Sunday, April 3, 2011

Barry's Treat for Posting

This post is one that I had to put aside after composing it to see if I was really brave enough to share the details of Friday, April 1 with everyone.  I have decided that I will do so, but with some hesitation due to it involving a completely new activity for Barry and me.  And, "no", it was not an April Fools joke for either of us.

Back in January, I offered Barry an incentive to actively participate in this blog with me.  If he didn't post at least one time in a month, he would be punished.  However, if he posted three or more times in a month, he would receive a special sexual treat as a reward.  Realizing that Barry might achieve three posts in a month, I began thinking about what types of treats I would offer him.  I decided that it should be something very special to him, in order to provide continued incentive.  I also decided that it would be good for the first one to involve something completely new for us.

Barry has always had strap-on play as a high priority.  However, it has not been high on my list.  I guess I haven't been able to fully understand why it interests him., especially since he has no gay interests or tendencies whatsoever.  So, I decided to research it, which I did.  It seems like many men enjoy it, so I decided to take on the challenge.  I also researched strap-on tools and purchased a quality harness and realistic looking dildo of a modest size (Doc Johnson Vac-u-Lock).

That all happened in February, unbeknownst to Barry.  I decided to keep it a secret.  He didn't post three times in February, so they stayed hidden in my dresser.  However, in March, Barry posted four times.  Post number three was not a good one, so I told Barry that it didn't count.  However, he redeemed himself with the fourth post of the month.  Hence, Friday, April 1 seemed like a good time to give Barry his reward.

When we went to bed on March 31, I told Barry that I wanted some time with him in the morning, so suggested we set our alarm a half hour earlier than usual.  When we awoke, I told him I would meet him in the shower.  When I joined him there, I let him know that I was going to make sure his genitals and bottom were very clean shaven and smooth  for a special treat he would receive that night in honor of his four posts in March.  I also told him that he would be sent to work with his Ecobelt locked in place and wearing panties, to help him fully anticipate what a special night it would be.  He began to protest, telling me that he couldn't deal with wearing the chastity device and panties because he had two high level meetings that day.  That just increased my resolve to have him go to work that way because I new he would be self-conscious of  himself even more.  So, I told him that since he would be in formal meetings, we would be more formal with his lingerie.  When we finished in the shower, I put out a pair of burgundy full cover satin panties along with a black garter belt and gun metal grey stockings.  Needless to say, he was not happy, but I thought he looked wonderful in them :-).

While I shaved him in the shower, I paid extra attention to shaving his bottom, especially in his bottom cleavage and all around his anus.  He noticed that extra attention and when we finished, he looked at me expectantly and asked "Are you planning to peg me tonight?"  I don't know what prompted be to respond as I did, because I never talk like this to Barry, even in the bedroom.  However, I looked him straight in the eyes and said essentially, "Oh no darling.  I thing 'peg' is a very cold and mechanical term.  Tonight I plan to fuck you."

The look on his face was priceless.  I'm not sure whether my language shocked him, or the reality of what I told him I planned to do.  But his expression and his guttural/primal groan both expressed a combination of desire and fear.  I must confess that I loved the reaction, and I knew we would have fun that evening.

When Barry arrived home Friday evening, I was dressed in a manner which he finds very arousing:  shelf bra under a white fitted blouse, garter belt, stockings, panties under a black skirt.  I usually wear a very tight fitting skirt, but this night I chose one with a bit more room, because I was also wearing my strap-on.  The skirt was not lose enough to conceal the strap-on, but at least it minimized its presence.  Barry noticed it the moment he walked in the door, and again emitted the same low guttural groan.  Of course, I drew the evening out:  making sure we took time to enjoy a glass of wine before dinner, followed by leisurely dining.  He was begging me to remove his Ecobelt from the time he got home, but I decided it would be better to keep him under lock and key a bit longer.

After dinner, I sent Barry to take a shower while I cleaned up the table and kitchen.  I told him that I would meet him in the bedroom and I expected to see him dressed again in the garter belt, stockings, and panties.  About a half hour later I entered the bedroom and found him dressed as I asked and, of course, still locked in chastity.  I eventually removed the device, but not before teasing him a bit as I removed my skirt and blouse and applied our vibrator to the outside of his device.  I then unlocked him, and from the looks of the inside of the device and his genitals, it was pretty obvious that he had been aroused much of the day.  I couldn't help but smile.

I'm not really willing to go into the details of what we did the rest of the evening.  That gets a bit too personal with respect to what I am willing to share.  However, I will share that it was a wonderful new experience for both of us.  I will also say that it involved some wonderful erotic spanking of Barry, along with introducing him to experiencing my strap-on in multiple ways and positions.  He thoroughly enjoyed it, which also made it a very sensual experience for me.

We continue to grow.


  1. Fantastic Post, Barry is one lucky guy!!
    It's nice to see a couple so devoted to making each other happy.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing that special moment...i can see how Barry must have been aroused and anticipating the evening to come, all day long...i'm also glad to hear that You received pleasure from it as Wife seems to enjoy it almost as much...if not more than me....please continue to share the journey you both are on!

  3. barry certainly is lucky. i am hoping Mistress Kitten reads this post and takes on some sort of reward system for me also. i also think that strap on is a very erotic activity even though MK is reluctant to participate in it.

    Thank you for letting me follow your journey and i hope you can follow us.


  4. WOW!!!! I bet Barry becomes a regular poster now. That was also very kind and thoughtful of you especially because you didn't understand his attraction to being fucked. I'm glad you found pleasure in being his fucker.


  5. Susan - I wonder if you ever imagined years ago that your husband would come to regard having you fuck him up the ass as a reward!?

    It's fascinating how many degrading, often painful acts can evolve into near fetishes for a sub. Now that you've seen what this ass fucking resulted in, do you find yourself a bit more open to some of the things that he was guilty of exploring on his forbidden web surfing forays?

    I'd be interested in hearing how you feel about that, and I enjoy your blog and wish you both well on your journey into D/s.

  6. GREAT story! I am so happy I found this blog...barry you are the sissy man :)) (lucky you)