Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Friendly Competition - continued

I would like to first thank everyone for their wonderful comments and suggestions to my last post.  The four of us got together this past weekend for some fun and we talked about your ideas.  We decided to hold the contest next weekend and to use Trivial Pursuit as our game.  After much discussion, we decided that the teams will be men vs women.  Couple vs couple presented some interesting possibilities, but Carol and I really want it to be a battle of the sexes.  We also feel that we can win :-).  The next decision concerned what edition of Trivial Pursuit to use.  Between the three households, we have a number of sets of cards, including:  Sports, Baby Boomer, Silver Screen, TV, Juniors, and Family editions.  The men, of course, wanted Sports.  Carol and I wanted Silver Screen.  Neither one of those seemed fair.  Again, after discussion, we settled on either the Baby Boomer or TV edition.  We voted and it ended up a tie.  A coin toss made Baby Boomer the winner.   Carol and I are very comfortable with that, as are Barry and Henry.

We then discussed what we will play for.  That created a very interesting discussion because we had to weigh the reality that either team could win lose.  What we might want as winners could feel very different as losers!  We finally settled on the following parameters, as of now:

  • The game will take place at Henry's home were we have the benefit of his playroom and extensive amount of equipment.
  • Carol, Barry, and I can also bring any toys or equipment that we wish to supplement what is there.
  • The losing team must submit during a two hour period to anything desired by members of the winning team.
  • Each member of the losing team must submit to anything requested by either member of the winning team.  However, each member of the winning team has veto power over anything that s/he feels is inappropriate.  For example, if the women win and Carol requests something of Barry that I am uncomfortable with, I can veto it.
  • We also established some hard limits.  This list may also expand before next Saturday.  At this time the hard limits are:
    • no vaginal sex unless it is between Barry and me or Henry and Susan
    • no oral sex between non-mates unless the giving party consents and it is OK with his/her mate
    • no anal sex with a woman unless it is with the winner's mate (we did not limit pegging of the men)
    • if any sexual contact is involved between non-mates, all four of us must be in the room when it takes place 
    • any spanking of a woman must be with just the hand or the use of a previously agreed upon "light" implement (we will designate them before the contest begins)
I'm sure that we will have additions to the rules before we begin on Saturday, but I think we have a basic agreement in place.  I also think that each side will have a very competitive desire to win!

I'll let you know what happens.  We all think it will be fun.



  1. Hello Susan,

    well, may the best women win.

    Best wishes,
    Marco and Lindsay.

  2. Hi Susan,

    Sounds like the four of you will have a lot of fun with that.

    Hope it all works out well!

  3. Hi Susan,
    It does sound like fun, as a Domme Female I like that you have not limited pegging for the men. Maybe a suggestion doing them side by side if you win or the men on all fours facing each other, you women with your strap-ons behind them and a double ended dildo it their mouths which will move back and forth as you ladies peg their bottoms.
    Possibly if you and Carol win, you might enjoy a glass of wine watching the men put on a performance of blow jobs to each other, one standing before you the other kneeling being encouraged and cheered on by you both, when the standing loser cums and the kneeling loser swallows the load then they switch, maybe refilling your wine glasses first... as a woman this is a nice change of pace drinking wine and not being the ones swallowing semen for a change... ... good luck, I'm rooting for us Women.
    , cause I know most men would want to see two women kiss or