Sunday, April 2, 2017

Why I'm Absent

I'm sorry that I haven't posted recently.  I suspect that many of you may be wondering what has happened to us.  Our lives continue.  We are enjoying life as best we can.  And, we are having some fun.  But most of our recent focus has been on the current political world.  I don't want to go there in this blog.  I'm not taking a political side, because I don't believe that any one individual or political party can know what is right or the best course of action.  But I do feel a need to share that writing this current blog has become very trivial compared to how divided we seem to have become in this country.  That saddens and disturbs me greatly.

Any news that is not liked by our current administration is labeled "Fake News".  And,yes, there is a lot of "Fake News" out there.  So, how do we decide what is "Fake News"?  Is it anything we don't agree with?  Or do we need to find better ways to figure out what is fake and what is not? I don't have an answer.

Our two legislative bodies are very divided and it seems clear that members of both parties don't respect members from the other party.  What happened to being able to listen and learn from each other?  What happened to working together for the common good?

We seem to have lost so much at this time.  Our history is full of wonderful statesmen and consensus builders. But,stop and think about it ... among all of our current political leaders (over the past twenty years), who is going to stand out in history as a statesman or a consensus builder? There are a few, but too few.

How did we become so divided?  And, how do we recover?  How do we learn to talk together and respect each other?

When I can stop worrying about the world we are leaving to our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc ... I'll try to return to this blog.



  1. Dear Susan, understanding the problem is the key to solve it. However, this is way above your head and you can only go so far with it. I don't want to make this a political site (oh, no!), if you like how a Dutch guy looks at your nation, please send me a mail. If you didn't save my adress, just reply to this posting and I'll get into touch.

    Best wishes, Lindsay & Marco

  2. Thank you Lindsay and Marco. I have no intention of turning this into a political blog. I just wanted to share with my readers why I have been absent.

    I do still have your email address, and just belatedly responded to a couple of emails from you. I apologize, but I haven't been checking that email very frequently lately.

    I would love to hear from you concerning the Dutch view of the US (and the world). But, let's keep it separate from this blog.

    1. Hello miss Susan, I added 2 mailings to your mailbox. One is about my concerns with the US today, the other is a brief report about our BDSM-adventure. Please enjoy and, please, do reply on either. I am always open for other persons ideas and views. Best wishes, Marco.

  3. I'm sad for you Susan. For me it's all the more reason to enjoy yourself with your partner and let the politics go. For those of us that care deeply about others and our world it is hard to do, but I believe we must or the awfulness will over take us. Wishing you the very best, Penney

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  5. Be assured that many of us are interested in politics. Occasionally we need relief from it all and what better way than to get the paddle out and hand it to your wife.