Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I would like to publicly apologize to Susan and her readers for my behavior and my deceptive post last weekend. Susan has not required me to post this apology. I am doing this because I want to.

She was very upset with me Sunday night for two reasons. One was that my post was not honest. She is very big on truthfulness, as we all should be. She did not like the fact that I inaccurately conveyed how much time I had spent surfing porn on the internet, especially when it is the first time she has allowed me to do so without her being present. She was even more upset when she saw the sites I had been exploring. They were sites that include activities which are somewhat degrading and she never lets me visit them when we are together. She was very disappointed that I took advantage of the freedom she gave me.

I am very thankful that Susan has accepted and experimented with so many of the activities that I had fantasized about for years. I realize that I am a very lucky man. And I know I let her down by viewing sites that contain activities that she has clearly told me that she will never participate in.

I also realize that I got off with a rather light punishment Sunday evening. I am very appreciative of that. However, I have been warned what will happen if I ever post something that is not truthful again, or if I view the forbidden websites. Susan has made it very clear that I will receive what she likes to call her 'ultimate spanking'. This includes being brought to orgasm with her vibrator prior to being spanked with two of the implements I hate most (the wooden bath brush and the rice paddle). Two things that I have learned about Susan during our wonderful marriage is that she doesn't make idle threats and she doesn't forget. I have also learned that I don't ever want to receive her 'ultimate punishment' again. She has only done that to me two times. I should have learned my lesson after the first time. But, I was stupid enough to make her mad enough to use it a second time. That was several months ago, but the memory is still strong enough for me to make sure there is not a third time.

Thank you Susan for being a wonderful wife and lover. And, thank you for helping me be a better person.



  1. Your absolutey right, forced masturbation or milking is the"ultimate punishment", completely takes away the sexual component, that's a real ouch!!! On the other hand, there's something highly erotic and submissive about being milked prior to go over her knee for your puishment, agree?

    Very good blog, I enjoy reading about your journey.


  2. That's okay, Barry. No one is perfect!! I'm glad that you are forgiven, and that Susan wasn't too hard on you, even though lying REALLY IS a serious issue. Never an excuse for that!!

    I enjoy your blog!! Thanks!!


  3. Barry-
    I am sure by now you must realize how lucky you are to have a woman like Ms. Susan as your wife.

  4. Barry,

    What Ken said, agree 1000%.

    Go take your spankings and behave!

    But also thank you for sharing.


  5. I must say that I was delighted and inspired by Susan. Yesterday, my Snuffy, was being "playful" to the point of obnoxious. I have spanked him before. My favorite implements are a slotted bamboo spoon and a large bristled brush. So when he was acting up like an unbridled pony, I had him drop his pants and panties and lay over my knee to be spanked on both cheeks with the bamboo spoon. Quite the spectacle since he is 6'4 and I only 5'2. My other favorite is reaching up and grabbing his throat. I am strong for my size and very adament in my action. That was used later in the day. Clearly he has not learned the lesson. Another stern lesson is to be administered today. I have added to his list of chores and even included a second house for him to tend to. Much like you, he will be spanked but not milked today. He was placed in his cage yesterday (bird lock) and there he will remain.