Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Barry's Involvement

I am thrilled with Barry's willingness to join me in this blog.  I hope you have enjoyed his first two posts. Each of them were a complete surprise to me, and were written and posted without my review.  I must share that we were sitting together a few moments ago when we read a comment about whether I tortured him or punished him when I was upset.  He immediately logged in and replied without even asking me what I thought.  I must confess that I was very moved by his defensiveness.

I also need to share my perspective.  I could never torture anyone.  It is very difficult for me to administer a punishment spanking to Barry.  However, I have come to realize that he sometimes needs and wants to receive one.  Is it painful to him?  YES  Does he want it?  YES  Would I stop if I thought he really wanted me to do so?  ABSOLUTELY YES.  I think Barry expressed it best when he said that everything we do is consensual.  That is why I also allow him to erotically spank me.


PS ... Barry asked an interesting question about whether a response to a comment should be considered a "Post" with respect to earning a reward or being punished.  I have mixed emotions. What do the readers of this blog think?


  1. To be perfectly honest, I think a post is a post, and a reply to a comment is just that a reply.
    Sorry Barry, but I've had this same discussion with my wife, and that's the answer I got. Along with the hairbrush for arguing, lol
    We too have a loving relationship, and I admire your protective attitude, we should always protect our Ladies.

  2. Ms Susan, Barry

    Let me - once again - congratulate you to your wonderful blog. I NEVER had the impression that you, Ms Susan, were torturing your husband. What utter nonsense! You were probably most reluctant to accomodate Barry's need for spankings at first and have gradually begun to enjoy them. The same happened with my wife and myself. We do not have a safeword either, but she always knows when to stop. Her spankings are not normally punishment spankings: when she is angry with me she usually denies spanking me! Occasionally, however, she did spank me when she was upset (when - not because), but she never went as far as to injure me (my pride maybe, but not my body) and always knew when to stop.

    I tend to agree whit James on posts and replies to posts. I think you should err on the side of strictness in this case :-)


  3. Susan- I think it's a post if it has notable content and reveals something You feel is worth counting... You get to decide! Short answers, not so much. :)

    I'd be interested from Barry how he feels (embarrassed, etc.) when he surfs the web next to you. Is it all fun, or is there a subtler aspect or two to it?

  4. Susan

    I agree with the theory, a post is a post and not to be used as an incentive for a spanking. Yes if he admits something you really did not know about, well then that is your call. But thanks for the wonderful communication, you two are awesome for all of us.

    I just got a brushing yesterday, hard and long but trust me it was not torture and the events after I did corner time was not torture. I see nothing close to torture in your spankings and discipline, they are hot but not torture.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Be well


  5. My wife and I love your blog. Yours is about the only one she will read because you both seem totally sincere. Many of the blogs sound impossible, or just someone's wishful thinking. But we are missing you and anxious for you to post again. We hope tosee something soon!