Friday, March 11, 2011

A Possible Chastity Solution

Susan has asked me to share our appreciation for the comments and suggested solutions to our chastity belt challenge. We have tried the CB-6000 short as our first option. Unfortunately, due to my shrinkage capability, I would slide out of it without even trying. When I am not arroused, I shrink significantly and my penis almost disappears. It becomes a small nub, which is very humilitating. Fortunately, it grows significantly when I am arroused, and I am very thankful that Susan has never teased me about its size when shrunken. She actually seems to enjoy making it grow to a useful size, which she also loves having inside her.

Yesterday we received our latest attempt to find something that will be secure. It is the Exobelt V1. I have included two photos below. As you can see, it attempts to provide a covering of the scrotum and penis which is held tightly against the lower abdomen by clamping tightly to the scrotum and testicles. It looks quite uncomfortable to me and I am beginning to wonder why I ever encouraged Susan to pursue this bit of fantasy with me. We played around with it a bit last night to figure out which spacers to use and it is going to be quite snug and confining. It also seems like it may be secure.
Susan has decided that since I am due for a shaving tonight, she will put it in place at that time and my initial lock up period will be at least 24 hours. Since Susan usually likes to tease and play with me after shaving, I am a bit concerned. This thing doesn't look like it has much room for any expansion due to arrousal. I hadn't thought about that aspect of being locked up!

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  1. Oh yes Barry...getting aroused while being locked up...and the ensuing pain from one's penis straining within it's confines is all part of...Many keyholders...including my Wife...find it amusing to to wantonly tease said member just for that very effect...good luck...and have fun with this...