt with it. More power to you.

  4. Ms. Susan-
    I am sure Barry felt bad disappointing you and that the punishment spanking was just that - punishment.

    However keeping him locked up and pantied today must be stimulating him on the other end of the spectrum. It must be like burning a candle at both ends.


  5. I sent you an explanation via email, but I thought I'd also post it here.
    I read the last paragraph of your post, and thought you were being deliciously evil, I'm sorry if I didn't post it clearer.
    I never meant it to sound like Barry was the one being evil.
    And I really do like the way you stick up for Barry, he's a lucky guy.

  6. You two are so hot, amazing story and nothing better than a long hard spanking to correct the mistakes!

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. Thank you for sharing your excellent blog, Susan and Barry. I am enjoying my new find!

    Dana Kane