Sunday, March 5, 2017

Friendly Competition Results

The results are in!  Saturday evening was a lot of fun.  We gathered at Henry's house with a potluck of sorts.  We decided to enjoy a munching dinner as we played our game. So, we each brought some finger foods that would compose our dinner as well as the beverages we desired.  The game took place in the sitting area of Henry's downstairs office/playroom.

We settled into play the game as soon as we were together, since we were all anxious to get to the activity after a winner was declared.  Both teams were confident of winning ... and it turned out to be very close.  We used the Baby Boomer Edition question cards and we modified the game rules a bit to shorten the game.  For each turn, the playing team could choose the category they wished to answer, regardless of where they had landed.  It really kept things moving, which is what we wanted.  We each moved quickly to the point of having answered a question correctly in category.  However, in order to win, we had to answer a final question in a category chosen by the other team.  Of course, we each selected our opponent's weakest category.  After several unsuccessful attempts by each team, Carol and I prevailed!!

The men couldn't believe that they lost, but were good sports and quickly congratulated us.  Carol and I didn't waste any time in moving to the next phase of our evening.  Barry and Henry were directed to strip down to their panties.  They were then sent into the same bathroom off the playroom and instructed to use a fleet enema to cleanse themselves.  I would have loved to have overheard their conversation as they each had to give themselves an enema. When they returned, they found Carol and I sitting in two straight chairs facing each other.  Over our knees they went.  I was spanking Barry and Carol was spanking Henry, but we could each reach the other man's bottom and took turn spanking the other man from time to time.  We gave them a prolonged warm-up hand spanking to prepare their bottoms for more serious paddling later.

We then moved into the playroom with the spanking bench and gynecological exam table.  After blindfolding each of them and removing their panties, Barry was secured to the bench and Henry to the exam table (we later reversed their positions).  I'm not going to try to provide a detailed account of everything we did.  However, I will share that each gentleman experienced a wide variety of genital teasing and denial (neither were permitted an orgasm until the very end), anal stimulation (anal beads, butt plugs, pegging), and electrical stimulation (penile and anal), as well as spanking, paddling, and strapping.  All activities were conducted with a goal of giving them pleasure, but not letting them orgasm.

When we reached the end of the agreed upon two hour time period, we each retreated to two separate bedrooms in Henry's home.  Barry finally experienced some relief of his sexual frustration and provided me with multiple orgasms (both oral and penetration).  While, I did not ask Carol for any details, it was clear from what she said that she and Henry had a very enjoyable experience as well.  When we awoke in the morning, the men cooked us a wonderful breakfast (I don't think I have shared this before, but Henry loves to cook.  We all has smiles on our faces and we decided that we need to do this again.  Carol and I even confessed that it might be as much fun to lose as to win!



  1. It sounds like the four of you had a great time. The way you played with them sounds like they didn't mind losing. In my minds eye I can see them secured and Carol enjoying teasing them.

  2. How wonderful! Sex and fun combined, just the way it has to be. Congrats.

    Marco and Lindsay

  3. Sounds wonderful. Hope you all can continue to enjoy.

  4. What a perfect description of a perfect Saturday night!

  5. I couldn't help but wonder how the evening might have played out had the guys won. But being a sub, I'm pretty sure I would have preferred being on the "losing" side. lol Especially given all the lovely teasing the boys received. Very yummy!

  6. Hello Miss Susan,

    when do you post again? It's been 3 weeks. BTW, I mailed you a question about balm.

    Best wishes,

    Marco (& Lindsay)