Wednesday, January 18, 2017

CAROL'S TURN: Role of a Female Mentor

In a comment to my most recent post, Kate asked:

  • Do you consider yourself a naturally dominant woman who simply acted on your own instincts or is this something you have learned from watching and observing Susan? I have mentored several women entering DD relationships including both of my adult daughters. Personally I believe a female mentor and role-model is the missing link for many women trying to make this work. Bit I would appreciate your own view of it. 
I am definitely not a naturally dominant woman.  However, I have come to enjoy using whatever dominant traits I possess.  During my first marriage, which ended with my husband's much too early death, we never played in this way at all.  I think it is safe to say that female domination never entered either one of our heads.

However, after my husbands death I had the opportunity to observe my sister Susan as she explored domination and spanking with her husband.  I found myself very interested in her actions and their results.  I was especially amazed by the impact it had on her husband Barry and the new life it brought to their marriage.

When I decided to explore the possibility of a new partner, Susan was very helpful to me in her willingness to open up more about her new lifestyle with Barry.  She continues to be willing to share openly and that is extremely helpful.  I could not do what I am currently doing without her support and guidance.

So, in answer to Kate's questions:  Yes, I believe a female mentor and role model is invaluable to anyone who wants to explore this area with her partner.



  1. It has been fascinating to watch your evolution into a more dominate woman. As I have mentioned before, it is also nice of you to so freely share your thoughts. Your sister and both of your partners are very fortunate.

  2. Having a mentor is wonderful and if the mentor is watching the spanking even better as it adds embarrassment for the spankee. But in truth very few women can find a mentor and even fewer would discuss spanking their husbands to someone else. You are very lucky to have what you do.

  3. As a male who does get spanked, I can recall clearly my wife first spanking was not what we wanted to do (since then she does) was convinced by her mother. She learned her father had been spanked, shocked. Her mother waited for the right time, which was on a visit and pulled me from the bathroom, naked to the front room. I learned very quickly not to cover myself, they could care less. Yes the spanking was justified and I tried hard to get off her lap, I danced around only to learn my wife was going to spank me also. Pleading, begging, no good. My wife to this day is very good, and her mother only spanked me that time, she taught her daughter well.