Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How about Some Friendly Competition -- FEEDBACK Requested

Carol and Henry, as well as Barry and I, have been enjoying a comfortable winter.  Barry's maintenance spankings have continued, keeping him well mannered and behaved.  He really seems to thrive on and love being spanked, especially if it is not a full blown punishments spanking (which he has seemed to learn how to avoid).  The four of us have also been enjoying some fun role play situations together and are looking for new ideas to keep things spicy.

Barry recently suggested that we consider some type of friendly competition.  He also suggested that a Trivia Pursuit game might be a good source of competition.  We have all played that game years ago, but not recently.  Also, none of us claim to be very good at it, so it seems like it would offer a reasonably level playing field.  We all seem to be agreement on that, so now we are considering the make-up of the teams (such as couple vs couple or men vs. women) and what the prize should be.

Under serious consideration are:

  • Men vs Women, with the losers having to completely submit to whatever the winners desire that evening.  There would be no restrictions on what the winners could require or do, unless the spouse of a loser felt uncomfortable with something that was being required of his/her mate.  For example, if the women are victorious, I could object to and block something that Carol wanted to do to Barry.  If Barry objected to something, he could not say 'no' unless I felt it was inappropriate.
  • Couple vs Couple, with the losing couple being required to completely submit to the winning couple.  Again, there would be no restrictions unless a member of the winning couple felt uncomfortable with something his/her spouse was requiring of a member of the losing couple.  For example, if Barry and I are victorious, Barry could object to something that I wanted to do to Henry or Carol.  If they objected to something that I wanted to do, they could not say 'no' unless Barry felt it was inappropriate.
We have had several discussion about which competition would be the most fun, as well as about whether there should be any hard limitations about what the winners can require, especially with respect to sexual activities.  At the moment, Carol and I would like some hard limits specified.  However, Barry and Henry are comfortable with relying on the ability of their spouse's objections to keep things under control.

This has been an interesting exercise in finding a new way of raising the bar.  Consequently, we have decided to share our thoughts and request feedback from our readers.  We are not asking for a vote, but for thoughtful input that we want to consider before making our final decision.

We look forward to hearing from you,



  1. My goodness. How fun. I can't wait to hear all about it.

    I think you should have it be the men v. women, just as you described. What would be some of the things that might be off limits?

    1. Hi sub hub. Thank you for the suggestion. My hard limits would be a woman can not be forced to have sex (oral, vaginal, or anal) with the other woman's husband/partner. I'm negotiable with respect to a man being pegged by the other man's spouse/partner.

    2. Unless a woman is submissive, open to being shared (which would make it consensual)I completely and utterly agree that a woman cannot be "required" to perform any sexual ... without her consent. Especially in the dynamic of your respective marriages (FLM).

      In the spirit of complete disclosure, I got an erection at the picture in my mind's eye after your comment on the man being allowed to be pegged by the other man's spouse. Again, it fits in the context of your relationship. I have always wanted for Mistress K. and I to have friends that share our kinks. Not necessarily for the purposes of having sex (if hat were to develop, it would have to be a natural thing), but to be able to talk with, share stories, concerns and yes, even desires.

      I suppose it is a key ingredient in why I enjoy your blog so much. That and the unquestioned intelligence, grace, class and integrity that have Susan. To illustrate my point .... I've obviously never seen a picture of you, but you are stunning!

      Have a great weekend.

  2. I also like men vs women. What if there is a specified outcome before the competition? For example, a specified spanking punishment for the losers and/or the winners get to have anal sex with their mates? I expect that the second option would create a lot of incentive for both teams :-).

  3. I think couple vs couple would create bonding between wife and husband. One couple is going to win and one lose. So when I go to bed that night, I'm with my winning spouse or my losing spouse. If you like Carol with Barry and Henry with Susan. Can't wait to read about it.

  4. How about couple vs. couple, and the husband of the winning team is "hand" spanked over the knees of both wives (which he would like), and the losing husband is given a good caning by both wives bent over a table. While either husband is being spanked, the other should be standing with his nose in the corner. The number of spanks or stripes should be predetermined before the competition.

    It's no fun for anyone to win a competition and then not receive the prize that was hoped for. So no matter what the prize and/or punishment ends up being, it should be completely decided upon (conditions and all) before the competition ever starts.

  5. I love the game idea, and I'm with MB for a couple vs couple game. Sounds like great fun.

    Some years ago, shortly after we were married I made up a game board that was like a sexy Monopoly. I haven't thought about it in years--I'll have to dig it out. My wife and I each made up parts of it. The chance cards were made by each of us and shuffled together, but we didn't know what the other person put on their cards. With four of you making up cards that could be a lot of fun with different sexy chances. As you rolled the dice and moved around the board, the game pieces were small dildos :-) ,and landed on spaces there were different things that happened. You had to take off an article or two of clothing, or you had to tell some revealing truth etc. In the end someone was going to be naked, maybe wearing a plug for a day, getting spanked, getting or giving foot massages....the list goes on and on. My wife had a few limits on what I was allowed to do to her as the Mistress, but there were no limits for me. I often ended the evening with a very red bottom.

    There were also a few cards she could be held and used later--dinner out,naked slave for a day, shopping trip buying panties. Hummm naked slave couple for a that could be fun.

    I look forward to learning more about the game you end up playing.

    1. Sounds like an interesting game Penney. Very creative.

    2. Thanks to all for the suggestions. I'll keep you posted about what we do.

  6. Hello Susan, I would go for couple vs. couple. Victorious couple get's a free gift from the adult shop (limited to a certain price). Losing couple paying for it. And....the person of the losing couple who did worst in the game (lowest number of questions correctly answered), get's a 'punishment', given by the other person of the losing couple.

    Best wishes,

    Marco and Lindsay